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ISSUE 46 JUN 15, 2016

The bold beauty trend you wouldn't expect for winter


Are you brave enough for this season's exuberant trends?







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inter is officially here, and we're not ashamed to admit that it's one of our favourite seasons. It gives us an excuse to experiment with incredible winter trends (not that we ever need justification), and flaunt coats and boots that hardly get a chance to shine to their full potential in our Brisbane climate.

Our winter style bible celebrates everything that we love about this crisp season; from the unbelievable trends that we'll be coveting (see page 30), to this season’s unpredictable beauty looks (see page 48) - there will be something for you!

We also had an exclusive interview with renowned Australian designer, Alex Perry about his incredible career (see page 12). We'd like to take the chance to thank all of our readers for your ongoing support of our shift to a seasonal style bible we're so happy to hear how much you've adored it! As promised, there are heaps of exciting upcoming ventures for Fashion Weekly so make sure you stay tuned. We hope you enjoy our winter style bible as much as we've loved creating it! Until next time…

On page 22, we also caught up with Australia's most influential women within the fashion and lifestyle industries to talk wardrobe must-haves and their upcoming projects.

Magazine Editor Jessica Lunan


HAIR & COLOUR Laura Ciccone



STYLIST Zena Najjar

SALON Kinky Curly Straight

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ACLER Marsden Blazer, $430 Ealing Silk Cami, $295 Ealing Silk Pant, $370 Distinguished by its plush draping aesthetics, Acler's AW16 collection has been created with the modern woman in mind.



ACLER Vernon Shirt, $395 The collection features the luxurious textiles and clashing textures that the brand has become renowned for, including intricate silk cotton embroidered lace, finely pleated crepes and a mixture of linen weight.

ACLER Ealing Silk Maxi, $650

ACLER Ashby Pleat Dress, $530 Acler's AW16 collection takes a fresh approach to the typically monochromatic hues of the season, introducing pops of powder blue, almond pink, crimson and midnight blue hues within the collection.

ACLER Argent Lace Top, $295 Argent Lace Skirt, $320 What sets Acler's AW16 collection apart is its versatility. The whole collection has been designed with careful layering in mind, meaning that each piece can be worn with multiple items. This ensures that there's a piece for every occasion.

ACLER Ealing Silk, $350 Nelson Skirt, $350



Instantly recognisable, courtesy of a perpetually placed pair of sunglasses, Alex Perry is a true Australian style icon. But he is so much more than an enduring accessory. Charismatic, clever and unquestionably creative, Alex is constantly evolving.


rawing inspiration from the occasiondriven European women of his Greek heritage, the textures of particular fabrics and, of course, his darling nieces, Perry's creations are far from ordinary. An Alex Perry piece is designed to be both striking and timeless, a welcome addition to any woman's wardrobe. The quintessential Alex Perry gown will, without fail, exemplify the impeccably constructed corsetry and eloquent femininity for which he is so highly acclaimed. However, he is constantly moving with the times, combining classic, flawless quality with contemporary architecture and design. “I think there's femininity in everything I do... It's always there but it's sort of masked in different ways,” he explains. “There are certain elements that are very 'Alex Perry' which will always be there. I feel like the sexiness is always there… that prettiness which girls love.” But unlike the countless home-grown designers that have fallen by the wayside, Alex has reinvented himself time and time again in order to remain relevant and desirable in Australia’s somewhat unpredictable fashion climate. He understands the importance of expanding his clientele, abandoning the archaic notion that designer-wear is only appropriate for specific occasions, and introducing refreshing and timeless pieces suitable for the versatile, modern day woman. “I'm not trying to dress every woman in the world,” he laughs. “But I like to have a breadth in the collection and give people more opportunities to wear Alex Perry.” He is also adamant that appealing to a younger audience is the key to longevity. In this digital age, social media is revolutionising the world of fashion one Snapchat at a time, placing even more value on enticing a new breed of followers. This new-found youthful aesthetic has been apparent in Alex Perry designs for several years now, but is particularly evident in the Resort 16 collection, a line brimming with vibrant, flirtatious pieces, perfect for our progressively stylish youth. His lasting success can be attributed to his ability to not only attract a younger generation of adoring admirers, but to retain the loyalty of his existing customers. Each collection transcends the expectations of age, enabling mothers and daughters alike, to fall in love with his wearable art.

Colour blocking, a long standing favourite technique of Perry's, assists in moulding the vibrant 'sport luxe' aura that has engulfed his modern designs, differentiating his work from the masses of, in his own words, “ordinary, monochromatic, pencil dresses.” The splashes of bright, spring-esque hues, present in his 'Belle du Jour' collection, provide a much needed flicker of life and colour in the seemingly dull colour scheme of late. The juxtaposition between the idiosyncrasies of electrifying colour, delicate detailing and severe structure evident in his designs, combine to form a complex, yet seemingly intrinsic tapestry that almost perfectly represents the adventurous, contemporary woman. However, despite this compelling immortalisation, the sad, yet amusing truth of it all is that many of us are still much too afraid to branch out from the warm embrace of our little black dresses. Year after year, Perry churns out a beautiful variety of bright, bold tones to fill the supposed 'void' the buyers bemoan. Yet when posed with the ever infuriating question of colour, he never strays from his unchanging yet always amusing response:

“WHY DO YOU CARE? YOU’RE JUST GOING TO BUY THE BLACK!” Alex Perry designs are trans-seasonal. He doesn't fret over warmth in winter or splits in spring; his creations cater for the fashion savvy woman, who is more than capable of spending a few minutes shivering in order to rock a red carpet. Although a designer's continued relevance is dependent on their ability to evolve and grow, Alex Perry is relentless in his belief that tailoring to an audience should not come at the cost of the integrity of his signature aesthetic. “I used to try and predict certain things (for certain areas and demographics), but it never really worked,” he acknowledges. “So now I just do the collection that I like and then we offer it globally. You've got to stay true to what your aesthetic is as a designer and then people will either respond to it, or they won't.”

The influx of easily accessible, fast-fashion outlets emerging all over the globe is making it increasingly important for Australian designers like Perry to find a way to entice shoppers to spend on quality, designer clothes. Yet, instead of overextending himself and endeavouring to open ateliers all over the globe, like many fallen stars (or perhaps supernovas) before him, he has chosen to play it safe and place his precious pieces in the capable hands of trusted wholesalers, such as Myer. “For me the most frightening thing that literally makes me want to run out of the room screaming is just sourcing staff,” he admits. “We've got the most amazing store manager (here in Sydney), but if I had to replicate her in other states... seriously I want to stick a fork in my head.” His playful attitude successfully masks the darker reality facing our designers. It outlines the complex balancing act that they all must undertake in order to remain in demand, without putting their entire livelihood and life's work in jeopardy.

