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Fashion Steele NYC 2015 Review

2015 The Year of Writing My posts got longer and more personal

Interviews: Hannan Saleh, Fashion Photographer & Bre Scullark, Model & Entrepreneur

Playa Del Carmen New York Fashion Week

Vacationing in Paradise

It’s lost that loving feeling

Fashion Steele NYC is where Luxury, Thrift & High Street meet FASHION STEELE NYC 2015


Fashion Steele NYC is a fashion and lifestyle website created by editor & chief Monroe Steele. Fashion Steele NYC 2015 Magazine is a year review of the best of Fashion Steele NYC. All photos and material are copyrighted.

Table of Contents Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 Developing my Writing & Photos Notable Collaborations Designer’s Lust & Who to Watch Favorite Outfits & Posts of the Year Interview: Hannan Saleh pg 24 Trending Fashion Highlight Travel of 2015 Mexico Top 3 Fashion Steele’s of the Year Interview: Bre Scullark pg 37 Favorites of 2015 & Special Thanks EIC: Monroe Steele Photographers: Mike Crew of LOE, Jen Jean-Pierre, Pete Monsanto, Isaiah Pickens, Deem Sanders, Nigel Isaiah Letter From The Editor: Fashion Steele NYC has been a labor of love this year. I have seriously contemplated stopping blogging all together twice this year but my love for writing and fashion kept me going. This year I was much more personal with my writing. 2015 was definitely the year of story telling which is my favorite form of writing. I wanted a deeper connection with myself and my readers. It’s been a very fulfilling year. I am running my own practice. I’m happily dating a wonderful man and I am more solid in who I am and what I want from life as well as my space online. In this Fashion Steele NYC 2015 Review Magazine, I will share my thoughts on New York Fashion Week, my favorite trends and Steele’s of the year, as well as notable collaborations, experiences and interviews from fashion insiders Hannan Saleh, fashion photographer and Bre Scullark, model & entrepreneur. Thank you so much for reading. ~Sincerely, Monroe Steele



New York Fashion Week SS 2016 I had a blast in September covering a few shows during New York Fashion Week. I sat February out because I had a death in the family. Also, I had already resigned that I wouldn’t cover any more fashion weeks (SHOCKER I KNOW, but allow me to elaborate). The last few season’s at Lincoln Center were a bust. The atmosphere totally changed and just didn’t excite me. It was drab and dark with minimal vendors. The fashion elite no longer wanted to hang out in what once was a beautifully instagramable venue with fashion mags and goodie bags. It used to be THE PLACE to hang and have a fashion reunion but that no longer was the case by the end of 2014. This year the venue moved from the large and lovely stones of Lincoln Center, to seemingly the city center at Skylight at Moynihan Station a mere block away from Tourist Hell on 34th Street and a downtown location at Skylight Clarkson Sq. in Soho. These venues are smaller and hold less people which means designers were cut, and so was seating…(which basically meant no bloggers either). We are usually last on the seating list unless you have a formidable following. I was lucky that I was still invited to a few favorites, but ultimately decided to wing most of Fashion Week with my good friend Jen of Comme Coco and go where the wind blew us. I mostly ate my way through NYFW: a delicious steak and eggs brunch with lots of champagne at Paradou, a lovely refuel brunch at my favorite Il Cafe Latte, Doughnuts from The Doughnut Plant, Vintage Cokes at the Chanel Boyfriend Watch Popup Event as well as a great brunch in Williamsburg with the Dark & Lovely Team at Superfine, and a slew of



appetizers at the Harlem Fashion Row NYFW event at the gorgeous Norwood Club. Yes, I literally ate myself into a stupor and only made it to about 3 fashion shows. The highlight was of course spending time with Jen and laughing until we almost pee’d ourselves. Jen has an amazing eye and talent for photography and some of the photos she took of me during NYFW are my favorites of the year. I wore this amazing Isabel Marant jumpsuit during my second day of NYFW with my ALL TIME FAVORITE shoes in my collection at the moment (Brian Atwood Genie Sandals). I got the shoes at the one day only Brian Atwood Sample Sale in early 2015. They are definitely one of my favorite fashion STEELE’s of this year. This jumper was an impulse buy from Matches Fashion. It was on sale and ever since I saw Tracee Ellis Ross donning it on Blackish I had to have it. She also accepted an award at the Harlem

Jumpsuit: Isabel Marant, Shoes: Brian Atwood Genie Sandal, Lucite Bracelet: & Other Stories Photography: Jen Jean-Pierre

Fashion Row Fashion Show. Overall, NYFW has lost it’s allure to me and though I will dabble I will never recommit. It has changed so much and shut out so many people. I wonder how it will last in years to come.



