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Shades of berry, cherry and ruby empower fall’s hottest dresses, jewelry and handbags

Tracy Reese creates femme frocks and prints for stylistas like Mrs. O

Fashion bloggers use the Internet to strut cool outfits and healthy egos A PUBLICATION OF

Create a swanky home bar with vintage glasses and sleek cocktail shakers

Begin your own tradition.

Something truly precious holds its beauty forever.

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Shoes and faux clothes made of paper headline at Hillwood Home and Estate.

B A B E T T E S F. C O M

ON THE COVER Joy, left, is right on trend in a lace dress by Michael Kors ($2,895, Neiman Marcus) and red beaded necklace with coral chain ($245, Tabandeh) while Audrey, right, shines in an asymmetrical-cut dress by Lanvin ($1,435, Hu’s Wear) and ruby earrings with hanging silver rings by Gas Bijoux ($235, Tabandeh). For store details, see page 14.

(202) 339-9885

TV news anchors

and female politicos have long known the power of red to capture attention or to connote power. I first understood the appeal of the hue watching my mom wear it on slinky ’70s cocktail dresses and ’80s power suits. Any time she put it — her favorite color — on, this signaled a big day at work or a hot date with my dad. The shade even features prominently in “The Hunger Games” books and movie, with heroine Katniss Everdeen sporting a fiery red gown just before kicking some major tail. Red is back this fall, a trend we celebrate in this issue’s cover story (page 13), which is full of lush cocktail frocks, bright skinny jeans and other flaming pieces. Among the many designers dabbling in berry hues is New York City’s Tracy Reese, whose feminine dresses and posh prints are a favorite of first lady Michelle Obama. Catch our chat with Reese on page 12. When shopping for a new season, I’ll often surf fashion blogs. But lately, I’ve been wondering whether it’s a desire to inspire others or mere vanity spurring these bloggers to show off their outfits online, an issue we delve into on page 8. Fall also signals a new season of entertaining. D.C.’s slew of speakeasy-style cocktail lounges have been inspiring lots of people to set up elegant home bars, which we look at on page 6. You’ll find all this, plus the scoop on hip parties and a bunch of new stores around the area, in this issue of FW. We hope it helps you have a — JENNIFER BARGER, EDITOR fashionable fall.

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FALL 2012

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Lather. Rinse. Repeat. If that’s the extent of your hair routine, your locks could use some love. Enter DRYBAR, the no-cuts, no-color salon where $40 blowouts happen in sleek white spaces with sunny yellow accents. This national chain debuts in D.C. in September with locations in Georgetown (1825 WISCONSIN AVE. NW; 202-609-8644)

and Bethesda (840 BETHESDA AVE.; 240-483-4277). “You look like a million bucks, but it’s about the confidence you feel after having your hair done,” says Alli Webb, the chain’s founder. Styles include the Jessica Simpson-ish “Straight Up,” the flouncey “Southern Comfort” and the no-frills “Manhattan.”

Crew’s In

Penn Quarter, known in recent years as restaurant central (and before that, as a burned-out wasteland), is now morphing into a retail boom zone. Which explains why all-American, classic-meets-chic clothing giant J. CREW (950 F ST. NW;

202-628-8690) just opened an

outpost there, within handbagswinging distance of Anthropologie and American Apparel. The two-floor space in the 1888 Atlantic Building meshes a historic facade with an interior of blond wood floors and glass aquariums that showcase ballet flats and colorful jewelry. Fall finds for her include cheetah-print heels (shown, $350) and bright bags (shown, $278). Men can score suiting, cashmere and chinos.


Why D.C. now?

John Fluevog

From an emotional point of view, it’s exciting to go to the center of the atomic universe. Maybe it’s an ego trip for me?

Vancouver shoe designer John Fluevog has never met a curlicue, spike or swirl he couldn’t adapt into a funky heel. The enduring, punky-yet-pretty sole man just opened a new boutique for his men’s and women’s kicks in Georgetown (1265 Wisconsin Ave. NW; 202-337-5683). We caught up with him about his three decades in the biz and what brings him here. JENNIFER BARGER

4 | FashionWashington | FALL 2012

Manning Up

Leave it to Europeans — in this case, the Dutch company SUITSUPPLY — to inject cheekiness and affordability into the local menswear market. The brand just opened its third U.S. store in Georgetown (2828 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. NW; 202-800-7800), bringing what rakishly handsome founder Fokke de Jong calls “a dapper energy” via well-cut jackets (shown, $299-$350), rich-hued cords (shown, $129) and stylish suits ($400-$900) in tweeds, wools and velvet. Colorful ties — displayed in a pixilated collage on the wall — accessorize it all. An on-site tailor does alterations as customers wait. “We bring a new energy to tailoring,” says de Jong. “This is for guys who function in the system but don’t submit to it.”

What’s up for fall? I kind of go in for themes,

SHOWROOM 1412, the new contemporary furniture and art gallery from local interior design superstar Lori Graham, sells the stuff dream homes are made of (1412 14TH ST. NW; 202-745-0118). Graham’s collaborators in chic? Mike Johnson (owner of Sixteen Fifty Nine, Georgetown’s now-defunct-but-still-adored midcentury mod trove) and Lauren Gentile (fine art curator and founder of Contemporary Wing). Together, the trio fills the jewel box space with show stoppers like tufted couches from Shine by S.H.O., abstract paintings from emerging artists and Hollywood Regency accessories.

Bright Moves

Stroll into Tysons Corner Center’s new C. WONDER (1961 CHAIN BRIDGE ROAD; MCLEAN, VA.; CWONDER.COM)

and you may feel as though you’ve tumbled down the same rabbit hole as Alice. Beginning in October, the New York City-based home and personal accessories shop (founded by Tory Burch’s ex-husband, Chris Burch) opens its signature lacquered lime doors to shoppers hunting for enamel bangles (shown, $38 each), neon-striped totes ($88) and ikat dinnerware ($10-$14). Decorated with gilded mirrors and immaculate white shelves, the space is a wonderland-y backdrop for preppy finds such as knot bracelets, grasshopperemblazoned pillows and bright pink bicycles for the kiddos.

John Fluevog never met a chunky heel or punky pointed toe he didn’t like. The women’s Genevieve bootie ($399) exemplifies his city-cool style.

Who is the Fluevog man or woman?

What’ll the store be like? It’ll be all gray with pops of color, and the men will get their own, more conservative space in the back of the store.

A Chic Collective

and this autumn, it’s Edwardian. For women, I was thinking dressed-up and fun.


On the Best Tress List

I don’t sell to trendy people. I like to say my shoes are thinking shoes, not bimbo shoes. I sell to thinking people, mostly professional people in the arts or creative professions. There are a lot of these people in D.C.

You’re known for your inventive heels. Why do you focus on them? It’s the one part of shoes you get to play with!

But at the same time, your shoes are pretty comfortable. Yes, because if they aren’t, no one would wear them. I like marrying function and form.

Highballs Go Haute

Victoria Vergason, owner of vintage cocktailware shop The Hour, mixes up a vermouth and brandy concoction at her home bar in Old Town Alexandria. An antique butler’s desk neatly holds her liquors, glassware and tools.

Stir up a sleek home bar with vintage shakers, good liquor and tips from local experts You can’t walk — or stumble — more

than a few blocks in D.C. without finding a Prohibition-style speakeasy (Columbia Room, the Gibson) slinging old-school cocktails. It’s a trend that wannabe Don Drapers or Thin Men can shake up at home, too — no designated drivers or $15 martinis required. Like a favorite whiskey, a home bar is highly personal, so start by figuring out who you entertain (a few for Manhattans, a crowd for punch) and how you’d like your lounge to look. An aluminum “Ritz” shaker ($375) and Dorothy Thorpe roly poly glasses ($325 for all, The Hour, 1015 King St., Alexandria; 703-224-4687) set a retro scene for throwing back a few drinks.

Duane Sylvestre, bartender at Bourbon Steak, thinks many home bars are impractical. “They’ll have no place for ice, and no dedicated work area or place where you can spill,” he says. His home setup includes a floor drain, refrigerator and three-compartment sink, but you don’t have to go that far. An old-school bar cart (try brings

Gatsby-esque style. Or, you can also employ furniture you already have. “Use a side table, a buffet or even an old vanity,” says Victoria Vergason, owner of barware shop the Hour (1015 King St., Alexandria; 703-224-4687). In her Old Town home, she uses a 19th-century butler’s desk. Stock your bar with what you’d order at happy hour. “Buy liquor you like to drink or think is interesting,” says Sylvestre, who suggests starting with gin, rum and bourbon. “You can stir martinis with a chopstick, shake daiquiris in a sippy cup and serve gin and tonics in a Solo cup, but you can’t do any of the above without ingredients,” says Jim Meehan, owner of Manhattan’s hip Please Don’t Tell club. The tools barkeeps use also work at home. “All you need is a shaker, a jigger for measuring and glasses,” says Vergason, who

QUICK STIR Bourbon Steak’s M & Penn Cocktail 1.5 oz. Laird’s apple brandy .5 oz. Dolin rouge vermouth .5 oz. Dolin blanc vermouth .5 oz. Cointreau a dash of Angostura orange bitters orange peel Stir ingredients in a cocktail pitcher with ice. Place a large ice ball or ice cube in a cocktail glass. Strain the ingredients into the glass and garnish with an orange peel. Recipe from the Hour owner Victoria Vergason’s upcoming “Capitol Cocktails” book on D.C. drinks and the men and women who create them.

recommends highball and rocks glasses plus champagne coupes as basics. Meehan favors a three-piece cobbler shaker like OXO’s steel version ($30, Home Rule, 1807 14th St. NW; 202-797-5544), which is easy for newbies to maneuver due to its built-in strainer. Other mixing musts: a wooden muddler, Japanese knives and a strainer ( Though you can outfit a bar at spots like Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table, antiques shops and thrift stores offer a more interesting mix of wares. D.C.’s Van Bloys, who blogs about style and cocktails at, suggests Christ Child Opportunity Shop (1427 Wisconsin Ave. NW; 202-333-6635), where he picks up retro glasses for his huntingthemed home bar. “Sticking to a motif organizes a collection so it doesn’t look like an episode of ‘Hoarders,’” says Bloys. In the end, rolling out a bar cart is less about imbibing and more about sharing. “The interest in cocktails is about engaging in conversation,” says Vergason. “W hen you make someone a special drink in a nice glass, you have to put down your smartphone and actually talk to each other.” ERIN HARTIGAN


Current fashion. Hot names. Amazing savings. Local shopping. Get to know your studio!

