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All throughout the 60s, there was some kind of a social uprising, much of which was caused by a new approach to fashion and lifestyle. An important part of this was the rise of mod clothes, which introduced a bold and brash, creative and innovative style for those who wanted to rid themselves of conventional clothing. In our current world of fashion where trends are very much dictated by designers, fashion houses, and celebrities, mod clothes are different. The trend was created on the streets from the youth who wanted to rid themselves of the conformity of the forties and fifties. The world at large soon followed. The mod clothes trend started in London’s West End when the capital of Britain very much became the capital of the world. It was the epicenter of fashion and music trends of which was felt throughout the major cities around the world. The focal point was in the shopping district, which spread from Carnaby Street in Soho, out west to Kings Road in the ever trendy Chelsea and Kensington. Style savvy fashionistas, celebrities and those who wanted to be seen came from different parts of the world flocked here. New York would soon follow, and the coming of age for the trend was seen. Definition of mod fashion was the cut and style, to set the crowd above the rest. With new colors and materials becoming popular, it allowed exciting designers to flourish. No better can this be seen than in the launch of the iconic mini skirt. The trends that were laid down half a century ago are still everywhere today. Tailored and fitted suits are the norm. More recently, thin cut ties and thin cut lapels have been brought back. Shoes too are a throwback from the sixties; coming to a point at the toes. As always though, good designs never go out of style.

Mod Clothes A Brief History