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CONTENTS 26 GLITTER Photographer: Katya Warped Styling & Makeup: Anna Istomina


42 PLAIN FARM Photographer: Lynn Theisen Stylist: Rosi Muller

50 FLOWER ME Photographer: Christina Hasenauer Illustration: IZAIZA


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12 FLOR MEXICANA Photographer & Retoucher: Alida Bonifaz

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20 Lucy Walter Interview by Carmen Obied Photographed by Derek Reed

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Opposite page: dress Marchesa Notte Hairbands Colette Malouf Hairbands N21 On this page: Coat P.A.R.O.S.H pijamas P.A.R.O.S.H Hairbands Malouf Colette Malouf

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flor Mexicana Photographer & Retoucher, Floral headpieces: Alida Bonifaz Model, Hair & Make-up: Leah Sullivan @ Neal Hamil Agency Location: Houston, United States

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White top, black skirt: Zara Necklace: Francesca’s Jewelry: Francescas

“I’m convinced we are all playing roles constantly in life. I have some strong personalities in my family and from an early age learned to be the nice one—the diplomat...”

Photography by

Derek Reed

Questions written by

Carmen Obied

LUCY WALTERS American Actress, best known for having spent three season’s on the hit Starz show “Power” playing the character of Holly. Her character on Power had met her demise in a shocking episode that had all the fans buzzing on social media. The images from the shoot, which are some of the first (outside of a few red carpet appearances) with her new look of blonde hair were shot on location at The Smyth Hotel in NYC and in the neighborhood of Tribeca. Let’s find out what projects Lucy’s been working on lately...

FSHIFT: Hi Lucy, thanks for joining us here on Fashion Shift Magazine. You have recently landed an exciting role in the latest TV series adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s ‘Get Shorty’. What type of new perspective are they bringing to the story and can you tell us a bit about your role? LUCY: Thanks so much for talking with me. This “Get Shorty,” while still a comedy, is darker and more grounded than the original. The central character Miles Daly (Chili from the book and movie) is played by the wonderfully charming Chris O’Dowd. Like the movie, he is the muscle behind a murderous crime ring (helmed by a woman in our version, played by the fantastic Lydia Porto) and tries to extricate myself from his thuggish life by producing a movie, only to find he’s instead brought the crime world with him into Hollywood. In our series, the characters are more fleshed out, textured, with a home life and backstory. We see that what drives Miles to change is his love for his daughter, the titular “Shorty” in our version. I play Katie Daly (a character not existent in the movie), Miles’ wife from whom he’s now separated but is desperately trying to win back for the sake of their daughter. Katie is great. She’s a sharp— practical and witty— and a good counterpoint to Miles, who despite his profession is actually the sensitive, dreamy one. A lot of our comedy comes from the oxymorons within the characters. Here’s a guy earnestly quoting pop psychology from TV whilst chopping up dead bodies.


I like being very prepared so that on set I can relax and listen and play and hopefully disregard everything I’d planned and allow for new discoveries in the moment. That’s the beauty of working with great actors and directors; they surprise you. FSHIFT: What are some of the most challenging or unusual scenes you’ve had to do?

LUCY: For the last three years, I was playing a character named Holly on STARZ’ Power. Filming her death was really difficult. Not only was it physically demanding—it was a brutal domestic violence situation— but emotionally it was tough to say goodbye to a role I loved so dearly alongside these people who’d become my family. And the scene needed to be raw, real and highly volatile—a scene where moment to moment you weren’t sure if it’d end in the bedroom or the grave.

FSHIFT: Can you describe to us what a “day on set” is usually like for you? LUCY: The thrilling part of this job is that no day is the same. Still there are certain consistencies. For the actor, each day begins in hair and makeup. This production likes a very natural look, especially for the down-to-earth Katie. After HMU, the actors quickly rehearse on set with the director to roughly sketch out the emotional beats and blocking for the crew to see. Then the crew takes over set, lighting and positioning the camera with actor stand-ins while the actors get in costume and finish preparing. Then we shoot. As quickly as possible. And repeat again for the next scene. Our show is slightly different than most TV in that our show-runner (the extremely talented Davey Holmes, who most recently was a writer for Shameless) doesn’t like to interrupt the work flow with “last look” hair and makeup touch ups before each take and he doesn’t like “sides” —sort of cheat sheets for actors—on set at all. I’m a big fan of working this way; it forces every one to be really on their game, to come to work ultra prepared. FSHIFT: How do you mentally prepare for a role and get into character? Do you tend to have a certain routine or place you like to escape to for inspiration? LUCY: Before any work begins I read the script several times with an open mind to awaken my creativity and allow the character reveal herself to me. I like to get in the character’s head and learn how she thinks —going line by line, “why would I say this”—which actually helps me learn the lines.

