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Find out why riding Rt. 9 requires riding on water.

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Organization: PINK YOUR RIDE FOR (Motorcyclists Increasing Awareness)


Submitted by: Therese Bingert




Therese and Jaclyn Bingert, with Bucks County PA HOG, founded Pink Your Ride for MIA in 2012 in memory of their sister, Mia Bingert Wiecenski, who passed away of breast cancer, and helps the motorcycling community spread breast cancer awareness. To date, we have raised over $40,000 to benefit the St. Mary Breast Center and the Breast Health Initiative program in Langhorne. The ride is police escorted and ends at Brian’s Harley-Davidson in Langhorne, PA with food, music, and prizes. We hope to surpass 140 bikes and 225 participants—all decked out in pink—from 2017’s event during our 7th annual ride on Saturday, October 20, 2018. For more information visit Buckshog.org

Organization: ROADQUEENUSA.ORG Submitted by: Deborah Haney RoadQueenUSA.org is a charitable organization that is proud to assist charities in our community by providing funds to benefit those in need. As motorcyclists, we participate in many fundraisers. Road Queen USA, Inc. exists because motorcyclists are the most giving and involved community of people anywhere. We attend benefits for people we have never met. Helping others can be life changing for both recipients and contributors. OUR VISION: We are people helping people. With a strong community network and dedicated volunteers, we provide assistance to those affected by life-changing events. By working together with compassion and generosity we are able to make a difference in the lives of others. Our recent International Female Ride Day event hosted 265 bikes, lady riders, who came from as far away as Wisconsin. We pride ourselves on involvement and fellowship. We mentor while giving back and the rewards are endless!

Organization: ROLLING


Submitted by: Delores Chandler When I accepted an invitation for a getaway weekend in D.C., I had no idea the trip would mark the beginning of my initiation. That weekend, a tribe of independent and fiery women, members of the enigmatic group by the name Rolling Thunder Virginia Chapter 3, altered my life’s coarse forever. The mission of ROLLING THUNDER is to publicize and educate the public that many American prisoners of wars were left behind after previous wars; to help correct the past and to protect future veterans from being left behind should they become prisoners of war/missing in action. Our purpose is to honor our brothers and sisters on the Wall as well as veterans of all wars that gave their lives for their country. What began an adventure has evolved into purpose. My Rolling Thunder sisters and I ride to inspire action and raise awareness for our veterans.



FLBD is also seeking resident experts. We want our readers to ask questions about motorcycle repair, motorcycle builds, how to use tech designed for motorcycles, etc. In return, you will receive a free ad and the gratitude of many DIYers! If you’d like to be the FLBD Tech Guru or FLBD Mechanic-OnCall, send your contact information to submissions@ flbdelmarva.com. I can’t believe this is the 6th Anniversary of FLBD’s Women In Motorcycling issue. First, please take note of the advertisers who participated in this issue and patronize those businesses as much as possible. We would also like to thank Carolyn Crowley of Ladylaw. com for once again sponsoring this important issue and providing prizes for the I Ride Because winner and the women’s organization winner, both announced in this issue. We could not continue to publish this issue without ladylaw.com’s support so should you need legal services, Ms. Crowley is an aggressive attorney who will fight for you as though she is fighting for a family member. Moving forward, FLBD continues to seek the right people to act as blog contributors. There is no pay involved, however, if we secure sponsors and/or advertisers as a direct result of your blog contributions, you will be paid up to 50% of the revenue. If you have a passion for writing about motorcycle life, motorcycle-related product reviews, motorcycle-related venues or events, etc., send an email to submissions@flbdelmarva.com. Include your contact info, tell us a little about yourself and maybe attach a writing sample. Yes, it’s that easy.

If you’d like FLBD to consider your writing skills for an article regarding motorcycle-related events, rides, photos, characters or incidents you encountered while riding (your best biker story!), or just about anything relative to motorcycle life, send your contact info and a brief description of what you’d like to submit to submissions@flbdelmarva.com. Additionally, if you would like to honor a fellow biker who has passed, please send a 25-words-or-less obituary/ remembrance with at least 2 photos to submissions@ flbdelmarva.com. Finally, if your patriotism is evident by your bike, helmet, or riding group, send photos to submissions@ flbdelmarva.com no later than June 17, 2018, and you might appear in the July issue of FLBD! Until next month, keep the shiny side up and the rubber on the road!