Writing Over Fashion

“Create a space that ignites creativity”

I do love fashion but more than that, I love to write. I’ve been writing ever since I could pick up a pencil and paper. I’ve written books and monologues and short stories and poems. I have notebooks filled with ideas and haikus and musings. I like to think that I have a unique voice, maybe it’s all in my head but blogging has allowed me to hone my writing skills. Starting a blog about fashion was easy because fashion is something that’s almost innate to me and that fascinates me, and thus it’s easy to write about. It can also become stale writing about fashion unless you are constantly keeping abreast with all of it, new designers and fashion houses and such. I don’t have the luxury to devote all my time to learning and digesting every minute detail of fashion to report on so scaling it back to personal style and events seemed appropriate when first starting out. I quickly realized over the last two years that: “Hi this is what I’m wearing and here are some photos”, can become mundane and boring. YARN. I was bored with my own blog after 2 years. I needed a change and a major overhaul. It was around this time that I changed my format and theme which greatly sparked content ideas, and the way I present information within blog posts. This year was the year of



WRITING. I’ve written more words per post that ever before this year. At first I thought it would run people away, my numbers would drop, no one wants to read so many paragraphs. I was scared to write too much, but then I realized I would want to read it. If it interests me, I’d take 5 minutes of my day to read 500+ words. Thats when I stopped doing what I thought would get me the right numbers, and keep my engagement up and started really doing what I wanted to do which is write. Even if that meant I was going to lose an audience. The audience that I want, loves to read. Loves to delve into others lives and loves to learn more about the thrills of shopping as well as of life. I’ve been gently shifting my fashion blog into a fashion and lifestyle blog, where I discuss not only fashion but dating and driving and funny things that happen in this crazy city. This passion for writing was certainly reignited during my travels abroad to Italy in Fall 2014. I was so inspired and the writing just came so fluid, I could barely keep them in my head. Although those posts are long, people actually READ THEM! They were more than blog posts, it was story telling, a diary of my experience and I got great feedback. It’s what propelled me to really go for it more with my writing this year and go further than just the superficiality that can be fashion word vomit. It’s really been cathartic for me and this year and I’ve been more excited about my blog posts. They feel more genuine and authentic. I’ve really been trying to stay in the fashion lane but that’s just not me. I’m so much more complex than that. I have things that I want to say and I’m no longer afraid of damaging “The Brand of Fashion Steele NYC” to say them. It has been freeing this year to deviate from the normal fashion blogging path and integrate more life. I hope you all have noticed the subtle changes and that you still feel like you get fashion tips, advice and inspiration as well as a good read! A GOOD READ!



Top: ZARA, Skirt: L’Agence, Sunglasses: Spitfire, Shoes: Alexander Wang, Lip Service: Stila Fiery Photographer: Mike Crew of LOE Location: Dunbar Apartments



Developing my Self Photography

I’ve been blogging for 5 years and can you believe this year I finally explored self photography. I took my very first self timer photo, and then went nuts and did about 95% of all my vacation photography while I was in Mexico in October and on a trip to Lake Harmony this past November. I must say it is A LOT harder than it looks which is probably why I didn’t start until now. It’s always so nice to have a bevy of wonderful photographers but they can’t travel the world with you (unless you are very lucky and perhaps rich). My boyfriend will help with the occasional instagram but photography is not his thing and I wont push him into it either. God forbid he should become one of those sad instagram husbands. Many steps are involved when taking your own photos, mostly positioning and knowing what the scene looks like without being able to see it. It’s a mental trick. Last year I became pretty familiar with posing and how I look when doing so, to the point that I can visualize the photo while its being taken. This came in handy with self timer photography. This kind of photography is natural and fun and I plan on doing a lot more next year. 



Notable Collaborations This has been a great year for collaboration


with Fashion Steele NYC. Some awesome

collaborations and I’ve worked with brands

brands I got to work with include: Urban

I’ve really admired. It’s hard to pick a

Outfitters, Meg Shops Clothing, Alcatel

favorite collaboration but I’d have to say I




had the most fun collaborating with Meg




Shops on a Fall Look Book for 2015. It was

Timberland, CottonOn, General Motors,

the first time that I put together a look book

Jord Watches, JD Sports, Juliet & Co,

and I love the results. I scouted the location,

Housing Works, Elle Magazine and Crest


3D White, Pinrose Perfumes and Lancome.

photographer Mike really came through! 
















“I was going for dark and moody with this Fall Transition Look Book I put together in collaboration with Meg Shops.”



All looks: Meg Shops, Shoes: Charlotte Olympia Wedges, Tibi Flats, Sergio Rossi Fur Location: Jackie Robinson Park Photography: Mike Crew of LOE



Notable Collaborations Cont.

In addition to working with Meg Shops, I also worked with iconic brand Timberland this Fall/Winter season. I had a blast styling their infamous boots and did so while in Lake Harmony for a weekend of paint balling and fun with friends. The drive there was amazing and I worked closely with General Motors to get the perfect car to make our way to Lake Harmony in Pennsylvania’s picturesque setting. The drive was absolutely breathtaking and driving the Chevy Equinox was smooth and calming. These photos are also the product of my new interest in self timer photos. I’m very happy with the results and the opportunity to work with such amazing brands who like my work. Hopefully in the upcoming year, I can do more look books and editorials with brands.



