Fastener + Fixing Magazine #125

Page 66


titibi® – benefitting from investments titibi® is renowned for its range of hardened steel and concrete nails it supplies to customers globally. Recently the company has been working on a new range of gas nailers to further meet customers’ needs.


itibi® has spent the last three years investing in its gas nailers for concrete range. “These nailers are destined to revolutionise the classic nail fixing system, making the job much simpler and faster for users,” states titibi. “We are already very active in export markets for these products and we are also experiencing strong growth within Italy. Our main challenge is to maintain our quality reputation, as quality and production flexibility are our strong points and enable us to differentiate ourselves from the competition.” titibi snc has always invested in new technologies – ensuring it optimises its production capabilities and utilises the experience handed down generation after generation. To date, the company is able to produce high-quality hardened steel nails, reaching hardnesses of up to 57HRC – 58HRC, while guaranteeing the highest safety standards. “All our products are able to bend to 90° without breaking, which is very difficult to achieve with these levels of hardness,” points out titibi. “This means customers benefit from not only top of the range quality, but also from our high production flexibility, which includes being able to satisfy the multiple requests for product customisation or for the creation of special nails to drawing.” Since its foundation in 1972, titibi has always seen innovation as the first step towards being competitive. “We must always stay up to date and experiment with new technologies in order to maintain a high-level of quality, both in terms of product and process.”



The company is proud of its Italian heritage and believes the ‘Made in Italy’ brand is a synonym for quality and safety. “Consumer choices are increasingly oriented towards the ‘Made in Italy’ brand as a guarantee of quality and above all as a choice of trust,” points out titibi. This was underlined during the Covid-19 pandemic, when the company saw new customers, accustomed to importing products from the Asian market, making contact due to the lockdown in China. “In January we saw an increase in demand from these companies, looking for new suppliers, and we are pleased to see that many new contacts acquired this year have preferred to continue the relationship with us rather than with their old Asian suppliers. This is a demonstration that our products are of the highest quality and that we can guarantee customer safety.” This is further underlined by the fact that Italy was also one of the hardest hit by the pandemic within Europe. “Due to the numerous infections, the Italian government decided to implement a lockdown for the whole of March and April,” mentions titibi. “During this period, our production plants had to remain closed. However, our contact with customers continued. Starting in May, when the business reopened, we made a commitment to make up for lost time and deliver all orders that had inevitably accumulated delays. We are currently working at full speed and thanks to our presence in various countries, and our flexibility and adaptability, we have not suffered any drop in orders.” Due to the company’s commitment to new technologies and automation it was able to easily adopt social distancing requirements when necessary. “Thanks to the fact that all our machines work automatically, and the amount of staff to monitor them has always been reduced, it was not a problem to respect social distancing. It was only the personal protection devices, and equipment for protecting and sanitising the environments, that we therefore had to put into force.” Whilst the pandemic will continue to provide a difficult market environment for the foreseeable future, titibi is committed to continuing to invest in its capabilities and products. “We cannot exactly know where we will be in the future, but we will do our best as always to grow the company. We will do this by acquiring skills, adopting new technologies, managing customers’ needs and always developing new and innovative products required by the market.”