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ABATE OF DELAWARE Ed Berner, Legislative Coordinator

Let me begin this month by saying - here’s your trigger warning. There may be things below that may offend you. I was raised to speak my mind and tell the truth, no matter how uncomfortable. When it comes to politics and legislation it seems you’re on one side or the other. I myself am Libertarian. I have voted for candidates in both parties. As I said last month, it’s more about your position than your party. I don’t like double talk, when I ask you a question give me a straight answer. I don’t want to hear about “common sense” solutions to issues. The one thing I can say for sure is when it comes to Legislative Hall there is no “common sense”. During the last incarnation of the mandatory helmet law bill, Rep. Sean Lynn (D) Dover used that statement during the committee hearing where it was killed. If it happens again ABATE of Delaware will be there to fight tooth and nail to stop it. There is a rumor that he will again introduce another mandatory helmet law bill next session. That is why it’s so important to REGISTER AND VOTE. In the state of Delaware, you must be registered to vote in the state primary by August 11, 2018. If you’re not registered do it now! The primary will be held on September 6, 2018. The deadline to register for the general election is October 13, 2018 and the general elec-


tion will be held on November 6, 2018. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of politicians trying to tell me what to do for “my own good”. No one is in a better position than me to make that decision. The number one responsibility you have as American citizen is to vote. You don’t have to take the unrelenting attack on any of your freedoms lying down. VOTE! Send the people back to their former professions. Recently there we a flurry of bills aimed to restrict our Constitutional rights. I was faced with the question of “what have I done?” to protect those rights. I am a life member of the national organization that defends those rights but I wasn’t involved on the state level. I fixed that by joining the Delaware group. My point is what have you done to defend your right to ride without a helmet? What have you done to make accent lighting legal? What have you done to enhance the penalties if your right of way is violated while riding? ABATE of Delaware has advocated for these issues and many more. Add your voice to the chorus and join your local ABATE. We can do so much more with your help. For more information, visit www.abateofde.com.

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World’s Fastest Female Motorcycle Racer & America’s Queen of Speed Valerie Thompson is the World’s Fastest Female Motorcycle Racer who currently holds eight land speed records with a personal best top speed of 328 mph. Piloting the Team “7” motorcycle streamliner in Australia in March, Valerie literally walked away from a horrific crash at over 334 mph. We asked her about the accident and its impact on her future plans. Fifteen members of Team “7” Racing and I traveled to Lake Gairdner Australia for the Dry Lake Racers Association Speed Week & World Motorcycle Speed Trials with a singular goal of running 377+ mph to capture the world’s fastest motorcycle title. We used Speed Week, a preceding event to the Speed Trials, to tune the bike for the dry lakebed-racing surface since our last competition was on the salt flats of Bonneville in Utah. It was obvious the team adjusted to the new track conditions quickly as I set a new event speed record of 328 mph, earned the ‘Fast Lady on the Lake Award,’ and became only the second member of the DLRA 300 MPH Club. A couple of days later during the Speed Trials, a sanctioned motorcycle only competition, the streamliner went airborne at the 3.5-mile marker. I had just shifted into fourth gear and hit 343 mph. The bike really started to pick up more speed just before it went straight up into the air, then tumbled and rolled for more than a mile. You can see the video on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=Yl8NDTyeHqg

and passed with flying colors, no pun intended. As far as I know, I am the only person to survive a wreck over 300 mph on two–wheels. Upon returning home, I immediately visited my doctor for a full check-up. I was exhausted and extremely sore from the accident and the long flight back from Australia didn’t help. After several days of rest, I was back working on finding funding for the streamliner’s repairs. I’ve never even considered giving up my quest for the new record piloting the Team 7” streamliner, that’s how confident I am about the team and the proven vehicle design. I’ve been fortunate; in over 20 years of riding I’d never had a serious accident on or off the track … until Australia. However, I have many friends and co-competitors who have experienced devastating wrecks who tell me the same thing. Manage your fear, maintain your confidence and learn from mistakes. These are key elements of a longterm love affair with riding motorcycles and racing. My goal to become the world’s fastest motorcycle racer is a passion that drives me to race for more records, regardless of the top speed. Our team’s pursuit of the new record will be featured in the upcoming documentary film by award winning P-51 pictures scheduled for an early 2019 worldwide premier called “Rockets & Titans.”

Yes, I literally walked away with a few cuts and heavy duty bruises thanks to superiority of the unique moncoque carbon fiber design and other safety features incorporated by Team “7” Racing designer Denis Manning and team owner John Jans. I think my brand new Arai helmet painted by my friend Ron Fleenor at House of Kolor got a true test




Gettysburg, PA

Youngest Person To Win Full-Size Motorcycle Racing!

