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Blonde and Blue ! What better than a beautiful Blue Eyed Blonde, pictured here with a screaming Blue Yamaha Motorcycle? Meet Riannon Elizabeth. She hails from Huntsville, Alabama, and is a Geriatric Nurse. She has been modeling now for several years, and we are very happy that after graduating from Auburn University her new career in nursing brought her to Georgia, and to the doors of Fast & Sexy! The motorcycle is a 1999 Yamaha YZF-R6. It was originally purchased by Fast & Sexy founder, Sam Bailey. He later sold it to his friend Matt Shadix who still owns it today. Many say this bike is one of the most thrilling, heart-pounding motorcycles you can ride and this particular bike is very familiar with the north Georgia mountain roads. The engine is an inline 4, rated at 120HP, has a published top speed of 155 mph and is capable of doing 0-62 mph in 3.4 seconds. With true working ram air, a geometry setup giving the bike extreme agility, and a powerful compact power plant, this is to many the best looking sport bike ever made and the ‘99 R6 was THE bike to beat. But back to Riannon ! She has been modeling since she was 12 years old and describes herself as “very easy going, punctual, hard working, and fun!” Most of her experience to date has been in the commercial / print / promotional fields. Let’s hear what else she had to say about herself during our Fast & Sexy Video Shoot : Riannon, what else can you tell us about yourself? RE :I love people. I’m pretty much always happy, smiling, and laughing. I think it is important to treat people well. I am an RN in 11


Atlanta and an Auburn University graduate. What are your interests and hobbies? RE :FISHING! Collecting guns, dancing, smiling! Anything outside! I LOVE concerts and live music anywhere. Hawks basketball, and I am a HUGE NASCAR fan! Tell us about your Gun collecting. RE: I consider myself a great shooter, and I love handguns, I think there are some real sexy handguns. My favorite is a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard. I also hunt and like to go Bass fishing. I have pretty good luck and have caught some big fish. Do you have a favorite NASCAR driver? RE: Jeff Gordon all the way! I love my Jeff Gordon! What kind of music do you like? RE: I am a total rocker to the core - AC/DC, Poison, and Whitesnake. Any of the older rock. What is your favorite drink? RE: Well I’m a big whiskey drinker. I love my Jack Daniels and my Crown for sure! And I usually mix it with Diet Coke … just to cut back on some calories. So when you go out to bars, do you get hit on more by girls or guys? RE: Actually, more Girls. A lot more, yeah. (giggles). Ever dated a girl? RE: I haven’t …. Ah, not yet, (laughs) No. Do you like cars? RE: I do, I love cars! My favorite car is probably a Stingray Corvette. Without a doubt a ’63 is the sexiest car in the world. I also like Aston Martin (James Bond). Mostly I’m kind of a Chevrolet girl. What’s your favorite part of your body? RE: My feet. I think they’re adorable. They’re tiny 15

and compact and I don’t have weird toes. Feet are important and I have good feet. We haven’t really noticed that you had good feet (laughs). Have you rode a bike before? RE: I have. I’m saving up for a Harley. I want a Sportster real bad. It’s my dream bike. I’ve never driven a Harley, but I’ve had a Honda and actually drove a Vulcan in high school. I’m just afraid a Harley is going to be a little too beefy for me. I think you can handle it. RE: I hope so, I really like them. I’ll take donations (laughs). What is your favorite Tattoo? RE: ahhh, You know they all have little stories behind them and I need to stop or I would be all covered in them. And we don’t need to talk about the stories (giggle). My favorite would probably be my Jesus Fish on my foot. It’s a long story from a long hard part of my life and it just kind of kept me going. I like Tattoo’s a lot. If I had my way I’d probably have a million of them. How did you find out about Fast & Sexy? RE: A good girl friend of mine, a really HOT girl friend of mine posed for you guys and her pictures were amazing. She said I should pose for you guys but I saw the girls on your website and thought “no chance”, then I got a call from Sam. You definitely caught out attention! We hope Riannon caught your attention too. Be sure to check out her photo and video shoots online at today! 15 17

Becca Brantley


1966 Chevy Nova


If you want a special treat, then you can’t afford to miss Becca! We were lucky to have gotten Becca for her first-ever professional photo shoot! She’s a North Georgia girl… a breath of fresh air and as cute as they come - a real 5’5” Hazel eyed tease! Becca was also featured in our February Fast & Sexy Magazine. Here she is with Butch Poe’s ’66 Chevy Nova. This ‘66 L-79 Nova was special ordered and delivered to the original owner through Bill Vernon Chevrolet of Aiken, S.C. on March 30, 1966. The car spent its entire life just outside of Augusta before Butch “bought” it in November 2007 by trading a Red ’66 Nova SS for it. It was ordered new with Danube Blue paint, blue interior, tinted windshield, push button radio, rear antenna, 3:31 ratio posi-traction rear axle, 327 C.I. 350 H.P. turbo fire V8 and 4 speed transmission. The production run for L-79 Novas in 1966 was only 5,481, so this is a rare bird. Butch says “I have been looking for the right L-79 Nova to buy and restore for over 20 years.” He was fortunate to obtain the original invoice, the sales contract, the warranty book and other items that tell the story of this car. The restoration was a two year project that took hard work, time, and effort but was very enjoyable and rewarding. Butch says he used mostly rebuilt, restored, original and NOS parts. The original factory paint was found under the front fenders on the cowl. Butch used this paint as a guide and after 9 or 10 attempts they finally got the color right. The modern base coat / clear coat paint system was used instead of lacquer for durability.