Top: Top Shop, Skirt: SUNO, Shoes: Loeffler Randall, Earrings: Vintage Location: Meatpacking District Photography: Mike Crew of LOE



Designer’s Lust Although I didn’t attend many shows during September NYFW, I did however follow the shows via social media and livestreaming. From Alexander Wang to Givenchy, I was glued to my laptop taking it all in from the comfort of my own home. Can we discuss how amazing the playlist was for the Alexander Wang SS 2015 Show?!? It was like a party and if he released a playlist in digital form I’d actually buy it! The fashion however was not my forte. Wang has always been my go-to guy for amazing footwear but this year he wasn’t on my radar at all. Dare, I say it, he wasn’t even in the building. Now he did amazingness for Balenciaga but his namesake took a dive. No, this year, it was all about Tibi, Proenza Schouler and Derek Lam for my personal wardrobe and lusting after NYFW darlings Rosie Assoulin, Brother Vellies, Azede JeanPierre and Ellery. I’ve attended many a Tibi NYFW show but it wasn’t until the last two season’s that Amy Smilovic really caught my eye with interesting fringe pieces and her now infamous off the shoulder poplin tops seen of every street style blogger in the blogeshere. Her clothing is comfortable yet modern and lend’s a certain uniqueness to whomever is wearing a Tibi pieces. I acquired two Tibi fringe shoes this year thanks to The Real Real, The fringe flats (which i wore into the ground, my version of a chic birkenstock), and the fringe mules which I adore and plan on wearing every day next Summer. This photo is from a fun shoot at Hamilton Grange in Harlem. Proenza Schouler has been kicking ass and taking names in fashion for the past 4 seasons and this season was no exception. Their clothing is out of this world, their accessories even better! They are my now go-to brand for mules and unique shoes that will get me stopped on the street.



Designer’s Lust Cont. I’ve added two pairs of Mules from their most recent collection to my wardrobe thanks to sample sales and end of season online sales at Moda Operandi and Barney’s Warehouse. It seems fringe was one of this years biggest trends but we will get to that later. I’ve become a die-hard Derek Lam Sample Saler and a luster after his very unique and well tailored pieces. This year was no different. I picked up a few lovely items and put a few from last year into heavy rotation for Fall/Winter looks. Derek Lam is now a staple!

Proenza Schouler

Rosie Assoulin There was something that designers and brands Rosie Assoulin, Ellery and Azede Jean-Pierre had in common and that was dramatic structure for 2015. I love that designers are starting to be more playful and less serious and main stream with fashion. I’m all for a billowing sleeve,



Designer’s Lust Cont. and a bell bottom so wide your feet are lost in them. I love the interesting shapes and silhouettes these designers ushered into 2015 and will continue right into 2016. Ellery has become a fast Aussie favorite of mine. I am a huge fan of the whimsy of Australian fashion designers. Ellery’s SS 2016 Collection is simply gorgeous. Ellery and Rosie Assoulin have seemingly revived the bell bottom, although a more luxurious pant in the finest fabrics.

Ellery SS 2016 All about dramatic yet chic flare

Bell Bottoms, the wider the better in Ellery design



Designers To Watch: Brother Vellies’ Arora James & Azede Jean-Pierre Arora James came onto the fashion scene seemingly out of thin air in 2014 and just his year she won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award

Arora James

along with a cool 300K to invest in her business! She founded Brother Vellies which is a brand of sustainable footwear (Vellies are a South African shoe ). She uses wonderful and exotic materials and is helping to preserve traditional shoe making in Africa and creating jobs. She caused quite a stir during fashion week this September and basically broke Instagram with her stunning presentation. I definitely hope to score a pair of Brother Vellies Sandals to rock next summer.

Brother Vellies FASHION STEELE NYC 2015


Azede Jean-Pierre Azede Jean-Pierre began her namesake label in 2012 but over the last 2 years has really developed a cult like following and rightfully so. The Haitian born Jean-Pierre is an artist with fabric and clothing. Wearing a piece of her’s is like wearing art. Her designs are meticulous and expertly tailored. She has a lovely imagination and it transfers delightfully in her designs. I had the pleasure of meeting her very quickly at the Harlem Fashion Row Fashion Show where she was awarded designer of the year. She is unforgettable and has a large yet humble presence about her. I can’t wait to see what she does next and stalk her on Instagram. Her most recent SS 2016 Collection is basically everything I want my closet in 2016!