FASHION IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING, AS RAPIDLY AS THE TUMULTUOUS WEATHER OF THE SEASONS IT REPRESENTS. A designer must master the art of balance in order to navigate the slippery slope of design and marketability and avoid fading into oblivion. Alex Perry continues to do so. For over 20 years, he has served as a beacon of style for our nation, dressing some of the world's most beautiful and successful women who grace both glossy magazine covers and haute couture catwalks all over the globe – and he's not slowing down any time soon. From reality TV, to homewears and hotels, Alex is a man on a mission. He continues to revitalise not only his iconic designs, but his individual image like no one else. But don't despair, we have a feeling those sunglasses are here to stay.



MODERN AGE The moody, industrial aesthetics of the Max Mara AW16 runway set the vibe for the modern, androgynous collection. The collection, inspired by the women who have revolutionised the stereotypical views of females throughout history, aimed to showcase that women can be smart whilst being impeccably stylish.



Backstage, the collection’s colour palette of dominating neutral tones and muted rainbows were evident.

The collection played with contrasting textures to modernise the looks, with metallics, luxe woollen fabrics, leathers and fluffy furs being teamed together in numerous pieces.

Accessories were reserved for retro cat-eye sunglasses; oversized, buggy specs; leather gloves in numerous colours, and bright tote bags.

Tailored coats were paired with streamlined trousers and pencil skirts to create a sophisticated, androgynous look.

Hair was kept stylishly unkempt and tousled. Three colourful bobby pins were used to hold back hair at the side of the face.

Proportions were also played on, with oversized, ankle grazing jackets being teamed with micro shorts.

Stripes were the key pattern within the collection, being featured on fur jumpers, skirts, jacket linings and on pocket details. For beauty, the skin was kept simple and fresh. The lips were the main focus, being painted in opulent shades of glossy berry's and ruby reds.



BOSS Australia is rich with incredible talent within both the fashion and lifestyle industries. We caught up with Australia's most influential women within the design, styling and blogging world to talk personal style, this season's wardrobe staples and upcoming projects.



THESSY KOUZOUKAS & YIOTA KARALOUKA, SABO SKIRT CONGRATULATIONS ON THE LAUNCH OF SABO LUXE! WHERE DO YOU FIND YOUR STYLE INSPIRATIONS WHEN DESIGNING? We find inspiration literally everywhere – we spend a lot of time on social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms provide so much inspiring content and help us form the basis of the many mood boards we have in our office. We also draw inspiration from things like our overseas travels and cultures. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE BRISBANE'S SENSE OF STYLE? Brisbane's style has really evolved over the last few years. Women in Brisbane love to express their individuality through their own personal style. There's definitely a 'street' feel to Brisbane and loud signature pieces tend to shine through. We think the global traveller trend will be a big one for Brisbane ladies this season.

WHAT WARDROBE STAPLES SHOULD EVERY WOMAN OWN? We love neutrals! We believe that every woman should have a collection of classic wardrobe essentials that never go out of style. Strong minimal pieces are timeless and can be brought back season after season. Even with a trend like the global traveller that's anything but minimalistic, these pieces can make the perfect starting point to a great outfit. YOU'RE SHOWCASING AT NEW YORK FASHION WEEK FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS SEPTEMBER. CAN YOU GIVE US ANY HINTS INTO WHAT TRENDS SABO SKIRT WILL BE HIGHLIGHTING? We'll be showcasing a collection of feminine basics with unique elements inspired by the 70's which will take the Sabo Luxe range to the next level for fashion lovers.

YOU'RE INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED BLOGGERS. HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHAT STYLISH PIECES TO FEATURE ON THEY ALL HATE US? Tash: Our whole 'They all hate us' premise and love of fashion is about wearing high and low end pieces all in one outfit. We always share with our readers tips on how they can get the look at an affordable price. It's so anyone can be fashionable and look amazing on any budget. Then invest in key pieces like handbags and shoes to really amp up your look. Elle: Tash and I spend a lot of time forecasting trends and working out what essentials our customers need in their wardrobe, which usually results in pieces we personally love in our own wardrobes. That's what makes our shop so personal and curated because it's what we love! YOU'VE RECENTLY TEAMED UP WITH BRAUN TO HIGHLIGHT THE IMPORTANCE OF A WOMAN'S BEAUTY ROUTINE TO MAKE SURE THEY'RE READY FOR ANY OUTFIT. WHAT ARE YOUR WINTER BEAUTY STAPLES? Tash: In Australia we are really lucky in that we can still bare our legs in winter as it doesn't get cold all season, meaning endless wardrobe options. This is why the Braun Silk-Epil 9 is essential to a winter Beauty bag, it keeps the hairs at bay for longer and you can use it in the shower! Also a spray tan helps you look healthy when it's chilly. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE BRISBANE'S SENSE OF STYLE?


Elle: I love that everyone is always golden with a little salt in their hair. I think the sense of style is effortless and a little laid back; they love to play with new trends with their own spin on it. WHAT WARDROBE STAPLES SHOULD EVERY WOMAN OWN? Tash: Perfectly fitting denim jeans, basics, a couple of amazing handbags (a clutch and a larger day bag) and a variety of fun shoes.



The concept started in 2014 and from there I documented my reviews and notes on where to go on Sundays in Paris on my website and Instagram. The idea for the book came about because I wanted to deliver my content in a more tangible way, other than my Instagram as sometimes when travelling you don't always have the luxury of Wi-Fi, and Instagram proves to have limited advice. The guide has a very casual feel and has really been designed as a 'friends guide to Paris' so to speak.

To crack into the bubble I think you need to have a good brand, interesting content and most of all be consistent. Also, leverage your community. There are thousands of talent and likeminded people out there – use social media to reach out to your community and collaborate with those around you.

WHAT WARDROBE STAPLES SHOULD EVERY WOMAN OWN WHILE TRAVELLING? Style and comfort always battle it out when travelling – it's a no brainer but comfortable shoes (I'm always running to the gate late!) and a t-shirt go a long way.

WHAT IS A MUST-DO WHEN IN PARIS? The best thing about Paris is how beautiful it is in every sense, from the classic parts to more unique neighbourhoods – the contrast is beautiful. So I think a must do is to take in the views. I'm also a big advocate for getting lost – make time to wander aimlessly. Paris doesn't like plans – you'll see the most authentic parts of the city and meet interesting people when you venture off the beaten track.


WHAT HAS BEEN ONE OF YOUR MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES WORKING AS A FASHION STYLIST? Every day creates a world of experiences, meeting different people and working on different projects. But the most memorable and exciting experience would be working as part of the Styling Team for MBFF Sydney. The adrenaline, panic, excitement, wonderful people and, of course, seeing the end product on the runway made it so incredible. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE BRISBANE'S SENSE OF STYLE? Brisbane's sense of style is confident. Our climate supports colour and print mixing trends with ease. We have a passion for local talent and consequently feature them heavily in our outfits, whether it's an incredible earring, a beautiful headwear piece for the races, a wedding gown or incredible everyday wear. We celebrate everyone's individuality. WHAT WARDROBE STAPLES SHOULD EVERY WOMAN OWN? The essential pieces, especially for the Brisbane winter, would include great jeans, a sandal, great pair of heels and ankle boot. An everyday bag in your perfect base colour, a selection of tops for dressing up and down those jeans and something that makes you feel incredible! One piece of knitwear such as a wrap, or an oversized sweater or cardigan will help transform you favourite summer pieces into winter.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE WHO'S TRYING TO DISCOVER THEIR PERSONAL STYLE? The most important thing is understanding who you are, what you like and what outfits you always feel amazing in. Perhaps make a list of likes, dislikes and how you want your wardrobe to be. When I work with a client for the first time I take them through this process, and encourage them to collect pictures of anything they love as it will help us see a theme and get a better sense of who they are.


is a way

to say

who you are

without having to

. speak. – Rachel Zoe




When it comes to capturing impeccable street style, there is no one better than Brisbane based photographer, Wayde Creative. Dress your best and you might see yourself in these pages! The faux fur trend has exploded onto the fashion scene and we must admit we love it. Its versatility means it can be worn as a solid statement piece or creates texture to accessories for added interest.

Frilled blouses add a touch of femininity to any outfit and is a major trend for this season.

Tonal dressing has been a popular trend spotted across fashion week's street style. Play with textures and accessories of the same shade for a streamlined aesthetic.

CREDITS Wayde Creative Instagram: @waydecreative Creative Consultancy | Styling | Photography


glitters in gold


They say all that glitters isn't gold, yet this trend is a definite pick to bring a touch of shimmer to your winter wardrobe. Mix and match your metallic pieces for an ontrend impact, or incorporate pops of metallic to your outfits, through silver flats or a copper skirt, to build up your confidence in metallic dressing.

BLOGGER AND AUTHOR, YASMIN ZEINAB'S, TIPS ON ROCKING THE METALLIC TREND THIS WINTER: “Metallics can be used to really make a statement within your outfit. Metallic accessories like a pair of shoes or a bag, such as the Chloe Drew bag in gold metallic, are a good way to integrate the trend into your wardrobe in a subtle way.”

AVANT TOI Metallic Sweater, $607.15

GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN Metal Toe Cap Slippers, $635.75

S E s

SELEOS Bracelet Rome Antique, $185

DROME Metallic Mini Skirt , $693.50

DROME Perforated Metallic Belted Coat, $3,806.90

SELEOS Earrings Hindie, $165 GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN Signature Clutch, $543.25 WINDSOR SMITH Vinyl Black, $299.95



The New


UNIFORM This beatnik trend is set to be a major aesthetic this season. Featuring a mostly monochromatic palette, this trend relies on contrasting textures to create interest within the overall look. Play with varying hemline lengths, hints of metallics, subtle prints and statement heels to add a feminine twist to the mostly androgynous trend.

4.INCOTEX Slim Fit Trousers, $423.80

WITCHERY Sofia Piping Shirt, $179.95

WITCHERY Gigi Trench, $199.95

GIVENCHY Geometric Print Clutch, $580


BLOGGERS, TASH SEFTON AND ELLE FERGUSON'S, TIPS ON ROCKING THE BEATNIK TREND THIS WINTER: “For us it's all about tying these pieces back with denim. Whether it’s denim shorts, jeans, jackets or skirts the trend works best for us with denim...It makes it look like you're not trying too hard. Also, always wear these pieces with a sexy heel so you still look feminine.” MAJE Jacket, $720 Stockist: 02 9327 3377

DSQUARED2 Piercing Detail Belt, $350.30 NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD 'Beya' Slippers, $625.80

WITCHERY Katie Knit Basic, $119.95

CASADEI Signature 'Blade' Pumps, $706.40


A Global



SELEOS Ring Lioba, $75

Perfect for the winter festival season, this global traveller trend recoils from the Cuban theme of SS15. This trend is all about the fusion of rustic pieces with an ethnic twist. Think off the shoulder styles, embellishments and ruffles perfect for the tango. This trend works flawlessly with bold pattern clashing, or paired with neutral tones for a relaxed vibe.


Vi Knit Dre www.farf

SELEOS Necklace Hindie, $319


CAMILLA Torero Crop Jacket With Removable Collar, $599 VERSUS Lion Stud Clutch, $491.15

MOLLINI Frido Black, $299.95


JIL SANDER Ruffled Collar Blouse, $1,538

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN ictorian Lace ess, $5191.65

ETRO Floral Print Maxi Dress, $4,494.39

GIANVITO ROSSI 'Pina' Pumps, $918.40

DESIGNER, THESSY KOUZOUKAS AND YIOTA KARALOUKA'S, TIPS ON ROCKING THE GLOBAL TRAVELLER TREND THIS WINTER: “We love the global traveller trend, especially stand out pieces with bold prints, fringing and colourful embroidery. Our tip for styling bold traveller pieces is to pair them back with neutral pieces in tan, black, white and grey hues. This will really compliment the more detailed traveller pieces without taking away any attention from their unique elements.”




ASOS Ruffle Top, $60


This neo Victorian trend has been making major waves across the runways of late, and has especially been launched into the spotlight after Beyonce's Lemonade visual album, which is rich with modest lace blouses and full skirts reminiscent of an older time. For this trend think high collars, bows and layers of sheer lace for a modern twist. This diverse look will be seen worn in all whites and soft pinks for a feminine look, or in opulent shades for a grungy twist. GIVENCHY Victorian Chandelier Earrings, $1150.0

GIVENCHY Slingback Brogue Pumps, $1552

WITCHERY Asymmetric Skirt, $149.95 MINIMALIST JEWELLERY Double Ballin' Bangle, $40

STYLIST, SARA HATTENMASTERSON, TIPS ON ROCKING THE NEO VICTORIAN TREND THIS WINTER: “The easiest way to wear this trend is to work lace back into your existing wardrobe. Team a lace skirt with a sweater, or a lace dress can be worn to the races or a friend's wedding. Opt for a lace blouse or top to be worn over a bra for evenings and why not team with leather for a tougher feel."

ERMANNO SCERVINO Pleated Bib Lace Dress,

WITCHERY Long Sleeve Lace Dress, $199.95

YIGAL AZROUEL Hibiscus Lace Moto Jacket, $3065.12

ASOS Ruffle Blouse, $65

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN 'De Manta' Floral Clutch, $679.80


Fashion is about

something that comes from



– Ralph Lauren



SHOPPING DESTINATION If there's one thing we love, it's finding amazing fashion and beauty pieces at steal prices! If you're looking for a supreme shopping experience where you can purchase the ultimate wardrobe updates at unbelievable prices, you can't go past the Gold Coasts' Harbour Town Shopping Centre.

