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Outline Autobiography-------------------------------------------------------------------2 Resume--------------------------------------------------------------------------3-4 Abstract----------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Concept----------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Motivation & Inspiration----------------------------------------------------7-8 Mission Statement---------------------------------------------------------------9 Target Market------------------------------------------------------------------10 Location--------------------------------------------------------------------------11 Store image----------------------------------------------------------------------12 Market Analysis------------------------------------------------------------13-15 Competitor Analysis-------------------------------------------------------16-17 Price Point-----------------------------------------------------------------------18 Marketing Strategies----------------------------------------------------------19 SWOT Analysis-----------------------------------------------------------------20 Time Line------------------------------------------------------------------------21


Autobiography My major in college, I-Shou University in Kaohsiung country was Applied English. There are many people asked me that what should I learn about my major? There are many different classes in our major. There are some classes that affect me more, such as Business English, Software Application and Creative Arts Products and Business. I started to love business and research more information about business through these three classes. Therefore, I had one chance to practice in Ogilvy that is a very famous advertisement and public relation company for almost one year. I learned some public relation skills even through the content of my job is assistant of business planning. I started to contact with fashion when I practiced in Ogilvy. I paid attention to the fashion shows, fashion business and some big important actions. Thus, I decided to choose Academy of Art University because there is a major that is Fashion Merchandising about fashion and business. It has always been my dream to combine fashion with business. I discovered that there are more and more people who cannot to show their design and the most popular part is clothesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; design. Thus, I want to provide a good stage to them to show their design and their dream. Moreover, I want to combine fashion and with the stage. In order to accomplish my dream and my goal to create a new business image, I make sure that there are benefits and happy in a public relation company or party company. Then, I will have Baby Dream realized.



YU-SHENG (JUNGLE), LIN 2075 Sutter Street, #229, San Francisco, CA94115 (Mobile): (415) 374-9603

EDUCATION ♦January 2011 Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA MFA in Fashion Merchandising (Full-time) ♦September 2006 to June 2010 I-Shou University, Kaohsiung country, Taiwan BA in the Applied English (Full-time) GPA: 3.2

RELATED COURSES ♦Textiles& Other Raw Materials

♦Merchandising Principle

♦Dynamics of Fashion

♦Visual Merchandising

♦Fashion Marketing

♦Product Sourcing

♦Trend Analysis & Product Development

♦Crossing Borders

♦History of 20th Century Fashion


WORK EXPERIENCE (PART-TIME) ♦November 2006 to December 2007 Starbucks Coffee— Be a seller in the store and worked for 4 hours in one day ♦January 2008 to February 2009 VIESHOW CINEMAS—Be a tickets seller in the store and be a server of VIP room ♦February 2008 to January 2009 I-Shou International School—Be a practice teacher for elementary school students

OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE (PART-TIME) ♦September 2009 to June 2010 Ogilvy—Be a assistant of business planning.

LANGUAGE SKILLS ♦Mandarin♦English♦Taiwanese

COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE ♦Windows Vista♦Microsoft Office


Abstract Store concept & background

Baby Dream draws a platform for the customers who want to find some unique and sense of design products. This idea wants to provide a stage to design students and new designer. We provide big space to display every products and design. Every design can be exposed powerfully and get the promotion benefit. Baby Dream wants to cooperate with design school students because sometimes they have many great designs for their products. We also will show the new design to retailers in every season, month or every week. Baby Dream sales not only a space but also a dream and a chance. In Taiwan, there are not many showrooms to show the new design so we want to provide this stage. We will provide a modern and clear space to promote their products. Baby Dream will be a wholesaler so we also can provide a professional place to retailer to buy our products. Baby Dream provides both sex lines in new design products. We will show clothes and accessories in Baby Dream. We also want to combine some design and fashion magazine to do our promotion.


Concept Nowadays, there are more and more designers who have many great ideas on their design but they do not have good stage to show up in Taiwan. Moreover, there are more students who like to learn design in Taiwanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s design schools or design majors in Taiwan. For new designer, the most important thing is that show their designs and their ideas. There are many professional designers who started to show their design in the whole world stage and they get very good response. It lets me know the importance in this market. I understand that this is an important and wide market with designer and many retailers, which is the catalyst of Baby Dream, the showroom where the great designers have a stage to show their products and design. Baby Dream is an exclusive showroom which provides complete lines between boys and girls.


