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MURDER, my sweet We are proud to present to you a book about Mystery, Mayhem and Murder, set in a classic detective film noir style. We decided to do the pictures in Black & White with only Red showing as a color to set the mood of intrigue and suspense. To add drama, we are honored and thankful to spotlight the designs of Bliss Couture, SoliDea FoliEs, Vero Modero, LovelyMi and Vaya Con Dios. Let’s follow down on this detective as he attempts to solve the biggest case of his life. Will he succeed or will it be his end? Turn the page and prepare to be enthralled in our world… CAST & OUTFITS: Editorial Clarity: SoliDea FoliEs – Murder, My Sweet LovelyMi Makeup – Avant Garde Arisia Ashmoot: Bliss couture – Federica Gown RicoRacer Flux: SoliDea FoliEs – Murder, My Sweet COVER MODEL: Sydney Blonde: SoliDea FoliEs PHOTOGRAPHER: Natsuka Miliandrovic

The night was hot and humid, the kind of night where everything sticks to your skin, including the constant outpouring of sweat. I sat quietly in my lousy office in a lousy part of a lousy town. Just another down on his luck detective with nothing left to lose. I would take a smoke from my cigar and slowly toy with it, twirling it between my fingers, stopping only as I exhale. That’s when I saw her…the blond bombshell…pale skin, red lips, deep blue eyes with hair that matched the paleness of her skin. What caught my attention was her hands…dripping and covered in that red sticky fluid I knew so well. As she began to walk, I shot to my feet and ran towards her, thinking the blood was hers. In that moment, she dropped down to her knees, taking me with her. She said to me with her voice cracking, begging, and me “I’ve been incriminated, Help Me!!!”

CAST & OUFITS: Liam Netizen: Hoorenbeck Mesh Trenchcoat Draakje Daley: Bliss Couture-AnaRita cocktail Dress in RedBlack PHOTOGRAPHER: Spartin Parx

My case began a few days back. It had been a rainy night, when an innocent beauty crossed my path, running across the wet pavement as if being chased by demons. Each step she took could have led her down the path of salvation…had the fate been kinder? But on that fateful night, the city was unbending and cruel…as usual. The young beauty was struck down…fast and brutal. Only a sigh managed to escape her sweet red lips as she dropped hard to the wet pavement, the flow of her blood painting the sidewalk red. Along came the priest…as if on cue, emotionless, expressionless, just another ritual…another chore to do. Father Lavecchia blessed the lovely corpse, read her last rites and sent her soul from this place. The rain continued to pour down…as if the angels wept for her. The night was still young, yet the city was already gripped in madness. An innocent heart stops…while the heart of the city beats on…merciless and strong.

CAST & OUTFITS: Angelik Lavecchia: Oaharu Shirt with Mandala Tie Necklace Lilou Cerise: Vero Modero- Puma Mini Dress Red PHOTOGRAPHER: Sophy Violet

Crowds began to swarm the crime scene like vultures to a rotting carcass. One more typical night in the city as she entertains the crowd with another unfortunate victim…she loves a gory scene. I stood silently in the dark… scanning the crowd, analyzing the face of each spectator for any signs of suspicion. A sudden movement caught my trained eye as two bodies fled to the alleyway. I followed… I gave chase into the dark alley…my heart pounding loudly against my chest. A bullet swiftly whizzed pass me as the Henchman and the Harlequin took aim with their heavy artillery. I dove for cover as they fleeted… escaping, getting away. However, they did unwittingly leave something behind in their haste…a small matchbox, bearing only the words…”Bliss Cabaret.”

CAST & OUTFITS: Saleena Hax: Vero Modero – Harlequin in Black Snow Tigerpaw: SoliDea FoliEs – John PHOTOGRAPHER: Spartin Parx

The Madam stood bold yet elegant at the entrance of her notorious Bliss Cabaret. She offered me a smile…with a hint of wickedness and amusement behind it. Her eyes were cold but deep…a lifetime of secrets hidden behind them. She knows more than meets the eye. She grabbed my shoulder as I walked through the entrance, whispering sweetly but firmly, “No trouble, Detective Netizen.” I gave her a nod and entered what many men consider “Heaven.” I settled in a fancy chair by the corner…ready, willing, and able to get what I want…INFORMATION.

CAST & OUTFITS: Rusalika Callisto: Vero Modero- Maalik Mujer PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

The place was gorgeous and sparkling with an atmosphere of unapologetic pleasure. You could practically breathe the passion and allure exuding from the infamous “Bliss Dolls”, a very elite group of mesmerizing beauties entertaining the crowd. I stared hypnotically and enthralled. Each movement of the living dolls offered an exotic rhythm full of passion and promise. They enticed like sirens causing men to go wild and crazy…trapped in their essence. I quickly snapped myself out of the trance…”Ive got work to do.”