Crowned Australia's largest outlet shopping destination, Harbour Town's recent $20 million expansion has introduced 25 premium, big name brands to the precinct, including Tigerlily, Bardot, Peter Jackson, and for all those with a sweet tooth, Lindt! With 220 stores expanding over 53,500 square metres, Harbour Town Shopping Centre boasts some of Australia's first retail stores, including international sports brand Jet Pilot and Under Armour, who's renowned for their celebrity ambassadors, such as Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Alongside these exciting additions, Harbour Town is also home to exclusive designer outlets that offer 30 to 70 percent off retail prices. These include Coach, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Victoria's Secret.

The Centre Manager of Harbour Town, Gary Webb, has stated that the precinct's prices are a stong point of difference for the shopping destination.

“As the Gold Coast's only Outlet centre, we can provide locals, as well as domestic and international visitors, a unique shopping experience that they will find nowhere else in the city. Our competitive edge is our ability to offer shoppers unprecedented access to major brands at competitive outlet prices – something that no other Gold Coast centre can offer,” said Mr. Webb. What's more, Harbour Town is set to introduce even more outlet stores and alfresco-style restaurants and cafes in the coming future. So what are you waiting for? Head to Harbour Town today!




Strong contours are losing their dominance this winter, with glowing, velvety skin set to be the perfect, complimentary base for all of the season's top beauty trends.


M.A.C Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Pressed Powder, $42

BURBERRY BEAUTY Sheer Foundation Luminous Fluid Foundation, $75


e MAKEUP ARTIST, KYLIE O'TOOLE'S ADVICE ON ROCKING COLOURFUL SHADOWS “Contouring can be amazingly aging and can give the face a hollow sad look; it's wonderful to see it take a backseat this season. Layer a beautiful tinted sunscreen such as La Roche-Posay tinted melt in cream with a creamy foundation such as RMS beauty "un" uncover-up foundation. Add a cream blush before setting with a powder such as RMS beauty "un"powder. This formula is amazing, it helps the cream foundation stay put while still feeling velvety and looking luminous.”



From glowing, velvety skin to bright, colourful lids, there are a number of beauty trends to experiment with this winter. We caught up with two of Australia's premium makeup artists to find out what their winter savours are, their best kept beauty tips and tricks, and their advice on how to break into the beauty industry.

KYLIE O'TOOLE has worked on some of Hollywood's most renowned films, including Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby. O’Toole is now the Makeup Artist behind David Jones and Myer's most successful editorial and advertising campaigns.

YOU'VE WORKED ON MAJOR FILM SETS, AND WITH HUGE BRANDS. WHAT HAS BEEN ONE OF YOUR MOST SURREAL EXPERIENCES WORKING WITHIN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY? I've had so many surreal experiences in my career, such as the day Isabella Rosselini used my phone to call Kevyn Aucoin and talked about my husband. I was working on a film with her and my husband (Photographer Andrew O'Toole) was shooting with Kevyn. The places I've hidden during wide shots on films so I can be close to actors for final checks; in a bush most of the night standing by for a naked Kate Winslet, laying on the floor of a car with Harvey Keitel , hiding in a tug boat engine room with Glen Close and Harry Connick Junior. Being small I always got the job of scrunching up into a ball or laying behind something, it would always amuse actors and crew especially during sex scenes. (Working on the Great Gatsby) was fun but also nerve racking. On Gatsby I was the lucky girl who got to wet the extras standing next to Leo DiCaprio before every take. It was his first day on set and there were hundreds of extras. I was so nervous my water spray bottle may malfunction and wet him instead. The list goes on....

WHAT ARE THE TOP BEAUTY TRENDS FOR WINTER? This winter there are three statement looks, the first are strong thick brows. For this look swap your tweezers and pencils for brush on gels. The second is dark red lips in Bordeaux and plum. The third is using gel eyeliners to create fun geometric shapes around eyes and playing with the traditional feline flick. Choose one of these looks and team it with a seamless dewy nude face.

ARE EYES OR LIPS THE MAIN FOCUS OF THE SEASON? I would say lips are the focus this season. We tend to wear darker clothes in winter so it's a good chance to go for some dark dramatic shades. I love Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution, the colours and textures are divine.

CREDITS Photography: Andrew O'Toole Hair: Joey Scandizzo & Damien Rinald Makeup: Kylie O'Toole

WHAT IS ONE BEAUTY SECRET THAT EVERY WOMAN NEEDS TO KNOW FOR AN ON-TREND FINISH? It's all in the prep! Good skin means flawless makeup. Have regular facials, wear sunscreen, drink lots of water and exercise (sweating is great for your skin)! My favourite cosmeceuticals are Rationale Skincare and Eu Thermale Avene. Exfoliating lips is a must especially if you are a lipstick wearer. There are many lip scrubs available or bicarbonate soda works a treat.

WHAT BEAUTY PRODUCT DEFINES AUSTRALIA? Tinted sunscreen and salt spray! My favourite salt spray is Eleven Australia's Sea Salt Texture Spray, it's really light and gives your hair wonderful body and texture.

WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS FOR MAKING IT IN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY? The beauty industry is no different to any other industry. Be kind and humble. First step is to assist; keep your opinions to yourself unless asked. Work hard and don't complain. Don't look at your phone. When there's nothing to do, make cups of tea! Personally I don't care how talented you are, if you are arrogant and don't have respect for others you won't go far. I'm old school.

A LOT OF YOUR EDITORIALS ARE CHARACTERISED BY BOLD, RED LIPS. WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS FOR ROCKING A BRIGHT LIP? To rock a red lip you need to find the right shade and texture for you. Head to Mecca Cosmetica and let one of the well trained staff help you. Try on every shade, even the unlikely candidates. Take selfies (can't believe I'm suggesting that!), and then go have a cup of tea and look at your selfies and reflect on which shade looks the best.

WHAT ARE THREE BEAUTY PRODUCTS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THIS WINTER? Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, Model Co LashXtend mascara and Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper.

CREDITS Photographer: Freya Bland Model: Ellie Kelaart Hair: Geoffrey Herberg Stylist: Georgia Rostagno Makeup: Mia Connor

WHAT ARE THE TOP BEAUTY TRENDS FOR WINTER? Dewy skin is staying put, especially in winter when we need more hydration! Highlighting and strobing isn't going anywhere in a hurry which I love! Strong lips is the second trend, but only if the lips are full enough to carry this off, if not, make your eyes the feature.

ARE EYES OR LIPS THE MAIN FOCUS OF THE SEASON? Every winter I feel that the lips get a good run for their money. We're moving into the moodier hues, such as dark wine tones and brown based nudes, such as Whirl lipstick by Mac Cosmetics.