Solange Knowles and First Lady Michelle Obama are fans of Jean-Pierre’s designs



Favorite Outfits and Posts of 2015 There are always those favorite outfits and post of the year for me. Some posts are my favorites because I was proud of the actual content I was delivering. I love telling stories and those are the post I enjoy the most and take more pride in when someone compliments my writing. Others are accomplishments because of how much I like the outfit that I put together. It’s really a science to create a well balanced outfit and it doesn’t come very easy for me, so when I pull it off perfectly it’s a good feeling. Then when a great photographer can capture the moment when I’m really myself, those are the photos I gravitate towards again and again for use as profile photos or business cards. This is a photo from New York Fashion Week taken by my good friend Jennifer of Comme Coco. I love this outfit and the location which is in Dumbo, Brooklyn. I love the cobble stone streets, the views of the city from the water and marveling at the two bridges (The Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan’s Bridge) architectural beauty. If ever I could pick a neighborhood to live in Dumbo would be it. This skirt was also a fashion hunt. I can across this lovely aussie brand Asilio a few weeks before NYFW and fell completely in love with this skirt and the structure of it. As luck would have it, it was on sale and I received it just in time to wear during NYFW. It was a hit too especially wandering through the crowds at the Essence Block Party. I paired it with my well worn Ekineyo top (another NYC brand find) and some Loeffler Randall espadrilles for a warm day of brunching and checking out NYFW events. It was the perfect day and the simplicity yet unique details and location of this impromptu shoot is definitely one of my favorite of 2015. Not to mention I got to shoot with Jen who is amazingly talented and really brings out my personality when we shoot.



Another favorite outfit having fun with Themed Dressing in which I was going for a vintage look

Top: Ekineyo, Skirt: Vintage, Head pieces: DIY, Necklace: Juliet & Co, Shoes: L.A.M.B. Location: My apartment



Favorite Outfits & Posts Cont.

My favorite post written this year is Inspire

August was the time when I stopped

Yourself which I published on Fashion

following what you’re “supposed” to do as

Steele NYC in August. I got out of my usual

a blogger and just started doing what I

places to photograph and really brought

wanted to do which was write more. I was

NYC into focus which is a major part of

struggling with content ideas and just bored

Fashion Steele NYC. I wanted people to see

with my space. But just doing what I want

the city places that I love, specifically the

to do and writing about the things that

Meatpacking District for this post. It’s hard

interest me has taken the pressure off and

to get out from my usual neighborhood in

made blogging fun again. I also really loved

Harlem and showcase the city but it’s

the creativity in this outfit with combining

something I made a point to do this year.

different textures and patterns. 

“2015 was the year I started blogging how I wanted to blog, instead of doing what would keep my numbers up. F*** the blueprint”



Favorite Posts Cont. Another posts that I was super excited to publish was The Best Way to Shop the Holiday Sales. This was a very informative post and took a lot of research hours to put together. I’m proud of the accuracy of it and the usefulness of it as well. I think





information in a unique way and




making shopping easier, not just during the holidays but whenever you shop. Many of the tips I offer are the things I do before I make any purchase and it’s almost always helped me save money and find the things I want (ie. amazing shoes





Top: ZARA, Leather Jacket: Dallin Chase, Skirt: Derek Lam, Boots: Sam Edelman Location: Soho Mercer St. Photography: Pete Monsanto

discount). I also love that this series of photos were shot in Soho, on Mercer Street which is one of my favorite streets in the city lined with amazing stores that I love to window shop from Tibi to Proenza Schouler. It’s also where most of the sample sales happen. The neighborhood is lovely and has some great little restaurants as well. It was the perfect place to shoot and create a post about shopping. The skirt I’m wearing was also a purchase from the Derek Lam sample sale which happened on this street last year. Full Circle. It was also my first time working with uber talented photographer Pete Monsanto. Who is a genius who introduced me to Aperture which I now use for a lot of photo editing.

“I use aperture for photo editing thanks to Pete Monsanto” FASHION STEELE NYC 2015


Dress: Vintage, Hat: Brixton, Boots: Alexander Wang Location: Jackie Robinson Park Photography: Deem Sanders

Speaking of amazing photographers. Deem Sanders has been with Fashion Steele NYC for the last 2 years and there are just certain photographers that get you. They know your angles and overtime you work together the vibe is fun and easy. Good photographers know how to direct you and also how to give you ideas. Deem and I have created some of my favorite outfit posts this year. The above post titled The Coachella Look was an inspiration post for what to wear to Coachella. I wanted the look to be tough bohemian and the location was perfect. This post titled Second Skin was another favorite shot by Deem in the same location. It was so lovely because the trees had shed their petals and it felt ethereal. I really loved how it added a bit of magic to the shoot and overall photos.



Showcasing Harlem, the neighborhood I reside in is Jacket: Dallin Chase, Dress: Naked Wardrobe, Boots: Alexander Wang Location: Dunbar Apartments Photography: Deem Sanders In this post simply titled WANG I love the location and how the trees are just blooming. Deem really capture the best moments and to date this is one of my favorite shoots of 2015 because of how all the elements came together.

just as important to me as showcasing the city as a whole. When I first moved out of New York University dorms after my first year of graduate school, I started looking for my own place. I was nervous living in the huge city were I only knew a handful of people whom I’d met in school. It was scary but I needed a nice affordable place to live and I was told by a school mate who graduated a year before me to try Harlem. I’d visit Harlem once or twice but school pretty much had me tied to Union Square and Washington Square but when I stepped off the train at 125th street it felt like home. I knew that

Harlem was where I wanted to start my adult life. I’ve been here ever since. The wonderful cuisine and the history of the different neighborhoods is amazing. Harlem has become my home away from home. I like to pay tribute to my neighborhood by showcasing some Harlem historic sites such as Striver’s Row and Hamilton Grange.