CAST & OUTFITS: Celestial Lunasea: Bliss Couture – Bliss Ruffles Red with Black Lingerie Caoimhe Lionheart: Bliss Couture –Bliss Ruffles Black with Red Lingerie MelMel Shiu: Bliss Couture – Bliss Ruffles Red with Black Lingerie PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Millandrovic

Out of the corner of my eye. I caught a glimpse that sent cautious flags to my mind…trouble. I turned to get a full glance and there she stood…a woman of unparalleled mysterious beauty. She sat down next to me, each fine movement was precise and filled with educated art, designed to entice. She purred in my ear, “Buy Miss Boa a drink?” Instantly, I was drawn in…like a moth to a flame, none of my actions were controlled anymore…I couldn’t help myself. My head started swirling with intoxication and desire. The room grew dark. I awakened battered and bruised, lying in the filth of a dark alleyway. I reached up and grabbed the note pinned to my chest: “DROP THE CASE OR IT WILL BE YOUR LAST”

CAST & OUTFITS: Mimmi Boa: Bliss Couture – Polly Gown in Black PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

The darkest hour is just before dawn. As the sun rose, a rising star’s flame was snuffed out far too soon. Veronica Krasner, a promising new Goddess of the Silver Screen has played her last role. She lay dead in a perfect pose, still stunning as if she was still playing a part...this one inviting you to passionately join her in the next life. Another victim devoured by the insatiable hunger of the city. The police commissioner observed the scene with mild annoyance. Two victims in one night. The pit of his stomach told him there would be more to come, which also means more work to do. Bring it on as long...as the checks keep coming, he shrugged with indifference.

CAST & OUTFITS: Takeshi Kiama: Aoharu Suit Veronica Krasner: Vero Modero - Ayleen Poudre Elegant Outfit PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

EXTRA! Morning came with a roar as news of the killings spread like wildfire. The citizens were gripped in fear and demanded action. Their delusions of safety have been shattered once again and something must be done.

The beloved Mayor called in a press conference, reassuring the public that everything were under control. Miss Boucher, an experienced journalist, knows the stench of crap even when covered with the smell of roses. I’m sure that her reporter’s instinct will lead her to the grand affair tonight...the same as myself...searching for clues that point to the killer.

CAST & OUTFITS: Matteo Bettencourt: REDGRAVE Milano Suit Ponchituti Boucher: Vero Modero - Peri Suede Coat and Skirt Outfit PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

Each year Miss Sydney Bonde throws her notorious event...“The Masquerade Ball�... all sins and sinners alike are invited to mingle. For one night of the year, everyone from the most prominent politicians to the dirtiest low level street hood shall pretend to coexist equally. The rich heiress shines in elegance and grace as she welcomes all her guests. Rich, powerful and sophisticated, she throws one amazing ball. If you decide to partake...be aware that heads will roll.

CAST & OUTFITS: Sydney Bonde: SoliDea FoliEs - Black Winter

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

In this city, money talks and the biggest crook always show off in the grandest style. I stood by in a dark corner, conveniently hidden by shadows...tossing my coin up in the air and catching it before it lands to the floor, my mind in full concentration mode, scouring the crowd for possible suspects and motives.

In rolls the Crime Lord and his Dame...both dressed to the nines. They ooze power and corruption like the strong lingering fragrance of cheap perfume. My gazed followed them as they made their entrance to the gathering. Could they be the killers? I’m left wondering...

CAST & OUTFITS: Maddox Kaestner: Vero Modero - Youl Suit Melanie Sautereau: Bliss Couture - Anna MVW Gown in Red Clyde Saunders: Bliss Couture - Editorial Coat with Classic Jeans in Black

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

The party was in full swing when Miss Topaz took the stage. Her sweet melodic voice echoed through the room as she sang of heartaches, sorrows, lust and broken romance. Her body swayed gently to the rhythm of her voice, enticing, inviting, and captivating everyone in a trance...giving the mayor and his secretary the opportunity to slip from the party without notice.

CAST & OUTFITS: Topaz Joubert: Bliss Couture - Divine in Red

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

The scene across the room sent a shiver down my spine...The Deadly Ladies had me in their sights...watching me intently with wicked smiles planted on their porcelain faces. Wicca, The Black Queen and her “black” minions are known and feared throughout the city. They are tough, mysterious, dangerous and oh so sexy. They will kill you with a smile...but they it in style. They may look very sultry and serene; however, admire a little longer and you’ll be dead on the scene. They kill with fierce passion...not leaving anything to the imagination. Keep them company for awhile...before you die with a smile.

CAST & OUTFITS: Linnda Scoffield: SoliDea FoliEs - Noir1 Outfit Wicca Merlin: SoliDea FoliEs - Lust Falbala Fairey: SoliDea FoliEs - Waves

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

The well known rumor of the city is that the Mayor is a womanizer. The ladies say he is one hot lover and give in almost too willingly to his wiles. Blondes, brunettes, even redheads....he is an equal opportunity employer. His charm, power, and exquisite looks are the weapons of his seduction.

This night, his lovely secretary is the prey of choice. Loverboy, is your wife aware of your extracurricular activities? Nevermind and do carry on. Nothing can stop lust and passion when the tools of the seducer are in full force...