WHAT IS ONE BEAUTY SECRET THAT EVERY WOMAN NEEDS TO KNOW FOR A FLAWLESS FINISH? Everything in moderation, take loose inspiration from fashion trends and put your own spin on things to ensure it's a suitable look tailored to your face.


MIA CONNOR is a Gold Coast based Makeup Artist who was crowned the 2015 Makeup Artist of the Year for The Australian Beauty Industry Awards. Mia Connor now travels around Australia teaching her exquisite makeup skills in her premium Masterclasses.

Social media is where it's at! Always have up to date content to consistently post. It's quality over quantity. Also, it's a never ending learning path, education is vital, things change, so keep up to date!

YOUR LOOKS ARE RENOWNED FOR ITS SIGNATURE GLOWING SKIN. WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS FOR RADIANT SKIN THIS WINTER? Invest in a good skin care range. I use Dermalogica and it's fantastic. We need to keep extra hydrated and exfoliate to remove any excess dead cells. Ultimately, your base is only going to look as good as the skin it's sitting on.

WHAT ARE THREE BEAUTY PRODUCTS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT? YOU TRAVEL AROUND AUSTRALIA TEACHING YOUR 'SMOKE BOMB EYES' AND 'BEAUTIFUL BRIDES' MASTER CLASSES. WHAT IS ONE BEAUTY TIP FOR THE PERFECT WINGED LINER? Firstly, allow plenty of time! If time is an issue pick another look! Secondly, I prefer to use a gel liner and angle brush combo. I find gel liner is a little bit more user friendly than a liquid liner, and a nice firm flat angle brush will map the liner out for you.

Becca Cosmetics highlighting powders, Poni Cosmetics Brow Magic and Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara.


PEEPER’ It's not the typical trend you'd expect for winter, yet bright, bold shadows are set to take centre stage this season. Bold, bright eyes are the perfect transitional trend between seasons. Opt for shades that are complimentary to your skin tone and eye colour to ensure they pop!


YVES SAINT LAURENT Couture Palette, $103

M.A.C Eyes on M.A.C Collection: Purple Times Nine, $65 CLINIQUE All About Shadow Primer for Eyes, $33


MAKEUP ARTIST, MIA CONNOR'S ADVICE ON ROCKING COLOURFUL SHADOWS “Only choose colours that are complimentary to your colourings, just because they are trending doesn't mean everyone will suit them. Skin tone will heavily control whether a colour will pop, and they tend to be more defined on tanned skin.” BACKSTAGE AT JENNIFER KATE SS15



From texturised fringes, braids and voluminous waves; there's an abundance of hair trends to experiment with this season! We caught up with two of Brisbane's top hairstylists to talk the latest winter hair trends, and the secret to an effortlessly chic hairstyle.



Amy Gaudie is the Director of the multi award winning hair salon, Urban Chic, located in the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove. WHAT ARE THE KEY HAIR TRENDS FOR WINTER? I always find winter an interesting transition from season to season, living in Brisbane we're blessed with fabulous weather all year round. However, this time of year is great as the humidity is low, so I always encourage our clients to play with fringes a little more. This year we're coming away from the box fringe and towards a more textured fuller fringe. We're really warming our blondes up for winter incorporating rose gold, burnt toffee and biscuit beige tones throughout, while classic chocolate brown is always a favourite this time of year. Our balayage clients are transitioning into softer colours for winter. IF BRISBANE WAS A HAIRSTYLE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? It would be effortlessly styled with a second day texture. I'm thinking blunt collar length bob with soft waves of texture and a seamless glossy colour for a polished city finish. WHAT IS ONE HAIR CARE TIP EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW? Moisturise! The better hydrated your hair, the healthier and shiner it will look and the easier it is to manage.

BRAIDS ARE SET TO BE A KEY TREND THIS WINTER, WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS FOR THE EVERYDAY WOMAN TO EASILY RECREATE THE LOOK? Braids don't come easy to everybody, but thanks to YouTube and Pinterest there are countless tutorials on the basic braids to the more complex. Practice makes perfect with this one so keep trying. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR AN INSTANT HAIR PICK ME UP? Dry shampoo and an Invisibobble! Dry shampoo will disguise a multitude of sins leaving you feeling redone and refreshed, while the Invisibobble is a must have hand bag accessory great for a midday pick me up when your hair is feeling a little flat. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR MAKING IT IN THE HAIR INDUSTRY? Determination in business, passion for hair and hard work is the building block for embracing this ever changing industry. WHAT IS YOUR HERO PRODUCT OF THE SEASON? I love the new EIMI sugar lift by Wella, it's designed to give body, texture and amazing shine. I love it because you can use it on long or short hair for wet and dry styling. WHAT IS THE SECRET TO AN EFFORTLESSLY CHIC HAIRSTYLE? A visit to us at Urban Chic, 487 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove, Brisbane, QLD 4060.



Brodie-lee Stubbins, the winner of the 2016 AHIA Rising Star Female Award, is the Director of West End based hair studio, Rokstar Salon.

WHAT ARE THE KEY HAIR TRENDS FOR WINTER? Sexy voluptuous curls, bronde (a mixture of blonde and brown tones) and warm bronze colours. IF BRISBANE WERE A HAIRSTYLE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Long and tousled blonde waves. WHAT IS ONE HAIR CARE TIP EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW? Listen to your hairdresser and use recommended salon only products. SEXY, VOLUMINOUS CURLS SEEM TO BE A KEY HAIR TREND THIS WINTER. WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS FOR EVERYDAY WOMAN TO EASILY RECREATE THIS LOOK? Invest in a Cloud Nine Waving Wand. Take inch wide sections and only curl the mid lengths for more volume. Spritz with a shine mist after for the ultimate glamour look. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR AN INSTANT HAIR PICK-ME-UP? Magic products and an in salon ritual. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR MAKING IT IN THE HAIR INDUSTRY? Work hard, never give up, take criticism and learn from it. Grow from every good and bad experience and put your hand up for everything! WHAT IS THE HERO PRODUCT OF THE SEASON? Sebastian Euruptek is a paste compounding the heat and energy of a volcano. It detonates when it comes in contact with the hair producing expansive volume and extreme clouds of texture. WHAT IS THE SECRET TO AN EFFORTLESSLY CHIC HAIRSTYLE? Healthy hair and taking the time to style it, really pays off.

o to Inspired by glamorous racing images from the late 1950's and 1960's, Off To The Races fuses the elegance and grace that winter racing is renowned for. Shot at the enchanting Beaudesert Racing Club, textural play and cleaver layering is evident throughout the shoot. Lavish touches of opulent accessories and luxe faux fur shrugs, leather gloves and eye-catching millinery complete the decorous looks. For makeup, a bold plum lip takes the focus, being paired with a classic Hollywood eye and chic, sleek ponytail for a timeless, elegant aesthetic.

the races CREDITS Hair and Makeup Artist: Chelsea Brown, Stylist: Kirsty Ashe, Photographer: Nikola Gerstner, Model: BrookeMadsen from Vivien's Models

