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App Alley Simon Dingle Samantha Otter

5FM radio host & founder, Phantom Design

Global marketing director, Cheapflights

BitX: Money is the

Grabble: Just swipe left or right on

your favourite clothing items to save them to a list. The best part is that the app notifies you when your picks are on sale.

It’s great for travelling as well, because you can share your lists with friends, organise a holiday wardrobe, and buy at the best time.

second most important thing human beings have invented after language— and we’re doing it wrong. With BitX you can buy, sell and use Bitcoin and begin the process of becoming your own bank. The app also allows you to send money to a friend with just their mobile number, or buy airtime and electricity— simply. Blockchain technologies are transforming all areas of human trust, and have given us a way to avoid future financial crises by taking centralised human decision making and greed out of the mix.

Thozi Sejanamane Brand manager, Webfluential

Pokémon GO: I’m a

great fan of gamification and have a variety of apps that help me track real-life things such as health and wealth. But none has been quite as entertaining as Pokémon GO. It combines the cult fandom of Pokémon with the locationbased and augmented-reality features of one’s mobile phone. I still log in daily: pushing for at least 10km of gameplay a week in my efforts to catch ‘em all.


Jason Ray

Owner, strategist, Radar

One Big Thing: This simple to-do app lets you focus on your main task for the day. You can add other items to tick off, but it helps you to keep in mind that ‘one big thing’ to be completed. Give it a go!

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