CAST & OUTFITS: Matteo Bettencourt: Black Pants Draakje Dailey: BLACKLACE Revealing Secrets Lingerie


The city is flabbergasted at the news that the Mayor is dead. Only an hour ago, he was found at his office...a bullet to his head. His last indiscretion...the lovely and willing secretary was seen fleeing the scene, covered in his blood. Have we all gone mad?

Now in my office, Miss Dailey...the very same secretary, is numb and shivering with shock. She happened to be in the wrong place at a wrong time...just her dumb luck. The police came swiftly and escorted her away. I made a promise to the distressed damsel that I would save the day...

CAST & OUTFITS: Matteo Bettencourt: REDGRAVE - Milano Suit

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

The Police Commissioner led the damsel into the interrogation room...her face painted with the expression of anxious despair and disbelief of her misfortune. In this city, when there is crime, someone has to pay the time. Guilt or innocence doesn’t play into this game. Justice will be served, no matter who is to blame. You can practically see the wheels spinning in her head, trying to process the dismal and terminal situation she finds herself in. She pleaded with the commissioner and restated her innocence as he scanned the room for any signs of deception. If I don’t solve this murder, they will incarcerate her... guilty or not...a case closed is a payday in the pocket.

CAST & OUTFITS: Takeshi Kiama: Aoharu Suit Draakje Dailey: Bliss Couture - AnaRita Cocktail Dress in Red/Black


I sat in my car for hours and hours trying to fit the pieces of this puzzle...searching my mind for a connection. Suddenly, the light in my head lit up and the realization hit me. The Mayor is the common thread that ties all of these victims together. I must find the Mayor’s wife before she becomes the next unfortunate victim of this slaughter.

I drew my gun as I entered the gates of the mansion. The mayor’s wife greeted me with extreme agitation. She ran to me...hiding behind my back in fear as she told me there was someone in the house...an intruder with murderous intentions. In an instant I hit the ground...the last sound I heard was another loud smack.

CAST & OUTFITS: Liam Netizen: Hoorenbeck Mesh Trench Coat Vixie Rayna: SoliDea FoliEs - Venezia


I came around, staring into the barrel of a gun...held by none other than the Mayor’s wife. She filled me in on her painful story...years of being a loyal and devoted wife, while her husband and his infidelity was destroying her life. “All those women never cared about him like I do. They deserved to die and now no one will ever know the truth.”

She leaned over and softly pressed her lips on mine and the barrel of the Jackal into my chest. She pulled the trigger and darkness slowly engulfed me in it’s cold inviting embrace. I hear the fading of footsteps walking away...slowly...I reach for the active tape recorder...all the time hidden in my jacket pocket. This is for you, My Damsel. I solved this Murder, My Sweet.

CAST & OUTFITS: Liam Netizen: Hoorenbeck Mesh Trench Coat


Credits: MURDER, MY SWEET We sincerely thank everyone who is involved in making this story come to life. We are very grateful to our hard working staff, amazing models and talented photographers who made this happen. We are thankful and honored to have incredible designers on board....each of their designs made the character amazing and come to life. We hope you all enjoy this labor of love.

DESIGNERS: Bliss Couture by Amutey Decuir Lovely Mi by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna Redgrave by Emilia Redgrave SoliDea FoliEs by Mila Tatham Vaya Con Dios by Lulu Jameson Vero Modero by Bouquet Babii

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Natzuka Miliandrovic Spartin Parx Sophy Violet

CAST: Arisia Ashmoot Liam Netizen Draakje Dailey Lilou Cerise Angelik Lavecchia Sn0w Tigerpaw Saleena Hax Rusalka Callisto Caoimhe Lionheart MeiMei Shiu Celestial Lunasea Mimmi Boa Veronica Krasner Takeshi Kiama Matteo Bettencourt Vixie Rayna

CAST : Ponchituti Boucher Topaz Joubert Linnda Scoffield Wicca Merlin Falbala Fairey Maddox Kaestner Melanie Sautereau Clyde Saunders Sydney Bonde

PHOTOGRAPHERS: CREW: Natzuka Miliandrovic Spartin CEO: Parx Editorial Sophy Clarity Violet RicoRacer Flux CAST: ArisiaDIRECTOR Ashmoot MANAGING LiamClarity Netizen Editorial Draakje Dailey Lilou Cerise DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS: Angelik Lavecchia Jade Spectre Sn0w Tigerpaw Saleena Hax LAYOUT and DESIGNS MANAGER: Rusalka Callisto Nezsy Herstein Caoimhe Lionheart MeiMei STORY BY:Shiu Celestial Flux Lunasea RicoRacer Mimmi Boa Veronica EDITORS:Krasner Takeshi Kiama Jade Spectre Matteo Bettencourt LovelyMiwako7399 Menna Vixie Rayna

CAST : Ponchituti Boucher Topaz Joubert Linnda Scoffield Wicca Merlin Falbala Fairey Maddox Kaestner Melanie Sautereau Clyde Saunders Sydney Bonde

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