Motivation & Inspiration Motivation Today, there are more and more students who like to show their ideas and designs in Taiwan. I am a fashion design school student now so I want to provide a good stage to them. Everyone has some dreams and I want to let the dream come true. On the other hand, in Taiwan, the government started to focus on this market so I can cooperate with government and design school. The most important objective is that Baby Dream provides a big stage for innovative designers and student designers and let their design to show out for retailer and some people who like fashion in Taiwan. The value of this plan is that Baby Dream provides more unique products for our customers.


Motivation & Inspiration Inspiration I found that there are many jewels and watches showrooms in Asia. However, there are not many fashion clothes showroom in Asia. Moreover, I think that it is a farsighted market in Taiwan. I saw many jewels and watches showrooms in Taiwan on the Shin-Yi district in Taipei. Thus, it inspires me to think about the same idea to the clothes showroom. I also saw the some clothes showroom from the website and I got some idea for Baby Dream.


Mission Statement

In Taiwan, there are more and more new designers and there are more and more schools like to support students. However, there are not many showrooms to promote and show products. Thus, Baby Dream wants to provide the stage. Fashion always change in the short time so we want to follow the new design and unique in the fashion. “ The economy is on the outs, but the fashion is always in,” Baby Dream focus on the fashion work and new design because fashion is a very important attitude in the whole world now. All our target market needs a good place to show their design and originality and they hope that their products can be knew so we will sell the design to retailer. Baby Dream is in the most important road – Shin- Yi road in Taipei so it will be focused on easier. Baby Dream will provide a comfortable place to show their design and a dream and we can let their dream come true. Baby Dream also wants to improve the market in Taiwan.


Target Market â&#x20AC;˘

The buyers of retailers

Baby Dream will invite some buyers of retailers to visit the new collections in the new season and order season. They are our target customers and I choose three representation retailers to be the example.

Example1: PlaiN-me It is a clothes retailer for women and men. They always choose many fashion items and they choose the items by themselves. The location of store is on the Da-an district in Taipei. The location is a high quality district in Taipei. The price range is also from middle to high level. The target market is from 20 t0 30 years old men and women. Example2: LeeCheen It is a fashion wear retailer for men. They choose many high quality clothes and some fashion design clothes. They are very famous on menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wear. The location is on the Tucheng District in Taipei. Their target market is from 25 to 35 years old men.

Example3: Bi Ba Fashion shop It is a Hong Kong retailer for men and women clothes. However, they open one store in Taiwan from 2009. They choose some young clothes items in every month. The location is on the Shin-Yi district in Taipei. The location is very high quality in Taipei. The Target market is from 18 to 30 years old men and women.


Location The first Baby Dream will be launched in Taipei, Taiwan. Sin- Yi Road is one of the most important roads in Taipei city. There are many different kinds of design companies. You can see multiple design and different ideas. I want to open a studio showroom to show the design. The most design schools are in Taipei so we can easier to contact with them and crossover with them. Sin- Yi Road is also the most road in Taipei for many high quality people and many fashion people so we decide to open our studio showroom in here.


Store Image ♥ Vending machine

♥ Showcase

♥ Chic, Bright

♥ Modern in-door design

♥ Diversification

♥ Wide space ♥ New design


Market Analysis Î&#x201D; Business There are almost 2060 wholesalers for garments who cooperate with government in Taiwan. However, they usually use website to promote their products. There are just few wholesaler who have their own showrooms in Taiwan. There are almost 11500 retailers for garments in Taiwan so I have many chances to cooperate with them. It fit in with my target market. There are 136 design companies who cooperate with government in Taiwan. On the other hand, there are 525 design brands in Taiwan. However, they just promote and show their own products in the company and our showroom will promote the different products that were made by different designer.