Our June women’s issue wouldn’t be complete without an update on Kayla Yaakov, the youngest person to win full-size motorcycle competitions. FLBD featured a then 9-year-old Kayla in our June 2017 issue. As of the end of 2017, Kayla had won over 150 races. So, what has Kayla been up to now that she is an 11-year-old professional racer? One thing is for sure, she doesn’t let grass grow under her feet! - At the finals last year in Alabama, Kayla won 3 national championships. - Kayla became the youngest person to win national championships against adults on full-size bikes going over 130mph. - Kayla was awarded the prestigious AMA Youth Road Racer of the Year, AMA Road Race Grand Championship. Interested sponsors should contact Kayla’s father at davidyaa@msn.com. If you can’t help financially, visit Kayla’s social media pages and follow her successes. A big social media following will certainly help Kayla secure sponsors. https://www.facebook.com/kayla.yaakov Instagram @kayla_yaakov FLBD wishes Kayla the best of luck and looks forward to her future accomplishments.


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Everyday Heroes Magda Khalifa


Magda Khalifa has been riding for 20 years. She grew up by a major highway in NJ and fell in love with the sound of bikes roaring by and the stories her Dad told to her and her brother about the adventures of “Jean and Michael and their Motorcycle.” She currently rides a customized 2007 Harley Davidson Sportster XL883L, the third of three bikes she has owned. She enjoys riding along scenic areas, but really enjoys opening up the throttle on the highway. Magda has supported and been a part of many charities because she believes in giving back. She currently leads efforts to directly feed hungry children worldwide with one organization as well as serving on the advisory board of Task Force Dagger Foundation. After watching and living the 9/11 attacks and aftermath in New York City, Magda joined the Army Reserves and asked twice to be put on the next rotation being deployed. She served two tours in Iraq as a civil affairs team sergeant on combat missions throughout the Diyala Province. The camaraderie and being a part of the world’s greatest fighting force for good was a humbling experience for Magda and she holds it close to her heart. In addition to being involved in many activities, Magda is living the American dream as a business owner helping people live healthier and purposeful lives and mentoring them to become the best versions of themselves. “Being in business is much like riding a motorcycle,” explains Magda. “You have to stay adaptive to your surroundings and not be afraid to take risk or accelerate if you want to stay alive!” Like a true Everyday Hero, Magda feels she is just your everyday, first-generation American who finally learned how to turn life’s inevitable speedbumps and traffic jams into successes and wins with the right mindset and roadmap. “It’s my passion and duty to pay it forward and help others get on the positive side of life and to realize their potential and beyond,” says Magda. Follow Magda’s journey at https://www.instagram.com/khalifa_ magda/ or contact her with questions or to request information via email at magda@magdakhalifa.com. FLBD thanks Magda for her service!




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Women Riders • Now & Then Carol Ann Schmidt Spending time with friends and family and meeting new people are just two things Carol Ann Schmidt enjoys the most about riding. She says it’s taken her to some amazing places. Schmidt has been riding for 10 years. Her first bike was a TTR90 — the first of many. Over the years, she's had several bikes, and today she rides a 2014 CRF250L, a 2007 KTM 144SX, a 2011 Honda Ruckus and a 2003 CRF150F. She also owns a 1978 Honda Z50 and a 1972 Honda Trail 70. Here's what she has to say about getting others started in riding: What got you started riding motorcycles? My father. He bought that TTR90 in spring 2004, and I was hooked. I rode every day in my backyard. What is your favorite ride? I started in the dirt, and my true love is still motocross, but I love the street—my supermoto is too much fun! What is the best memory you associate with motorcycling? Spending time with friends and family and meeting new people. It’s taken me to some amazing places. I’ve ridden with (multi-time AMA championship-winning motocross racers) Doug Henry and John Dowd, which was pretty awesome. I’ve been racing the Stimilon Motocross Challenge for several years, which is always a good time, and my favorite event of the year. I also love attending the AMA outdoor rounds. I’ve been to Unadilla, Southwick and Broome Tioga. Watching the races, being with my dad, and smelling the race gas.

