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F'ORMAND F'T]NCTION new Beautf isnt skin deep,as Sessa's open sports cruiser provcs bv packingin a u,holc

host of practicaìand thoughtfulfèatures. llI Crais Barnètt l)l!)11\ Courtesy of SèssaManne


Septenher Otroher 201A

Note the grab-hùdle below the folded table leaf, of the C38's pncticality.

Anyone who has had the pleasure ofvisiting Italy cant fail tl) be impressedb1 thc country'spassi()nlbr sculpture.Indccd so prolific rverethe Italiansjn \Yhittling beautifullìrrmsliom blrcks rf sbrre,one hasto rvonderrvherethel fi)undthe time to Iirlgean l.irpire? No other corurtr) in the world boastswrrks as làmousas'Ihe Venus De Milo. MichelangektsDavid and the'lrevi Firuntains,eacha lnonumentthat has carvcdits orvn nichein history Judgingby the nervC38 opencmiser lioù Sessa,this inlirluationfòr fashioningfilnns to quickenthc puìseis very much aliveand kicking. Drarvn lrorn the boalds ol (lhristian Gtandc, in the C38 Sessahave produced a h:rnl-topped oper spol t cruiser on \\'hich everv plane, curve, edge and surfar:e contributcsto\\,ardthe aesthcticand pì-acticalappealofthe boat. The flagshipofa ner,lìr'e-model range, Sessaare banking on the C3B rcpLacingtheit bcsGselling C35 and fiorn our time onboard, the smatt mone-vwould be on that happening Frrnn thc stainlesssteelanchor on tìre slightly dropped nose ofthc borv to the bathing ladder that sits in a gel coatcdìockeron the teak lined bathilg platfonn, this nodcl demonstratesa high qualitl of lit out. 'l'hroughout fusionoffornl and function detailsdemonstrateGtaùdcand Scssa's The rakc of the guardrail stanchionsacldsto the spoÌt] àspectof ihe ctali, whilc thc teak step/seatin the pulpit is a practical àddition. The saÍìe àpplics to the thoLrghtfullypìaced grab rajls. our làvourite being belo* the fòlding lcai of the teak taLlc in ihe cockpit. When the br)at is at anchor and stablc, the table is oxtendcd, rvhen under'r'a1'spaceand grab rails ar-erequircd, so the table lòlds arvay and one appeam.Also. in terms of headroom,Grande'sclever design of Lhchardtop has ensur-edplcnt-"-of spaceinside, \\,hile naintaining a athletic prolìle - rvi-



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Lage slqlights provide plenty of natural light fo! the salon and well appointed ga.lley

thout creating the unsightly 'bubble top some craft in this genrc sport. The open cockpit ofthe C38 is a large comfortableentetainment area and sports the most impressiveday galley with \À,etbar we've seenon a boat ofthis featuresa sizeable grill, deep washbasin, plenty of stotage and an isotherm refrigerator concealedbehind a teak door.Opposite,to port, the large C-benchbanquettewith folding teak dinette is deep and comlbrtable.Thankfully, Sessahave been bolder than most with their choice ofupholstery too. The anguÌarback cushionsare covered in a burnished bronze hardwearins fabric a u'elcome alternative to thc ubiquitous beige Ìeatherette! Forward on the portside an oversized chaise ìounge ofiers additional spaceto repose, a great place to relax in the shadeprovided by the hardtop. lb starboard sits the helm, with a console straight out of an episode of Battlestar Galactica. AIso finished in a bronze colour, the C38's stìking dashboardwill provide the ouner with the grati$'ing lmowledge they have bought something dillerent every time they step up to it. Surrouded by the necessaryswitches a.rìdgauges,but taking pride ofplace in the centre is Rayrnarinds latest E-series widesoeen hybridtouch display - cutting edge stufil With regaÌds to actualÌy helming, you re not short ofpositions or aids. For slow speed manoeuvring the Volvo Penta joystick control makes liîe a synch, with separate controls for the Sidepowerbow thruster should it be required. The rvheeland throtdes are well positioned and easiÌy within reach whether you are firìly seated, leaning on the bolstec or even standing on the teak step sitting atop the bolster enjoying thc breeze through the large electronic srìnroof. Another satisrying point ofnote is that Sessahave positioned the comprìssdirectly in Ìine $ith centreline of the heÌm, not offset like some manufacturesdo, which causesthe danger ofcrcating a pa-raÌlaxernÌ. Opening the tinted curved Perspex door and dropping easily down the thrce companionway steps - again with useîul handraiÌ intuitively located - the salon opens up. Large skylights supplement the natural light provision lrom the circular por-


-October2010 September

tholes and Ìight oak veneers and neutral liners keep the space airy. The C-sofa and dinette is located to port, with another sizeablegalley to starboard. Again weL equipped with a steam/llnll/microwave, domestic size rcfrigerator, twin hob and stainless steel work surfaces with mirrored splash backs. As one would er?ect, it's all very attructive aÍd eminently practical. Four berths in two cabins make up the accommodatìon space,\À,ithboth sharing a decent sized head/shower The aft guest cabin offers full headroom on entry, belore dropping down to a useful bench/storage unit and then further to the large double bed. The few inches stolen here and there, especially the height above the bed space and for the wardrobe, places it amongst the best in class.The forward owners cabi: features the traditional V-berth, but features some addilional touches like alcantra suede and leather liners to elevate it above the morc junior cabin ali. In terms ofpower, the C38 packstwin 300hpVolvo PentaD4's not hugelor this size of crafl, but enough to power her through to a 3s-knot top speed and 28-knots cruising. Showing speedsthat compare favourably rvith others with larger powerplants is testamentto the efÍiciencyof the hull - and smallerenginesburn lessfuel. So with looks, performance and a mFiad of îeatutes that make her a very practical family coastal cruiser, therc is much to lìke about the C38. If we did have to lìnd fault, the height ofthe bathing platform above the \a'aterline does create something of an barrier with the oceanin terms of access,and a more substantialtransom gate would be favourable for families with toddlels. But these take nothing away from what overaÌl is a very impressive yacht indeed.

LO,l: 11.70M (38.3rr) l ì I ^ \ r : 9 . 8 0M Du^ì.fr 0.96M Drsfl.^c r.:\I.:Nr 8000Kc I u r , i r C l , , \ f \ c r r Y :x24 8 0ì , \1'',\TrR C^P\arr'!: 300 r, trfì\ PERSoNSi12

liNcrNrs:2 x Vor.vo D4 3tì0HP PÌ()r,n -sl()\: VoLVoDP Dtìo PROP SflÌtN I)RIVE Srr,LÌr: 35 (N()TsMA)i. 28 Kxors cRrJIsE (;rlL)ri lììrcr,; I.SMILLIoNAED 5lissAl:\ctn s ,\,rl: r)fslRIIJlTllìl r N ' f l l l iG ( l ( l r r l:


LlxunY SEABoArs


2, OFFTCE GULFN-$roN,\1,B!:n,DrNc DuBArMAJìIN^.DuRAr,UAE Tnj +9714 44736 62 F^x: +9714,f47 36 54

Sessa Review C38  

Sessa Review C38

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