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Art director Lise Sienko, director and designer Naja Munthe and head of PR Mia L. Rasmussen are working on the magazine.

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Welcome It is not only the new collection we are welcoming this spring season. We are also welcoming a brand new initiative - our e-magazine. We have chosen to create this magazine to give you an even better and more beautiful entrance to our wonderful world of fashion and interior. Our latest SS2013 collection has now hit the stores. The collection has received great praise, and we are very pleased to show it to you and hope that you will be as excited as we are. In this magazine you can come backstage and read Naja Munthes thoughts about the making of SS2013 collection and the beautiful interior line Casa de Luxe by Naja Munthe. Munthe plus simonsen have also had a very exciting season where we’ve had the pleasure of being able to contribute to various charitable projects. One of them is our project for Plan Denmark, where we have designed a beautiful jacket that has been produced in an Indian village so that we could give work to the poor women in the village. Profits from the sale of the jacket will go right back to the village. It is a project that makes a lot of sense, because we are able to see the direct effects of our charity. You can read more about the project in the magazine. Last but not least you can be inspired by the amazing fashion series styled by Maria Angelova with styles from the new collection. Enjoy!

FEATHERS allover

The artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen

creates amazing art – especially this beautiful black/white drawing with birds in a tree. ‘The Flowing One’. 200X240. Info at

The dress ‘Feather’

is a beautiful dress that’s suitable as an everyday dress as well as a dress for all the faboulous summerparties. 2099 dkk.

Our lovely t-shirt with the birdprint. 599 dkk.

We just love

The dress ‘Fixtrix’

is suitable with flats as well as stilettos. 2399 dkk.

the japanese writer Haruki Murakami and his beautiful stories with the most poetic language.

One of the main inspirations in this collection are birds and feathers. Be inspired and fly high this season.


from eu.fab. com. 120 dkk.

The top ‘Friskori’

is perfect with this seasons shorts. 1899 dkk.

Beautiful shorts

‘Fette’ is a true hit in the closet during summertime. 1199 dkk.



‘I only design clothes I like’

Naja Munthe is the designer of Munthe plus Simonsen. Here she talks about the thoughts and processes that go into creating a new collection. How does a collection start? I find a lot of photos and pictures of different sorts and use them for moodboards that show a lot of ideas. In this process, I remove some items and choose new ones and see how the different images are linked. I find pictures online, in art books, fashion magazines ... all sorts of places. When I settle on a direction (or a mood) and know where I’m going, I choose what I want as prints and embroideries, forming a complete story. In this collection I very quickly settled with a bird and feather theme. I have used images of birds that I have mirrored and flipped so many times that you can hardly see they are birds. And I have used feathers in different types of prints and illustrations. It is the prevailing theme - but without it dominating the entire collection. When I am in the process of designing,

the summer collection. It is a decorative universe without being too sweet or raw.

I am also often out and about. I visit shops, walk the streets, make travels simply for the inspiration seeing new places brings me. And you should never underestimate the power of simply sitting by a desk, drawing. When I take the time to draw, the ideas come out of nowhere. Why have you chosen the bird theme? It reminds me of spring and summer. You see more birds in summer than in winter, and there is such a lightness in feathers, which fits well with

When does a collection start? I begin the work more than a year in advance, so it is a long process. The first thing I do is to create the universe the collection is made from and then I start designing the collection with the number of styles I need. If I am to make a collection that holds an entire wardrobe, it requires a certain number of styles. But I do not make 200 styles. I am I’m pretty focused and only press the button so to say when I am absolutely certain...I’m not doing unnecessary designs. I guess it comes down to 20 years of experience where I have been making many collections....I pretty much know where I want to go... Then there are the patterns, I look at fabrics, details - it takes over six months to get

things back and get it done, as we want it, so it’s ready to be sold at fairs and to wholesale dealers. Do you find inspiration in other designers? Yes and no. I used to visit a lot of fashion weeks abroad in the past, but not so much anymore. Now I see many shows online. I’m looking at many different international designers such as Balmain, Isabel Marant, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, they all create beautifil and inspiring clothes. This collection is more simple than usual. What is the thinking behind it?

This collection has many styles that are just as saturated with our DNA as earlier collections, but now I am more focused on making styles that are easier to combine. I still want plenty of detail, and you can see that it is not something you can find everywhere. But it is also styles that do not make much noise. It is important to maintain the DNA in Munthe plus Simonsen, but it is also important to have a commercial mindset and make styles that can be used for many occasions and across several seasons - and so it is essential that the design has a

simple “feel” to it. Some designs are timeless. I think that much of what I do is timeless. But I also think thatpeople take better care of a dress they have paid 2500 kroner for than one they picked up for 500. The clothes here are more delicate and I hear people say they still wear the jacket they bought more than 5 years ago. Would you wear all the styles? Basically, I design clothes, I could wear myself. But no, I would not put on the leather shorts or short sweaters - I will always dress my age and wear styles that look good on me. But basically I only design styles I like. It would be unnatural for me to design something that I thought was ugly. How important is it to you that the fashion industry likes your clothes? I am always happy when people like my clothes. However, my experience is that it is difficult to use what other people like as a benchmark in the design process. It’s so hard to predict what people want when they go shopping on a