VINCE $395 $299 cashmere/wool blend blanket cardigan

CONGRESSIONAL PLAZA 1601-B Rockville Pike Rockville, MD • 301.230.4550


MOSAIC SHOPPING CENTER 2905 District Avenue • Fairfax, VA Strikethrough price reflects suggested retail value.

| FALL 2012 5402_F12_SeptFashWash.indd 1 6 | FashionWashington

7/25/12 11:06 AM

Washin t n




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7/ /12 10:17 AM


URL So Vain

Call them the clotheshorse sirens of cyberspace: fashion bloggers who post photos of themselves swanning in their latest outfits, often daily. In a sort of online high school cafeteria/runway, people like Los Angeles’ Emily Schuman (, D.C.’s anonymous, conservatively sleek E. ( and New York City’s model-pretty Kelly Framel ( strut their ensembles. Yes, these visual style diaries do inspire (e.g., boots I bought after seeing them on E.’s feet). But does their “I feel pretty” vibe provide any service, other than feeding the egos of these camerahappy shopaholics?


When style bloggers show off their clothes online, is it inspiring or just narcissistic?

What drives these women — and a few men — to anoint themselves models? And why do they both fascinate and annoy me, an old-fashioned stylista who would rather wear sweatpants to Fashion Week than show off my wardrobe on the Internet? Maybe these mostly 20-somethings, bred on Instagram and Facebook, can’t even get dressed

Pinterest tells us that the masses like to tout their perceived good taste to the public, even if it runs toward neon neoprene dresses. But using your body to broadcast your flair — especially without much useful advice (how to walk in platform shoes, where to score Tory Burch at half-price) — reeks of “look at me!” fever. “What trips me up about

“Bloggers edit out negative comments, so you see a skewed little world.” L.A.’s Emily Schuman recently penned a book, “Cupcakes and Cashmere,” based on her style blog by the same name.

without fishing for compliments. “These blogs are so indicative of Gen Y,” says Michael Fisher of New York City forecasting firm Fashion Snoops. “These bloggers are very self-aware and used to being able to share everything. They want feedback.”

personal style blogs is the idea that everyone looks great every day,” says D.C. blogger Rachel Cothran of, who prefers brainy discourse on fashion and street-style shots of locals on her site. “I can’t imagine self-paparazzi-ing that way.”

New Yorker Leandra Medine, a.k.a., does run photos of herself on her blog. But unlike many in the Sisterhood of the Endlessly Photographed Pants, she doesn’t accept “gifted” merch (freebies). And she seems in on the joke, showing herself in haute frocks, but with unshaven legs and goofball expressions. “Blogs should start a conversation,” says Medine, and sure enough, the lively comments section of her site features just as many “fab dress!” love notes as it does critiques of her mixand-mismatch style. Still, most of these sites serve as mere echo chambers. The Glamourai’s Framel pouts in an Ali Ro sheath above a link to the brand’s website. Local girls Carlis Sanchez and Katya Ananieva of show off their clashy, slightly trashy outfits in what seem to be U Street alleys. The comments on both sites are nothing but glowing. “Many bloggers edit out negative comments, so you see a skewed little world,” says Fashion Snoops’ Fisher. “From an editorial perspective, it amounts to personal fan pages.” Anyone who loves fashion knows that part of dressing well is elevating your self esteem. And that, or the creative pleasure of assembling a photo shoot celebrating yourself, may be what drives most bloggers. “Blogging pushes my personal style, and I enjoy seeing everyday people put together outfits,” says D.C.’s Abbey Brandon, who stars in her own monument-backed shots at I like how Brandon uses our fair city as a stage set, and she has nice shoes. But me, I’ll stick to wearing (and writing about) the sartorial armor of fashion because I love it, not because I want to use the Web as a glorified mirror. JENNIFER BARGER

This is the real (fashion) deal. Saturday, September 22 in the new Fashion District The Runway Event • 2:00 p.m. • Neighborhood 1 Fashion District

Stylist Lani Inlander of Real Life Style will host a fashion show highlighting the latest designer looks for less from Potomac Mills. After the show, Lani will answer your style questions! Enjoy exclusive offers from our stores…plus, the first 200 guests will receive a free gift!* The After Party • 3:00 p.m. • Bloomingdale’s - The Outlet Store

Join us for complimentary refreshments, a wine tasting** and live entertainment! BROUGHT TO YOU BY: ®


8 | FashionWashington | FALL 2012


1. Sigerson Morrison’s black flats boast an Arabian Nights shape ($200, 2. A floorsweeping, floral, ’60s gown made multiple appearances at weddings this summer ($395, Annie Cream Cheese, 3279 M St. NW; 202-298-5555). 3. Room & Board’s 60-inch-wide Jasper Sofa = instant reading nook ($1,100, Room & Board, 1840 14th St. NW; 202-729-8300).




FNOGEORGETOWNDC.COM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | PINTEREST HOST COMMITTEE Mary Amons Labels For Love Jennifer Barger Fashion Washington/The Washington Post Marie Coleman District Couture/DC Style Examiner Kelly Collis 94.7 FRESH FM Rachel Cothran Jeff DuFour UrbanDaddy DC Lynda Erkiletian T.H.E Artist Agency Kate Gibbs DailyCandy DC Angie Goff NBC4 Washington Walter Grio Philippa Hughes The Pink Line Project Samy K Hot 99.5 FM Aba Kwawu Fashion Group Int’l DC/The Aba Agency Svetlana Legetic Kate Michael Sarah Schaffer Capitol File Magazine Marissa Schneider Gilt City DC Holly Thomas Andre Wells Events by Andre Wells

FashWash_r1.indd 1

8/6/12 12:22:16 PM

Advertised merchandise may not be carried at your local Macy’s and selection may vary by store. 2080031. *NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE 50 U.S. (and D.C.) AND PUERTO RICO 13 & OLDER. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Ends 10/16/12. For Official Rules, including prize descriptions, odds, and free means of entry, visit Sponsor: Macy’s Corporate Services, Inc.

Fashion impresario. Pop culture provocateur. TV personality. Discover her new limited-edition collection 9.12.2012. While supplies last. Chiffon and lace tee with metallic faux leather sleeves. Polyester/cotton/nylon/ polyurethane. Misses. $59. Leggings with faux leather stud insets. Polyester/rayon/nylon/ spandex/polyurethane. Misses. $69. Scan the star for a chance to win* a shopping spree worth up to $500. Or, text NICOLE to 62297 to enter. Standard text & data rates may apply. Text HELP to 62297 for help. Text STOP to 62297 to cancel.



Hillwood, the feminine, Russianand French-art-filled final home of heiress/collector Marjorie Merriweather Post, proves an ideal showcase for de Borchgrave’s pretty, tactile creations. The crumpling, brush-stroking and pleating the artist does to create faux frocks, shoes and bags are as much a fine craft as the techniques used to make Post’s trove of Flemish tapestries, Faberge eggs and Parisian chairs. “We never count the hours it takes to do a dress,” says de Borchgrave, but it’s a minimum of a month-anda-half’s work for several people to conjure up pieces like the ones in this show. The works are strewn throughout the mansion or displayed in the snug Adirondack Building. In the house’s pavilion room, a cerulean gown made for this show echoes the

Pulp Fashion Artist Isabelle de Borchgrave uses paper and paint to conjure fashion’s glam past Most designers setting out to create a ball gown

start with paper to sketch a concept, make a pattern or experiment with color. Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave doesn’t stop there. For the past two decades, she has used her painter’s aesthetic to form just-larger-than-life clothing from ordinary paper. “I play with a brush and paper; eventually it becomes this big thing,” she says. More than 25 of her works are scattered throughout Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens (4155 Linnean Ave. NW; 202-686-8500, until Dec. 30 as the exhibit “Pret-à-Papier: The Exquisite Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave.”


The straight and narrow silhouettes of the early 1920s (far left) seem uncommonly well-suited to de Borchgrave’s paper fashions. These frocks mimic ones from couture houses such as Lanvin and Poiret. The artist works in a studio with multiple assistants, who can take weeks or months to complete a single garment.


Based on a mantua — a T-shaped gown popular in European courts from the 1730s to the 1750s — this super-wide-hipped wonder flaunts a brocade pattern of flowers and leaves rendered in paint. The center of the bodice, known as a stomacher, gets its lacy, beribboned look from crumpled, fan-shaped pieces of paper.

Georgetown's Fashion Night Out Sept. 6, 6-11 p.m. Sixty boutiques and restaurants in D.C.'s oldest ‘hood kicks off the fall shopping season with styling demos, DJ spins and more. The action centers along Wisconsin Avenue NW and M Street NW;

District Sample Sale Sept. 11, 5:30-9 p.m. Area boutiques (Proper Topper, Urban Chic) sell goods at up to 90 percent off. Tickets $40-$100; buy at 5300 Wisconsin Ave. NW.