Romance Was Born Dress from Style Palace Pink Lane Hats, Headpiece Adorne, Earrings Stylist Own Shrug

Romance Was Born Dress From Style Palace Pink Lane Hats, Headpiece Adorne, Earrings Adorne, Clutch Voodoo, Hosiery Famous Footwear, Heels Stylist Own Shrug

Stevie May Luecet Dress from Style Palace Pink Lane Hats, Victoria Leather Crown Adorne, Pointed Jewel Collared Necklace Adorne, Earrings Voodoo, Hosiery Famous Footwear, Heels

Romance Was Born Dress from Style Palace Lack of Colour, Fedora Adorne, Mixed Tear Drop Earring Veronika Maine, Wrap Belt Atelier Confidentiel, Victoire Clutch Famous Footwear, Heels Voodoo, Hosiery Stylist own gloves

Romance Was Born, Dress Lack Of Colour, Hat Adorne, Pointed Jewel Earring Adorne, Ring

Maurie and Eve Jumpsuit from Style Palace Pink Lane Hats, Xanthe Leather Headpiece Adorne, Velvet Chain Necklace

Romance Was Born Dress from Style Palace Lack of Colour, Fedora Adorne, Mixed Tear Drop Earring Veronika Maine, Wrap Belt Atelier Confidentiel, Victoire Clutch Famous Footwear, Heels Voodoo, Hosiery Stylist own gloves

Inspired by ethnicities from around the world, this editorial is a contemporary fashion fusion of Africa, India and Native America. These cultures are appropriated through textural hair with strong lines, plaits, braiding and crimping, as well as makeup techniques including dotting, colour blocking and lines.

Layering, textural play and deluxe embellishment is a dominate feature within the editorial, with pieces being provided from many local Brisbane designers including; Tengdahl, Nancy King, Paula Dunlop, Casey Tanswell, White Label Noba, Stone & Metal and also Australian jewellery label Punjaban Diva Jewellery.


CASEY TANSWELL Laser Cut Leather Bustier And Skirt, POA NANCY KING Fur Coat, $779 PAULA DUNLOP Prickle Neckpiece $519 and Prickle Cuff $349

STONE & METAL Hera Sterling Silver Tribal Earrings, $235 PUNJABAN DIVA Anmol cocktail ring, $115 Scarf worn as dress, vintage scarf, stylist's own.

CASEY TANSWELL Stamped Velvet Strapless Side Cut Dress, $899 PUNJABAN DIVA Nose Ring, $57 All other jewellery, stylist's own sourced from India

NANCY KING Emu Feather Stole, $279 Emu Feather Silk Top, $289 STONE & METAL Hera Gold Plated Sterling Silver Aphrodite Earrings, $190

Right arm: PUNJABAN DIVA Sheetal Cuff, $40 Ring, $50 STONE & METAL Hera Gold Bangle, $165 www.

Left Arm: TREE OF LIFE Cuff (Top Arm), $29.95 each STONE & METAL Hera Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Cuff, $715

TENGDAHL Lace Dress Suede Leather Vest PAULA DUNLOP Prickle short Necklace, $299 Prickle Long Necklace, $349 Prickle Bangle, $209 Tuft Belt Lariat, $589

PUNJABAN DIVA Melanie Ear Cuff, $120 Earrings And Nose Ring, $50 Indian sari, stylist's own

TENGDAHL Silk Maxi Dress And Slip Dress PAULA DUNLOP Two Ring Necklace, $399 Earrings Headpiece created by hair stylist Shannon Williams

CREDITS Models: Jad and Esha from Dallys Model Management, @DallysModels Photographer: Daniel Sangermani, @danielsangermaniphoto Stylist: Kymberly Louise, @kymberlylouise Hair Stylist: Shannon James Julian Williams, @shannonjjwilliams Makeup Artist: Sheri Vegas, @sherivegas_mua

Jad Wears: CASEY TANSWELL Stamped Velvet Strapless Side Cut Dress, $899 PUNJABAN DIVA Nose Ring, $57 All other jewellery, stylist's own sourced from India

Esha Wears: WHITE LABEL NOBA Sequin Maxi Dress PUNJABAN DIVA Mithali Earrings, $150 Nose Ring, $55 Ring, $65 Bangles, from $10



Crude in a natural or raw state. My inspiration for this collection was based upon the Alexander McQueen and Maison Margiela SS16 Haute Couture. I combined hairstyle elements from the 70s with current hair trends to create an overall look that is unrefined and edgy in its finished state. The hair styles are large and electrified with a mixture of natural hair and high shine materials.

Makeup is understated and raw, with natural skin highlighted then paired with bold eyes and lips using earthy tones. The styling complemented the image using a simple black and white colour palette and adding dimension through textured fabrics.


E ANDROGYNOUS Typically exhibiting both male and female traits, this androgynous punk Mohawk-inspired look was initially created by the younger generation of the 70s. Multiple 3D fishtail braids intertwine over the head to create the Mohawk shape. Naturally occurring flyaways have been left out to create a spiky effect.

PURDEY Purdey is a shaggy version of the pageboy haircut. Traditionally worn by a young male servant or 'page boy' in medieval times, this particular style was made popular in the 70s by Joanna Lumley who starred in 'The New Avengers'. This look is characterised by being short on top combined with longer lengths at the back and layers throughout with hair over ears and a shorter fringe. The earrings in this look are also made out of hair.

UNKEMPT Dishevelled and messy, this look was inspired by Indira Schauwecker's look for the 2016 Toni and Guy Avant Garde collection. I was also further inspired by the highlighting technique and trend of the 70s in which a third of the female population were having their hair coloured. Think Farrah Fawcett centre part and volume combined with punk. I cut a square layer throughout the whole hair. Taking a 'U' shape at the front, foils were secured into the shape. Foils were then scattered throughout the hair in a slight pattern and kept in the hair. I then used a razor to personalise the end result.

INSTINCT Instinct is described as a natural tendency to behave in a particular way, and the afro is a fabulous representation of this. Worn as a black pride statement in in the 60s, the afro continued into the 70s where it was worn as a fashion and political statement by both men and women of all ethnicities. Taking 1cm sections over the whole scalp, each section was wrapped in a figure eight around a pipe cleaner. Hair was wet down with hot water and left to dry then combed out and shaped.

BLADE Reflecting a flat, cutting edge of a sword and inspired by Maison Margiela SS16 collection, this look combines Japanese geisha styling with a hint of punk. To create the hair was smoothed out. Then I sectioned out 2 inches of the perimeter of the hair, then using remainder of hair, created a pony tail which was threaded through a foam wheel wrapped in hair to give a hat-like appearance. Sectioned out hair was smoothed over the wheel and secured onto the ponytail.

