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The Best Handbag Designers, an investment for Fashion Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Coach, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Kate Spade. These are some of the best and well- known handbag designers. Undeniably, these handbag designers are real expensive, but it does not mean that they are not worthy investment. One of the reasons why most designer bags are expensive is because of its quality and materials from which they are made of. Therefore, it is not just the brand that you buying for but also its durability that comes along with the item. The top choice materials usually used in creating handbags are Leather, Cowhide, Cotton, Polyvinyl and Suede. Of course, when you are purchasing a handbag, you have to find the bag that best suits you and the one that can fit your pocket. For sample, Coach could be your perfect one-stop-shop. They have small bags and backpacks, wallet and wristlet. They have the affordable line of sophisticated bags, and you can find every look you can imagine. Well, one best thing about Coach is that they offer a lifetime guarantee. Alexander McQueen bags cost a pretty penny, there are selected few items that are available for $1,000. If you want to go higher up level, and you’re a type of person that really don’t care about money at all, and want an extremely popular bag, then here are some of the very famous handbag designer you have to consider buying. Valentino bags- Most Valentino bags sell for around $2,000-3,000. This designer is known for its chic and sexy designs as well as the supple leather the bags are made from. Valentino bag has been brought to the limelight by the strikingly feminine design. You will be stunned by the breathtaking beauty once you get hands on one piece of bag, or rather, work of art, which exudes luxury, elegance and glamour. A Valentino bag is ranked as one of the world’s most celebrated handbag producers and fashion brands. These bags became the most influential accessory that dominates the market year after year. Louis Vuitton offers a line of luxury leather goods that are gorgeous in their simplicity, although they are rather conservative when it comes to design. They are known for their distinctive plaid pattern, for their clean lines and top quality materials, for their classy designs, neutral colors, and their oh-so-popular brand power and for their soft, supple, glovetanned leather. Their handbag designers come in various sizes and shapes, and there is sure to be one to please even the most distinguishing shopper. These handbags are designed for a woman that is both strong and sophisticated. Chanel has their signature look, the two connecting Cs, which they make look new and refreshed year after year. Chanel has been around for quite sometime and is known for the quality of their leather products too. Their handbags are of particular interest to women all over the world because these particular Chanel accessories are displayed as the epitome e of fashion. Chanel handbag can be carried even if you are wearing an old-fashioned dress and you can be confident that it will complement you.

Hermes's top quality is extraordinary. One of the benefits about Hermes handbags is they have a greet selection of assortment that will go with any kind of dress you wish to wear. They have distinct colors also as different textures to suit your clothing. They may be present in range of varying sizes and shapes to cater to your particular requirements. On the other hand, there are also handbag designers that will give you the high fashion look you want without taking a month's income (or even half) to purchase like Laundry by Shelli Segal, kate spade, and BCBG Max Azria are great and affordable handbag designers. Bags usuaaly cost $150 to $400. They also use high quality materials. Carrying handbag designers will help you to reflect your personality and style. A woman should definitely treat themselves to an investment bag, regardless whether or not it’s designer! Keep in mind that Quality, Versatility and Style are what make a handbag a great one.

The Best Handbag Designers, an investment for Fashion  

On the other hand, there are also handbag designers that will give you the high fashion look you want without taking a month's income (or ev...

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