Dress: Laura Smalls Cuff: Sterling King Opposite page: Brown Chiffon Slip: John Galliano Necklace: Phoenix Open Collar by Camille Jewelry by Camille Codorniu Rings: Jade Chiu

FSHIFT: When you started pursuing an acting career, did you envision yourself playing a certain type of character or genre? And has this changed overtime?

FSHIFT: What route did you take to break into the acting world? What were some of the transitional phases you experienced to get to this point?

LUCY: I’m convinced we are all playing roles constantly in life. I have some strong personalities in my family and from an early age learned to be the nice one—the diplomat. So I guess I assumed that’s who I’d be cast as. But thank goodness, that has not been the case at all. Mostly I get cast as “the bitch” or the “bad girl” and it’s the best. Nice is so boring. And learning to genuinely love the bitch who lives inside me (all of us) has helped me find an inner strength. FSHIFT: Are you interested in delving in other parts of the film industry, such as scriptwriting or directing? LUCY: Absolutely. Acting is only the beginning for me. There are so many stories I want to tell—and not necessarily about people who look like me. I’m interested in helping to give voice to the people whose stories we aren’t seeing enough of. We definitely need more women and people of color getting opportunities to create work. FSHIFT: Do you watch your own movies or shows? How does it feel watching yourself on screen?

LUCY: Mine was definitely not a linear path, but more of scatter plot; only with some perspective now can I see “oh, I guess I was heading in a direction.” I’ve spent the last 10 years grinding away, working hard and saying yes to every opportunity and trying to build a life I’m proud of. But I’ve tried to be strategic about how to find my edge competing in an ever-increasing pool of girls who on paper are essentially identical to me. (And to try to be prettier or younger or whatever, we all know there’s no way to win that game!) So I started leaning into what made me me and differentiating myself that way. For example, I was a serious violinist most of my life and I leveraged that skill a bit initially to shrink the pool by playing roles that were musicians to get my foot in the door. I also try—and this is an ongoing struggle— to love the parts of me that for years I tried to hide because I thought they weren’t my selling points. But in the acting world, I realize perfection is boring; you have to embrace your imperfections because they give you texture. So for example, my crooked teeth (something that for most of my life I was self conscious about) I reframe for myself as an asset—a characteristic that makes me more uniquely qualified to do period dramas.

LUCY: It’s always weird to watch yourself on screen but I do learn a lot from doing it. And the thing is if I’m doing my job right, it’s not me I’m watching but the character. People hated Holly in Power. But it’s not for me the actor to judge her. I still stand by everything she had to do, even though I could watch it as an audience member and totally get why people didn’t trust that character. But my job is to humanize every role I get.

Gown: Malan Breton Gold Phoenix Necklace: Jade Chiu

Gown: Malan Breton Leather Hot Pants: Pitch London Quartz Stone Necklace: Jade Chiu Choker Necklace & Cuff: Sterling King Shoes: Abcense

This page: Bra: Clo Intimo


Opposite page: Orange Satin Dress: Prada Necklace: Camille Jewelry by Camille Codorniu Shoes: Abcense

FSHIFT: Throughout your acting career, have there been aspects of the industry that you struggled with or surprised you? LUCY: I was shocked by how much more democratized the TV world is than the theater world. I moved to NYC because I love theater, but I didn’t go to a fancy school and I found it really hard to break into the theater world. But in TV, if you’re right for the part, you’re right for the part, regardless of pedigree. Also, and I like to think the industry is starting to change, but I am still shocked by what a boys’ club this world is and how few women and people of color are in positions of power in the industry. FSHIFT: We’re excited to also have you featured in an editorial published in our current issue of Fashion Shift Magazine. Is modeling another avenue you pursue? LUCY: Ha! I wish. I’m much better at transforming into a character than being seen as just me. But I have a lot of respect for fashion and for models.