sunny morning in May...I have experienced that fashion editors didn’t like a particular style but that particular style would become the best selling in the collection. And vice versa. Ultimately, the customers’ opinion is what is the most important. It is they who are paying several thousand kroner for the clothes. The fashion industry is indeed very volatile, but I think our customers have a more long term mindset. I try, when I design, to think of both. It should be something that my customer may have for a long time - but it must also be “true to the time”. It’s just hard to get it all right in one style – but I thrive with that challenge. Munthe plus simonsen has done well during the crisis. What is the explanation for this? I think it’s because people know us and know what we stand for. They know we deliver on time. They know what kind of product we have and that they can count on us. We are a stable company with a large, solid group of customers who are very loyal. Throughout the crisis, when

the industry as a whole has experienced that customers are looking for lower prices, we have found that our customers prefer to pay a little more for a good quality that lasts longer. We have not seen an increased demand for things that are cheap. On the contrary. We are not price sensitive as some other brands. Is there a style in the new collection, which you are particularly proud of? One of the things I’m really happy with is my knitted cardigan. It has that very special feel to it and yet it is casual and easy for anyone to wear. That’s what I’m good at; design styles that are very special, but still casual, so you do not feel overdressed.

PURE and

Amazing materials, simplicity and pure luxury are the keywords for this season. We have designed styles that will spoil you and we have also found a few other products that will complete the picture.

Miniskirts are

a must-have this summer. ‘Florin Ivory’ 1199 dkk.

Simple Every woman should own a leather-jacket.

‘Film Charcoal’ adds a raw touch. 4399 dkk.

Make your inner pure and clean.

Meditation and mindfulness with the danish instructor Mette Myrna. 129 dkk.

A makeup-free face feels good when the sun is shining. But it needs a clean, fresh skin. The facial oil from Rudolph Care really makes a difference. 795 dkk.

The clutch is always a hit.

This black leather-clutch goes with everything. ‘Filiz Black’ 1499 dkk.


‘Farewell’ 1699,-

Does your face require makeup

– use the mineral foundation from Tromborg. 320 dkk.

In the

DARK See how stylist Maria Angelova fromfashion addict is styling our Spring/ Summer collection for your eyes only.

Dress: munthe plus simonsen, 2.399,Earrings and necklace: Fyllgraf

Top: munthe plus simonsen, 599,Jacket: munthe plus simonsen, 2.499,Shorts: munthe plus simonsen, 999,Necklace: Fyllgraf Ring: YSL, Kassandra Shoes: Valentino, Kassandra

Top: munthe plus simonsen, 899,Knit: munthe plus simonsen, 2.199,Ring: YSL, Kassandra Choker: Kassandra

Dress: munthe plus simonsen, 2.199,Earrings: Something Special Bracelet: Sys Bjarnhof bracelet, Holly Golightly Ring: Fyllgraf Shoes: David Andersen for BIANCO

Top: munthe plus simonsen, 1.699,Shorts: munthe plus simonsen, 1.199,Earrings: D&G, Holly Golightly Bracelet: Emmeline Othine and Something Special

Dress: munthe plus simonsen, 2.399,Earrings and necklace: Fyllgraf

Dress: munthe plus simonsen, 2.399,Necklace: Fyllgraf Bracelet: Emmeline Othine Boots: Ala誰a, Holly Golightly

Dress: munthe plus simonsen, 2.499,Earrings: Fyllgraf Large black bracelet: Emmeline Othine Gold bracelet: Fyllgraf Fur bracelet: Sejr Shoes: David Andersen for BIANCO

Creative director og stylist: Maria Angelova, Photographer: Maria Pepelanova, Hair and makeup: Nicci Welsh, Assistent stylist: Nicoll Vesthede Assistent photographer: Jonas Krøyer Assistent makeup: Vicki Risom Model: Alex, Scoopmodels Retouch:



- A designers dream

The universe of munthe plus simonsen is not all about clothes. Naja Munthe always had an ambition designing interior and that dream has become reality now with Casa de Luxe. It’s a series of bedding, pillows, candlesticks and other beautiful things for a home where there will be pampered for the details. ‘It was a dream come true when I started my own company munthe plus simonsen in 1994. Being able to live and work as a designer, to be allowed to disappear into the creative world and be a kid in colors and shapes, was true happiness, ‘says Naja Munthe. For her aesthetics and flair for where trends are moving goes hand in hand. Designing interiors and designing clothes has many similarities. ‘What I form must be useful, but also pleasing to the eye. For me it is as important whether a dress fits or the bedding is beautiful.