Interview: Hannan Saleh, Fashion Photographer I first met Hannan Saleh while covering my first New York Fashion Week. She asked to take my photo and shortly after she had me fill out paperwork to release the photo for use for Essence


and Thanks to Hannan I’ve gotten quite a few online and print features under my belt. She is a fixture on the fashion week and New York City fashion event scene. She has worked her way up the ranks into the cities fashion photography elite. I am also a huge fan of her laid back style, wild curly hair and her quiet beauty. I finally got to ask her a few questions and was thrilled when she agreed to be interviewed. I thought it’d be great to get advice







photography professional. From the inner workings of fashion photography to what magazine’s are looking for and what catches her eye, Hannan Saleh sums it all up for us picture perfect. How did you get into fashion photography? I started photography in high school along with painting (fashion editorials). When I went to college I decided to study fashion photography. I have never stopped! I love it! What are your thought’s on the fashion industry in New York City? I don't know. It seems so commercial and everything revolves around money and less about creativity.



Is it hard to break into shooting for magazines and publications? Are there certain steps to take to get your foot in the door? Yes even with my background I don't fit into a lot of submission based magazines. There are so many points of view. Never give up and if you can, just create your own. I am leaning towards that ideal. My recommendation for anyone new is shoot, shoot shoot. I used to shoot 3 editorials a week! I love testing and will never stop!!! You create your best work when you are testing and experimenting. Have you noticed any changes in fashion or trends during the last few seasons of New York Fashion Week? I don't really pay attention to trends...  Have you noticed any changes over the last few years in regards to what magazines want you to shoot for street style? I am a fashion photographer so my focus is there. With street style I enjoy it but its not necessarily my focus now. I have seen street style evolve which is nice. What type of camera/lens would you recommend for shooting street style photography? I would recommend any camera you can get your hands on and a normal lens like 50 or zoom.  What catches your eye when shooting street style and compels you to take someone’s photo? I really like individual stye. It doesn’t need to be designer just your own style! What is something every subject of a photo should know about posing? Just be comfortable its not that deep. When you feel good you look great!



What is your favorite thing to shoot? There are some ladies that I love to see and shoot. They just command attention and rightfully so. Their style is different and they are confident! What do you feel is you’re biggest accomplishment in fashion photography thus far and why? I am working on that at the moment and when its out you will know. shhhh I am a huge fan of your style and your amazing hair as well. I think you are stunning! Who are some of your favorite designers? Thanks so much you are so sweet!!! I really love vintage! I like Maje, Jonathan Simkha, and there are so many. I am not partial to one designer and to be honest I don't spent a crazy amount of money on clothing. I love thrifting and mixing and matching things. How would you describe your style? I would say, professional, artsy and eclectic What is your can’t live without beauty product? Essential Oils !!! I need them they help me when I am sad, tired, anxious and smell amazing too! (my Oud perfume too). My beauty product that I can't live without is my Khol eyeliner from a middle eastern store. How do you maintain your beautiful curly mane? I like Deva Curl products lately! Do you have any projects in the works you’d like to share? I do but I can not share yet! Hopefully soon! At the moment on Instagram I do a regular Style Diary featuring my favorite fashion, accessories and street style shots (@HannanSaleh). Make sure to stay up to date with all of Hannan’s work on her site and check out her instagram @HannanSaleh for amazing fashion inspiration and street style.



Top: Derek Lam, Jeans: Monki, Shoes: Proenza Schouler Fringe Mule Location: Soho Photography: Pete Monsanto



Trending Fashion 2015 There were many fashion trends of 2015 but not bigger than the return of fringe. Once I dabbled in this trend it became a full fledge staple in my wardrobe. It started with a Fringe Tibi slide sandal, and evolved into fringe skirts, fringe sweaters and even fringe denim. Fringe is no longer a trend, it is a fashion staple that doesn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon, much to my delight. Left: Timberland Sweater, Fringe 3x1 Denim Jeans, Proenza Schouler Fringe Mules, Below: Rodarte Sweater, Fringe Lamarque Skirt, Alexander Wang Double Strap Sandals Photography by Mike Crew of LOE



Top: Asilio, Skirt: Thrifted Armani, Bag: Forever 21, Fringe Mules: Proenza Schouler Location: Harlem Photography: Mike Crew of LOE



Travel Highlight of 2015: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

I fell in love with Playa Del Carmen, Mexico ever since visiting in 2009. The beach side town has wonderful beauty and tranquility. The scenery is inspiring and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to revisit this place that I’m very fond of this year with my boyfriend. It was his first time leaving the country and I knew he’d love it. Playa Del Carmen is pure hospitality and full of amazing restaurants to awaken your tastebuds. We spent several days in Playa






atmosphere and falling more in love. For accommodations we went with Hotel La Semilla which was a calm oasis of beauty and





showering under the stars and the nightly glass of red wine sitting in the garden listening to nature and soft music.