wild. Although, one time when I was out on my Ruckus, I had a lady follow me back to my neighborhood and got pretty upset that I was riding an “unregistered” motorcycle (scooters under 49 cc’s don’t need to be registered in Connecticut). How can motorcyclists improve their image? We need to continue to support the people who support our sport, such as the AMA and members of Congress who support riding rights. More people need to realize that motorcycling is a great family-oriented sport. What practical benefits do you personally get from riding? What’s not to love? Besides the fact that I completely love being on two wheels, it’s also a great way to make new friends, unwind from a crazy day, and not to mention it’s much more fun to ride somewhere than drive my car. Working and restoring bikes is also another aspect of motorcycles that I enjoy. I’m always on the lookout for a basket case bike that needs a restoration. My favorites are old Honda mini bikes. How can we get more people on motorcycles? For starters, we need to save our open space. A lot of legal riding areas are being shut down, and, when those close, there’s nowhere to ride. Dirt bikes are a great way to get into riding—they are small, cheap and easy to maintain. If we save our riding areas, more people will want to pick up a dirt bike, and they’re going to want to scratch that itch and get on the road. Talk about a time when you encountered pre-conceived notions because you ride. Pretty much everyone I meet is surprised to learn that I have seven motorcycles and ride almost every day. My work nametag has “Moto” written on it, as it’s a nickname a coworker gave me. More than once, I’ve had a customer ask me about the name behind “Moto.” It always turns into a 15-minute conversation about motorcycling, which is pretty fantastic. Carol Ann Schmidt is from Ridgefield, Connecticut. Reformatted interview courtesy of American Motorcycle Association, used with permission.

What is the image of motorcyclists among the general public? In the Northeast, I think that motorcycling is accepted. There’s a large amount of riders, and when we ride, people ask us about our bikes. Our Ruckuses really draw a crowd—they are pretty modified and look kind of



Kacy Martinez When Kacy Martinez’s dad, Mark, first put her on a dirt bike during a family camping trip, the then8-year-old Kacy rode it straight into a wooden fence. Martinez was unfazed, however. She got back on the bike. Little did she or her dad know at the time, but that second effort would launch a career that has seen the FMF KTM rider become one of the premier women off-road racers in America today. In the 2014 AMSOIL AMA Grand National Cross Country Series, Martinez has five class wins and one second-place finish through the first six rounds of the series. In the overall results of the morning session, which can include nearly 400 riders an event, Martinez has placed as high as fifth. Most kids get involved in the sport because one or both of their parents are long-time riders. Martinez says her whole family started riding together.

“Although I grew up riding out west, I raced more hare scrambles,” Martinez says. “So, for me, racing the GNCCs is a little bit like coming back to my roots. I really like riding single track.” Martinez also says she’s impressed by the professionalism of the series. “The series is awesome,” she says. “They’re really working hard to get women out there and get our names out there. It’s just crazy how many spectators come out and watch the whole show, so it really helps to advance women in the sport if we have a good platform at the GNCCs.”

“My dad and I pretty much started riding at the same time,” she explains. “His friend took him out riding once, and he came home and started looking online for used dirt bikes. He got one for both of us. My first dirt bike was a (Yamaha) PW80. We went out a couple times, then he bought my mom and my sister a dirt bike too, and it became a weekend family camping thing.”

Martinez says this is aided by the GNCC/hare scrambles format, which puts multiple classes on the course at once, allowing a direct comparison between men and women racers.

Martinez says some of her best memories are camping with her dad, her mom, Cindy, and her sister, Marqui.

Martinez wants an AMA national No. 1 plate in GNCC competition.

“Our local riding area is Hollister Hills (State Vehicular Recreation Area),” she says. “We had a great time and met some good friends. Then we heard about a national hare scramble at Hollister and that was my first race. After that, we started doing hare scrambles in AMA District 36.”

“I want to win a couple titles in the GNCC series,” she says. “I’d also like to get an X Games gold medal for EnduroCross. After that, I would like to have a career in the industry and help the off-road women’s market grow.”

Kacy, who was 12 when she started racing, started winning her class in AMA District 36 events. She and her dad decided to make a larger commitment to national-level competition. For 2014, that journey has led her to one of the most-popular AMA-sanctioned series: Grand National Cross Country. Martinez says that while the series, which is mostly in the eastern United States, is a long way from her central and northern California stomping grounds, it feels like home to her. 11

“After every race, we have an overall podium, which combines all the classes, so we have an opportunity to get up there with the guys,” she says. “This shows that women can do it, too, not just in their own class but overall.”

Martinez is often asked for advice from young girls. She keeps it simple. “When you start getting more serious about racing, and you start training more and riding more, always keep it fun,” she says. “Don’t overwhelm yourself, and always look back to the fun you had and why you wanted to ride in the first place.” Kacy Martinez is from Fremont, California. Article and photos courtesy of AMA, used with permission.

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Any dedication to women riders would not be complete without paying homage to Dot Robinson, AMA Hall of Fame inductee (1998), AMA Enduro Champion, Co-founder of Motor Maids and a true pioneer among women riders.

