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Spring 2013



FEBRUARY 2013 Designers Jacqueline Quinn - US Sharlenne Chen, Aerithe -US Rebecca Brady, Rathenart -Australia Julia Love- US Emilse Benitez - Argentina Elizabeth Luque, Fancy Swimwear -US Sally Cook, Saucy Rose Swim - Australia Inell Wilson , Knaughty Kouture - US Dawn Sunflower- US The Blue Room- Saudi Arabia

A Special Thank You to the following photographers at Fashion Week Las Vegas

Cover: Photographer Andrew Kirchner Couture Gown by Designer Sharlenne Chen of Aerithe Styling Russel Frank Makeup & Hair by CAMMUA Model Jessa Cygan

Designers cont.


Jesse Leon , Ivan Flores, Andrew Kirchner, Carmela Von Photography & Frederic Charpentier

Fritz & Johan Botha F Wilson Designs South Africa Hazel Gonzalez - Costa Rica Lindsay Lou -Australia Rory Castillo Designs- US The Blue Room- Saudi Arabia Robert Pointner- Germany

Spring 2013

Designer Emilse Benitez Hair Makeup- Gustavo Castaneda Photographer- Frederic Charpentier Model- Jessa Cygan ON LOCATION AT LAX




Spring 2013

Monday February 18th Runway Report

Emilse Benitez Men’s Collection showcased on monday night at Fashion Week Las Vegas .

Jacqueline Quinn Opened Fashion Week Las

Vegas with a Couture Gown from Viviscal on Monday 18th, the gown was brought in for the Opening to be showcased during Fashion Week Las Vegas

Rathenart from Australia showcased the RTW collection on Monday Night


Sharlenne Chen showed RedCarpet and Bridal Couture looks at Fashion Week Las Vegas Monday night. Aerithe is located in Orange County California The Couture designer was one of four emerging designers to win a spot on the runway for February 2013.



Spring 2013

Hazel Gonzalez showcased at Fashion Week Las Vegas with her handcrafted Jewelry from Costa Rica, her pieces were displayed on thursday night and earlier in the week on various looks for the runway.




Spring 2013

Thursday Night the International Mens Designers showcased on the Runway . Noora Alharthi of Saudi Arabia coordinated looks for couples , models were paired up and showcased together for her looks. Men’s Desinger Robert Pointner brought his everyday wear for the first time to the US . Peakfine from Germany was a hit on the runway.



Beautiful, Slinky, Long-Legged, Brunette Runway Model. We’re talking about

Olivia Story: Carmela Von

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. I’ve met some amazing people who have taught me quite a bit about life and this industry and encouraged me every step of the way. As far as modeling itself goes, it actually was not a lifelong dream of mine. My eyes were opened to modeling after I was discovered at a ProScout Convention in Orange County when I was 15. I went in hopes of breaking into acting but instead I received 13 callbacks though from various agencies for runway modeling, and after seeing the opportunities that were ahead, it was then that I decided to give it a shot, and it’s been an exciting journey ever since.


Spring 2013


How long have you been modeling?

I’ve been working in the industry for 4 years now.

What has been the most memorable Fashion Week and some specifics please ? I have done LA and NY Fashion Week. Both were a great experience for me, and have  left me with positive memories. I absolutely love doing shows for the purpose of being a part of the whole production that takes place. I also enjoy interacting and networking with new people in the business.   

What is your favorite designer you have modeled for  or met ?

I have been fortunate enough to work with the nicest designers and photographers these past few years. I don’t know if I have a favorite, however there are some that stand out in my mind the most and whom I’ve had the most fun working for. Those designers being: Diane Von Furstenberg, Desigual, Alber Elbaz (Lanvin), and Ina Soltani. continued on page 14


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What is like to travel around doing Fashion Weeks., NYC , LA .. it must be so crazy.. what is your perspective on this lifestyle

What are your future plans, in this career  or do you have something you also want to do.?

It’s kind of hard to make any definitive plans for I have only done Fashion week in the US. I hope to modeling, because it changes like the wind. I’m really just taking each day as it comes and letting God lead do some more traveling abroad very soon, as that is one of my desires for modeling. My dream is to work in me. While I’m still doing it however, I pray I get the chance to shoot for Vogue Italia. I watch ANTM all Europe. the time and that is one of the prizes that the winner I can only imagine the hectic nature of traveling consistently from market to market. From my experience receives. Though I don’t personally feel I need to take that path, I am confident I will make it there on so far though, it is definitely a challenge being away from home for months at a time. Although it is rewarding, the Lord’s terms. I do believe you have to build up a certain amount of Aside from modeling, I do have many other interests mental and emotional stamina in order to survive in this that I try to keep apart of my life and see myself doing business. It is a great career to lead, however if you in the future. Those passions are acting, cooking/baking, childcare, and missionary work.  don’t have the self assurance and confidence within yourself, it is very easy to spiral downhill.  14




