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It’s impossible not to have heard of street style today as it seems to steal the scene from fashion magazines and other fashion prints as the entrance of fashion blogs by the masses all over the globe were welcomed with shrieks of appreciation. In order to keep up with the changing times and rapid arrival and appreciation of street style, even online magazines and magazines are also taking their own street style features. Street style or street fashion started a very long time ago as a lot of people tend to dress in order to express their creativity and fashion sense. The mods and rockstars have perhaps been the most famous street fashion there was during the mid 1900s. Rockstars were popular to the teenagers to the early 20s who seem to rebel with the common rules of life and the mods (short for modern) were the preppy group who have clashed against the Rockstars. These two groups had their own bickering and fights and one will notice if one kid is a member of either group simply by looking at what he or she was wearing. Eventually the flower people bloomed in during the 1960s to late 1970s that seem to dominate the streets with their laidback style and comfortable psychedelic clothes. These hippies simply didn’t express their group through their clothing but it also imbibes its culture, the same with the Rockstars and Mods. Today, street styles don’t necessarily identify cultural or sub-groups in society but is a favorite method of fashion savvy individuals in order to express their creativity and fashion sense. People have started having their own style brewed from their own homes, it ignited the imagination to those creative ones who prefer to sew their own clothes. Today, celebrities with great fashion senses aren’t the only ones chased by fashion paparazzi

as even a no-name chic can be seen wearing something cute over the internet. Contests about fashion have also changed as websites like have boldly launched their contest about street style at the end of summer. Contestants can have the chance of winning great giveaways such as shoes and hand bags! The mechanics is fairly simple and rules can be found here at These contests are products of the popularity of street fashion which seem to invade the big cities of the world. It seems that street fashion will go a long way.

Street Style is the Trend Today  

It’s impossible not to have heard ofstreet styletoday as it seems to steal the scene from fashion magazines and other fashion prints as the...

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