This vacation to Playa Del Carmen was made all the more better because of the impeccable service at Hotel La Semilla. I love the grounds of the hotel as well. We felt like our every need and more was met including superb advice on where to eat. We rode the complimentary bicycles daily to the beach and deeper into Playa Del Carmen to El Fogon for the best and most authentic Mexican food in the town. It was so good we still think about it! Directly across from our hotel is Piola, a delicious with









experienced. Piola has very delicious food as well from pizza to appetizers with a



Playa Del Carmen, Mexico Cont. lovely ambiance and attentive service. I’m super proud of the photography


this trip because it was 98% self timer photos. Just me and my



tripod around

Hotel La Semilla and the main beach of Playa Del Carmen. Definitely



anyone who is shy! It was quite fun actually and I without a doubt stepped up my self photography during this trip with a few instagram photo assistance from my beloved. It’s very easy to feel inspired to write when in a place as beautiful as Playa Del Carmen. If you are looking for an exciting place to venture for a tropical holiday then Playa Del Carmen should be on your bucket list. It is a stones throw from the crystal clear waters and ancient ruins of Tulum and has tons of hidden spectacular under water cenotes where you can dive in pristine waters inside a cave. And if you’re adventurous there are plenty of biking and four wheeler tours as well as Zip Lining tours through tropical forest. There’s also plenty of places to sit and do nothing but enjoy the beach and sun.

@monroesteele FASHION STEELE NYC 2015


Hat: Brixton, Ale by Alessandra Joshua Tree Bathing Suit Location: Moon Palace, Cancun Mexico

Forever 21 Coverup, Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suit Location: Moon Palace, Cancun, Mexico



Top 3 Fashion Steele’s of 2015 Fashion Steele NYC is not only a place to get your fix of personal style and a glimpse into Fashion Weeks, it’s also where I give you tips on the latest in sales! I pride myself on never paying retail for anything. It’s totally possible to have the closet you want, even with designers, on a budget. I’ve become very familiar with sale seasons, annual sales, discount





consignment as well as thrifting and vintage shopping. I come across many fashion Steele’s and share the wealth on my Twitter along with discount codes so you can find your fashion fix too. So allow me to now share my top 3 Fashion Steele’s of 2015. First up is these amazing pair of Alexander Wang boots that I picked up from The Real Real. The Real Real is a great place for designer goods that are consigned online. I even took a crack at consigning recently and the experience has been great with them selling my items fairly quickly. I wanted an almost flat boot, that were well worn and rugged and these fit the bit. I got them for less than $100 and they have gotten me through Summer with lace dresses and Fall with skinny jeans and now Winter. Every girl needs a pair of badass boots. Next up is my dream shoe The Genie Sandal by Brian Atwood. I got them at the one day sale in February and they weren’t cheap but significantly less than retail. I’ve been dreaming of this shoe and finally own them. They are worth every penny!



Lastly these Stella McCartney boots that have been on my mind since they dropped years ago were recently acquired from The Real Real. They are the perfect statement boot and were brand new at 75% off the original price. Yes all my Fashion Steele’s of 2015 were SHOES!

Top: Zara, Jacket: H&M, Skirt: Gap, Bag: Jeff Koons x H&M Photography: Deem Sanders Location: Dunbar Apartments



Honorable Mention: All Thrifted Canadian Tuxedo

I still love a good thrift and this look was a

graduate school. I find myself doing less

favorite of mine this year. This entire outfit

thrifting but when I do I am always on the

is thrifted. The top from a cool thrift store in

look out for pieces like this skirt that will

Toronto for $5 and the skirt a great find

never go out of style and always have a

from Goodwill in my hometown of Durham

place in the basics of my wardrobe. I

NC for $1. This goes to show that just

definitely still hit up my favorite thrift and

because something doesn’t have a label or

vintage shops at least 3 times a year to see

cost much, doesn’t mean it still can’t look

whats new. I always find a great piece that

amazing. I thrifted a lot more back when I

will become a staple. Check out some of my

was a college student, struggling in

thrifted outfits on Fashion Steele NYC. 

If you’re in New York City and are looking for great thrift and vintage shops, check out my favorites: Hamlet’s Vintage, Brooklyn Flea Market, Stella Vintage, Shareen Vintage and Vintage Thrift for amazing curated pieces you wont find anywhere else.



