Kashiff Khan - I started off as a commoner but didn’t think like one

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Kashiff Khan - I started off as a commoner but didn’t think like one Kashiff Khan, Managing Director of FashionTV Asia Pacific is a household name in the Indian business brand development industry. It is quite difficult to get a hold of a person like Kashiff Khan, who is known to juggle various business ventures under his belt. For most managing directors who work in the fashion and lifestyle industry, launches are a big event, but they are an old hat for Khan, 38, who has already established multiple business verticals across different industries. FashionTV India under the leadership of Mr.Kashiff Khan has already launched and is successfully operating numerous business segments like franchising, licensing, events, city partnership, media, and concepts. Apart from being the world’s largest fashion media conglomerate with a total of 2 billion viewership spread across 192 countries, FTV provides fashionable services to its loyal customer base in India with its various ventures like franchises, licensing, events and many different concepts. How did you start on your journey of entrepreneurship? I began my journey in the most unconventional way and worked hard and smart to pave my way till here. I started off doing odd jobs like selling SIM cards and India Today magazine subscriptions at Nariman Point, Mumbai after dropping out of school. Then, I went on to work at Nightingale, an Indian MNC SFA where I was working as an Export Sales Executive before being promoted as the Director of Sales. Post this, I ventured into franchising, licensing and brand business development industries and worked with over 40 brands including personal brands, celebrity alliances, and exclusive representation of global international renowned brands in India. Shortly after that, I joined FashionTV India as the Management Personnel in 2018. I was then promoted as the Managing Director of FTV Asia Pacific, and ever since I have expanded the media house to various franchises and verticals under the brand name. Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion? It would be Karl Lagerfeld without a doubt. He was born in a family far from fashion and in spite of that he built up his legacy by himself. He expanded Chanel beyond its design, breaking down barriers and establishing his own public presence with a dramatic flair. He understood the need for luxury brands to leave a mark beyond their niche areas. He brought new life, dynamism and inspiration to major fashion houses by upsetting and unsettling the status quo and forging a path for himself. What are the biggest factors that led you to your success today? For me, success never came easy. It was never served on a silver platter to me. I have a humble origin and didn’t have the right contacts when I started off in the industry. I built my connections on the way and worked around them to expand my

reach. I was just like any commoner out there but my dreams were never like one. It was not easy to reach this position today and it is only because of sheer hard work and the burning passion inside me. Some people like to believe that luck plays an important role in your success but I like to believe it is just a cherry on your cake, the rest is all about you.

What is the next big thing for Fashion TV in India? There is no stopping for FashionTV in India anytime soon. We plan to launch 12 FTV channels in India as well as globally made for, of and by our beloved FTV viewers. We are keen on constantly expanding the business with our various franchises, licenses, events, media, concepts, city partners and other business verticals across the country. FTV India has successfully established several franchises across the country and recently inaugurated four F business verticals in the past few months. We are overwhelmed with the kind of response we have been receiving from our loyal FTV audience base who have supported us in all our endeavours and we believe will keep on supporting us going forward. There is nothing impossible to achieve in the books of Kashiff Khan, the Managing Director of FashionTV Asia Pacific. The path that began as a sales professional has now progressed to serial entrepreneurship for Mr. Khan. The dreamer who envisioned making it big one day from his modest Bandra East chawl now manages a multi-national company with 2 billion viewership in 192 countries and houses more than 150+ business verticals and counting.

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