“I look at history and paintings, and then I exaggerate, make things bolder.”


“I love to do accessories in paper, but they’re harder than dresses,” de Borchgrave says. “And making a pair of shoes is difficult.” This black ballerina style boasts a dramatic red “ribbon.”


Sept. 26-Oct. 14 An exhibit of unusual garments created by architects, designers and Corcoran School of Art graduate students out of everything from wood flooring to silk scarves comes to the Corcoran Gallery of Art. 500 17th St. NW; 202-639-1800,

one worn by a 19th-century Russian countess in a lush portrait on the wall. Displayed together, they look like ghostly twins. Other pieces summon Marie Antoinette (a ruffled, pink concoction with punched paper “lace”) and the flapper era (“Boardwalk Empire”worthy gowns in red and black). There’s menswear, too, as in a Frenchstyle frock coat. “I look at history and paintings, and then I exaggerate a little bit, make things bigger or bolder,” says de Borchgrave. “But it’s not Mickey Mouse — it’s serious. I give people a tableau, a dream.” JENNIFER BARGER

All-Access Fashion Sept. 27-29 Runway shows, branded lounges and other stylish events fill Tysons Galleria. Free, except for a VIP fashion show Sept. 27 ($75-$175, Allaccessfashion. com). 2001 International Dr., McLean, Va.; 703-827-7730,

Scan this code to watch an exclusive video. To download a QR reader, go to from your mobile browser.

BEAUTY EVENT Thursday, September 6 – Sunday, September 16

Take home this tote

and beauty samples with a cosmetics or fragrance purchase of $100 or more.




One per customer, while supplies last September 6–16, 2012. Visit participating counters at NM stores for additional beauty gifts, or shop for the tote and other great opportunities. Tote beauty samples may vary online. Offer not valid on prior purchases. Other exclusions may apply; see your sales associate for details.

420F12_ ea t _

ent_FW.indd 1

| 11 FALL 2012 | FashionWashington /1/12 11:27 AM

Tracy Trunk Show

Color Her Beautiful

Proper Topper and FW co-host a trunk show featuring some of Tracy Reese’s best holiday and fall styles Sept. 7-9 with drinks, fash advice and more. Proper Topper, 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW; 202-842-3055

Tracy Reese’s love for color shines in a lemon-yellow trench with faux-fur collar ($498,

Famed for hot hues and hip prints, Tracy Reese designs for clients including Mrs. O

On occasions as diverse as campaign stops and lunches with heads of state, first lady Michelle Obama (a.k.a., the Fashionista in Chief) has been spotted rocking the pretty, printed dresses of Detroit-born, New York City-based designer Tracy Reese. Known for her unusual mixture of ethnic influences and bold colors, Reese also boasts a cult following among celebs and everywomen who like to look both femme and, frankly, powerful. Locally, her lines Plenty and Tracy Reese are carried at Proper Topper (1350 Connecticut Ave. NW; 202-842-3055) and Ginger (7114 Bethesda Lane, Bethesda; 301-664-9242). She’s also got a more affordable line, Frock, sold at We caught up with her just after her fall runway shows. JENNIFER BARGER

Hot hues are always a part of your designs. Why? Colors are like stepping into the sunshine. They evoke emotion. I find them stimulating both in clothing and in home design. So what shades did you play with for fall and winter? Orange was at the top of my list, which is interesting. It works so well against neutrals, but I also played with purple and orange together. They’re such perfect mates, and so flattering on so many women.

print out of absolutely anything — a photograph, a floral, old historical wallpaper. What’s the secret to an outfit that’s both feminine and powerful? A lot of it is the silhouette, wearing shapes that flatter you. There are lots of experimental shapes out there that don’t do the body any favors. I also love the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine, say, a boyfriend jacket over a wispy dress. Head-to-toe feminine can just get too cloying!

“Colors are like stepping into the sunshine. They evoke emotion. I find them stimulating.”

What influenced your line for fall and winter? I wanted to really simplify in terms of silhouette and do fewer tricky garments. So I’m back with some classical shapes, some fit and flare and pieces that are all about draping.

Why are dresses so central to your company? They’re the most modern thing to wear, because they’re so easy. There’s no mixing and matching outfits. A dress is one piece, and it does it all. It’ll never go away because it’s the most simple, modern thing.

You’re also known for rocking a print. Yes — I think they really express a concept or an idea. You can make a For fall, Tracy Reese relied on jewel-on-the-town shades and plenty of sparkle. Highlights include a purple pleated frock ($308, Proper Topper); an emerald patchwork mini dress ($450, Ginger) and a suede and sparkle bootie ($170, available in October at

And you’ve recently gotten back into bags and shoes for Anthropologie. Yes, I don’t like to over-dictate to women, but I do like the idea of providing things that complete a look and offer a lifestyle. What’s a typical workday like for you? There’s always a meeting or

The Past Perfected

Celebs (Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Zoe, first lady Michelle Obama) made vintage clothing mainstream ages ago. Still, it’s rare to find a shop as well-curated and packed with genuine vintage (a.k.a. pieces dating from the 1900s-1960s) — as Del Ray’s new Amalgamated Classic Clothing & Dry Goods. Owner Shelley White has costumed Broadway shows and TV fare like “Boardwalk Empire” for years; now she’s getting Alexandrians into retro-yet-wearable fashions. JENNIFER BARGER


Flapper gowns ($200 and up) including beaded day dresses and evening frocks (a blue velvet, fur-trimmed number, $500) which look as swell in 2012 as they did in 1922. Ask to visit the

12 | FashionWashington | FALL 2012

two, and fittings. But lots of it is communications, sourcing and just constantly trying to gather ideas and sketch. I soul search and think, “What’s the message that I want to put out there?” And that often starts with fabric. Michelle Obama has embraced your clothes. What do you think of her style? It’s been amazing seeing her in the White House, because she actually has a sense of personal style, and she’s not bound by first lady dictates. It’s refreshing, because you’re used to them all wearing a red suit. The fact that she wears things that are attainable is really cool. It says there’s not just one way to attain style.

back room, where White stores her most-delicate treasures. Also on the racks: 1970s DVF wrap dresses ($100), silk kimonos ideal for lounging in.



The boutique is also rich in menswear, from Capone-era fedoras to 1940s collegiate sweaters. “Plus guys are always looking for a classic suit,” says White, who carries many. “Vintage ones are better made than most new tailoring.”


Amalgamated Classic Clothing N NON and Dry Goods 1904 MOUNT VERRNO 373; AVENUE, ALEXANDRIA; 703-517-7 SAT. FRI.P.M., 7 P.M.12 RS., .-THU TUE 12 P.M.-9 P.M., SUN. NOON-5 P.M.

“Most people don’t dress in head-totoe vintage,” says White. This means Amalgamated bursts with things like men’s enameled cuff links, women’s hats and tote bags White sews from vintage feed sacks ($95).

“Vintage is about wearing something unusual that makes you stand out from the crowd,” says owner Shelley White.

Scarlet Fever

When it comes to fall’s ladylike dresses, skinny jeans and jewelry, you’re better off in red TEXT BY HOLLEY SIMMONS





Joy, left, wears a polka-dot dress by Trina Turk ($363, Periwinkle, 4150 Campbell Ave., Arlington; 703-379-5242); sphere earrings and Samira 13 ring ($95 and $185, Tabandeh, Mazza Gallerie, 5300 Wisconsin Ave. NW; 202-244-0777) and Dina Mackney Marquis bracelet ($488, Neimanmarcus. com). Audrey wears an Armani blazer ($1,395, Neiman Marcus, Mazza Gallerie, 5300 Wisconsin Ave. NW; 202-9669700) with a flower brooch ($10, Proper Topper, 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW; 202-842-3055); clay-colored skinny jeans ($176, Rag & Bone, 3067 M St. NW; 202-295-9072) and Dina Mackney ruby and semi-precious gem rings ($250 and $440,

FALL 2012 | FashionWashington | 13

JOY, LEFT, could stop traffic in her silk Trina Turk polka-dot shirt ($248, Urban Chic, 1626 Wisconsin Ave. NW; 202-338-5398); cropped quarter-sleeve jacket ($525,; Michael Kors creased pants ($695, Neiman Marcus); gold cuff with red, pink and coral accents by Gas Bijoux ($345, Tabandeh); gold Rachelleceline teardrop hoops ($62, Simply Soles, 138 Waterfront St., Oxon Hill, Md.; 301-749-1744;; Oliphant Designs multistrand necklace in chili ($235, Betsy Fisher; 1224 Connecticut Ave. NW; 202-785-1975); Valentino shoes with oversized bows ($675, Neiman Marcus) and red and white flower umbrella by Tray 6 ($45, Betsy Fisher). AUDREY, CENTER, works it in a peeka-boo lace dress by Valentino ($2,980, Neiman Marcus); Dina Mackney 18-karat gold vermeil geometric hoop earrings and 18-karat gold vermeil and faceted ruby cuff ($155 and $800, Neimanmarcus. com); cheetah-print shoes by Bettye Muller ($495, Simply Soles) and Kara Ross burgundy ostrich handbag ($3,540, Neiman Marcus). JOY, BOTTOM RIGHT, warms up in the cold in a Max Mara jacket ($1,165, and fire-hydrant-red Chanel sunglasses ($340, Neiman Marcus).


o “see red” conventionally means to become really angry. But this fall, sightings of scarlet signify blazer-friendly temperatures, foliage-rich road trips and pinot noir-fueled chats. “Red is a really energetic color that brings to mind happy and bright attitudes,” says Dina Mackney, a Reston, Va.-based jewelry designer who’s showing lots of ruddy gems — garnets, rubies — in her chunky bracelets and dramatic necklaces (sold at And the regal color comes in so many shades (oxblood, Nancy Reagan-cerise, crimson) that nearly anyone can wear it. Plus red stars both in daywear and cocktail dresses. But don't get flushed over red’s endless possibilities: It’s a flattering, flaming effect whether you indulge a little (shoes, a shapely bag) or a lot (head-to-toe berry shades).