Dot Robinson Dot Robinson is considered a pioneer for promoting motorcycling for women in the middle of the 20th century. In 1941, Robinson helped form the Motor Maids, an organization for women who enjoyed motorcycling. Robinson also opened doors for women riders in the competition arena. A regular competitor in endurance runs in the 1930s, '40s and '50s, Robinson's desire to race came under attack. Attempts were made to prevent her from participating in the sport she loved. But she persevered and was allowed to compete, making it possible for other women to race in later years. Robinson was born on April 22, 1912, in Australia, and was a motorcyclist even before her birth. When her mother went into labor with Dot, her father, James Goulding, loaded Dot's mother into a sidecar and dashed off to the hospital. Goulding was a sidecar designer and amateur racer and his designs were renowned for their reliability. Goulding moved to the United States to expand his sidecar business. The Goulding family made America home in 1918 and eventually settled in Saginaw, Michigan, running a motorcycle dealership. Dot grew up around motorcycles and started riding at a young age. She met her future husband, Earl, while she was in high school. "Everyday after school, Earl would come to the shop to buy one part or another," Robinson recalled. "By the time we were married, Earl probably had enough parts to start his own store." The Robinsons were married in 1931 and both participated in endurance runs and races. Dot earned her first trophy in 1930 at the Flint 100 Endurance race. After the couple made a record transcontinental run together in 1935, Harley-Davidson asked the Robinsons if they would like to run a dealership. Soon afterward the couple moved to Detroit and opened a successful Harley-Davidson dealership, which they ran until 1971.

In 1934, Dot entered her first Jack Pine National Endurance Championship in her home state of Michigan. By 1940, Dot won the famous Jack Pine in the sidecar class, becoming the first woman to win in AMA national competition. She repeated the feat in 1946. While attending the Laconia National in 1940, Dot was approached by a New England rider named Linda Dugeau about starting a women's riding organization. Within a year, the Motor Maids was established. The organization was instrumental in convincing many women to try motorcycling for themselves. Motor Maid activities were covered extensively with a monthly column for years in American Motorcyclist magazine. In the 1950s, Dot began wearing her trademark pink riding outfits. She turned away from the traditional black leather outfits after movies of the day portrayed black-leather-clad motorcyclists as outlaws. After the Robinsons sold their dealership in 1971, the couple traveled extensively by motorcycle. Dot's favorite trip was a 6,000-mile excursion through the country of her birth, Australia. Earl died in 1996, but Dot kept right on riding until January of 1998 at the age of 85, when knee replacement surgery made it too difficult to get on and off her sidecar rig. She figured she had totaled a million and a half miles in her years of riding. Dorothy Robinson passed away on October 8, 1999. She was 87 years old. Article and photos courtesy of American Motorcycle Association, used with permission.



Ride to to Sturgis Sturgis Ride S T U R G I S





SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 NOON TO 4PM Downtown Snow Hill, Maryland All on the Pocomoke River Beer, food and music from “Scrapple” Boat rides, canoe and kayak rentals All bikes welcome...no attitudes allowed



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MOTORCYCLE ‘FASCINATOR’ HELMETS Between the royal wedding, the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, women were out and about sporting their finest hats, or fascinators. We thought we’d explore how women motorcyclists sport their “fascinators.” Have a unique helmet? Send photos to submissions@flbdelmarva.com.




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d r a p o e L e n o Keyst




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Celebrating all women who ride regardless of age or their ride of choice.

Dolores Chandler Lake Lure, NC

Dolores Chandler began riding as a passenger in May, 2015. By April 2016, she took the Motorcycle Riding Course and has been riding her own bike ever since. Little did Delores realize that getting her license was just the beginning. When Delores accepted an invitation for a getaway weekend in D.C., she had no idea the trip would mark the beginning of her initiation into something greater. That weekend, a tribe of independent and fiery women, members of an enigmatic group by the name of Rolling Thunder Virginia Chapter 3, altered her life’s coarse forever. What began as an adventure has evolved into purpose. Now Delores and her Rolling Thunder sisters ride to inspire action and raise awareness for our veterans. Since becoming a licensed rider, Delores has owned a total of 3 bikes including a Suzuki Intruder, a 2014 Switchback, and her most recent purchase, a Softail Deluxe. She is a patched member of Rolling Thunder Virginia Chapter 3 and recently became a member of the Smoky Mountain HOG Chapter in Asheville, NC. Delores enjoys riding anywhere and everywhere (minus heavy traffic)! She considers living in the Smokey Mountains a dream come true on so many levels. Delores is mother to three beautiful children, all over 21, who support her riding passion. She also met someone special during Rolling Thunder in 2015. “It was an immediate “soul mate” connection,” says Delores. “We ride as often as the weather permits and are planning a “Bike-About” across country in the future with a dedicated purpose and mission to be unveiled.” Delores is a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) in life and leadership coach. In addition to riding, she enjoys painting, writing, is a podcast co-host (unleashedtolead.com), speaker, avid reader and volunteer. But most important, Delores is on a mission to have a positive impact on our world.