In the design process, I always have my consumer in mind, and I take pride in considering which features a product must meet, says Naja Munthe, who often seeks inspiration when she travels. ‘I go into weird shops and seedy flea markets. I sit on a bench studying people who walk by, and I visit quirky art exhibitions. I prefer to stay at small unique botique hotels where they take care of the details and create different

solutions. All these impressions and inspiration I collect when I create a Casa De Luxe collection. This ensures that my universe always has a relaxed and casual atmosphere with a touch of luxurious warmth.’



make a difference

Naja Munthe is working together with Plan about designing a jacket that can help poor women in India. Fashion can make a difference at home in front of the mirror. But fashion can also make a difference that really matters. For Naja Munthe it was easy to say yes when she last year was approached by Plan Denmark and asked if she wanted to work with them in support of the campaign ‘Because I Am a Girl’ in the poor Indian region of Rajasthan in

Northern India. Naja designed a beautiful jacket with handpainted ribbons and pearls, which was then produced by women in the poor village. The women have learned new techniques in the process and, not least, they have had a steady income for several months. And the fact that money was earned is perhaps what made the biggest difference. When the jacket is now being sold, the proceeds will go to the project. In this way Munthe plus Simonsen makes it possible for women to get clean drinking water, baths and latrines in which water and nutrients are recycled in the local environment. In a society where disease is a common part of daily life as a result of highly contaminated drinking water and where girls and women have to expose themselves on the field when taking a shower, the effects of such progress is immense.

Naja Munthe has been a Plan sponsor for many years to several children and have long wanted to do something more: ‘I am living such a privileged life and I think I am obligated to help others. I am living in such a rich and well-organized country and in this state of my life, I have the possibilites to help. The project is about being creative, so that makes it even better,’ says Naja Munthe. Back in october Naja travelled with Plan to India to see the production of the jackets. On the trip was photographer Signe Vilstrup and the magazine ELLE who also volunteered during the project. Meeting the women in the poor village was in many ways an overwhelming experience for Naja: ‘Even though I know that a lot of people are living in poverty it was a overwhelming experience to

see it with my own eyes. it puts my own life in perspective and my admiration for what the women have done is enormous,’ says Naja Munthe The jackets have been produced in limited numbers and will be sold in our store, and from February. All jackets are numbered and signed by the woman who made ​​it. You can read a full article about the project in the February issue of ELLE Magazine


Naja is presenting one of her own favourites – the knit ‘Frodo’, which we think will turn out to be one of our bestsellers this season. Naja Munthe and sales rep. Louise Rasmussen are telling the journalists all about the SS 2013 collection and the thoughts behind the designs.

the press In october we invited the danish fashion-press to take a look at and hear all about the new SS2013 collection. They picked out their favourites from the new collection and we invited them to choose a style from the AW2012 in the store in Grønnegade. We had a great afternoon with champagne, cupcakes and lots af fashion-talk. Look forward to enjoy munthe plus simonsen in the magazines during spring and summer.

Stylist Palle Rahbek from Alt for Damerne picks out the knit ‘Frodo’ as his favourite and is complimenting the whole collection: ‘It has been simplified without loosing its DNA. It is an easy collection to mix and match.’

Editor in chief Anne Lose from Eurowoman is enjoying a glass of champagne.

Stylist Majbritt Olsen from Femina also picks out the ‘Fette’-shorts as her favorite style.

Editor in chief at Eurowoman, Anne Lose, and fashion editor, Gertrud Bønnelykke, picked out our beautiful turtlenecks from the AW2012 collection.

Fashion editor Line Hindsgaul is crazy about the dress ‘Frauke’. ‘I would love to wear it,’ says Line.

Assistent fashioneditor Thora Valdimarsdóttir from Costume loves the shorts ‘Fette’.

NAJAS favourites Not only fashion matters in Naja Munthes life. To be creative it is highly important to let you self be inspired by interesting things. Here are a number of Najas absolut favourites.

Naja just loves art

and has a lot of interesting, simple an elegant art. One of her favourite artist are Halsted Craig Hannah. Here is his work ‘Man with a book’. More info

The movie ‘Urga’

is about the mongolian shepherd Gombo who lives in a yurt in Inner Mongolia with his family and his meeting and friendship with a stranded russian truckdriver.

Beau Marché

er en lille perle gemt væk i centrum af København. En fransk café som hører til blandt Najas stamsteder. Her serveres der klassisk fransk frokost, god kaffe og vin.

The fragrance ‘L’ombre dans l’eau’ from Diptyque is Najas favourite.

‘Universets Engle’

Najas favourite cocktails

are served at the bar Lidkøb on Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen. Her favorite cocktail is a mojito.

af Einar Már Gudmundsson har vundet Nordisk Råds Litteraturpris i 1995 og er en fortælling om hovedpersonens barndom, ungdom og død i efterkrigstidens Reykjavik.

The norwegian sing-a-song writer Thomas Dybdahl has many fans. Among them is Naja whos favourite song is ‘One day you dance for me’.

V2 ENG E-magasin  

V2 ENG E-magasin Munthe

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