July 2018

Page 28

with Marty Sullivan

Good Motorcycle Morning!

I’m writing to you from the west coast paradise that is Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. It’s even hotter than Panama City, but I’ve been in Mexico for about 3 weeks now, I’m adjusting well. So much has happened since I last wrote to you. Let me catch you up on where I’ve been and where I still have yet to go! In last month’s column, I had just finished the Thunder Beach Moto Rally in Panama City, FL. From there I stopped in Mobile to check out the USS Alabama site. This is by far the best collection of Military Naval, Air, and Land vehicles that I have ever seen. After that I headed west to New Orleans for the world famous Beignets from Café Du Monde. The beignets were out of this world good☺. In Baton Rouge I visited the USS Kidd. The ship was great, but the A/C below decks was glorious. Ninety-five degrees and 40 lbs. of moto-gear do not mix well. Farther west, I spent a rough night on Surfside Beach in La Porte, TX. It was hot, muggy with sustained 30 mph winds; it was all I could do to keep me and my tent from being blown away. Farther south in Corpus Christi, I stepped on an aircraft carrier, the USS Lexington, for the first time in my life. An F-14 Tomcat, and an aircraft carrier, total Top Gun Geek mode.☺ I stopped in Laredo for a couple of days to get ready to cross into Mexico. While I was there, I off-loaded all of the food that I wouldn’t be allowed to take into Mexico at the Lamar Bruni Vergara South Texas Food Bank, I caught up on my laundry, I changed some dollars into pesos, and I had to throw away my tent and air mattress. It was so hot that my air mattress exploded and my tent’s plastic zippers melted together. I spent my last night in the USA sleeping under a tarp and laying on the asphalt. The next day I crossed in Mexico. After some dealing with some super shady border officials, I headed south past Monterrey to Saltillo. That night I participated in the MC Cherokee Saltillo’s 3rd Anniversary moto meetup. So many MCs were there and they accepted me with open arms. I had a great time! Due South in San Luis Potosi, I met up with Professor Galvan of the “Sister Cities” organization. He was so hospitable; he treated me to some local food, and gave me a great tour of downtown San Luis Potosi. Farther south, just east of Mexico City, I spent a night in Pachuca. It’s higher altitude and cooler temperatures definitely made for a great night’s sleep. The 2 volcanoes in the backdrop of the city’s skyline are pretty spectacular too. From Pachuca I made my way to Cuernavaca via Puebla. The 2-lane country mountain roads were a great change from the big toll roads I had been using up till that point. I spent 11 days in Juitepec, a suburb of the capital city of Morelos, Cuernavaca. There I met up with my wife who had flown in the day before my arrival. So awesome.☺ While there, I also met up with the Motociclestas Libres Morelos. They took me on a grand tour of the entire state of Morelos. The highlight of which was the best place on the planet for authentic, fresh, cecina in Yecapixtla. So good☺. I also taught and trained with Master Cervantes, my niece, and the students of MudukKwan Tejalpa Taekwondo. On the way back from that, the alarm in the truck went off and it wouldn’t stop. We literally drove down narrow streets for about 20 mins. with the alarm screaming. It totally looked like we were stealing a truck. True story.☺ Also, while I was in Juitepec, my wife’s family and I took