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I Ride Because...

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I ride because the journey calls me and I answer, the wind takes me and I fly, the sun warms me and I sparkle, off to that place where the road meets sky. Angela DeLuca Shirley, New York

I ride because I want to live in the moment, experience freedom, be my true self - knowing that I CAN do whatever I set my heart upon. Result: pure bliss! Dorothy Gulla Fort Myers, FL




I ride because of the total sense of freedom and peace the "Wind Therapy" provides me with brain and emotion clearing, and mindset altering/grounding. Pure love. Laurie Ann Leach Calabash, NC

For freedom and my soul and the joy of riding beside my life partner - my husband Karlkirk Moffat. Cherished memories are made for a lifetime happiness. Arlene Moffat Quesnel BC CANADA



When I'm on the road it's just me and my bike. It doesn't matter who's riding with me or who isn't. My soul is free and my heart is happy! Patricia Meadors Saugerties, NY




I ride because it flips my switch from "Endure the trip," to "Enjoy the road," and riding my own bike treats me to a stimulating excursion with an unobstructed view. Susan Lynch Jacksonville, NC

I ride because the passion for motorcycle riding is in my heart. Carolyn De Falco Millstone, NJ

I ride to inspire. I ride to show my courage and change perceptions. I ride because when the wind is in my face and hand on the throttle, I'm ALIVE! Delores Chandler Lake Lure, NC

I ride because riding frees me from myself as it carries me on a journey full of self-confidence and indescribable, unbridled adventure. Tina Lynn Mesa, CA


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DELAWARE 6/2 - Endeavor Lodge #17 Motorcycle Ride to the 5th Annual Endeavor Lodge Car, Truck, Motorcycle and Tractor Show, registration begins 8:30-10:45 am, Rommel Harley Davidson Delmarva to Milton, DE. Rain Date June 3, 2018. 6/2 - Ride for a Cure, 1 pm, Rommel H-D Smyrna, 450 Stadium St., Smyrna. Event URL: www.facebook.com/ events/151974958791484/ 6/23 - 3rd Annual “Suddlersville EMT Fund” Poker Ride, 11 am, 9996 S Dupont Hwy., Felton. Event URL: www. facebook.com/events/2102023473406877/

MARYLAND 6/1-3 - 44th Annual BMWBMW Square Route Rally, BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington, YMCA Camp West Mar, 14509 Brown Rd., Sabillasville. Event URL: www. bmwbmw.org/srr 6/2 - 2nd Annual Operation Blue Line Ride, 10 am, ride begins at VFW Post 475, 100 Veterans Dr., Newark to VFW Post 8185, Port Deposit. Event URL: www.facebook.com/events/2028370290766286/ 6/2 - 2nd Annual Ride for Samm, 11 am-6 pm, North East MD Town Park, 300 Cherry St., North East. Event URL: www.facebook.com/sammslymphomafightfoundation 6/8-10 - IDBL Sport Nationals, Maryland International Raceway, 27861 Budds Creek Rd., Mechanicsville. Event URL: www.raceidbl.com 6/8-10 - ABATE of MD 35th Annual State Party, Alleghany Fairgrounds, 11490 Moss Ave., Cumberland.

6/9 - Ride for Life, 8:30 am, Davidsonville. Event URL: www.RideForLifeMd.org 6/10 - Knights of the Fallen 2nd Annual Operation Red Line Poker Run and Ride-In Bike Show, 8 am-6 pm, Singerly Volunteer Fire Department, 300 Newark Ave., Elkton. Event URL: www.facebook.com/ events/142717849713247/?ti=cl 6/16 - Chosen Sons MC Shrimp Feast and Bull Roast, 1-6 pm, Long Point Hall, 1534 Long Point Rd., Pasadena. 6/22-24 - ABATE of MD Mid-Shore Chapter Summer Bash, Queen Anne’s County 4-H Park, 106 Dulin Clark Rd., Centreville. Event URL: www.abatemidshore.wixsite. com/midshore/2018summerbash 6/23 - Guide Dogs of America Poker Run, 11 am-5:30 pm, 10371 Southern Maryland Blvd., Dunkirk. 6/24 - Faces of Valor Police-Escorted Ride, registration 9:30 am, kick stands up 10:30 am, Outback Steakhouse, Annapolis. Event URL: www.facesofvalorusa.org

