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Wear Sequined Tops the Right Way

Have you ever gone out with your girlfriends and discovered that there are women out there wearing sequined tops, skirts, pants and clutch and more? It can be quite a headache, seeing all these women committing a fashion faux-pas with sequined tops and other garments.

Sequined tops and other items are great and can really garner the right attention and impression if worn the right way. So if you are thinking to follow the trend by dressing up with sequined tops and other items, do it the right way. Otherwise, you may get onlookers you wants to dig their heads to the earth like an ostrich when they see your attire.

When trying for the sequined tops go for the dress since it’s the easiest. There is really not much to it but if it were a shirt-dress type that won’t cover the bottoms well then why not wear a pair of shorts or go with your sexy pair of pants? Also, try not to overaccessorize when wearing this type of dress since you don’t want to cross the line. You

might be mistaken as a falling star and not a dazzling woman. You can also add leggings to the dress if you don’t want to wear denim then pair it up with awesome wedges or high-heels.

You can also go for a sequined blazer, these are great if you’re just wearing a dull shirt and nothing to it. This make you look casual but not street. A sequined blazer or jacket can easily make you stand in the crowd and perk up your attire, also it protects you from the cold weather!

Sequined bottoms should never be paired with a sequined top , it is a crime. You don’t want to look like a walking disco ball into a party. Sequined skirts are great for well, anything. You can pair it up with your favorite tops and you are good to go. Simple tunics with solid prints are great matches for leggings with sequins believe it or not. It can make you look dashing and dazzling without over-doing it.

A pair of sequined top shorts is also great and they are very similar with the skirt. You can match it up with any top you want as long as it’s not as shiny or of the same design. Try solid colors and simple ones so as not to over-shadow the glimmering effect of the sequins.

Wear Sequined Tops the Right Way  

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