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fashionSERIES | Fashion Series is an electronic publication entirely dedicated to discovering, showcasing and promoting the most striking fashion imagery created by Toronto’s emerging and established fashion industry professionals. Our mission is to provide a distinct platform for fashion photographers, models, designers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, bloggers, illustrators through visual series and exclusive interviews. Fashion Series will highlight these rising stars by encouraging and unveiling their talents in the form of a cohesive photographic collection. In addition, via exclusive interviews, we aim to yield some background information about the showcased artist, the artist’s intention, technical specification, an indication of their work’s historical and theoretical context - and, at the same time, provide our readers with an invaluable insight into the world of fashion visualization.


fashion series is a product of a 2am, thinking-on-the-side-of-my-bed uncanny thought. A thought that went beyond how and why to emancipate me from my self-created history through photography and fashion. It is based upon what I know today and what I will learn in the future. It is the beginning of something that will be defined by what I - along with Each of the communities Fashion Series serves, people it employs, creatives that It collaborates with, and The readers who rely on the news & information it provides - can become together. Fashion Series, a movement into new territory, would not have been posssible without the enthusiastic support of Clotaire Faye, the woman behind I am grateful as well to all the writers - Chantelle, Pema, and Carolyn; to the editor, Meagan; to the designers, Yvonne Lin and Candace Lady Baptiste; to the contributors - Bryce, Frankie and Kathlyn; to the featured artists - Irem Harnak, Lisa L. Peezy, Ali Filsoof, Lisa Alcantara, Nicole Box, Alyssa McLeish, Jessica Milan and - thank you for sharing your images and your story with us. I have tremendous respect and infinite gratitude for the big team at Fashion Series - Leelaas, Aiysha, Nadia, Sanna, Trisha, Fatima, Anne, Nav, Kate, Lisa & Stacy - who entered energetically into a project which initially seemed absolutely ludicrous. To every single member of my never ending family - know that you are deeply appreciated for always having faith in me. Thanks to all your support and love. You will never know the extent of my gratitude. Sincerely, mehreen H.


is the voice of Toronto’s aspiring fashion industry professionals. Available 24 hours online via Entire contents are © by Fashion Series Archive unless otherwise stated.

|CEO & Editor in chief MEHREEN HUSSAIN ceo/editor in chief A fierce love of the arts is embedded into mehreen’s character, and shows through her love of photography, and now, this image magazine that celebrates the beauty of art. The ten year old self-proclaimed photography aficionado has upgraded from a Kodak disposable camera to a sony professional one. She has organized countless photo shoots with some of toronto’s most promising makeup artists, models, hair stylists, designers, and wardrobe stylists.. Mehreen has also photographed several fashion editorials for fashion weekly magazine where she currently works as a staff photographer. Mehreen loves to take photographs with lighting in public bathrooms, and has the ability to edit amidst wrangling chickens and in between fights over a piece of bed against dogs of epic proprtions - both activities that are part of the daily chaos she calls life. mehreen currently lives with her beautiful mom, workaholic brother, my-kids-are-driving-me-crazy sister-in-law and two boisterous nephews that are no less than any natural disaster - all people that are the constant source of love, support, inspiration and not to mention, stress, in her life.

fashionseries| megan E.nciso Senior EDITOR Meagan Enciso is a stylish girl whose love affair with fashion started with an atrocious, but adorable pink cat sweater she bought in the fifth grade. Shedding the kitchy sweater in favour of more appropriate attire, her interest in fashion grew tenfold as she began to devour every fashion magazine she could get her hands on. Coupled with a natural eye for style and appreciation for the English language, she began writing for various fashion and lifestyle publications. A natural risk-taker with expensive tastes (her fashion dream item is the Birkin), she can never resist a good deal. With the ideal that expensive doesn’t always equal quality or great style, she spends most of her time bargain hunting at local vintage stores, outlets, and the occasional sample sale. When not shopping, she loves to dance and daydreams about a fabulous life in Manhattan, Blair Waldorf-style.

chantelle henriques senior writer Chantelle lives for two things-fashion and writing. A recent graduate from the journalism program at the University of Toronto, Chantelle hopes to enter into the realm of fashion editorial. While expensive fashion items are every girls dream, Chantelle knows that hard work is what gets them and keeps her eye on the prize. An appreciation for classic and simple fashions, Chantelle knows that sometimes less is more. Her ‘go getter’ approach to life makes every day a new challenge and something to look forward to. Chantelle loves to read, write and dance. Her dream fashion accessory is a classic Birkin bag.