Photographer:Derek Reed Stylist:Jessica Chen Hair & Makeup:Kirsten Sylvester Manicurist:Tee Hundley Assistants:Laura Thompson and Laura Trevino Special Thanks to Mike Browne Location at The Smyth:A Thompson Hotel in New York City


Black gown: Laura Smalls Necklace: Butterfly Necklace by Jade Chiu Shoes: Abcense




FashionShiftMAGAZINE Photographer: Katya Warped @katya_warped Styling & Makeup: Anna Istomina @anna_istomina_maniac Models: Ekaterina Shamrai Nastya Belova Galina Dzyadevich Yulia Mikhailova Svetlana Garakhina

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“Oh Snap!

Adventures” Let’s Talk About London

by Steven Lopez

Travel Editor & Archaeologist – Steven is an underwater archaeologist and traveler from Los Angeles County, California. He has a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Biola University in La Mirada, California and a Master’s Degree in maritime archaeology from the University of Southampton in England. He combines his passions for archaeology and travel as a maritime archaeologist, holding 16 different SCUBA diving certifications, both recreational and professional. In 2015 he was fortunate enough to visit over 7 different countries, spending at least a month in most places due to his profession. He aims to experience each place as a local rather than just a tourist, so to engage with the reality of the cultures of individuals around the world. Through archaeology, blogging, and photography he shares his take on various places around the world.


o for the past couple of years I’ve been traveling around the world, getting to know a lot of really cool places. But one of the places I have come to know the best is definitely London! I wouldn’t call myself a London expert by any means, but I have used it as a home base during my travels and have been fortunate enough to be able to really immerse myself into the London culture, experiencing what it’s like to be a Londoner! London is a fantastic, brilliant city loaded with history, architecture, art, food and entertainment. There is never a dull moment! So, as I do, I’m going to give you my take on London. But this time I’m going to do it a little differently. I’m going to take you on a hypothetical journey through the city that ensures you experience London to the fullest extent. Although my journey is not completely exhaustive regarding things to do and see in London, it will definitely allow you to get a good feel for the vibrancy of the city! If you are planning on visiting London for the first time or are living or staying in the city for an extended period of time, I’ll also point you to some social media links that will keep you updated on what’s going and when in such a crazy city! It’s a lot of information, but we’ll get through it!

The Tube Whether you live in London or you’re visiting for the first time, the tube (London’s train system) is something you will inevitably cross paths with. It is London’s largest, most commonly used, and convenient means of transportation. Below is a map of the London tube system. Do not fear - these are displayed at every station for reference when needed. The Oyster Card So, to travel on the tube you will need to purchase a pass of some sort. The Oyster card will be one of your pass options. At every tube station there are kiosks (you can’t miss them) for you to buy/ top-up your oyster card. The kiosks will also provide you with options for purchasing a 7-day pass, a monthly pass, or just putting money directly on your oyster card. Depending on the purpose and length of your time in London, some top-up or purchase options may be better suited for you than others. Make sure to look at all of your options so you can make the best use of your money! For extensive information on the various options you have for your oyster card top-ups and purchases, visit the tfl website.


Public Bikes

Before I get into my hypothetical journey, let’s talk about transportation in London. This is a choice you will have to make when you arrive in the city and it’s best that you are well aware of all your options. Your transportation method can actually change as you please to fit your journey and/or destination, so check it out. Here are some essentials:

One of the coolest things about London transportation is that its public bike system is available to the general public all day, everyday! Bike stations have been strategically built throughout the entire city so that people can rent a bike near their location and return the bike near their destination. Sweet eh!

Travel To rent a bike it’ll only set you back £2 for 24 hours of cycling. All you need to do is find the cycle kiosk (there’s one at every bike station. It’ll look like the one on the left in the picture), have a debit card with a chip ready, and follow the instructions on the screen. Don’t forget this next part. You may only use a bike for 30 min at a time. After every half-an-hour you must return the bike to a nearby station, wait 5 minutes, then rent another bike (free of charge). Every kiosk is programed to recognize your initial transaction for 24 hours. You’ll receive a new code to release a bike every time you rent a new one, you can also check the docking stations and bike availability online or on the app! Black Taxi or Uber Eh...too crowded, takes forever. Where’s the fun in that?!