14 | FashionWashington | FALL 2012

GO FOR JUST A POP OF RED WITH a bag like Rebecca Minkoff's chain-strap purse ($195, Urban Chic); Orla Kiely's patent, retroinspired bag ($485, Simply Soles); rectangle embroidered tote ($85, Periwinkle) and Jason Wu's maroon doctor's bag of supple leather ($1,995, Neiman Marcus).


TOP LEFT: Joy stands out in a white swoop dress from Rachel Roy ($498, Betsy Fisher); pewter patent bow shoes by Butter ($298, Simply Soles); a Dina Mackney 18-karat gold vermeil and citrine ring ($350,; reader shades by Eyebob Sunglasses ($65, Tabandeh) and a druzy and coral pendant necklace ($245, Tabandeh). TOP CENTER: Audrey wears a burgundy dress with a beaded neckline from St. John ($1,195, Neiman Marcus) with a pair of silver tassel earrings by Jose and Maria Berrera ($385, Neiman Marcus). TOP RIGHT: Max Mara’s edgy jumpsuit ($995, plays well with a Tristan belt ($120, Wink, 3109 M St. NW; 202-338-9465); silver flower ring ($245, Dina Mackney); rose-gold necklace by Erickson Beamon ($1,250, Tabandeh) and spiked Louboutin platform stilettos ($1,395, Neiman Marcus). BOTTOM CENTER: Scarlet goes downtown via skinny jeans ($220, Rag & Bone); a silk Diane von Furstenberg blouse ($225, Neiman Marcus); Classic Newbury booties in chili ($495, Rag & Bone); hoop earrings with red beads ($145, Tabandeh) and a Dina Mackney cuff in sterling silver and 18-karat gold vermeil ($755, Nail polishes include: Revlon Valentine 730; Revlon Vixen 570; Sephora Curve-aceous 190; Sephora Pushing Your Luck 323 and Illamasqua Throb.

CREDITS: Models: T.H.E. Artist Agency Makeup: Leah Bassett, T.H.E. Artist Agency Hair: Brian Oliver, IPSA Salon for T.H.E. Artist Agency Interns: Stefanie Feldman, Maura Housley and Holly Lushbaugh

FALL 2012 | FashionWashington | 15


Yigal Azrouel Spring Preview APRIL 19, 2012 | HU’S WEAR

Yigal Azrouel’s clothing is casual with a hint of sophistication. That’s exactly how we’d describe the atmosphere at his pring 2012 preview co-hosted by FW and Hu’s Wear. Sleek models paraded around the Georgetown boutique showing off Azrouel’s warm-weather collection, which was heavy on bright colors, flexible fabrics and sultry details like side slits and back cutouts. When shoppers weren’t nibbling on sushi or drinking champagne, they got tips from the dashing designer on how to wear pieces like electric blue wide-leg silk trousers, floor-grazing evening gowns and sharply tailored blazers with white piping along the lapels.

Norman Bowler Government worker

Marlene Hu Aldaba Yigal Azrouel

Wearing: Co-Op blazer, APC pants, vintage loafers and a Paul Smith scarf.

Owner, Hu’s Wear

Wearing: Yigal Azrouel cashmere and silk pleated dress with Brian Atwood pumps.


Jennifer Roberti

Kelly Doolan

Fashion stylist

Wearing: A gray sweater from his collection with dark-wash jeans and leather boots.

Wearing: Black on black with playful accents like a multitiered necklace and blue suede shoes.

Stay-at-home mom

We love:

The dramatic two-tone slit up the side of Doolan’s emerald silk dress by Azrouel.

Luke Prusinski Sales manager

Wearing: A crisp, slate-colored Hugo Boss suit with a purple button-down and a cheeky bow tie.

Newsbabes Bash for Breast Cancer JUNE 19, 2012 | HOWARD THEATRE

The newly renovated Howard Theatre played host to the fourth annual Newsbabes Bash for Breast Cancer. Guests — many from the TV news industry — wore pink to show their support for the George Washington University Mammovan, which provides free mammograms to underserved women in the District. In addition to a dessert bar courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake, Dolci Gelati and Sweet Signatures, guests sipped cocktails and listened to Andrea Mitchell, NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent, who spoke about cancer-screening issues.

Peter Hamby Wearing: Versace suit, pink Alton Lane shirt, Johnston & Murphy shoes and a J. Crew tie.

Tommy McFly Colin Hunter

Veronica Davis

CNN reporter

94.7 radio host

IT consultant

We love:

Her shiny Maggy London dress and Jessica Simpson shoes. “I swear they’re comfortable,” said Davis.

Wearing: Takumi shirt, Lucky jeans and Chucks he said he’s worn every day for three years.

Ike Nwaneri

Co-Founder, Alton Lane

Wearing: A navy blue pinstripe suit with a pink shirt, both by Alton Lane.

Theresa Sena

Marketing strategist

Government worker

Wearing: Black Prada shirt, black Burberry pants, David Yurman cuff links and a popof-pink Alfani tie.

Wearing: Creamcolored peplum shirt from New York City, Zara pants and Michael Kors shoes.

Seersucker and White Dress Soiree AUG. 4, 2012 | DUMBARTON HOUSE

On a scorching evening, guests donned apropos seersucker and white clothes for this bash hosted by the International Club of D.C. The lush grounds of the Dumbarton House set the scene for a bebopping live jazz band, drinks and snacks including Cafe Bonaparte’s Nutellafilled crepes, which attendees in light-colored clothes nibbled very carefully. “We had about 100 people come out to enjoy the gardens and relax on a summer night,” said Sanjaya Hettihewa, president of the International Club of D.C. The organization — which boasts 40,000 members from over 80 countries — hosts charity events and galas that celebrate the city’s diversity.

Buki Peters

Fashion blogger,

We love:

Buki’s crochet dress is actually a repurposed tablecloth she found at a Parisian flea market!




calendar of advertiser and editorial fashion selections

September 2012 September 8 • Neiman Marcus - David Yurman Styling Event, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Let the experts help you find the perfect jewelry to style with your favorite outfits. To schedule an appointment call 202.966.9700 ext 2243; September 15 • Armani Collezioni Runway Presentation & Trunk Show, Neiman Marcus, Runway Presentation 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.; Trunk Show 12:30 5 p.m. Runway presentation of the Fall 2012 Collection, informal modeling and view trunk show. 5300 Wisconsin Ave. NW; 202.966.9700 ext. 2411;

Caroline Gould

Development director

Wearing: Dress by Halston, shoes from Badgley Mischka and vintage earrings from Eastern Market.

September 15 • Meet a Vince Camuto representative at Nordstrom Montgomery Mall and receive styling tips as well as wardrobe assistance. Enjoy informal modeling, music, and light refreshments. 7111 Democracy Blvd, Bethesda, MD; 301.365.4111 ext. 1320. September 15 • Don’t miss this special opportunity to shop an extended collection of the Jimmy Choo Fall 2012 line. Nordstrom Tysons Corner Center. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.; 8075 Tysons Corner Center; McLean, VA; 703.761.1121; September 20 • Macy’s Metro Center - Join us as we welcome couture designer b michael to celebrate the debut of his b michael AMERICAN RED collection, only at Macy’s. He was commissioned to create the costumes for late great Whitney Houston

Sanjaya Hettihewa

President, International Club of D.C.

Wearing: Brooks Brothers seersucker suit with brown leather shoes by Cole Haan.

Natalia Beliakova

Geoff Orazem

Project manager

Associate, McKinsey & Co.

Wearing: Red statement necklace from Mexico City with clothing, belt and shoes found locally.

Wearing: White dinner jacket from his grandfather with black pants and leather shoes.

for her role in the film SPARKLE. With any purchase in b michael AMERICAN RED receive a complimentary gift! While supplies last, one per customer. 5:30pm; 1201 G St. NW; 202.628.6661; store/event/index.ognc. September 20-23 • Spring 2013 Trunk Show. Babette, 3307 Cady’s Alley NW; 202.339.9885; September 22 • Stylist Lani Inlander of Real Life Style will host a fashion show highlighting designer looks for less from Potomac Mills. Exclusive offers, first 200 guests will receive a free gift, while supplies last. Fashion Show - 2 p.m.; Afterparty - 3 p.m. – Bloomingdale’s-The Outlet Store – Complimentary refreshments, wine tasting (must be 21 & older) and live entertainment! 2700 Potomac Mills Circle; Woodbridge, VA; 703.496.9301;

September 29 • Macy’s Tysons Corner Center - Meet Kara Laricks and learn how she made it as NBC’s Fashion Star! Enjoy our informal fashion presentation and sign up for one-on-one style consultations with Kara. Enjoy music from our live DJ, refreshments from Spilled Milk Catering, Fuse beverages and more! 2 p.m.; 8000 Tysons Corner Center; McLean, VA; 703.893.4900.