The car’s first outing was the National Nostalgic Nova Mini Nationals in Kissimmee, Fl. this year. Lots of Nova guys saw the car and it drew good reviews, winning the Sponsors Choice award and a Top 25 People’s Choice. Butch says “I don’t know if I will ever be done with this project but one thing for sure, after over 20 years of looking, I have my documented ‘66 L-79 Nova and its story will continue!” Continuing with Becca’s story, her interests include Modeling, Dancing, working out, hanging with friends, and “clubbing”. When asked what she likes to do she didn’t hesitate saying “I LIKE TO PARTY!” Becca adds “I knew I was born to model. I have two tattoo’s (can you guess Becca’s birth sign?) and have my lip and tongue pierced. I am very reliable and easy to work with. My goal is to become a famous model.” When she was asked if she likes pets, she confided that she has 3 Dogs, a Rabbit and a Bird. We think Butch’s L-79 and Becca are both “keepers” for sure!!! 23

Lacey Alexandra

1968 Ford Fairlane 25


Lacey is one of our newer models that you may have seen in Playboy’s “All Naturals” special edition – or maybe on the front cover of Easy Rider – but you’re gonna see MORE of Lacey right here on Fast & Sexy!!! She’s a Floridian now living in Central Florida, and we shot her NATURAL BEAUTY in beautiful North Georgia – as she poses with Eddie Palmer’s ’68 Ford Fairlane Cobra Jet. Eddie’s classic Fairlane started out with a 302c.i. 4-Barrel engine, and after a 3 year total makeover by Delton Waters it now sports a 428c.i. with dual 4-barrel carbs. It has a Top loader 4-speed transmission, 325 posi rear end, Edelbrock aluminum heads, MSD ignition, Holman Moody valve covers, and puts out an impressive 500 Horsepower ! Steve Elliott from Dahlonega, Ga. applied the beautiful paint. Lacey’s interests include Dancing, Shopping and Modeling. With a September 3rd birthday, Lacey’s Zodiac size is a Virgo and and ohhhhh what a hot 5’1” athletic body she has, accented by that long Brown hair and her enticing Brown eyes! Watch out Lacey, we think that Cobra has got its eye on your Bunny! Don’t miss Lacey’s full photo spread on our website where she is also photographed with a classic Mustang Mach 1 and a ’54 Chevy Bel Air. You have got to love Lacey Alexandra just as much as we do.


Alexandra Shadowens

1971 Pontiac GTO 31


This southern Illinois hottie came further south to shoot with Fast & Sexy here in HotLanta!!! Alexandra is one of the SEXIEST and goofiest sweeties (in a loveable way) that we’ve ever met. And when she posed with this 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge convertible, she proved she is even hotter. And how about that “Goat”? Perhaps the most enigmatic car from the musclecar era has been the 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge convertible. The ‘Judge’ was a $395 option which included the 455 cubic-inch four-barrel High Output V8 engine, Rally II wheels, T-handle gearshift controls with a manual transmission, side stripes, rear deck lid air foil, decals, black-textured grille, and RAM AIR decals. For 1971, there were a total of 10,532 examples of the GTO created. A mere 374 examples were ordered with the ‘Judge’ option. 17 were Judge convertibles and 375 were hardtop coupes. As top collectors have gradually built their collections, they have added the 1971 Judge ragtop to their “wanted” lists. We think Alexandra should also be on that “wanted” list and definitely is an “IT” girl (cause she’s got “IT” and she knows how to use “IT”!). This becomes very apparent when we sized her up – 5’4” and a 32DD-22-32 chassis says it all!

When we asked Alexandra to tell us about herself, she said “I am addicted to speed, danger, and fire burning on the dance floor (or RAV4 whichever is closest lol). I like to listen to music entirely too loud, take people out of their comfort zone including myself, traveling the world, and meeting all different types of people.” Her turn-ons: A great sense of humor, a caring personality, and eyes that tell no lies. Turn-offs: Serious types with a lack of being themselves for fear of what people think. She joked that one of her biggest accomplishments was finally getting Fast & Sexy Founder / CEO Sam Bailey to say her name correctly, even if it was only once! Her favorite car ?? She admits to loving all types of cars, but would have to say a limo “because you can drink and not potentially cause harm on anyone.” Her sexy slender frame is close to perfect – we bet you will agree!


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