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The Corso Como Shoes Spring Summer Collection 2012 This year’s Corso Como shoes spring summer collection has had the privilege to be worked on by two of brilliant designers who are known in the elite spectrum of the fashion industry: Edgardo Osorio and Gaetano Perrone. They are both the reasons why it’s not really surprising how irresistible the shoe designs instantly charm women and steal the spotlight. The season’s warm weather should make you focus your attention to the feminine, modern, and refined features to look for when choosing the newest additions to your footwear collection. Going for bold colors is the quickest way to be bold with an exciting accessory status, and Corso Como shoes feature quite a few attractive options with either a modern or romantic vibe. The colors pink and tangerine, polka dots, pretty bows, or subtle ruffles are enticing options for women with a penchant for feminine glamour. Styles with gold touches, nude colors, and suede are classy and timeless, while dark hues and studded designs are perfect designs for women who are looking for that edgy vibe. This season, sandals and rounded toe pumps are seen to be the hottest styles, and their popularity is easily justified by in considering fashion runway trends, and for specifically preferred choices among women who are going for the timeless look. Whatever their reasons are, summer boots are a wonderful addition to the label’s spring summer collection despite the fact that the popularity of such styles are on a steady decline. Regardless, they are seen as fantastic alternatives for the early spring season, when temperatures can be quite unstable. When you plan to expand your footwear collection with the intention of leveling up you style while maintaining a certain degree of comfort, refinement and versatility are two essential features to look for. Opting to go for classic designs is guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment as it can be worn on a variety of occasions, which leads to reduced costing per wear. Make smart shoe investments and carefully purchase those you really want, so you can enjoy your new acquisitions guilt-free in the following months. You can shop for Corso Como shoes at an outlet nearest you, or you can browse online for the huge number of retailers that offer the brand. Shop now and start building your collection of stylish footwear with high fashion designs and unparalleled comfort.

The Corso Como Shoes Spring Summer Collection 2012