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Fashion for 2011: Alexander Wang Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection Okay fashionistas, even though Vera Wang is not his mom (tear), we still love Alexander Wang. Not just because one of his best friends is Zoe Kravitz and he’s managed to take the fashion community by the hair scratching and kicking to the top, but because Alexander Wang has successfully become the voice of a new fashion generation. Wang makes his pants slouchy, his tees relaxed and cardigans draped creating the definition of modern urban style. Alexander Wang first made a huge designer impression on the fashion community with his 2009 debut of T by Alexander Wang. Remember the oversized relaxed tee with pockets? Wang has shown all the attributes of the making of a fashion icon. Alexander Wang has a gift for taking basic designs and adding subtle updates that have otherwise been forgotten by other designers landing his clothing in the new and innovating categories. While T by Alexander Wang is still doing well, we are reviewing the Alexander Wang Autumn/Fall 2011 Collection. Think cool, think relaxed and think connected wearable fashion. Described as having his own “brand of cool,” Alexander Wang is undoubtedly popular. The 26 year old fashion freshman is just 5 years out of fashion school, and has already opened a 4,500 square foot flagship store in New York. Wang is defiantly surpassing his predecessors leaps and bounds ahead of his time.

BLACK ZIP-OFF PEPLUM TURTLENECK WITH QUILTED SLEEVES This knit dress is one of our standout favorites. Think in terms of cool wear weather the turtleneck on this dress and the long slouchy sleeves look so cozy. We are also a fan of the leather legwarmers over the sexy skimpy sandal stilettos.

CREAM ZIP-OFF PEPLUM TURTLENECK WITH QUITLED SLEEVES This wool poncho with zip up cowl neck is another item that looked good on Wang’s runway. The detailing on the long sleeves added texture to the long cozy sweater. Since we’re in California, we would more than likely wear this as a dress. Poncho, dress or both, this garment just went up a notch.

HYBRID TWEED SKI JACKET Okay, the mother of all accessories this coming season will for sure be the mink trimmed sunglasses. Hands down, chic isn’t even the word. The fitted winter coat with raccoon collar, ascending hemline and leather accents is cooler than cool. And the leather legwarmers, yes! Let’s just book a ticket to Aspen just to wear this outfit.

BIAS STREAMER TANK Wang worked with mostly monotone colors and showcased lots of innovative tuxedoinspired attire. The long silk tops resembled beautiful shredded ribbon. Although cutting edge the silk made this outfit look elegant and quite wearable. What do you think of Alexander Wang’s current collection?

Fashion for 2011: Alexander Wang Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection