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Valley Hawks Basketball Club Town, Nova Scotia, Postal Code January 2017

WELCOME PACKAGE, FASTBREAK BASKETBALL CAMP - ##-## MAY 2017 Ref: A. Registration website – B. Acadia University Campus Map – %20Map_2016.pdf C. Residence Room Code of Conduct – to be determined D. Acadia University mobile map – GENERAL Insert content WRT “Welcome from the organizing committee” The camp is designed to allow all participants the opportunity to experience basketball at their level. From beginner to the advanced player, instructions will be provided and attention paid to all aspects of the game. As well, there will be plenty of opportunity to socialize, have some fun and play basketball. Participants are asked to please bring a indoor sneakers for the gym. Over the weekend the players and coaches will be utilizing the following venues:   

Acadia Athletics Complex: The Acadia Athletics Complex is home to Acadia Axemen and Axewomen varsity teams, as well as student-based competitive and recreational clubs, and intramural sports. It also provides fitness, recreation, and aquatic programming. Dennis House: Our residence over the weekend is Dennis House (Blue circle on the map, see appendix B) The residence has room for over 144 residents and features: Large TV lounge, kitchen and common areas on main floor. Typical room includes: Armoir, dresser, nightstand, bed, desk with shelf and desk chair. Wheelock Dining Hall: The Wheelock Dining Hall overlooks the Acadia University campus and Blomidon, it’s no wonder that students spend hours in this building. From tables and booths in the main area to a quiet room with a fireplace, Wheelock Hall is a favorite spot on campus.

OVERVIEW Planned Activities. a. Basketball games See Appendix A b. Social activities i. Open swim, Acadia pool, AAC ii. Block buster movie in the Acadia Room, K.C. Irving Centre iii. c. Other activities i. Wine Tours (Adults) ii. Downtown shopping iii. Wolfville Market ORGANIZATION

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Insert content WRT “Members of the organizing committee and contact methods” Insert content WRT “Referees” Insert content WRT “Other key volunteers” The organizing committee will need volunteers from every team to help as supervisors. Please, play an active part in this weekend and lend a hand. ADMINISTRATION Reception and Dispatch (check in and check out). a. To save time, procedures are provided for checking in/out of Acadia Residence an inspection of your rooms has been completed before you arrive; b. Please, report all damage to the organizing committee as soon as possible whether to your rooms and common areas; and c. Any residence issues please contact ____________________. Upon Arrival. a. When you arrive, please check in to ____________ residence between ____________ and ____________. A member of the organizing committee will greet you. If you plan to arrive outside the registration time, please contact __________________Be ready for the following tasks: i. Identify yourself and your basketball club; ii. Number of total players, including coaches; iii. Current level of play (community, divisional); and v. Be prepared for coaches meeting at ___________________, in the residence common area. When You Depart. Please return all keys to the registration area in _________________ on Sunday between _________________ a. Rooms are clean of all personal belongings and all garbage cleared out of dressers and cans; b. Garbage cans are to be emptied with a new clean bag put in place; c. Windows are closed and blinds opened; d. Chairs placed on tables; and e. Your team’s luggage can be placed in __________________________ until you depart. Adult Coaches.

Please keep your team informed of your room number and location in case of an emergency.

Drugs and Alcohol. The possession of, use of drugs and/or alcohol in the residence is not permitted will not be tolerated by any under aged participate. Participates who possess or use drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the training area and the RCMP will be notified. Medical. Team coaches are responsible for their own players’ medications and other required products to make their weekend a successful and enjoyable one. There are no medical facilities at Acadia University or in the town of Wolfville. All injured or ill players will have to be transported to the Annapolis Valley Regional Hospital, Kentville for assessment as determined by the team coaches. Here are a few suggested personal to bring. Here are a few suggested items cadets and staff should bring: a. Soap; b. Towel; c. Shower shoes/sandals; d. Bathing suit for showers; e. Camera; and

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Spending money (canteen and other services)

CONCLUSION Once again, all members of the organizing committee are looking forward to welcoming you and your players to Acadia University and the Fastbreak Basketball Camp. If you have any questions in regard to this welcome package, please do not hesitate to call me or anyone of my activity committee staff.

Name Fastbreak Committee Chair 555-555-5555 APPENDIXES: Appendix A - Schedule Appendix B – Campus Map Appendix C – Social Activities

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Appendix A to Fastbreak Basketball Camp FASTBREAK WEEKEND SCHEDULE SER DATE/TIME ## May 17 1 2 3 4 5 ## May 17 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 ## May 17 18 19 20 21 23 24

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Appendix B to Fastbreak Basketball Camp CAMPUS MAP

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Appendix B to Fastbreak Basketball Camp SOCIAL ACTIVITIES SER DATE/TIME ## May 17 1 2 3 4 5 ## May 17 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 ## May 17

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SER 18


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