Interview: Bre Scullark From America’s Next Top Model to Entrepreneur and Yoga Enthusiast 

I remember in 2014 when I was perusing

someone I’d rooted for on ANTM when it was

instagram and saw that Bre Scullark of

at the height of fame for reality TV shows. But

America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 5) started a candle company, BrVelle. I’d been a follower

Bre was warm and humble and stunningly beautiful. She put me at complete ease with her

for months and was very interested in her forte

bright eyes, warm smile and encompassing hug.

into entrepreneurship. While planning the

And when she complimented my shoes, I knew

Brand’s and Blogger’s Networking Event with

we were kindred. She is a woman in fashion &

fellow blogger Sherry Blossom, I thought it’d be awesome to introduce Bre’s new endeavor at

business that I admire and she is now taking on another life challenge by becoming a yoga

the event. To my surprise she was game when I

enthusiast and instructor. In this interview we

emailed her and we proceeded to meet at our

discuss it all, from runways, to business, to

local Harlem neighborhood Starbucks. I was

finding yourself and also where to find the best

nervous as all hell meeting a celebrity and

coffee in Harlem. 

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How did BrVelle come about? BrVelle is my piece of peace. I was traveling a lot while modeling and I found myself searching for things that gave me peace.






Anything that I could take back to my hotel room while away from home. How did you make the transition from fashion to entrepreneur with the launch BrVelle? Modeling is a very





something totally different for me. It is an emotional and spiritual connection to self for self. For me, that is the strongest foundation of beauty. Becoming an entrepreneur gives me authority over creative direction. I love my first career as a model, I also love being able to step behind the scenes from time to time. What advice can you offer to aspiring business owners? My advice would be to take your time. It is so tempting to throw a company together and make it look pretty on social media but healthy companies have the potential to outlive you. Don’t be afraid to take your time, develop a strong team and grow. What is you favorite candle from BrVelle and why? Hippies Hibiscus is my favorite scent! It is joyful, it is mysterious and it is calming. Hippie's Hibiscus is the true definition of peace. I’ve seen all your Yoga pictures on Instagram and plan to join a pop-up soon. How did you get into yoga? I have been a "social yogi" since 2008. You know, a yoga class here and there with friends before brunch but in 2011, there was this shift in my life and I relied on my yoga practice for peace of mind and healing. I learned to heal myself through yoga. I have learned the power of self awareness through yoga. Most importantly, I have learned how to be still in my own skin, comfortably.



Yoga seems like a passion for you, how has it changed your life or perspective? When I am on my yoga mat, I can think clearly. Connecting movement to breathing allows me to organize my thoughts and work through emotions that may come up. The best part about being on my mat is the understanding that I am in no competition with the outside world.I am not even in competition with myself. I am reconstructing a healthier way of viewing who I am and sharing what works for me with others. How has being an instructor rather than just a practicing yogi affected you? Sharing my practice with students has been such a humbling process. I am learning how to make practitioners feel safe. How to make the space feel warm and inviting. I am learning how not to "fix" people but guide them instead. I am learning that I am and they are whole and complete before and after they show up for class. I am learning that I can responsibly be there for people without forcing anything on them. As an instructor, I am learning how to love in a completely different way. I use all of these lessons in my personal life today and wow, how things have evolved! Follow Bre’s Yoga Journey @Bre4Yoga FASHION STEELE NYC 2015


How would you describe your style? I think I’m urban/boho/chic! I’m born and raised in Harlem, NY, so a clean pair of construct Timb’s is everything to my life! I also love long nails, hoop earrings, a flowy tribal printed dress in the summer and of course my natural hair is fly all year long. Do you have any insight into how




changing in terms of women of color or your thoughts on the matter? I am in love with color! How exciting is it to see so



representing for the world! Not just for one culture but for all of us. Boom! just like that,



awesome again! You are definitely a part of the fashion community here in NYC, have you noticed any changes and/or trends in fashion over the last few years? I see it becoming more acceptable to be a whole person today. People are taking more risks! What is most inspiring, is seeing people taking a leap of faith and being themselves! Whatever it looks like. Red Carpet fly one day, Urban the next, eclectic there after. What a time to be alive:) You have beautiful skin and amazing hair. I’d love to know some of your favorite beauty and hair products. Thanks! Okay, heres the run down: Optimum Amla Legend Shampoo & Conditioner is my new favorite for my hair! For my scalp, Kuza 100% Indian Hemp and for my body, Nubian Heritage body lotion. The Falcon Soaperie (every damn thing in stock)! For Lip care, Elo Lipcare is my go-to.

Take Yoga with Bre Every Saturday in March

I love that you rep Harlem. What are some of your favorite places to dine in Harlem? ChaiWali, get the butter coffee and Avocado Toast!!! Silvana's because their Honey flavored Hookah is where it’s at and Lulu's for the best darn burritos in Harlem!