VIRGINIA 6/2 - Kings of Kaos Bike, Car & Truck Show, 12-4 pm, 736 N Main St., Fuguay. 6/2 - Empty Tomb Motorcycle Ministry Biker Bash 2018, 12-5 pm, Haley Toyota, 1530 Courtland Rd., Roanoke. 6/3 - 2018 Virginia Ride for Kids®, 8 am, Richmond International Raceway, 600 E Laburnum Ave., Richmond. Event URL: www.pbtf.convio.net/site/TR?fr_id=2971 6/6 - D-day Anniversary Ride, 9am-1am, registration at VFW 1841, 4902 Roanoke Rd., Daleville. Event URL: www.cvma274blueridge.org



6/7-9 - 2nd Annual South Central Bike Fest, Fire Training Grounds, 534 Jonbil Rd., Chase City. Event URL: www. southcentralbikefest.org 6/9 - 10th Annual Ride for Jill’s House, 9 am-2 pm, McLean Bible Church, Prince William Campus,10002 Battleview Pkwy., Manassas. Event URL: www.jillshouse. org/ride 6/16 - The Shop Third Annual Poker Run and Dance to Benefit the SPC Brian “Bucky” Anderson Memorial Hero Scholarship, 8:30 am, New Market Volunteer Fire Department, 123 South Congress St., New Market. 6/16 - Sundowners 2018 Lunch Ride, 11 am, meet at Walmart, Leesburg. Event URL: www.sundownersmcnorthernva.shutterfly.com 6/21-23 - Mid-Atlantic Women’s Motorcycle Rally 2018, Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Blue Ridge Shadows, 111 Hospitality Dr., Front Royal. Event URL: www.mawmr.org/ 6/29-7/1 - East Coast Street Wars, Old School Motorcycle & Car Racing, Dominion Raceway, 6501 Dominion Raceway, Woodford Rd., Woodford,

WEST VIRGINIA 6/2 - 6th Annual Mac D Ride, registration 10 am, kick stands up 11 am, 930 Middleway Pike, Inwood. 6/7-9 - Capitol City Biker Bash 2018, Haddad Riverfront Park, Kanawha Blvd. East, Charleston. Event URL: www. capitolcitybikerbash.com/ 6/8-10 - SCRC West Virginia State Rally 2018, Host Hotel - Sleep Inn, 701 Professional Park Dr., Summersville. Event URL: www.wvscrc.com/ 6/9 - 8th Annual KVC Ride ‘n Raffle, 8:30 am, KVC Office, 235 S Church St., Ripley. 6/9 - CBWV Regional Korean Memorial Dice Run, 10:30 am, VFW, 1310 Morgantown Ave., Fairmont. 6/16 - 17th Annual Hogs for Dogs, 10 am-7pm, 101 Lodgeville Rd., Bridgeport. Event URL: www.hshcwv.org 6/23 - Sorry Souls MC Party for a Cause, 12 pm, Martinsburg Moose Acres, 1063 Douglas Grove Rd., Martinsburg. 23

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1. What does being President of a Rolling Thunder Chapter entail? Rolling Thunder Chapters across the U.S. advocate at all government levels and work with elected officials to pass legislation protecting our Veterans. Chapters and their members are committed to assisting Veterans from all wars. In Maryland, we support Wreaths Across America, numerous Veterans homes, individual Veterans in need and attend numerous events speaking to the communities across the state and promoting the Rolling Thunder mission. 2. Where were you born and where do you currently reside? I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and I currently reside in Hyattsville, MD. 3. What do you like/admire most about yourself? I’m brutally honest to a fault. Don’t ask me questions you might not like the answer to. 4. What is the one thing you would change about yourself? My brutal honesty! 5. What would you consider your greatest extravagance? My freedom. And I thank our Veterans for that. 6. Where would you most like to reside if you could? Not one specific place. Southwest Nova Scotia in the summer, the mid-Atlantic U.S. in the Fall and Spring and somewhere warm in the winter. Four seasons of riding! It doesn’t get better than that! 7. Who do you consider your reallife hero? My parents. 8. What is the most awesome thing you own? A lot on a spring fed lake in Canada and a cottage surrounded by salt water. 9. If you could choose any other occupation, what would that be? That’s tough because I love what I do.

