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Lorenzo Escobar FAVOURITE QUOTE “When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world” – George Washington Carver

From unemployed student to starting Inception Automotive Detailing. Born and partly raised in the Philippines, Lorenzo Escobar has become a tour de force in the car detailing industry, affording himself monumental opportunities

FAVOURITE BOOK How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie

at a tender age.

Born in the Philippines and the youngest of four children, in 2002, Lorenzo Escobar’s family moved to Canada in search of better opportunities. Between serving the Canadian Army, studying and holding down a part-time job at a retail store, he had little time to do what normal 17-year-olds do. What is Inception Automotive Detailing? At the age of 18, I founded Inception Automotive Detailing (IAD). The company started as a mobile service, helping more than 200 clients across the Greater Toronto Area at their homes and workplaces. IAD has one primary role and that is to provide clients the new car driving experience. Regardless of the vehicle, Inception treats every vehicle with the same unrivalled workmanship many clients expect. How did you get into Automotive Detailing? Growing up I was always into cars. I attended a trade show with my dad, where we saw what a difference polish on a car can make. I started polishing his car and soon his friends and neighbours were asking me to do their cars too. This was the beginning of my passion. You later founded MedPro 3D in 2014. What prompted you to start a second company? Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. I am always looking to see what the problem is and create a solution to fix it in a way that benefits everyone. Medpro 3D is a medical rapid


prototyping company located in Mississauga, Ontario. We convert medical images from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computerised Tomography (CT) into 3D model replications of the patients’ organs. The 3D models are also used to enhance the learning experience for medical students. The company is currently in its pre-launch stages conducting pilot studies in South East Asia with private hospitals. Apart from your business ventures, you have a large international network and travel tremendously as a result. How does this affect the functioning of your business? With today’s technology, I can run the business from anywhere in the world. Once you grow the business and build a proper team, the business can run without my direct input. It’s all about empowering your people to make decisions while you are away and holding them accountable. What is your key approach to an entrepreneurial spirit? The core of my entrepreneurial spirit is a willingness to find a problem in the world and create a solution to fix it in a way that benefits everyone. What lifestyle elements closely complement your professional life? Travelling – it’s always a mix between business and pleasure.

FAVOURITE DESTINATION I’m a global citizen FAVOURITE CITY Can’t pick just one FAVOURITE TECH GADGET Smartphone IDEAL DAY Nothing is ideal; I prefer having days that are different HOW DO YOU UNWIND AND RELAX Video Games BIGGEST INSPIRATION Elon Musk – tendency of pushing mankind to its limits. Sir Richard Branson – he’s a visionary, forward thinker. BEST MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE When I’m in the position to work “on” the business as opposed to “in” the business which allows me to work remotely and travel.

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