Black River Studios 345 Lenox avenue btw 127th and 128th street Time: 12:15pm -1:15pm Costs: $12

Article Photography by Britt Sense FASHION STEELE NYC 2015


Sweater: Storets, Cropped Denim Jeans: Zara, Shoes & Bag: Derek Lam, Watch: Shore Projects Watch, Lip: Lancome Location: Harlem Photography: Mike Crew of LOE

Festive Dressing for the Holidays



My Favorite Things of 2015 Beauty: I am a product fanatic and have tried tons of new beauty products this year from skincare to perfumes and makeups. My favorite skincare product of 2015 is definitely the Konjac Cleansing Sponge





Hydrating Clay for exfoliating my face. As far as scents go, I am smitten with my new Crinoline Body Fragrance from & Other Stories. It smells so clean and fresh. For makeup, I can’t get enough of MAC Whirl nude





products. Essie Cocoa Karma is a nail fav.

Shore Projects Watch & Crinoline Fragrance

Gadgets: I’m not really a gadget girl, to my boyfriends dismay, but he did get me a Kindle this year and I actually love it. I’ve already read through: The Martian, Weekends at Bellevue





recommend them. Through a collaboration with Urban Outfitter’s I also got a Fuji Instamax Mini camera and it goes everywhere with me. It comes is very handy for parties, gatherings





momento’s as well as photos for my shoe boxes!

Accessories: My main accessory of 2015 was my Shore Projects watch. I’m usually not very into watches but this one is sleek and classic and can be worn with anything. I love the look of it and how easy it is to change the 3 bands up. It’s like having 3 watches in one! Perfect for someone like me who needs variety!



Favorite Things 2015 Cont. Accessories Cont: I also indulged in a pair of my first fashion sneakers of 2015, the Nike Air Max Thea’s in Mole that I stalked on & Other Stories. I love the color and how it’s a neutral so I can wear them with anything. They are sturdy and comfortable with great grip as well. My favorite Magazine of the year is definitely Porter Magazine. I finally subscribed and it’s worth every penny for the amazing features and stunning editorials. I love that these issues will last the test of time because I like to collect magazines and revisit for inspiration. My favorite physical book of the year was Love x Style x Life by Garance Dore.

Fuji Instamax Mini Instant Camera amongst the other items packed for Vacationing in Playa Del Carmen & Cancun, Mexico. Shoes: Soludos, Skirt: Tory Burch, Sunglasses: Rayban, Straw Visor



Favorite Online and Brick & Mortar Shops 2015 I do a fair amount of shopping and this year was no exception. I shopped to my hearts content. I would say about 90% of my shopping this year was done online. I have a number of websites I check out daily but to properly stalk all my favorite items I want to add to my wardrobe I use Lyst. I love that Lyst sends you an alert when something on your wish

The Real Real

lyst goes on sale and it was how I secured my Proenza Schouler woven sandals originally $995 for $280 (with $100 discount with coupon code Gift100). ONLINE ❖

Moda Operandi for designer duds straight off the runway and for their amazing end of season sales

The Real Real for all the designer shoes I missed out on last season because they Alexander Wang, Tibi & Stella McCartney

cost too much. The deals are deep and there’s almost always a 20% sale going on. ❖Shopbop

for those unique splurge pieces that will

remain in sparse rotation ❖Revolve

Clothing for my aussie brand fix


New York: This year I was introduced to MiN

New York by my boyfriend and I absolutely love it! They have the perfect knick knack gifts for men as well as exquisite and unique scents. ❖&

Other Stories: I love this store for their amazing

collection of accessories from shoes to bracelets to the perfect leather fanny pack. I am also enamored with their fragrances and body lotions. 

Shopbop Fringe Top FASHION STEELE NYC 2015


Special Thanks There are so many people who contributed in making Fashion Steele NYC work this year and that is definitely all the amazing photographers I’ve worked with who include: Deem Sanders, Jennifer Jean-Pierre, Nigel Isaiah, Isaiah Pickens, Mike Crew of LOE and Pete Monsanto. I’d also like to thank my wonderful mom who always reads every posts and inspires me to keep going. I want to send light and love to my wonderful boyfriend who has been super supportive and also helped me with a lot of my instagram photos. A special thank you to Hannan Saleh and Bre Scullark for contributing such amazing interviews and being women to admire in the industry. Lastly I want to thank everyone who reads Fashion Steele NYC. It’s always nice to get likes on Facebook and Instagram or favorites on Twitter, but for those who take the time to visit Fashion Steele NYC and read my posts, I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for your continued readership and comments and feedback. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Now let’s see what 2016 will bring! KEEP IN TOUCH ❖

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Top Right: H&M Top, Tamara Mellon Skirt, Alexander Wang Sandal, Vintage Bag, Karen Walker Sunglasses Bottom Left: Nasty Gal Denim Dress, Alexander Wang Sandals Photography: Mike of LOE FASHION STEELE NYC 2015

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Fashion Steele NYC 2015 Magazine  

Fashion Steele NYC 2015 Magazine is a recap of the latest 2015 Fashion Event's, Collaborations and Notable Interviews from Fashion Steele NY...

Fashion Steele NYC 2015 Magazine  

Fashion Steele NYC 2015 Magazine is a recap of the latest 2015 Fashion Event's, Collaborations and Notable Interviews from Fashion Steele NY...