Rolling Thunder®, Inc. Maryland Chapter One Fort Washington, MD

Probably the lead singer of a rock band but I can’t sing so that’s not happening. 10. If you could switch places with one person for a day, who would that person be? A pilot. 11. What would you do if you were able to retire? Travel to as many places as I could afford. 12. As a woman who rides, what would you want other women riders, or women who are considering learning to ride, to know? Ride at your own pace when you’re learning. Don’t feel pressured into performing beyond your ability. That’s dangerous and you’ll probably lose interest. When you’re good to go, ride as much as you can because it is the ONLY way to raise your comfort level. Challenge yourself but be careful. Take off on your own. I did a solo trip from San Diego through Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite over to the coast and down the PCH and back to San Diego in 2000. While challenging it was wind therapy at its best and an experience I will never forget. THAT’S the freedom I’m talking about! 13. Do you feel you’ve faced any disadvantages as a woman rider (past or present)? Yes, guys will make ignorant comments because they think they can get away with it. Things they would NEVER say to a guy rider for fear of, well, you know. And if we make a mistake it’s because we’re a woman rider and don’t know what we’re doing. That’s B.S.! Rolling Thunder MD Chapter One meets the second Saturday of every month at the Harley Davidson dealership in Fort Washington, MD. Email Anna directly if you have any questions, need information, or want to become a member: president@ rollingthundermd1.com.




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with Marty Sullivan

ALONG THE ROUTE Good Motorcycle Morning! I’m writing to you from St. Andrews State Park, in super sunny, and super hot, Panama City Beach, Florida. But not to worry, Epic Ride 2018 is going very well! Let me catch you up on where I’ve been and where I still have yet to go. I started out in Burlington, NC. That morning the Gear-report.com “Battlewagon” Humvee came out to meet me and escort me out of town. That was friggin’ awesome! After that I zoomed down to Columbia, SC to check out the “World’s biggest Fire Hydrant”, and thereby definitively confirming my suspicions that Clifford the Big Red Dog DOES exist. ☺ That evening I set up camp for the first time on this ride in the Congaree National Forest in South Carolina. I slept well. The next morning though, I awoke to some pretty serious rain. So my very first pack up of camp on this ride was a wet and muddy affair. Ideal? No. Epic? Yes! Later that day I made it all the way down to Woodbine, GA. There I got a campsite at the Walk-About Campground. It’s an Australian owned and themed campground. There are no ladies and gentlemen there, only sheilas and blokes ☺ That evening I attended the famous Woodbine Crawfish Festival. Some highlights included great music and some authentic Creole crawfish etouffee. Mmmmmm good. ☺ The next day I made my way towards the Leesburg Bikefest in Leesburg, FL. On the way I stopped in St. Augustine to see the Castillo de San Marcos. As you may or may not know, I love history. ☺ That afternoon I ended up in Lake Griffin State Park in Fruitland Park, FL. After setting up camp I headed over to Leesburg to join the festivities. I hung out in that area for the next couple of days for the duration of the Bikefest. I had a great time. Leesburg Bikefest may not be on your radar, but it should be. Top notch entertainment, and tons of bikes. It’s definitely worth a visit. From Leesburg I headed northwest to the Ochlockonee River State Park in Sopchoppy, FL. I had to burn a couple days somewhere between the Leesburg Bikefest and the Thunder Beach Rally the next



weekend. I think I chose Sopchoppy just because I like the name, lol. It turned out to be a great location. From Sopchoppy I had the chance to go swimming in the river, I scooted north to Tallahassee to pick up a shipment from Fast Lane Biker Delmarva, and I was also in range of Carabelle, FL. In Carabelle, I spent the day filming the fishing boats and taking in the scenery. It was a good couple of days. ☺ And then the real work began. From Sopchoppy, I headed about 2 hours west to Panama City Beach, and the Thunder Beach Rally. It was huge. It was spread out over 5 main venues in Panama City Beach. I visited all the venues. I got press access to all the concerts. I test rode Polaris Slingshots and various 2018 Indian motorcycles. I ate food, filmed the crowds, and did everything that you do at a bike rally. So after 3 days of that, I’m exhausted. ☺ And that’s where I am now. Tomorrow, I head west to Mobile, Alabama, and then eventually all the way down to Cuernavaca, Mexico. This first week or so had been pretty awesome! Even more so because my father has joined me for a good portion of this first leg of Epic Ride 2018. But alas, it’s time for him to go home, it’s time for me to head west, and it’s time for me to send this letter to you. ☺ If you haven’t already, please hop over to Instagram @ sightw or Facebook @sightwo to follow me for daily live updates of Epic Ride 2018. I’ll be writing to you next from another beach south of the border. Sunny Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. ☺ Good Motorcycle Morning!


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sor Of: Proud Spon