INFINITY Infinity is a never-ending loop; and is a definition that I was inspired to recreate through the medium of hair. I was particularly inspired by Jake Unger's look for 2015 London Hairdresser of the Year. My interpretation of infinity is a modern take on the afro using different textures and materials. Taking 2cm sections and using 1m long hair to wrap in figure eight pattern around large steel, personally made U-pins.

CREDITS Hair & Colour: Laura Ciccone Photographer: Karla Majnaric Makeup Artist: Sam Vlassis Stylist: Zena Najjar Salon: Kinky Curly Straight


EB&IVE Mezza Lamp, $229.95

FREEDOM Foliage Tulips In Tub Vase in White, $149

Styling your home to make it comfortable, chic, and balanced to your lifestyle can be one of the most exciting experiences when decorating your home. We caught up with the interior designer from Kalka, Kim Bridle, about this season’s interior trends and how to make your home effortlessly cosy.


WHAT INTERIOR TRENDS ARE IN THIS SEASON? Moody, bold hues in deep greens and blues teamed with metal accessories in copper and brass. Textural play is another influence. There'll be lots of heavy knit textiles, velvet and block colour fabrics with quilted stitch details. WHAT ARE THREE SIMPLE TIPS TO MAKE ANY ROOM EFFORTLESSLY COSY, YET STYLISH THIS WINTER? Firstly, add texture. Invest in a good quality chunky knit throw, and replace your cushions with some textured or knitted designs. Also position floor rugs around the home and don't be scared to layer them. Secondly, suitable lighting will make any location effortlessly cosy. Add table and floor lamps to your home as they bring lighting down to eye level and give big rooms a sense of scale. Switching cool toned light bulbs with warm ones, as well as burning candles around the home, will create a cosy ambiance as well. Lastly, a well-positioned indoor plant will bring life to any room all year round.

KIM BRIDLE'S ADVICE ON WHY THIS SPACE WORKS PERFECTLY “A complementary palette of colours drawn from hero artwork balances out the warmth of the timber flooring. Consistent styling and a selection of furniture drawing from Scandinavian inspiration is definitely in right now.”


ART CLUB CONCEPT Explore Contemporary Wall Art, $89.95 WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE WHO IS STILL DISCOVERING THEIR OWN AESTHETIC? Surround yourself with inspiration and take the time to develop your style over time. There is so much free inspiration at your fingertips through social media and the online community. Create a physical mood board for your magazine clippings, paint samples, fabrics, and set up an account on Pinterest to collate online images that appeal to you. Over time you will see common themes and will have a better understanding of your likes and dislikes to give you confidence in your style choices.

BLACKLIST Little Black Book Notebook, $24.95

TÄNDA MODERN Black Oil Reed Diffuser, 34.95 WEST ELM Ombre Velvet Pillow Cover in Gold, $59

WEST ELM Marble Topped Pedestal Side Table, $599

ART CLUB CONCEPT Endless Road Decorative Cushion, $69.95

WEST ELM Mongolian Lamb Cushion Cover in Platinum, $199

The most

beautiful makeup for a woman is

passion. –Yves St Laurent



Bec & Bridge Resort 17 Photo by Caroline McCredie/Getty Images




hrough social media, consumers are now able to be included in the fantasy that is fashion week, a world that most could only dream about being a part of. If only the products could be purchased right after they're seen on the runway...


Sydney public relations queen Roxy Jacenko, owner of Sweaty Betty PR, deals day in and day out with fashion brands, influencers, products and of course, social media, and she believes that the last factor has changed the once exclusivity of the fashion industry.

“Like it or not, the fashion industry is becoming more democratic and open,” said Jacenko. “While fashion week used to be a strictly insider event, more and more it's becoming about real-time exposure, bloggers and your everyday customer. Social media has revolutionised the fashion industry in a way we couldn't have imagined ten years ago... and it literally has the power to make or break a brand”. However, because it is so instantaneous, consumers are getting frustrated at the illogical and outdated gap between the fashion shows and when the clothes are available for purchase. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) founder, Simon Lock, has noticed this and is calling for the event to be shifted to August so the collections fall in line with the arrival of the spring/summer pieces available in store in September. This would shrink the gap from runway to retail from six months to one month. “MBFWA should be the first fashion week in the world to make the complete change from a wholesale based event to a retail available consumer event,” said Lock in an interview with Ragtrader. “It was only a matter of time before designers realised this was a huge wasted commercial opportunity”. Earlier this year, fashion power houses Burberry and Tom Ford announced their plans to remove themselves from the conventional fashion calendar and instead present their fall 16 collections in September rather than February. Therefore, almost immediately after the shows, the clothes will be in stores worldwide for consumers to purchase.

Mercedes Fashion Week Australia 16 Street Style

The real question is how will this change from a fashion to a consumer calendar affect the designers directly and the ways they operate as businesses? Lizzie Renkert, designer of successful Australian brand, We Are Kindred doesn't agree with this move and thinks it will be too difficult for brands to stay afloat. “From a logistics perspective you've got your standalone stores and you have internet stores. This (the consumer calendar) wouldn't work for wholesale. Big name brands such as Burberry can make it work for them because they have complete control. They aren't selling to anybody else so they can just put their collections into work and have them ready to buy”. Renkert says for smaller brands like theirs, they have their own online businesses but they also have a huge business in wholesale which many companies rely heavily on. Therefore, the possibility of shifting to a consumer calendar might be a detriment to many businesses. While there are many arguments for and against this shift, there isn't much that designers, wholesalers, and customers can do about the changes. “I don't think that there will be one or the other,” says Renkert. “I think it will eventually merge into both”.

Jacenko says that shifting MBFWA to a consumer event is a wise move. “Of course fashion week will always have its place within the industry, but changing to a consumer focus event is smarter and gives brands a unique platform to connect with customers in today's ultra-competitive environment”. It seems from this point onwards there will always be a constant battle between the fashion industry's traditional ways and the forever changing landscape of social media. Only time will tell if industry leaders will be game enough to change it all to suit the growing demands for a 'see-now, buynow' framework. As the infamous Karl Lagerfeld said bitterly to Business of Fashion: “The world is changing... not always for the best, but we have to follow it”.


THE GOLDEN HOUR Pay tribute to the cooler months with this exclusive Palm Beach Collection and Mr Jason Grant collaboration. Inspired by the dwindling sunlight of winter, The Golden Hour contains top notes of citrus and orange, with woody mid and base notes of rosewood and amber to create the perfect, sultry scent for winter. WORDS JESSICA LUNAN

PALM BEACH COLLECTION Palm Beach Collection X Mr Jason Grant The Golden Hours, $42.95

WHO, WHAT, WHERE YOU'VE PHOTOGRAPHED FOR SOME MAJOR BRANDS, INCLUDING KOOKAĂ?. WHAT HAS BEEN ONE OF THE MOST SURREAL EXPERIENCES WITHIN YOUR CAREER? It's difficult to pinpoint one particular surreal moment to describe. However, I find that I often get a feeling which I could describe as surreal when I am traveling for work. Having a vision of something and seeing it come to life in a new environment feels very surreal, particularly when nature often presents you with something you didn't expect. HOW DID YOUR CAREER IN PHOTOGRAPHY BEGIN?


aclyn Adams' love affair with photography began when she was 16. Since graduating with a degree in Photography from RMIT University in her home city of Melbourne, Jaclyn now works all over the globe shooting for major brands like Kookai and Pisidia. We caught up with the talented photographer to talk her inspirations and the secret to taking a beautiful photograph.

