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Merchants of anything The diptyque story began in Paris at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain with, at its heart, three friends driven by the same creative passion. Christiane Gautrot was an interior designer, Desmond Knox-Leet, a painter, and Yves Coueslant, a theater director and set designer. The first two collaborated in designing fabrics and wallpaper for Liberty and Sanderson. They were joined by the third in 1961 and together opened a shop at 34 boulevard Saint Germain to display their designs and creations. Yves became the administrator and consultant; Desmond and Christiane were the artistic soul. Everything was in place for their great venture. Bit by bit, with finely honed taste, the trio transformed the site into a one-of-a-kind setting, a kind of stylish bazaar where one found surprising articles unmatched in Paris, mined and conveyed home by the trio over the course of their travels. As “merchants of anything,� the choices of Christiane, Desmond, and Yves had no limits other than their insatiable curiosity and poignant sense of beauty.





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blackcurrant leaves • blackcurrant buds • Bulgarian rose • ambergris • musk

One of diptyque’s very first floral-fruity fragrances L’Ombre dans l’Eau is a romantic painting telling the story of daydreams, a calm river, a summer slumber under a weeping willow. It all began when a friend of the founders noticed the combined scent of roses and blackcurrant berries on her hands. The scent was so surprising that the creators wanted to capture all of its dimensions: the herbaceousness of the blackcurrant leaves, the fruity acidulated accents of their buds and the floral intensity of the rose. It is a nature-filled moment to savour.


L’Ombre dans l’Eau

Diptyque L'Ombre dans l'Eau was my among my first perfume purchases. I bought this fragrance because I was infatuated and perplexed by the green opening. I didn't find it pleasant, I didn't really want others to smell it on me. I was just captivated by the top notes and just wanted to sniff it over and over again, just to gain an understanding of what it was.

Mathias, designer

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fig leaves • fig tree sap • black pepper • fig tree wood • green fruit

Friend of the fig tree in Greek The memory of a Greek summer at Mount Pelion. To get to the sea, there was a natural grove of wild fig trees to cross through. The sun at its zenith heated the earth, the dry wind carried the scent of the trees and their fruit. Philosykos is an ode to the entire fig tree: the green freshness of the leaves, the density of the white wood, the milky flavour of the figs. A tree whose leaves and a few branches brought back in a memory box was the source of inspiration.



This is the first time I’ve tried Diptyque, although I’ve heard numerous bloggers and vloggers singing their praises so many times. Diptyque create mature and feminine fragrances featuring spicy, floral, fruity and woody notes, meaning that the brand has built a huge fan base of luxury fragrance lovers. How do you feel about Diptyque scents?

Brianna, marketer

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tuberose • orange blossom • jasmine • marine accord • Turkish rose

Tuberoses together with jasmine and ylang-ylang As a child, Yves Coueslant, one of diptyque’s founders, spent his summers at the seaside in the pagoda that his father had had built in Do Son, in the Along Bay. Far from the humid heat of the large port in Haiphong, the air was cooler. The sea breeze carried with it the heady and slightly spicy scent of tuberoses that his mother so loved. Do Son has both the delicateness and persistence of a memory from a childhood in Indochina.


Do Son

Do Son would definitely be my wedding day scent. If the opening of Do Son could last forever, I'd be in serious perfume heaven. If it weren't 140 dollars a bottle, I'd buy several and continuously spray myself in 5 minute intervals for days on end. I'd bathe in it. I'd drink it if it would seep out of my pores and engulf me in its deliciousness.

Nathan, editor


other eaux de toilette






• yuzu • green tangerine • thyme • raspberry

• neroli • bergamot • orange blossom • beeswax

• bitter orange • lemon • peppermint • immortelle

• ylang-ylang • pink peppercorn • ginger • vetiver

• white freesia • camation • guaiac wood • black pepper








• wisteria • honeysuckle • jasmine • narcissus

• sandalwood • cedar • cypress • myrtle

• vetiver from Java • vetiver from Haiti • grapefruit • rose

• galbanum • cyclamen • rosewood • pink peppercorn

• nutmeg • cumin • caraway • clary sage


in life

For diptyque, perfume is an art and art is a journey.


Coex Intercontinental Seoul 524, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Hyundai department store, Seoul 517, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Shinsegae department store, Seoul 176, Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea




34 boulevard saint germain, Paris

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