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What is fastest way to lose weight

I had people asking me all the time, what's the fastest way to lose weight? Now, before I attempt to answer this question, I notice one of the most common mistake when people wants to lose extra pounds is to try lose it fast as possible. Without proper knowledge of how to lose the extra pounds properly, they will try every lose weight program that promise quick fixes. This can be of disastrous consequences when they reach their weight loss target and come off their diet. The weight that they lost will come back faster than they loss it. The secret ingredient to lose weight fast is to use combination of proven methods of lose weight consistently and keeping your weight at safe level. This will lead you to living healthier and eating healthy for the rest of your life. Losing weight should be fun and enjoyable experience for you,if not, you will gain back the weight that you loss faster than you lost it. What's the fastest way to lose weight is different from individual to another? Like I said, the best way to maximize the benefit of losing weight sustainability is to marry proven weight loss programs with combination of healthy eating habit with let's get physical.

Diet Consume lot's of low calorie food intake such as grain, vegetables, fruits (green apple,banana,orange,water melon)that are high in nutrition and really HELP you to lose weight and will take a lot less time to digest. Avoid fat and oily food that will clock your artery causing you heart problem, stroke and other major disease. Healthy Exercise Go for regular exercise in any form once a week. For maximum result, three times a week will do just fine. Each session must be at least 20 minutes. For beginners, start off with 10 minutes to avoid any long term injury. Gradually build it to 20 minutes every session. Vary your exercise regimes so you won't get bore. Remember Fight Club movie? Brad Pitt showing his amazing hard rock 6 abs body. That's the body to die for. Hit the gym for that body. Set A Goal Without setting a goal to attack your overweight problem, you will never able to lose weight. Just like Michael Schumacher setting his goal to win the F1 every year and winning the F1 title for 7 times in his career, setting a specific time for your weight loss is important and critical to your weight loss success. Losing weight should be fun, safe and easy.

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What is fastest way to lose weight