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New York Fashion Week: ALEXANDER WANG SPRING 2012 Runway Hey fashionistas ! Check out this runway from the Alexander Wang Spring 2012 line. The thing we all have to admire about Alexander Wang is the way he stays true to his art form and his ideal of women’s wear. Typically the young designer maintains a bit of a tomboy motif with his designs and this 2012 spring collection falls nothing short of that genera. We absolutely get a mix of feminine and sweet. Get our reaction to ALEXANDER WANG below.

This is an interesting use of netting in the form of a sports jacket and biker glove pockets. Wang layers the see-through jacket with a colorful orange top and black mini skirt. The combination is simple, but impressive. Note: Alexander Wang has a

way with creating unique accessories. Last fall it was the fur on the sunglasses and not fishnet biker glove pockets. Innovative!

Next we see a white collared leather jumper. This is a feminine romper meets butch white collar shirt, which is a perfect example of Wang’s gift for infusing masculine and girlie styles.

This velvet tube top zipper dress with oversized drawstring pockets is pretty simple design. But, the leather neck scarf brings this look together stylishly. Sometimes a great accessory is all you need to complete an outfit.

This floral print biker suit with cropped jacket and matching pants has leather accents and fishnet sleeve. Don’t see this one on the racks in stores, but this concept is pushing the envelope. The floral helmet is a nice touch too.

This biker suit is the most interesting of the show, particularly the legging that have sort of an Aztec design and the fitted jacket is just hot (want it). Also check out the leather head scarf which makes the outfit look extra biker chic.

Last but not least we come to this sweet leather combination. The leather and mesh crop top is for bad girls only! Paired with a high waist leather mini with a little added fishnet side paneling to turn the temperature up a bit, this outfit is strictly for the sexy tough fashion divas! Overall, Alexander Wang stays true to his risk taker reputation. We were aroused by his biker girl designs complete with fishnet, leather and mesh. We didn’t see too much color, but then again we never really do from Wang’s designs. In the end we are excited to get something new from ALEXANDER WANG. Thanks for keeping it locked at You can find Alexander Wang’s full ready-to-wear collections at .

New York Fashion Week: ALEXANDER WANG SPRING 2012 Runway  

New York Fashion Week: ALEXANDER WANG SPRING 2012 Runway

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