October 2012 October 6, 7 & 8 • Taste of DC - Sip, savor, and celebrate on Pennsylvania Avenue. Free to attend, but need tickets to taste. The festival serves up the area’s best eateries, specialty wines, & craft beer. It’s also the host to over 50 live musical acts, featuring chef demonstrations from local and national restaurateurs, with unique experiences by our sponsor partners. 12 p.m. to 7 p.m; 9th St. to 14th St. Pennsylvania Ave NW; FALL 2012 | FashionWashington | 17




Almost Sold Out. Don’t Miss Your Opportunity To Own At Turnberry Tower.








COME VIEW OUR SIX NEW DESIGNER FURNISHED MODEL RESIDENCES. MAGNIFICENT TOWER RESIDENCES STARTING IN THE $700,000’s TO OVER $4 MILLION. Obtain the Property Report required by federal law before signing anything. Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating the representations of the developer. Prices, plans and specs subject to change without notice. Exclusive Representation by The Mayhood Company. Located within close proximity to Rosslyn Metro Station. Void where prohibited by law. Equal Housing Opportunity.


Investment Capital Flows Into Real Estate By Jeffrey S. Detwiler

Investors and second-home buyers are putting their cash to work with residential real estate In the past few years, real estate has increasingly become an investment option that’s difficult to ignore. With moderated pricing and historic financing conditions, the costs associated with acquiring investment properties are within reach of more consumers today than at any point in recent history. At the same time, rental rates are increasing and vacancy rates are dropping, sparked by the additional demand that comes with declines in homeownership. More renters in the market make the potential return on investment properties even more enticing. The result is that investment property purchases surged more than 64 percent from 2010 to 2011, according to the National Association of Realtors®. In fact, more than one quarter of all residential real estate transactions in 2011 were investment-related sales, NAR reports. “During the past year, investors have been swooping into the market to take advantage of bargain home prices,” NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun said recently. “Rising rental income easily beat cash sitting in banks as an added inducement. In addition, 41 percent of investment buyers purchased more than one property.”

INVESTING ATAGL ANCE Investment home purchases Vacation home purchases

Up 64.5% from 2010 to 2011 Up 7.0% from 2010 to 2011

Investment purchases = 27% of all sales in 2011 Vacation home purchases = 11% of all sales in 2011 Investment buyers who purchased more than one property = 41% Investment buyers who paid with cash = 49% Vacation buyers who paid with cash = 42% Median down payment for investors/vacation buyers = 27% of purchase price Source: NAR, 2012 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey

INVESTMENTS ARE UP NAR also reports that nearly half of all real estate investors are paying for their properties with cash. Paying with cash makes it easier for investors to take advantage of discounted distressed assets in the marketplace since they avoid the time and complexity that mortgage financing can entail. For those who do opt to mortgage their investment purchases, the median down payment was sizeable, NAR reports—27 percent of the purchase price. “Clearly, we’re looking at investors with financial resources who see real estate as a good investment and who aren’t hesitant to use cash,” NAR’s Yun noted. Long & Foster® is home to one of the largest property management organizations in the country. Our property management division currently has more than $1 billion worth of real estate under management throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and parts of the Northeast U.S. Our experts report that investors aren’t necessarily targeting the least expensive homes as investments—they’re looking for appealing homes in good locations so they can attract responsible tenants who may be interested in longerterm leases.

President and Chief Operating Officer The Long & Foster® Companies

While individual investors are entering the rental property market in record numbers, we’re also seeing significant investment from real estate fund managers. These big players aim to buy hundreds of rental properties all at once to balance an investment portfolio on behalf of their investors. These larger purchases of investment homes, particularly involving distressed properties, not only serve the increasing demand in the rental market, but also help the market clear out the distressed properties in the queue that continue to affect average sales price in a market. Flipping homes quickly—buying homes at a discount, perhaps doing some renovation work, and then putting them back on the market to sell at a higher price—is a trend of the past, it seems, as many investors have taken a longer-term outlook on owning their properties. NAR notes that the typical investment buyer plans to own their properties for at least five years, a statistic we are seeing play out among our clients at Long & Foster. Investors we work with have found that the pricing and financing conditions they’re experiencing today will deliver significant returns over time so their investment horizons are longer than the “flipping” conditions of past markets.

RENTAL MANAGEMENT Meeting increasing demand in the rental housing market will rely on technology and marketplace expertise more than ever before. Investors—whether they have one investment property or dozens—will get the most from their investments when they have the right tenants in place and the most efficient systems handling payments, maintenance and marketing of the properties. Long & Foster’s property management division ( draws on Long & Foster’s network of more than 12,000 sales associates along with national and global marketing affiliations to help gain exposure for clients’ rental properties. Our marketing reach and experience in the property management segment has resulted in an extensive asset portfolio, which includes single-family homes, townhomes and condominium units. Since most investors do not own rental property as their sole source of income, having the team and the technology in place to make property management as efficient as possible is key to maximizing returns. Information about payments, condition of the property and status of marketing efforts should be available to landlords at all times. Long & Foster is a leader in real-time information systems—investments we value so that our clients can make informed financial decisions about their properties.

Investors need effective, reliable counsel and the expertise of a competent, capable business partner to thrive in a real estate market of complex challenges and increasing regulatory constraints. Long & Foster is positioned to deliver the complete range of investment services property owners need, expect and deserve—everything from WHO IS INVESTING? the best-trained, bestINVESTORS SURGE equipped sales associates to The housing downturn left many homeowners underwater 1,400,000 help investors find the right on their mortgages and, thus, tied their hands in terms of 1,230,000 making a housing-related change. Still, people moved for property to buy, to the mort% 1,200,000 4.5 job transfers and other personal reasons, regardless of gage and title professionals +6 how much they owed on their mortgages. In this vein, the to complete the transaction, 1,000,000 “accidental landlord” phenomenon sprang up in the to insurance professionals housing market in the last few years. Many people in this who will ensure that rental 749,000 800,000 situation retained their underwater property (a property properties are covered where the mortgage is greater than the market value) 600,000 with the right insurance and rented it out, enabling them to perhaps rent or buy a vehicles designed to minidifferent primary residence for their own use. 400,000 mize landlord risk. This full-service, total homeLong & Foster’s property management team has extensive 200,000 ownership approach to experience working with landlords in this situation, often 2010 2011 residential real estate— helping them manage their properties from a distance. Source: NAR, 2012 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey one that has enabled The Given that managing rental properties is often not a fullLong & Foster Companies to thrive and continue to time endeavor for “accidental landlords,” having the right team of experts to help maingrow for more than 40 years—is what makes owning tain the property, find the right renters, and manage the transfer of rental payments investment real estate a rewarding experience. y certainly reduces the risk and uncertainty that can come with being a landlord. Investment Home Transactions

In markets like Washington, D.C., and other metropolitan areas, for example, tenants in the upper-end of rental properties can include government workers, doctors who come to the region to complete residencies, CEOs pegged to lead companies through transition, and embassy officials. With desirable rental properties and a professional partner to help them maximize their investment, local landlords are experiencing returns that wouldn’t have been possible without today’s market conditions.

Jeffrey S. Detwiler is president and chief operating officer of The Long & Foster Companies, the parent company of the largest independent residential real estate company in the United States, Long & Foster® Real Estate, Inc. The group of companies is the Mid-Atlantic region’s leading provider of homeownership services. In addition to its real estate arm, The Long & Foster® Companies consist of Prosperity Mortgage® Company; Long & Foster® Insurance; and Long & Foster® Settlement Services. The total 2011 sales volume and sales equivalents for all The Long & Foster Companies was in excess of $42.7 billion. Visit for more information and complimentary industry-leading market data.

SECURING SECOND HOMES The opportunities that exist for investors apply to consumers who are interested in second homes or vacation homes as well. The National Association of Realtors® survey findings show that 35 percent of vacationhome buyers buy within 100 miles of their primary residences. The vast majority of vacation-home buyers do so to use the property for vacations and family retreats and about 30 percent of those surveyed indicate that they plan to use the vacation property as a primary residence in the future, perhaps as a retirement location. The number of vacation-home buyers is likely to increase in the future, NAR predicts, as more buyers with the resources to invest in vacation homes come to the marketplace. “Given that the number of people who are in their 40s is somewhat larger than the 50-somethings, the long-term demographic demand for purchasing vacation homes is favorable,” says NAR economist Lawrence Yun. Today’s market could offer opportunity unlike we’ve seen for generations to consumers who are considering investing in a second home. Many of the luxury sellers who work with Long & Foster find that our worldwide marketing reach not only targets qualified buyers looking for a vacation property within 100 miles of their primary residences, but the largest pool of buyers across the country and the globe as well. Vacation properties, particularly those at the high end of the market, require the specialized attention and expertise that comes with working with a notable luxury brand.

#1 Seller of Luxury Homes in the Mid-Atlantic

Extraordinary Reach Equals Extraordinary Results


27% 24%

At Long & Foster, luxury clients benefit from our true emphasis on luxury properties


through our exclusive

18% 15%

our affiliation with Luxury Portfolio International™. Together, Long & Foster offers

12% 9%

the combined power of unmatched global


9.3% 4.9%



Competitor 1

Competitor 2

reach when it comes to marketing

extraordinary properties. We believe in providing our sales professionals with the



affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate, and

industry-leading support and marketing opportunities that equip them to serve today’s


Competitor 3

luxury clientele—providing the total homeownership experience for discerning

Competitor 4

Make this picture come alive!

buyers and sellers.