I completed a Bachelor of Photography in Melbourne and soon after was fortunate to start shooting quite quickly. I was lucky enough to be given a chance by an established stylist at the time to shoot for a magazine which essentially gave me a foot in the door to be noticed by other clients. After this first job we clicked really well and continued to photograph together numerous times and from there it has been continuing ever since. WHAT'S THE SECRET TO TAKING A BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPH? I am still trying to work that out! For me, the most beautiful picture has a great balance of composition, light, realness and timelessness to it. Something that compels you and sticks with you because it's so memorable. That's what I always try to achieve when taking a photograph.



CREDITS Publication: AFD Photographer: Jaclyn Adams Stylist: Mette Krogsgaard Model: Emily Van Raay Hair and makeup: Anne Krarup

WHERE DO YOU FIND YOUR INSPIRATIONS? In people, in nature and all around me. I wouldn't say one specific genre or thing inspires me, but when I am outside and surrounded by good friends and positive thinking I find I become easily inspired. YOUR CAREER TAKES YOU ALL OVER THE GLOBE. DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE CITY IN THE WORLD? It's difficult to decide on one as they all have their own quirks that make them special and stand apart from the rest. But to name a few of my favourites are Paris, New York, Barcelona and Copenhagen! WHAT WOULD BE ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'D GIVE TO SOMEONE WANTING TO PURSUE A CAREER IN PHOTOGRAPHY?

CREDITS Publication: Chic MAG Spain Photographer: Jaclyn Adams Stylist: Csilla Vincefi Nee Model: Sandra Hellberg Hair and makeup: Sandra Öjeland

Shoot, shoot, and shoot more! Don't be afraid to make mistakes, as every mistake helps you work out what to do differently next time and helps to build your confidence. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and always stay true to yourself. WHAT'S NEXT? Well I have just moved to New York as of a month ago so right now, perhaps some pictures for the wall of a fairly empty apartment?


MARSALA DREAMING Winter is all about deluxe pampering and taking a moment to step back and look after yourself. Featuring the colour of the season, this T.D.E clutch will keep you on trend all winter. Whether you're after the perfect winter fragrance, or the ultimate highlighter to perfect your strobing this season, these picks are for you! WORDS JESSICA LUNAN

GROWN ALCHEMIST Blemish Treatment Gel, $39.95

GLASSHOUSE Oahu Hand Crème

PONI COSMETICS Lash and Brow Serum, $59

THE DAILY EDITED Burgundy Envelope Clutch, $119.95

8. SCOUT COSMETICS Mini Eyeliner Pencil, $24.95 9. PHYSICIANS FORMULA Nude Wear Glowing Nude Touch of Glow Stick, $24.95

6. DIOR J'adore Eu de Toilette, $135

7. GILDED CAGE Revelation Eyeshadow in no.12, $38

5. GILDED CAGE Charisma Lipgloss in no.87, $28




No one can deny that the all season staple is your phone. It has become an emblem to our modern day society. Why? Simply because it's opened up a world of connection and convenience.

That's why Vaniday, the go-to smart and chic beauty app is leading the way within the wellness industry. It's the perfect solution for busy fashionistas who need to look glamorous but may be time poor. We sat down with Vaniday Australia's Managing Director, Alexandre Meyer to talk about the best services to try during winter along with why it's becoming our nation's ultimate beauty destination.



Alexandre Meyer Managing Director, Vaniday Australia

VANIDAY IS THE ONLINE DESTINATION TO FIND AND BOOK BEAUTY AND WELLNESS SERVICES AND SALONS. WHY DO YOU THINK THE APP HAS HAD SUCH DRAMATIC GROWTH IN ONE YEAR? Today consumers can easily book almost anything online or via an app; from a taxi, a restaurant, even a flight – it's all incredibly simple and so demand for these kinds of services has subsequently increased. Beauty is one of the few segments that has still not fully transitioned from offline to online yet, which makes our offering unique. I think this is a major reason why the app has had such a dramatic growth in such a short space of time.

VANIDAY IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN SYDNEY AND MELBOURNE. WHEN CAN WE EXPECT IT TO REACH BRISBANE? Our ambition is to be wherever our customers demand it. Brisbane being the third largest city in Australia in terms of population is the next logical step on the geographical expansion roadmap and it has a fantastic selection of spas, salons and wellness centres.

WHAT ARE SOME NEW WELLNESS SERVICES THAT OUR READERS HAVE TO TRY DURING THE COOLER MONTHS? During the cooler months, a nice wellness treatment to try could be the Zen Hot Stone Signature Massage (available at Zen Day Spa in Darlinghurst). It involves hot stones which stimulate blood circulation and transports oxygen to tired and tense muscles. During winter it's also a great time to kick start your fitness routine and get beachbody ready for summer. Vaniday also enables users to book a range of fitness classes or personal trainers at top gyms, such as Sig Fit Bondi, where you can book anything from a 1-week gym class to a full personal training session with a SigFitBody Transformation Coach.

WHAT IS NEXT AND HOW CAN WE EXPECT TO SEE VANIDAY EVOLVE IN THE NEAR FUTURE? Vaniday is now moving from being purely a booking platform, towards becoming a real beauty destination. By bringing the latest beauty and wellness trends to consumers, Vaniday will help them find the latest beauty news or tips and also connect them to salons offering these specific treatments. We aim to be a rich content provider able to inspire consumers and offer them the possibility to adopt the latest beauty trends in one simple click.

DOWNLOAD YOUR APP TODAY For further information visit


CLUTCHING TO IT Add a pop of texturised interest to your winter outfits with this irresistible Fendi clutch. The metallic detailing, and the touch of fur, creates an on trend aesthetic that will take all of your outfits this season to the next level.


FENDI 'Karlito' Chain Wallet, $1,942.81

ISSUE 46 JUN 15, 2016 S T Y L E . C U LT U R E . L I V I N G .


Fashion Weekly Magazine Issue 46  

Welcome to our Winter Style Bible. A celebration of everything fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We sat down with Alex Perry, the designers beh...

Fashion Weekly Magazine Issue 46  

Welcome to our Winter Style Bible. A celebration of everything fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We sat down with Alex Perry, the designers beh...