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Bootie Jeffrey Campbell Wedge and Lace Up Cream Brogues

The streets of New York would seem desolate with all the boring shoes treading it if Jeffrey Campbell wedge wasn’t created but of course since a new design is coming up, all feet may rejoice! Jeffrey Campbell wedge is a signature which every it-girl in the land wants to get their foot on or in this case, in. It has an irresistible aura and sophistication of a modern day woman, who wouldn’t go gaga for that?

The label has come under warranted criticism for its flagrant copyright infringement, having stolen designs from veritable fashion behemoths including Chloe, Isabel Marant and Stella McCartney. However, the majority of the brand’s coveted designs are original, unique and just plain lust-worthy, keeping it in the good books of most critics.

If you are in Australia and would like to get a Jeffrey Campbell wedge, his new signature design the bootie wedge and the lace up cream brogues are available online. You don’t have to visit the United States just to get a hold of these hot pair of wedges. Not to mention that Jeffrey Campbell shoes are also going vegan. Some of his designs that are vegan-friendly can be found in the bay area of San Francisco California. These shoes are friends with the animals and there were absolutely no animal harmed or exploited with their creations. Talk about compassion and a caring for the environment.

The designs of the Jeffrey Campbell wedge or his other shoes are definitely something worth keeping and wearing. His unique designs attract the contemporary woman today and definitely give tastes and style to modern day women. Giving the

look that every woman of today should aspire for and achieve, his shoes are loved by women all over the nation.

From boots with thin leather and elegant design that is available in black, perfect for this coming fall to flats in azure blue, filled with sophistication. Women will have a fun time looking at the shoes of his brand. Women who have a wedge fetish look at no other brand but his. The wedges here have a wide array of selections that also comes in red plaid or that baby doll look in red suede. If you want to look stunning anywhere, you can start just by wearing a pair of Jeffrey Campbell wedge. There are also animal prints both genuine and faux version are available. Whatever it is that you are looking for, you will surely find a pair of your fancy here.

Bootie Jeffrey Campbell Wedge and Lace Up Cream Brogues