Long & Foster Provides True Emphasis on Luxury Properties through our Luxury Affiliations

#1 in Bringing Together Luxury Home Buyers and Sellers in the Mid-Atlantic The choice is obvious—we outsell our competitors nearly three to one

Percentage of Properties above $1 Million


Global Reach to Qualified Buyers Online exposure to 7 million+ luxury real estate buyers in 200 countries




Exclusive Affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate Global exposure—Sophisticated marketing—Exclusive client referrals

60% 40%

Affiliation with Luxury Portfolio International The luxury arm of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Long & Foster is a founding member of this network of more than 550 of the best-known real estate firms in more than 30 countries


20% 0%





First, you’ll need a free app for your phone or tablet. Just go to your app store and search for the Inquirer AR app. Look for the red and blue Inquirer emblem. Download the app.

Start your Inquirer AR app and hold your phone or tablet over the picture above. When you see the whirling circles, you’ll know it’s starting.

Enjoy our informative luxury video as Inquirer AR makes this ad come alive through augmented virtual reality.

Double tap the screen to walk away and continue to view your video.


Long & Foster’s Luxury Affiliations

If you’re ready to put the power of this partnership to work for you, please contact one of our luxury specialists.

1. Christie’s International Real Estate (Q2 2012) 2. Luxury Portfolio International (Q2 2012) 3. (Q2 2012)

Source: Information included in this report is based on data supplied by MRIS and its member Association(s) of REALTORS who are not responsible for its accuracy. Does not reflect all activity in the marketplace. Data from January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 on number of units bought and sold $1 million and above. Information contained in this report is deemed reliable but not guaranteed, should be independently verified, and does not constitute an opinion of MRIS or Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.




In Partnership with the Philadelphia Inquirer



$6,600,000 3025415207


$2,549,000 3025415207


$2,495,000 3025415207


$4,950,000 3025415207


$2,895,000 3025415207


$3,995,000 2029057762



$3,900,000 7034070766


$3,295,000 7037599190


$2,999,950 7037599190


$2,999,000 7037599190


$2,950,000 7037599190


$2,595,000 7037599190

$2,750,000 2029057762



$4,500,000 2022432927


$3,795,000 2022432927


$4,550,000 7034070766



$5,900,000 7034594141


$3,800,000 7034594141


$3,175,000 7034070766

McLEAN, VA $2,600,000 MARIANNE PRENDERGAST 7038735155

McLEAN, VA $2,500,000 MARIANNE PRENDERGAST 7038735155


$2,450,000 7034070766


$2,299,000 7034070766

McLEAN, VA $2,175,000 MARIANNE PRENDERGAST 7038735155


$2,595,000 3017700760


$7,250,000 2022432927


$5,995,000 2022432927



$2,589,900 3013659090




$2,750,000 3017700760


$6,850,000 2022432927



$2,795,000 2029057762


$2,599,000 3019077600


$2,050,000 2029057762



$3,500,000 3017700760

$2,395,000 3013659090

$2,860,000 3017700760

$3,750,000 3019077600

$2,900,000 3017700760

All Properties Offered Internationally

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Power Brokers

#1 in the Mid-Atlantic for bringing buyers and sellers together.

$6,500,000 659 Rock Cove Lane, Severna Park, MD

$5,999,995 3053 North River Road, Cardinal, VA Grand estate in gated community offers unobstructed waterfront views of the Severn River. Chef’s dream kitchen, indoor lap pool; private pier & boat house. Minutes to Annapolis.

A collaboration of the world’s finest materials and a setting on 198 acres with over a mile of North River shoreline has created an estate of incomparable beauty. Close to Williamsburg and Richmond, VA.

Creig Northrop 410.531.0321 cnorthrop@

$5,300,000 33688 John Mosby Highway, Upperville, VA

The Maples of Upperville, VA c. 1853. Premier property fully restored and enhanced to include state of the art facilities. Manor, cottages, barns, paddocks, pool on 60 acres. Easy access to DC airports.

Kelly Corbett 757-570-7860, 757-564-2614 kelly.corbett@

$4,500,000 1003 Spring Hill Road, McLean, VA

Andy Stevens 703-568-0727 540-687-8530

Lilian Jorgenson 703-407-0766 703-790-1990

$3,995,000 3308 Woodley Road NW, Washington, DC

$4,350,000 39684 Hampton’s Lane, North Bethany, DE

Classic Cleveland Park Tudor beautifully expanded & updated for today’s living. Open floorplan, inviting foyer, elegant dining room, gracious living room/library, cook’s kitchen & family room over-looking pool. Gated garage parking.

Elegant oceanfront 5BR residence in a prominent gated community with pool and tennis. Ample room for entertaining from multiple living areas and porches overlooking the ocean and surf. Leslie Kopp 302-541-5207 302-542-3917

$3,950,000 8632 Brook Road, McLean, VA A masterpiece accented w/two formal staircases, the 2-story Family Room w/domed ceiling & Palladian windows overlooks the terrace & pool. The Master Suite is luxury beyond belief. Finished Lower Level.

Nancy Itteilag 202-905-7762 202-363-1800

$3,500,000 8564 Lee Highway, Warrenton, VA

148 acres. Large stucco home built in 1973. Totally renovated by renowned architect Albert Hinckley. 12’ ceilings, 5 bdrms, 5 1/2 baths, Chef’s kitchen, elevator. Charles Ebbets 540-341-3547 540-229-7808

Lilian Jorgenson 703-407-0766 703-790-1990

$2,950,000 6707 Lupine Lane, McLean, VA

One of Virginia’s finest abodes on 2.5 acres. Grand salons for living & dining, 2-story Palladian room, a rear terrace, plaza & pool. The Master fills an entire wing. Plus a private in-law apartment.

$2,500,000 3113 N Street NW, Washington, DC 6BR/6.5 BA on 1.25 acres in Langley. Imported tile/hrdwd floors, European hrdwre, custom built-ins/decorating, catering kit., dual laundry, au-pair quarters, pool/spa w/gazebo, landscaping & 3-car garage.

Spacious Grand Victorian with elegant entertaining spaces & high ceilings on four stories. Modern chef’s kitchen, private garden, fourth story balcony, and classic Georgetown elegance throughout.

Laurie Mensing 703-965-8133, 703-790-1990 laurie.mensing@

Nancy Itteilag 202-905-7762 202-363-1800

$2,495,000 10856 Patowmack Drive, Great Falls, VA

$2,497,000 8419 Brookewood Court, McLean, VA This home offers a formal Living Room w/domed ceiling, antique marble mantle fireplace in the Family Room, custom library. Lower Level complete with au-pair suite, custom wet-bar & rec room. Lilian Jorgenson 703-407-0766 703-790-1990

Plantation style home with heated pool on 2.5 private acres. Offers high ceilings, oak floors and mahogany library. A carriage house features a kitchen, living room, 2 BR’s and 2 BA’s. 5-car garage. Jan & Dan Laytham 703-759-9190, 703-444-1991 dan.laytham@


#1 in the Mid-Atlantic for bringing buyers and sellers together.

$2,150,000 941 Toy Hill Lane, Bluemont, VA

Power Brokers

$2,050,000 11617 Luvie Court, Potomac, MD Commanding Views in every direction from Mountaintop Estate w/ 177 forested acres & stream. 5500 sf luxury hm. w/ 7 decks. Subdividable & income producing. Low txs. Virtual tour:

Designed by renowned architect Tom Manion, this magnificent 4 level 9,000 sf home is sited on 2/3 of an acre in prestigious Merry-Go-Round Farm in close-in Potomac, MD.

Joyce Gates 540-771-7544

$1,950,000 8946 Abbey Terrace, Potomac, MD AVENEL- Stunning $400,000 renovation with outstanding attention to detail. Five bedrooms with four baths on upper level, plus daylight walkout lower level with bedroom and bath. Absolutely beautiful!

Nancy Itteilag 202-905-7762 202-363-1800

$1,850,000 3608 Willow Birch Drive, Glenwood, MD

Magnificent home offering 7,700+ sf living space, backing to 18th hole of Cattail Creek Golf Course with panoramic views from every room.

Nancy Itteilag 202-905-7762 202-363-1800

$1,800,000 1825 Kirby Road, McLean, VA Tara in McLean. Historic 1858 house nestled on two acres at the end of an oak-lined lane. The property offers a 4,000 sf house in addition to a guest house and finished rooms over the carriage house.

Creig Northrop 410.531.0321 cnorthrop@

$1,799,000 3516 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC Stately residence in prestigious Observatory Circle neighborhood. D Extensive architectural details: L paneled library and living room, SO crown moldings. Sun room with French doors to terrace.

Marianne Prendergast 703.873.5155, 703.626.7500 Marianne@

$1,675,000 6508 Kenhill Road, Bethesda, MD Entertain in grand style! Sophisticated 5 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath colonial with circular drive, brand new top-of-the-line kitchen, huge great room addition and walls of glass overlooking the pool and patio.

Jeanne Kersting 240-426-1929, 202-363-1800 jeanne.kersting@

$1,650,000 1594 Maddux Lane, McLean, VA

Stunning all brick home in the heart of Chesterbrook Farm. Four finished levels, gourmet granite kitchen w/island, elegant living & dining rooms, French doors to patio and a luxurious master suite.

Sharyn Goldman 301-529-7555 301-907-7600

$1,595,000 3211 44TH Street NW, Washington, DC

Lilian Jorgenson 703-407-0766 703-790-1990

$1,475,000 39593 Alicia Court, North Bethany , DE Private oasis in the city! Entertainer’s dream home with large table space kitchen, well proportioned rooms with great flow, 5 bedrooms with 3.5 baths & a heated pool surrounded by a flagstone patio.

Oceanblock 6BR coastal home located in a popular gated community with an open spacious floorplan, lots of indoor and outdoor living space, impressive rental history and Bay views.