The Journey Before you read any further, stop and download the “citymapper” app. This will come in reaaaally handy when you want to create your own journey around London. It’s really easy to use and it’ll give you the best transportation options, prices, and times for any journey you input! Plus, it’ll tell you exactly where you can find a nearby bus, cycle, tube, rail, ferry, or tram station. London simplified! Whitechapel & Brick Lane: Our Journey begins in East London, Whitechapel. You might know this place as part of the cheapest properties on the Monopoly board, or as the place where Jack the Ripper is believed to have committed many of his murders! If that interests you, sign up to take the night tour down all the streets where Jack the Ripper murdered his victims. If not, we’ll keep moving forward until we arrive at Brick Lane! This is a really cool street for walking and browsing, grabbing a bite to eat, listening to street performers, etc. It has a hipster feel to it with a hint of bohemian in there. There’s a really nice chocolate shop here called Dark Sugars. Check it out! They make some amazing chocolate and it’s sold at a pretty good price!

Also, every Sunday Brick Lane hosts a big outdoor market. Local restaurants, food chains, and other businesses buy stands to market their companies. All the food is usually priced pretty well and you can also find good deals at all the other stands selling jewelry, electronics, bags, etc. Note: If you are into photography, this is a good place to post up and capture raw moments and natural shots of people (if you look out for them, you’ll notice that there are quite a number of photographers discretely taking pictures of people in Brick Lane). Shoreditch High Street: Once you’ve hit the northern end of Brick Lane, you’ll have reached Shoreditch High Street, running perpendicular to Brick Lane. This street is packed with local restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs! Definitely check it out if that sounds like it interests you. Another great part about this area is “BOXPARK”. If you head west from Shoreditch High street you’ll eventually come across what looks essentially like a big “box park”. “Pop-ups”, local restaurants, food chains, bars and pubs, all rent out a box within the park and sell select items from their menu as a form of advertising. Many times you can find yourself eating really nice food for a pretty nice price, and come across some cool local talent and gigs. Tower Bridge: Now, this where it starts to get super awesome! Check it out, if you head south towards the River Thames you’ll eventually run into Tower Bridge. This is in my opinion, the most EPIC of the London bridges. It is a fantastic sight to see, great to admire from afar and amazing to walk across. I have countless great memories on and around Tower Bridge. Another plus about the bridge is that it is right next to the Tower of London and St. Catherine’s Docks. So, when you’re done checking out the bridge, you can explore the cool stuff around it! There’s lots to see and it’s always pretty busy and exciting around that area. The pictures you’ll get of the bridge will likely be a highlight of your day in London and if you line your shot up right, you can get a cool picture of the Tower of London with the Shard in the background!

“Oh Snap!

Adventures” The Shard & Borough Market: Once you’re done cruising around Tower Bridge, cross the bridge and head west! This is going to give you a close up view of the Shard. It is one of the tallest buildings in Europe and is fairly impressive. If you’re feeling fancy, you can go to one of the many restaurant/bars inside the Shard. Be prepared though, they won’t let you in unless you’re looking spiffy. Dress shoes and pants (trousers) required. You WILL get turned away without them. If you’re not feeling the restaurants/bars, you can always go enjoy the view at the top of the Shard. For 35 British Sterling Pounds you can buy yourself an elevator ride to the top to get what I’m told is quite a breathtaking view. I’ll take their word for it. When you’re done checking out the Shard, make sure to hit Borough Market (only from Thursday to Saturday) off the west end of the Shard. If you ask someone where it is around the Shard, they will certainly be able to point you in the right direction. Borough Market is an excellent place to hang out, grab some street food, and roam. A lot of times they have some really nice cheese and olives for sale. If you find the right booth, you might be able to make it out of there with some nice cheese and olives with a nice bottle of wine to go with it without breaking the bank! Millennium Bridge: If you continue walking westward along the river, past the Shakespeare Globe and Tate Modern gallery, you’ll eventually hit the Millennium Bridge. It has a much more modern feel to it but is right next to St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is an incredible historical and architectural landmark of London! It’s actually the location of the original church that St. Paul’s established in 604 AD! Catholic or not, it’s a beautiful monument that attests to the history of London. It survived World War II by some miracle as well! Southbank: When you’re wrapping up with St. Paul’s Cathedral, continue westward following the River Thames southward until you hit the London Eye. On the way, look out for the Southbank Skatepark. It’s a cool spot to stop and watch some local talent. There are usually a lot of buskers playing modern tunes in the area. It’s very cool to engage with the diverse, talented people of London. Also, be sure to look out for the Royal Festival Hall and British Film Institute (BFI). You never know who you might see walking around! Make sure to have your camera! After passing all that, you should be coming up on the London Eye! I haven’t actually been on it, but it looks like it would be a sweet place to take some shots of the city. It’s always packed with tourists though, so make sure you account for that when going to the area.

