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Ladies won’t be as dazzling or as sparkling when in their formal women wear without a little bit of diamond rock. Why, diamonds make formal women wear look more elegant and stunning – making the wearer even more confident and feel good about herself. If you want to buy diamond jewelry for your outfits then you must know how to buy a diamond first. Evaluating a diamond is essential in order to make the right purchase. So the question now is, how do we evaluate a diamond? To begin with, there are 4Cs with diamonds and they stand for Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity. These are the elements of a diamond that we need to understand first in order to make the perfect purchase of a diamond and not be fooled by cheap quality diamonds out there. Of course, we only want the best. The 4Cs would be the ones that would determine the value of a diamond. First off let’s look at the cut of a diamond. Judging the cut of a diamond refers to the pricing of a diamond in accordance with how that diamond is sculpted and shaped to allow for a maximum shine and a heightened ability to reflect light. Cut can be difficult for a layperson to evaluate, so it is important to get your diamond professionally appraised and to obtain an AGS or GIA certificate to verify the quality of the cut. A diamond cut can also affect its durability. Diamonds too have color, if you are shopping for a diamond wedding ring or a diamond engagement ring then it is highly important that you pay close attention to the color of the diamond. A diamond’s ability to refract light is dependent on its degree of whiteness, making the whitest of white diamonds considerably more valuable that their lesser-white counterparts.

Let’s go to Clarity. When a diamond is very clear and is free from blemishes or flaw then it is of the highest value. Diamonds too of course, tend to have flaws. The mass of the diamonds is called the carat, the higher the carat value then the bigger the size of it and the higher its value.

Formal Women Wear Jewelry Evaluating a Diamond