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Summer Spring 2013 2011 | photography

FWLV MODEL COMPETITION WINNERS The launch of Fashion Week Las Vegas took off like a rocket with designers coming in from every continent on earth! It was filled with amazing talent, great clothes and of course gorgeous models. They came in from several states and even the United Kingdom. The press photographers and participating designers were the official judges. And they cast their votes for their favorite male & female modesl who strutt their fashion stuff on the runway. This was primarily a runway competition, where personal style and self presentation were key to nab the judges votes. The winners were Alexander Dimov originally from Bulgaria and now living in Orange County, Ca. And the female winner was Nayroby Ortiz from El Monte, Ca. who at only 17 years of age wowed the designers with her cat like walk and finesse on the runway. There were top 5 for each sex participating and out of almost 50 models who took part in the event, it was no easy task to narrow the field down. But it must always be done so we got the two winners and evryone seemed very happy with the results! We wish both the best, they will be managed and promoted in magazine editorials as well as interviews to launch their careet to higher plateau.

Photo Credits : Andrew Kirchner , Jesse Leon & Ivan Flores

www.Shimmer.Magazine.Com www.Shimmer.Com

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Spring 2013

Makeup Acadmey Newport Beach, CA West Hollywood, CA Upland, Ca Whittier,CA Carlsbad, Ca Chula Vista, Ca 949-798-0010 Specializing in short term programs for Print, Runway,Film,Tv


www.Shimmer.Magazine.Com Spring 2013


“Jessica is an Australian based fashion photographer. She discovered her passion for the creative arts at a young age with both her parents being musicians. As a violinist herself, she was able to travel the world while performing and it was during this time that she really discovered her passion for photography.

The different cultures, people, architecture music and landscapes that had first captured her imagination continue to be her sources of inspiration for her fashion work to this day. Fashion photography has always been a world of ‘play’ for her where surrealism, perfection and emotion come together.

Today, she holds a Masters in Applied Design & Arts and has taught photography at Curtin University as well as holding her own workshops. She currently runs a boutique fashion production house, Shift Creative, with friend and art director Juliet chen.”


Spring 2013

Alexis Mancio started his passion for photography at the age of 15 and today he has a natural eye for Fashion .

Alexis Mancio is a self taught artist, he didnt attend school to gain his skills, but instead he gained the skills from lots of time and research on his own. A passion for high fashion and art is what he loves to mix together when it comes to his own photography. Inspired by famous fashion photographer Knick knight as well as other eras and people, Alexis doesn’t want you to just look at a picture, but experience his view in art through the lens of his eyes.



Designer Inell Wilson Knaughty Kouture, The Look of Opulence! Our signature color palette consist of various shades of creme and gold. This line is very elegant, enriched with lustrous unique designs. The Athena Kollection meets at the crossroads of sexy and sophistication!


Spring 2013



Designer Sally Cook

The colours used in the 2013 Spring Collection are crisp white and Fuchsia floral, with an abundance of pearls and diamonds adorning each unique swimsuit. The collection is called “He buys me Roses” and it is extremely glamorous and would blend in well at The Versace Hotel alongside a super wealthy, drop dead gorgeous Latin lover :) The woman wearing Saucy Rose is extremely spoilt and showered with expensive gifts on a daily basis as well as fresh flowers, French Champagne and fine chocolates. The story is quite typical of every woman’s fantasy..... So this collection is all about the woman who has everything and she is adored by her ever so handsome Latin Lover and they go on to live Happily Ever After 


Spring 2013

Safari Inspired This collection includes exotic animal prints from: giraffe, tiger, cobra and zebra in combination with fun bright colors and sexy silhouettes check it out! For the adventurer, what would be better then showing your daring side in your swimsuit? Discover which animal print speaks to you then express your animalistic side in a Safari Inspired piece suits you

Designer Liz Luqùe


Fancy Swimwear by Liz Luqùe TM presents a cutting edge swimwear collection with designs that are richly bold in character with elements of chic elegance and a twist of sexy. The meticulous attention that has been given in to the intricate details in the production of each unique design will most definitely set new standards of fit formulation. By introducing a collection of truly innovative designs made practical, Fancy Swimwear by Liz Luqùe TM will certainly be on every woman’s summer ‘must have’ list.





Spring 2013



Fashion Week Las Vegas Program Guide  

Program Guide for Fashion Week Las Vegas Semi Annual event that takes place in August & February.