The Big Ben: If you continue southward following the Thames, you’ll come to Westminster Bridge. If you cross the bridge westward you’ll end up right next to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament! Now, this is definitely an incredible sight to see! You should definitely try not to miss this! These buildings have been famous since they were built in 1859. Do you remember in Disney’s Peter Pan when Peter and the gang land on the hour hand of the big clock, that’s the Big Ben! Everybody can probably find some kind of connection to the clock, perhaps you identify with Remember, remember, the 5th of November! St. James’ Park & Buckingham Palace: Once you’ve finished snappin’ selfies in front of Big Ben, continue westward and have a nice stroll through a very well-known English Park known as St. James’ Park. You might recognize it from the Monopoly board as St. James Place, however the two are completely unrelated! St. James’ Park was named after a leper hospital dedicated to St. James the Less, while St. James Place is an actual street in the St. James district of London. With all said and done, it’s an absolutely magnificent display of nature and royalty all in one. When you reach the other end of St. James’ Park, you’ll likely notice the giant palace right in front of you! You have most likely heard of this place or seen it on TV if you haven’t seen it in person. Princess Diana, Prince Charles? William and Kate? Queen Elizabeth II? This is the resting quarters of Her Majesty herself, the Buckingham Palace! This is where you can take pictures doing weird stuff to the guards in uniform because they can’t move. The palace is quite stunning from the outside, very majestic. I’ve actually never been inside though. However, if you get there at the right time of day, you might get lucky and see the guards marching/performing in the courtyard. Have your camera ready! Trafalgar Square: After wrapping up with Buckingham Palace, make your way north-east. Go down a ways until you hit Trafalgar Square. In my opinion, this is an awesome place to hang out and really absorb London for what it is. It is the very heart of the city itself. There’s a ton of history, multiple statues and monuments, beautiful fountains, numerous places to eat and shop and the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery. You could potentially spend a whole day around Trafalgar Square just exploring and taking in the city life. It’s quite the sight to see. There are also buskers all around the area that bring a really nice vibe to whole thing. Don’t forget to check out the National Gallery before leaving the area! Note: If you’re into galleries or museums, they’re all FREE in London. ALL OF THEM! You may have to pay for certain exhibitions once you go in but find comfort in the fact that it will cost you nothing to enter! Take advantage.


The North-West March: Leaving Trafalgar Square, if you head north-west, you’ll actually pass through a number of cool spots until you eventually hit Oxford Street, the famous shopping headquarters of London.

If you like to shop, this is where you belong! Be ready to elbow your way through the crowds and have your credit cards ready! On your way there you’ll pass through places like Leicester Square, Chinatown, Soho, and Piccadilly Circus. All of them are super cool and hip places. I would recommend feeling out the vibe of each one as you pass through them. They’re all great for finding some nice food and socializing and Piccadilly Circus is another big shopping area. Chances are, if you’ve been looking for something specific for your entire trip and haven’t found it, you’ll probably find it in this stretch of your journey. Roam free and have a blast! The Green Stretch: Now, if you head west form Oxford Street, you’ll eventually run into Hyde Park. However, if you’re up for a slight detour that is well worth your time and money, still in the direction of Hyde Park - check out Kai Mayfair! It’s a sophisticated Chinese restaurant that serves exquisite gourmet cuisine. It’s slightly heavier on the wallet, but you are most definitely getting what you are paying for. The restaurant radiates a warm and elegant vibe, while proudly upholding its Michelin star reputation. If you get lucky, you might find yourself eating next to Matt Damon or Mark Hamill, both of whom have been spotted dining here.

Back to Hyde Park; the park is gorgeous and most certainly casts a royal, elegant atmosphere. With the Queen’s swans (the swans actually belong to the queen) paddling on the Serpentine Lake, and the rich green surrounding with the Kensington Gardens at the west end of the park, you may feel transported into a small utopia right in the middle of London. I actually have some very fond memories riding a bike up to the famous Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens. It’s the perfect place to take your significant other, be romantic, and eat mango slices while sitting on a bench and watching the swans. Let the romance flow!