Taiwan clothes retailers


Market Analysis Î&#x201D; Education There are 172 universities and there are 141 majors in Taiwan. There are 300,000 high school students going to universities. There are six clothes design schools and eight clothes design majors who are Fu Jen Catholic University, Shin Chien University, Shu-Te University, National Pingtung University of Science & Technology, Tainan University of Technology and ling Tung University. Thus, there are almost 440 design students will graduate from design school. It also fit in with my target market.

Shin Chien University

Fu Jen Catholic University


Market Analysis Î&#x201D; Government Support The design schools cooperate with ministry of education in every year. There are some incentives will be provide if your application is good and get great grade. On the other hand, you can get some bonus and study in the some famous schools or practice in some famous companies in America, Japan, France and England. I think it is very good way to improve design skills in Taiwan. On the other hand, the government provides some support for the some business who work in the fashion business in Taiwan. For example, if I apply to open one showroom to sell some new designs for government and pass the apply then we can get 300,000 to 500,000 for the whole year and we can use this support to plan our business. Ministry of education supports the design school designers Audience award

Gold medal award




Silver medal award

Bronze medal award

Quality award

Judgesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; list award

1,000,000 800,000

















Competitor Analysis Online store and Promotion website

Asia Fashion Clothing Asia Fashion Clothing is a promotion website. It promotes and shows many Asia designerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s design and products. We can see much information and some detail about the new design from the website. We also can see the conception of different design. There are some retailer and wholesaler information so if you want to cooperate with them and you also can contact them. The advantage of Asia Fashion Clothing is that you can see many different new designs in every week or every month and you also can find the some retailer and ask them to cooperate with you. The disadvantage is that you cannot see the real products and you also cannot to know the looking when you wear it on. On the other hand, they do not sieve any products out so you can put any design that you want to put on the website so they cannot control the quality of products. (The Taiwan design brand) is a website to introduce the designs of Taiwan designers. They provide a place to show the new design in every season. Every Taiwan designer can show their idea of design or show their products on website. The advantage is that you can share any comment, any idea of design or any products on the website. The disadvantage is that you also cannot see the real products. Moreover, they cannot sieve any products out so they cannot control the quality of products.


Heyshow Heyshow provides a stage to the some student designer and some innovative designers. They can show their design and products on the website. However, there are not many retailers or businessmen to browse the website. It is like a student website that just like a student discussion area. On the other hand, the design is not mature enough but it is a good place for student designer to get some experiences form the website.


Price point The price point is very important for every business. Baby Dream will hold an exhibition in every order season, every new season or when new products that are new arrived. Moreover, we will invite dome buyer of retailers to our showroom. Baby Dream will get some commission from designers after the orders are completed. There is a stand rule for Baby Dream. We will get 50% of the label price to be our commission. It is the most important income for Baby Dream. On the other hand, we will charge a stable rack fee and it is about 3 to 5% of the housing rent.

For example: We got $300 from retailer older Baby Dream can get 50% of it to be commission 300*0.5=150 On the other hand, designer can get 50 % of it We can get $150 to be our income Designers also can get $150


Marketing Strategies ⊗ Trade Magazines: In the some trade magazines ⊗Special issue: Provided special issues in the some important months, such as March and September ⊗Website: Designed our own website to show our new products and new information ⊗Special events: Provided some parties in the some special days and we will invite some fashion people to our parties to look at our new design and unique products.


SWOT Analysis Strengths


♦Unique products

♦Difficult to produce mass market

♦New design products

♦We cannot show too many products in the showroom

♦Have showroom



♦We have showroom

♦Asia Fashion Clothing (Online)

♦Cooperate with design school students

♦NOESA Taipei showroom

♦Cooperate with retailers

♦ (Online)


Time Line 2011 Spring

FSH 616 Dynamics of Fashion FSH 634 Textiles & Other Raw Materials FSH 630 Fashion Marketing

2011 Summer

FSH 632 Trend Analysis & Product Development GS 613 History of 20th Fashion

2011 Fall

FSH 631 Merchandising Principle FHS 675 Visual Merchandising FSH 637 Product Sourcing GS Crossing Borders: Art & Culture in a Global Society

2012 Spring

FSH 635 MS: Creating Competitive Strategy FSH 629 Styling WNM 600 MS: Digital Applications GLA 602 The Art & Ideology of the 20 th Century