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Every woman should have the opportunity and the privilege of wearing a Vera Wang dress, especially one of her bridal gowns. A bridal Vera Wang dress just does not simply speak volumes, but it transforms a woman into a beautiful bride. Each dress is fastidiously designed and sewn together to create a masterpiece in every garment. No other bridal gown can even compare to a Vera Wang dress. By infusing amazing sophistication into a classic gown with a touch of modernity, a bridal Vera Wang dress has become the gown of choice for many of Hollywood's cream of the crop A-listers. Ethereal and romantic with a modern touch, a Vera Wang dress is perfect for the woman who wants the best in designer wedding dresses. Layers of fine, see-through materials combine with delicate embellishments and soft draping to create heirloom quality wedding dresses. The cost of one of these elegant gowns can reach up to US1,000 dollars up. Knowing your wedding day will be one of the most important and most memorable moments in your life, a Vera Wang dress can only make it that much more unforgettable. Not only does a Vera Wang dress retain its value, but it could potentially be considered an investment, being passed down from generation to generation or even resold at almost the same value of the original purchase. As mentioned, Vera Wang wedding dresses have been worn by A-list celebrities that have made them look nothing short of spectacular! Everyone from Chelsea Clinton to Victoria Beckham have had the fortune of gracing their very own custom Vera Wang wedding dresses. Even wildly popular televisions series such as HBO’s “Sex and the City� has featured Vera Wang wedding dresses on multiple occasions. Vera Wang wedding dresses are for any bride to be that want to look their best on their big day. Celebrate your wedding party looking great in matching bridesmaid dresses from Vera Wang as well. The Vera Wang website has a section that will tell you the nearest store that carries their line. Many online sites will also have overstocks and store samples of her dresses for discounted prices.

Vera Wang Dress Guide: Bridal Gowns