Camden: So that pretty much wraps up our journey together. Feel free to mix it up and go out of order. There is most definitely more than one right way to do London. The last place I’m going to mention is not very close to where we ended at Hyde Park, but is most definitely worth mentioning. Camden Town is a really cool spot to hang out, eat, explore, shop, and enjoy the live music, and nightlife. It has more of a free-spirited street vibe rather than an elegant feel like Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus. You can find some reaaaally good food here and really interesting shops to check out. I recommend going into “Cyberdog”. It has a hipster electronic feel to it, and actually lures you in more and more the closer you get to it. Very cool shop! A last worthwhile spot worth sneaking in is the ‘Bar with no name’ (69 Colebrooke Row) in Angel. It has an intimate setting, live music, and they’ve got a lab in that back that they make all their drinks in. They serve some really nice cocktails. That concludes our journey completely guys. If you’re planning a trip to London and would like some further details about a specific place I mentioned, you can also go to these sites for updates on cool weekend events: (all London areas), or (Shoreditch/east areas).

Editorial FashionShiftMAGAZINE

Photographer: Lynn Theisen Makeup & Hair Stylist: Michi Schietzel Stylist: Rosi Muller Model: Theresa @ Modelfabrik

On this page: Shirt with collar: Asos White Apron: Vintage Skirt: Frisur Opposite page: Blouse: van Laack Dress with suspenders: Asos Hat: Pimkie

P l a i n


F a r m


On this page: Cape: Asos Hat: Vintage Opposite page: Blouse: Vintage Skirt: Asos White Hat: Private Collection

FashionShiftMAGAZINE On this page: Dress and Cape: Asos Hat and Gloves: Vintage Opposite page: Dress: Sister Jane Hat: Vintage

FashionShift FashionShiftMAGAZINE MAGAZINE

On this page: Blouse: Yas Choker: Suzywan Deluxe Skirt: Bikbok

Opposite page: Blouse: Frisur Skirt with suspenders: Monki Hat: Asos



Photographer: Christina Hasenauer @GoldenAge-ncy Illustration: IZAIZA Hair&MakeUp: Ana Buvinic & Antonja Lutz Models: Emma Reipert @M4Models Adrian Hรถrr @M4Models & Ruth-Maria Burkhardt Location: Berlin, Germany

Body & Dress: Juliane Johannes

Shirt: Juliane Johannes

Coat: Alisa Menkhaus Shorts: Juliane Johannes


Designers Juliane Johannes Alisa Menkhaus Veratha Coat: Vintage Shirt & Shorts: Juliane Johannes Shoes: Converse Body & Dress: Juliane Johannes Shoes: Pavement Blouse: Alisa Menkhaus Dress & Body: Juliane Johannes Shoes: Dr. Martens

Editorial FashionShiftMAGAZINE

Blouse: Alisa Menkhaus Dress & Body: Juliane Johannes Shoes: Dr. Martens


Jeans Top: Juliane Johannes Pants: Alisa Menkhaus Shoes: Dr. Martens Glitter Body: Juliane Johannes Skirt: Veratha Shoes: Pavement

Photographer/Director: Sammy Baxter Stylist: Sue Fyfe-Williams Models: Yasmin and Leela Carr-Bond Hair Stylist: Lukas Szejka Makeup Artist: Jenny Davies Graphics: Patrick Willem



DESIGNERS Recycled High Fashion Rhys Ellis created his collection using approximately 40,000 recycled Nespresso pods Bag: Gucci Shoes: Tan boots by Kurt Geiger Snakeskin boots by Faith Jewellery: The Southern Jewel Collection @southernjewel

Live Well

“Multi-vitamins are especially important during the cold and flu season. It is also important to take extra vitamin C separately to increase your immune system function.”

“Tips for Surviving the Cold and Flu Season”


old and flu season is among us, once again. While the average person is expected to come down with a cold or flu about 2-4 times per year, it seems to be the most difficult to deal with during the winter months. While getting over a cold or flu actually makes your immune system stronger, it can be very inconvenient for our daily, busy lives.

