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COOL BEANS! Ashanti Design’s handcrafted products are pleasing for both people and planet

Ashanti is proud to be part of the upcycling movement, reducing the amount of material that would otherwise end up in a landfill. “Our products are inspired by a desire to transform damaging waste into objects of luxury and beauty—providing income for rural villagers and empowering people along the way,” says founder Rob Walker. The company taps into the

honed skills and traditions of rural artisans from Madagascar, Malawi, Kenya and Mauritius who handcraft the products—such as bean bags, cushions, baskets, lampshades, doorstops, ottomans and even fabric-topped benches— on original looms using local, responsibly sourced materials. Combining comfort, colour, culture, style and sustainability, the bean bags represent the best

of contemporary African design and are a bright and playful accent to any room. And because they are lovingly stitched by hand, each one is wonderfully “consistently inconsistent”, says Walker; no two will ever be quite alike. What is consistent, however, is the crafters’ ingenuity. “If you can conceive it, we can make it. From the humble origins of our best-selling beanbags, the lid’s

been lifted on our creativity—the possibilities are endless,” adds Walker. “Every inch of thread, frame and fabric is of Africa, from Africa and for Africa. We are 100% committed to our continent, and operate on fair-trade principles.” To view the products, go to Or email to request an updated price list.


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Fast Company SA - September 2016  

Fast Company SA - September 2016