Kimberly Cestari 202-253-8757 Kimberly.Cestari@

Leslie Kopp 302-541-5207 302-542-3917

$715,000 4200 Massachusetts Ave NW, Apt 713, Washington, DC

$1,250,000 20634 Blue Ridge Mountain Road, Upperville, VA Western Loudoun County mountaintop retreat w/ fantastic views and privacy on 117 wooded acres. Stylish hm. 4 BR, 3.5 BA, and barn. Expand or sub-divide—4 dwellings permitted. Approx. 1 hr. to DC.     Joyce Gates 540-771-7544

Lowest price for this wonderful 3 BR unit with expansive balcony opening thru the almost 2,000 sf. Parking & storage included. Condo fees cover all utilities plus the luxurious living at The Foxhall. Ana Maria Menendez Jaramillo 240.460.4555

Power Brokers


Re/Max Distinctive

Re/Max Distinctive

See all of Casey’s listings at McLean

View Casey’s YouTube Walkthrough o this ho e at www arge au o

Eight Oaks


s ire a ter hirley la tatio this gra estate sits o o e o the highest oi ts i air a Cou ty The large aks o the ro erty gi es it its a e This ho e is o er s t is a e o soli aso o stru tio o e tra e you will i a story atriu w a loati g soli arble stair ase The ho e has e ery a e ity to i lu e a ele ator ar gar guest uarters w kit ga e roo wi e ellar gy a ool w s a

For more than 20 years, M&A has been a leader in the custom home market in the Northern Virginia area and has earned a solid reputation of delivering a product unparalleled in quality and craftsmanship. This new design, offered by the Monument Award winning builder offers every possible amenity, including an elevator, Lutron lighting, crystal chandeliers, plaster moldings, inlaid hardwood floors & 5-piece crown molding.

Re/Max Distinctive

Re/Max Distinctive

See all of Casey’s listings at margenau com

View Casey’s YouTube Walkthrough of this home at

Great Falls


Great Falls


Ready for delivery. New Versailles Custom Home on 5 acre estate lot near Leigh Mill. Small enclave of high end estate homes built with the Versailles qualities you have come to envy but expect. Hardwood floors, tumble marble, plaster moldings, full detailed media room, lower level bar, paneled library, to die for kitchen and opulent master bedroom suite. All this with four -car garage and main level bedroom suite.


This grand estate sits on to of o er t o acres and features an indoor ool and talian gardens The home’s many luxurious amenities include em assy si ed rooms ten ft high ceilings eight ft high rench doors and laster moldings The main le el features a sun room and a huge gourmet itchen The u stairs oast a luxury master suite and the fully finished lo er le el incudes a media room in la suite catering itchen and a huge ool house

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Statement necklaces (and bracelets and rings) at good prices star at Loulou.

Suburban Outfitter Bethesda lures hip shoppers and hungry foodies to Md. The words “Bethesda boutique”

Judith Leiber and crysta ’s gem l clutch channe l her inner lets her ($5,00 0, Neima flapper n Mazza Galleri Marcus, e, 5300 Wisco nsin 202-96 Ave. NW; 6-9700 ).


might once have conjured images of soccer moms hunting for PTA-meeting outfits. But during the past three years, Bethesda Row has made the area near the Metro station one of the region’s go-to shopping zones. Stuff to score includes French cookware, Belgian beers, European lipsticks and women’s clothing by such names as DVF and Milly. The hottest action clusters along the Row’s promenade, Bethesda Lane. “The concept was modeled after a boulevard in Spain,” says Gretchen Hitchner, owner of Ginger boutique. “The idea was to have this gorgeous street where people could linger at a restaurant, go shopping, where women would hang out with a girlfriend.” Now the Row hosts movie nights, live folk rock and jazz music, fashion shows and — no surprise — plenty of browsers. ERIN HARTIGAN










Equally glam with jeans or a cockta black Tory Burch’il frock: s satin pumps with heels ($425,blingy Burch, Tory Tysons leria, 1734 Galtional Dr., Interna703-28 McLean; 8-0786 ).

Wrap S tars

n in experie this era of e-g ntal pre box stuf sents, ift cards and it’s nice and newfed with som ething to open a the bes . Here are our stylish, t season slee sug wrap them ’s givings gestions for k . Wh up for be our little sec others or ether you yoursel ret. f will

7114 BETHESDA LANE; 301-664-9242


OWNER GRETCHEN HITCHNER stocks her shop with polished, work-ready womenswear — much of it with an eco bent — including What’sflowing blouses by Joie; bold tops from Madison than thisbetter travelreadybright, Marcus; printed Tracy Reese dresses; shifts from Yoana cosme tics case? Give your Stuffin it with tickets gdelicate jewelry from local designer Suzanne travele favorite Baraschi; Paris andand to ra that fits jersey robe it under putting easily in overni tree an or menorthe The ghtartsy Somersall. decor — a bright blend of bamboo and edgy, Bloom bag ($92, Proper ah ($72, er’s, 924 Toppe King r). Alexan dria; window displays — summons visions of Brooklyn or SanSt.,571-312 Fran. -0852)

t a sweeses, s cast Pastel spring dresrates spell ongs and sepa ba hand HI, SUGAR



Let her her lips deck out and eyes with a Dior Deluxe Palette ($77, Nei-

Diane DuBois 202.334.5224

We love: his chunky cardigan, rolled jeans and rugged lace-up boots. Old-school round glasses add to the retro, “Are-we-inBrooklyn?” vibe.

man Marcu 5300 Wisco s, Ave. NW; nsin 202966-9700).

Wanna be F. Fitzge Scott ralds chilly Redsk or ins fans will leather relish a -cover flask ($80, ed Hour, 1015 The St., Alexan King dria; 703-22 4-468 7).

Urban Country

7117 ARLINGTON ROAD; 301-654-0500

Do the lines of tourists at the M Street flagship of Georgetown Cupcake make you want to rub icing Fill a silk, pearls Asian-style jewelry combo or a steel neckla roll in your eyes? Less-patient ce for with Pennsy gift ($65. M29 a cool lvania Ave. NW; LIfestyle, 2800 202-29 seekers of confectionery 5-2829 ). bliss can head to this Bethesda Row branch of the bakery, where, on a recent weekday afternoon, a mere five people stood Just dandy in line. Seasonal flavors dress up : Silver and ename tux shirts ($130, l cufflin or Thoma include pumpkin Ave. NW; spice s Pink, workday ones ks 1127 202-22 3-5390 Conne and eggnog. 4834 ). cticut Bethesda Ave.; 301907-8900

nghour i h c t i w be Photo taken by Curator of D.C. Style. See other the well-dressed locals into on (and arkling his blog, sCuratorofdc ms s, sp partie esse ized ge Ely liday dr

THESE DAYS, country has two-stepped into much

tite ing pe ort Does be t sh n? you ge mean d by fashio shrifte es sh di Karanand her Donna e travels ced lin r THERE’S A SOUTHERN he on ACCENT -influen e — as in girly and ndCreuset us islaLe bright old ho ou 7116 BETHESDA r — at this branch of In an LANE; ets, thenAtlanta-based chainlet. 301-718-1885 ow That means everything from out clos r ith he w ilds in g room FOR INSTANT COLOR Velvet’s faux-fur bomber to r buFrance’s ito sin edthe kitchen, dark, flared DL1961 jeans. es glam dr

hipper territory, on full display at this industrial-chic e ho tone overs Marg showroom. Weathered dining room hutches, duvets , le at elDazz in jewd splashy Cathy Phillips in faded blue prints, and crisply tailored chairs in night) es an Barger rat ifer Jenn eco-friendly fabrics keep company with one-of-a-kind sepa finds such as a refurbished map cabinet (use it to store Luna linens). You can also invest temporarily: The shop offers 7232 WOODMONT AVE.; real estate staging using its minimal, organic pieces. 301-656-1111 NG

popular enameled cookware line offers Dutch ovens, grill pans and Moroccan-style tagines in 18 hues, including Flame (the classic burnt-orange) to the new mossy green Fennel (shown). Aproned foodie sales clerks can suggest which pot suits, say, roasting a goose.





| Fash

ashi ionW

Mussel Bar

n | 11 ngto


7262 WOODMONT AVE.; 301-215-7817

Add fun serious to your brothe desk with r’s a retro game set with cards,stocked noes and domipick-up sticks ($22, Proper Toppe r).

7105 BETHESDA LANE; 301-986-0070



inspired the name of Brabo and Brasserie Beck chef alchemic bottles and Robert Wiedmaier’s latest brightly colored perfumes, venture: a pubby, casual this haute beauty supply Belgian spot where beerboutique specializes in skin bottle chandeliers and roughLATE FALL 2011 | Fash care, perfume and cosmetic hewn tables set the scene for ionWashin gton | 9 products by culty labels like garlicky moules in sauces such ReVive, Acqua di Parma and as curry or tikka masala. And Diptyque. Top sellers include it’s not totally shellfish — you Dennis Gross Skincare’s can also tuck into addictive self-tanning Alpha Beta Belgian tartes topped Glow Pads ($32) and Laura with spicy pork sausage or Mercier’s easy-to-apply caramelized onions, or sip — caviar stick eye color ($24). what else? — Belgian brews. WITH WALLS LINED with

Accessories also come across as flirtatious — think Art Deco-style statement jewelry by Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow and long, drapey scarves.



Atelier Zobel’ s luxe, combi nes moder nist dized silvergold, diamo nds and cuff ($4,65 oxi1, I. Gorma n).

