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article by Makeup artist and writer ANTON PATDU


THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF MEN IN THIS WORLD. Hypothetically, one who cares about themselves and one who cares less and feel that this is how men should be. I was once trapped in a conversation with a straight, rugged-looking man asking me questions about common skin problems and these leads me to the idea that men are also conscious about their personal appearance. Ironic, I would have never thought with that ruggedness, behind it, is a man conscious and curious on personal grooming. Let’s face it, the world is superficial and looking good and feeling clean is equivalent to getting all the positive reactions from people around you: getting the best jobs, the right relationship and the proper respect from the people who doesn’t know you. Going back, the man asked me several questions like what to do with so much sebum on the face, why some areas of the skin are dry and so on. I admit, at that time, I could not answer his questions, though I am doing grooming almost every day of my life since this is part of my job, I was clueless back then and this situation lead me to do some research on common skin problems for men. All of the skin problems direct me to one common denominator: .decoding the skin type It is a myth that most men care less about their appearance since we all want to look our best. Looking good is also synonymous to having beautiful glowing skin and problems in relation to this are the most common with men. What we don’t know is that there are no categories when it comes to this. Whether its acne, sebum, open and close pores, every person has the same dilemmas but knowing the skin type will actually .make us select the best products suitable for the skin :KNOWING YOUR SKIN TYPE Skin type varies from time to time due to inevitable change of weather and environment. In a tropical country like ours, humidity is one common factor that changes the type of our skin so it’s very important for us to re-evaluate it every so often. Skin types also vary depending on the following factors: water content which provides elasticity of the skin, oil/lipid content which has an effect on the skin’s softness and sensitivity levels. There are no steps or certain way to determine it but using these guidelines, you will be able to select the best products .for your skin


COMMON DESCRIPTIONS: Normal skin is usually soft, smooth, has almost unnoticeable pores and free of blemishes. HOW TO DETERMINE IT: After washing your face, observe how your skin reacts with the facial wash or cleanser. If after an hour or so, your skin looks exactly the same after you wash it, then you definitely have normal skin.


People who have normal skin are the luckiest because they can almost use any kinds of skincare. Their skin adjusts depending on the products they use but this not necessarily means that they can just go on with whatever is available. “Blackheads, spots and dry flaky patches can appear on every type of skin” According to Jacqueline Lloyd, creator of If you have normal skin, the best products to use are usually the lightweight moisturizers with sunscreen. Mild toners are also recommended. TIPS: The best products to use are usually the water based or gel based ones since the skin absorbs these kinds of texture easily. They are non-sticky and have a light texture which is perfect for the weather we have in the Philippines.


your face, you feel that your skin is tight, then you definitely have dry skin. Also, alcohol has an effect on people with dry skin as this substance further dries up the skin so if after drinking alcohol, your skin becomes dry, then you definitely belong to this skin type. ON HAVING DRY SKIN: Most people who are categorized with this skin type have small

pores and are prone to rashes. Mild and gentle facial washes are recommended. Avoid hot/warm water when washing your face since this could further dry up your skin as warm water open up the pores. TIP: In choosing skin products under this skin type, make sure to look for ingredients like urea and allantoin as these are natural hydrators. Use moisturizers twice daily and avoid toners that are alcohol based as this will further dry up your skin. OILY SKIN HOW TO DETERMINE IT: Look closely in the mirror, if you can see that your pores are big, and then you have oily skin. Look at your chin, nose and forehead; if after washing your face, it becomes oily after 30 minutes or so, then you belong to this skin type. ON HAVING OILY SKIN: “ “You can have oily skin without having acne but you cannot have acne without having oily skin” says Dermatologist Wafa Ouazzanni, member of the French Society of Paediatric Dermatology. This is the most common skin type for Filipino men and this is the type that should be well taken care of also. To those people who have oily skin, they are more prone to acne since the sebum excretion of the skin is more than it should be. Though the pro side of having oily skin is that your skin will not age earlier, acne is the con side of it but it can be minimized by washing the face regularly and by using the right products. Avoid oil based products as this can make your face oilier. Though, those people who have oily skin have enough moisture, it is still needed to put moisturizer on the skin but it should be water based ones Always choose products that have AHA (Alpha Hydroic Acid) on it. Put facial mask weekly so the pores will be minimized and always exfoliate as this will remove the dirt accumulated in the face. Always bring with you an oil blotter so you will always look fresh thru out the day. Always rinse your face with cold/tap water as this will help with closing the pores. TIP:


HOW TO DETERMINE IT: Try to observe

your skin, if you have flaky patches in some areas, while the t-zones and the chin are always oily then you have combination skin. Combination of pores will also be present, some are big and some are small while some areas are dull and rough. Usually those people who belongs to this skin type has the most sensitive skin and should always consult the dermatologist for further .information ON HAVING COMBINATION SKIN: Those people who have combination skin will have to treat every skin area differently and each and every person responds differently to different cleansing methods. Basically those people who belong to this skin type need products that will not worsen the skin and that means that you have to use different products on different parts of the face. “You may need lighter-weight gels, liquids, or oil-absorbing products for your T-zone and lotions or creams for the drier parts of your face if you consider yourself having combination skin.” Says Paula Begoun, creator of paulaschoice. com. Products with anti-oxidants and other ingredients that regenerate the structure of the skin are the ones recommended to those people .who have combination skin TIP : On looking for the perfect products, always look for the gel-based ones or the mild-foaming cleanser to prevent irritation and dryness. Usually the gel based ones are the perfect ones for those people who have sensitive skin. The products that you should buy should not contain any irritants such as alcohol, menthol, fragrance or citrus oils .as this will trigger the sensitive side of your skin Regardless of our skin type and gender, we all should take care of our skin because this is the one thing that will always be noticeable with our appearance. We should take note to be always hydrated, avoid smoking, put sunscreen, and always cleanse tone and moisturize as this simple skin care will help our skin look and feel healthier .no matter what

Photographed by Christine Day Lorico Grooming by Anton Patdu for MAC Cosmetics Styling by Rolee Umali.


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