Here are some tips that will help keep you healthy during this cold and flu season:

1. Stay Active Moderate exercise is one of the best ways to help prevent

3. Eat Clean Proper nutrition plays a key role for health during the cold

2. Keep Hydrated Water is required for almost every function of the body.

4. Include Garlic and Onions If you don’t already cook with these two super foods, you

a cold or flu. Exercising 20-30 minutes every other day is all you need to get your blood pumping without putting too much stress on the body. This can be done by taking a brisk walk, doing a light workout, or going for a jog or a cycle. If you exercise outside in the sun, you’ll be reaping double the benefits. Just make sure you bundle up with a scarf and hat if it’s cold outside.

Drinking water will help keep your front line of defense intact and help filter out toxins from the body. Drinking 8-10 glasses of pure water every day is essential and more is required if you are exercising. Coffee and teas will increase dehydration and do not count as part of your daily water intake.

and flu season. Your body will need all the vitamins and minerals it can get to keep you healthy. Make sure you are eating lots of vegetables, lean protein, and complex, healthy carbohydrates. Minimize packaged, processed foods, sugar, alcohol and unhealthy snacks. Vegetable soups are nutrient-packed and will keep you warm during the colder season.

should begin to use them especially during this time of year. Garlic contains a natural component called allicin that has antimicrobial properties and is also great for the cardiovascular system. The sulfuric compounds in onions are great immune-boosters and help loosen mucous. Both have many other fantastic health benefits, giving you a reason to enjoy them all-year round.

NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS If you do end up catching a cold or flu, it probably means your body needs rest. It is important to respect this and take a few days off to allow required healing and recovery. You don’t want to prolong the duration of your cold or get others sick. Here are a few of my favourite natural supplements for reducing the duration and severity of your cold:


5. Increase your Vitamin D Get outside and enjoy the sunshine anytime you can. With winter

months come shorter days and much less exposure to sunlight. Many of us will become vitamin D deficient during this time. This can decrease our immune system function and affect our mental health, often relating to anxiety, depression and other mood changes. Getting exposure to sunlight for 20 minutes a day can allow for your daily dose of Vitamin D. If you are unable to get frequent sun exposure, ensure to supplement a good quality Vitamin D supplement every day.

6. Minimize Bad Habits Bad habits such as excessive alcohol drinking and nicotine

smoking will greatly hinder your immune system function. Minimizing smoking will decrease the amount of damage done to cells in the throat and lungs and keep you inside on a cold day. It is important to remember that alcohol has the same effect as sugar on lowering the immune system function. It is best to minimize alcohol as much as possible during the cold and flu season.

7. Take your Vitamins If you are unable to eat as well as you know you should, make sure you are taking a good quality multi-vitamin. By increasing your vitamin intake, you will boost your immune system and help your body fight off a cold or flu.

1. Elderberry 2. Vitamin C and zinc lozenges 3. Andrographis 4. Astragalus 5. Olive leaf 6. Probiotics 7. Echinacea

8. Relax Stress is the most common cause of illness and disease Doing yoga

or meditation, whether joining a class or on your own, can help reduce your susceptibility to catching a cold. Our immune system function drops when we are exposed to stressors. By practicing these relaxation techniques, it will allow your body to better adapt to stressors and give your body the rest and recovery it needs to take on the season

9.Get Enough Sleep Sleep deprivation can greatly suppress the immune system. You’ll

be more likely to fend off a virus after being exposed to it if you are well rested. Going to bed early, getting good quality sleep and sleeping for minimum 8 hours per night will greatly reduce your susceptibility to catching a cold or flu.

Christina Rosso is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Bio-Physical Resonance Practitioner from Toronto, Canada who specializes in helping her clients creating a positive, healthy and harmonious lifestyle. As a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, she understands that the foundation of health begins with homeostasis and energetic balance of mind, body and spirit. This way of life has become her passion, which is represented by her eagerness to educate and promote natural living. Known for her hands-on approach, Christina truly cares about the health and well-being of her clients and believes that, with the proper guidance, we can all achieve optimal health. For more information: - Facebook @ChristinaRossoHolisticHealth - Instagram @IGNutritionist


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Let us reveal the Habitat issue - be a part of it!...from London's hidden secrets to nutritional insights. You will be surrounded by high en...

Fashion Shift Magazine HABITAT 2016  

Let us reveal the Habitat issue - be a part of it!...from London's hidden secrets to nutritional insights. You will be surrounded by high en...