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Menswear inspired women’s clothing is definitely taking the fashion world by storm. If there’s a menswear inspired top that can withstand the test of time it would be found hanging in the Equipment apparel store. Let us look back at the story of the brand that started it all. Once upon a time in the late seventies, Christian Restoin—the longtime partner of Carine Roitfeld—married the aesthetics of Network and disco with a line of breezy silk menswear-styled shirts for women called Equipment. Throughout the eighties and nineties, they were the linchpin day-to-night item in a smart city girl’s wardrobe. There is no woman who doesn’t ownEquipment clothing, the demand is crazy but then the un expectable happen. For a label to shutter because of family and business politics, as happened here, is a familiar nineties story. But just when we thought Equipment clothing brand is over: The line re launches for Spring 2010. The classic collection of Equipment apparel became a worldwide success that made the oversize shirts an icon of the 80s. The new collection remains to be classic, has that minimalistic undertone of the brand, fusing the sophistication of the French with an air of effortless chic look, laid-back, California Style. Serge Azria—brother of Max, owner of Current/Elliott and Joie, and now informal “guardian” of Equipment—attended both the cocktail party and the intimate dinner that followed at Indochine last 2011. “Everyone here is too young to remember the original line,” he said, gesturing at the youthful attendees around him. “But ask your mothers—they will remember Equipment clothing! And I guarantee you they loved it.” He reveals that Restoin, who remains connected to the newly re launched brand, has kept every Equipment shirt ever created in his Paris archives—all 3,500 of them. Meanwhile, the 135 new Equipment styles do the brand’s “new vintage” legacy

justice and integrate seamlessly into the tailored, menswear-inspired trends hitting New York’s runways this week. That’s something mothers and daughters alike can appreciate. The brand new collection pays tribute to the classic and minimalistic undertones of the Equipment clothing brand—blending an unmatched French style with an aura of effortless elegance, and a laid-back California style. The timeless and innovative collection features modern silhouettes, luxe fabrics that exude discreet sexiness, creative details, and a feminine touch in men’s shirts. The wide range of fabrics, prints, and styles express the many aspects of the Equipment woman: elegant, stylish, strong, sexy, adventurous, and most of all, classic. In the short span of time since the brand’s relaunch, Equipment has already gained prominence in some of the most distinguished retail shops worldwide. The brand has, once again, forged itself as a fashion tour de force with distribution throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Russia, and New Zealand. Whether paired with chic jeans or with high fashion couture, Equipment’s versatility and prominence is unparalleled.

Take A Look at Equipment Clothing  
Take A Look at Equipment Clothing  

But just when we thoughtEquipment clothingbrand is over: The line re launches for Spring 2010. The classic collection of Equipment apparel b...