Leathe r combi and canvas ne pack he on a backwork — can lug to Year’s or on that New jaunt to ($400 Jakart , M29 Lifesty a le).





Watch es, in the era back in style zip. Cultishof iPhones, even ly popula add by Taki r ones work for girls ($80, guys and Homeb 8th St. SE; 202-54 ody, 715 4-844 5).


Cork & Fork: A family of French winemakers owns and operates this vino shop, which sells a variety of styles and a wide selection of Champagne. 7110 Bethesda Lane; 301-841-7204

Amethyst: A petite jewelry store sells contemporary, indie designs, including gems by co-owner Amy Hugo and travelinspired pieces by Lauren Harper. 4808 Bethesda Ave.; 301-907-6871

Sassanova: Kick into this posh boutique for buttery Loeffler Randall wedge boots, chunky Marais heels and ribboned Kate Spade kitten pumps. 7134 Bethesda Lane; 301-654-7403


“GOING OUT WITH A BANG.” The Glitter Patrol

In the words of every real estate expert, location, location, location is the unquestioned key to the success of a community. This cliché certainly describes the Capital City’s best selling high-end condominium, Turnberry Tower. A 26-story gleaming, contemporary tower, rising in lustrous blue and silver above the Potomac River and the Key Bridge, and just a stone’s throw from the endless shopping, dining and entertainment of Georgetown, Turnberry Tower is ideally sited to bring all of Washington’s major business and governmental centers within easy reach for the many professionals who reside here. And to make it even easier, the Rosslyn Metro stop is literally across the street from the building. In the past 28 months, Turnberry Tower has established many sales records for the city. With over 95% of all residences sold, the sales team has registered more than $300 million in sales … making Turnberry Tower Washington, D.C.’s number one selling residential development for the past two-plus years. “We are projecting that we will have sold all of our remaining residences by the end of this year,” says Dan Riordan, President of Residential Development for Turnberry Associates. Already the project has repaid the entire construction loan and is debt-free. “We have approximately 15 residences remaining, and they all are special and unique – spacious, with great views, covered terraces as large as 900 square feet, 9’-11’-foot ceilings, private elevators that

Marlene Hu Aldaba, the energetic, edgy owner of Hu’s Wear (2906 M St. NW; 202-342-2020) knows what most women want for Christmas or Hanukkuh. “It’s jewelry, because it makes such a sentimental gift,” she says. “And even if you don’t like it, the price of gold is so high, you’ll have a piece that’s worth something.” That sensible-yetsweet idea inspired her boutique’s series of holiday jewelry shows, with designers in attendance.


Digital artist-turnedjewelry creator Jessica Biales works matte gold into geometric shapes both trad (signet ring, top, $2,000) and contempo (wave band, bottom, $1,500). Some styles are embedded with gems; all work well “when stacked in endless combinations,” says Hu Aldaba.


Anne Cynamon 202.334.5226


For more information, please contact your Washington Post Account Manager or our FW Account Managers, Anne Cynamon and Diane DuBois:

hat with a wool leaf details stylish ($44, Proper


Space Reservation: 10.05.12



She can a film noirchannel hero-

ine while 7125 BETHESDA 301-652-0048 toasty keepinLANE; g in Toppe 1350 r, Conne spills THIS TINY SHOP over with wellcut Ave. ctiNW; 202 842-30 55). priced, often brightly colored accessories that bring out personalities such as prep and boho. This means feathered hair extensions, coral starfish bracelets and a memorable selection of cocktail rings, including chunky turquoise ones that might be visible from space. Bags by Hobo; paisley, ikat scarves; and cat-eye shades add to the mix. For a flashy statement, try a pairEve of ’80s-fab dangling earrings.

Semi-r ough cut ameyt hst and green tourma mesh on line Margo mod cockta ni il ring ($2,65 0, 1133 20th I. Gorman, 202-77 St. NW; 5-8544 ).


FW Pre-Holiday issue

Lou Lou

Bethesda Row, Maryland


DEC. 15-18

For her Gioielli line, Los Angeles designer Nikki Baker mixes delicate gems with sinewy metal for statement styles such as emeraldcut earrings in stones such as citrine and blue topaz (left, $195 a pair) and a howlite necklace (right, $225) fit for latterday Cleopatras.

open directly into most residences, gourmet kitchens and European baths and a vast array of amenities,” he points out. “We have 24-hour complimentary valet parking, around the clock security, a large indoor heated pool and Jacuzzi, a large covered porte cochere, a fitness center with cardio stations and onsite concierge.” ERIN CUNNINGHAM

6 | FashionWashington | WINTER 2011

Riordan adds, “Our purchasers are mostly local full-time residents, and they feel living at Turnberry Tower provides them with a resort-type lifestyle, which is uncommon in an urban setting.” When Turnberry says it has spacious residences, it means that. One-bedroom apartments start at 1,300 square feet, and penthouses measure up to 5,300 square feet. Four different floor plans and six beautiful models take much of the guesswork out of the decorating process and demonstrate how to optimize the living experience. It may be some time before the Washington area sees another project of the quality of Turnberry Tower. This is why we say, “Turnberry is going out with a bang!” Our advice to anyone still interested in a fabulous place to live, where everything is provided: please make your way to North Nash Street in Arlington TODAY. Because tomorrow will be too late. The train will have left the station and you’ll still be standing there wishing you had gotten aboard. Turnberry Tower. 1881 North Nash Street, Arlington, VA 22209. Sales Office located on the 21st Floor. Open daily 9 to 6. 703 243 3000.



deLuxe Facing Rendering of Quarry Springs_05092012.

Quarry Springs Introduces the Estate Condominium

Luxury Lifestyle in a Beautiful Bethesda Location Luxury Lifestyle in a Beautiful Bethesda Location Located on a historic piece of land just off of Bethesda’s River Road, the new community of Quarry Springs offers luxurious estate condominiums and a wide variety of inhome features and community amenities. Quarry Springs began life in 1924 as the real, working Stoneyhurst Quarry, a source of stone used in the construction of local homes, bridges, and churches, including the National Cathedral. Bringing new life to this historic parcel is the new community of Quarry Springs, which, when completed, will boast four stylish buildings set amidst gardens and lawns. A 50-ft. waterfall will be a focal point, its waters splashing down three terraced levels into a landscaped stream paralleled by a community walking path.

2,000 square feet. Ultimately, homeowners can have the last word on their feature choice by opting for an estate condominium delivered “designer ready.” Floor plans of over 4,000 square feet are available. Prices begin at $1.8 million. Only 97 condominium homes will be offered. Buyers may choose from eight floor plans of 2 and 3-bedroom designs ranging from just under 2,300 sq. ft. to over 4,400 sq. ft. and offering a good fit for any lifestyle, from intimate serenity to stylish entertaining. With private garages, wrap-around terraces, master suites with walk-in closets and a wealth of other high-end details, these estate condominiums set a new standard for convenient, elegant living in the Washington Metropolitan Area.



Prospective Quarry Springs residents will enjoy a new concept in luxury living: The Estate Condominium. By design, homeowners accustomed to the spacious elegance of a single family estate residence will feel right at home at Quarry Springs. These extraordinary homes include amenities usually reserved for high-end estates, like 10+ foot ceilings, crown moulding, real hearthstone fireplaces, hardwood floors, a selection of fine finishes to choose from, and private direct-access elevators from the underground garage to your own foyer. Finish levels include appliance packages from Sub-Zero and Wolf. Many homes enjoy expansive outdoor space on terraces, up to 2,000 square feet. Ultimately, homeowners can have the last word on their feature choice by opting for an estate

Designed to bring residents together in beautiful surroundings, the community amenities at Quarry Springs serve to enhance the lifestyle. An expansive pool is the perfect place to relax in the sun, while the formal lawn is just right for weddings and other special events. The 10,000 square foot clubhouse offers a variety of gathering spaces, and the spa and fitness center has everything you need to

stay in shape. Full concierge services, climate-controlled underground parking, and 24-hour security monitoring complete the picture of luxury. For a challenging day on the links, Quarry Springs is surrounded by some of the DC area’s best golf courses. Just across the street is Congressional Country Club, host to three U.S. Opens and an annual PGA stop. The courses at Burning Tree, Columbia, and TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm are all a short drive away.

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Located right off River Road, just outside the Capital Beltway, Quarry Springs is close to everything that makes Potomac and Bethesda, Maryland so special. Dining, shopping, live music, and other entertainment options are all just moments away. Even so, the peaceful countryside of Bethesda forms a relaxing backdrop to Quarry Springs. Enjoy the lush greenery as you drive down a winding country road and over a picturesque wooden bridge. Nearby parks are crossed by creeks, streams and hiking trails. Pick-your-own fruit orchards are a short drive away. At Quarry Springs, the city’s bustle, and the countryside’s charms are equally accessible.

8/20/12 9:29 A Quarry Springs is brought to you by TTR Sotheby’s International Realty. For more information, please call (202) 257-1226, or visit

How are we doing? For questions, comments and suggestions regarding this section, please send an email to






Quarry Springs connects you to the privileged lifestyle you already enjoy in Bethesda or Potomac, but in a sumptuously appointed new residence with 10+ foot ceilings and fine features like hearthstone fireplaces and intricate crown moulding. Choose from floor plans that range to over 4,000 square feet. Then custom-design your home from the finest materials available. Quarry Springs provides all you expect in a new home and one thing you don’t – the convenience of condominium living.


5454 Wisconsin Ave. Plaza Level Chevy Chase, MD 20815


Phone: (202) 257 1226 Showroom open Monday - Saturday: 1pm – 4pm or by appointment.

Each office is independently owned and operated.

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