Pema tsering writer From the moment she picked up her first issue of Teen Vogue at the age of 15, Pema’s world was flipped upside down. The Nicole Richie cover of Teen Vogue’s September 2005 issue sent Pema into a whirlwind of oversized glasses, baby-doll dresses, an unhealthy obsession with model Gemma Ward, DIY ripped shorts and edgy Marc Jacobs advertisements. Fashion has been one of her life passions since that day, causing her to shop till she drops every time she says she’s just ‘window shopping today’. As she got older, her interest in world issues and activism led her towards an education in Journalism at Ryerson University. Hoping to combine her love of fashion and the world of print, Pema aspires to become an editorial writer one day, sipping on ice coffees and living in a cramped, old apartment with just her MacBook and high-speed Internet.

s|the team LEELAAS J. LAATIF BEAUTy & health Consultant Born in the hippie era of the 70’s in a rural town in Pakistan, Leelaas Latif knew from very early on that she was destined for a colourful life. Her earliest childhood memories are of her beautifully stylish ballerina mom, perfect from head to toe, smoking her long cigarettes with incredible poise and flair. Her father was a bronze muscular hunk who looked incredible in his khaki jumpsuit as a fierce fighter pilot. The fashion inspiration from her mom and invaluable guidance from her father has been her driving force throughout life. A lover of all things beautiful as encompassed by her work as a makeup artist, clothing designer, and fitness trainer. With a belief that you should work from the inside out and never live in regret, it’s no wonder why she has so many achievments. As a mother to three amazing girls, one fantastic god-daughter, and wife to a Pakistani-Afghani entrepreneur, she could ask for nothing more.

sanna aftab fashion writer From locking herself in a closet and obsessively reading her mother’s forbidden magazine collection to painting the inside of her nails to mimic a French manicure she once saw on the hands of a Vogue model - Sanna Aftab has been overdosing on fashion since the age of seven. With a true fashionista as a mother, she was sent to finishing school where she studied the etiquette of being a fashion-forward lady while most importantly learning how to cry with style. Her height, good looks, and enthusiasm granted her a successful modeling career. Since then, Sanna has been in and out of the fashion industry. However, her closet has always been consumed by Anna Wintour-approved designer dresses and shoes - a shopping habit she picked up from her mother. The ex-model turned fashion writer loves sharing her experiences in the fashion industry and enjoys Sunday morning cappuccinos with the three loves of her life - her fiance Ashkan, her Delightful Monogram LV Tote, and her monthly issue of Vogue magazine.

kate koler photographer born and raised in Toronto, kate developed an interest in art & Imagery at a very young age. Her love of painting - in particular of Georgia O’Keeffe - inspired her to think about colours and shapes in an abstract and unusual way. with a background in modern dance and ballet, kate has the ability to see the beauty in lines created by subjects and scenes. while Kate took her first photographs for fun - photographing anything and everything around her - she has established herself as a photographer with unique vision and technique. she takes advantage of toronto’s cityscape using scenery, colour and architecture to her benefit. Concerts and street photography are a great way for her to express her love of music and practice live photography. The photographic process is ever-evolving for her and she continually advances and finie-tunes her style, composition, and concepts.

fashionseries| Aiysha Khan senior assistant Born and raised in England, Aiysha Khan is a young, eccentric individual who has her own sense of style. As an eclectic fashionista whose wardrobe consists of mix-matched outfits with a lot of pink, her fashion choices never cease to amuse. While most young girls dreaded the thought of hand-me-downs, Aiysha was obsessed with them. As her style was inspired by her fashionable family, her closet was a never-ending source of vintage clothing. Her quirky sense of style stayed with her as seen by her hot pink scrubs. When not studying hard at school, she enjoys travelling, listening to music, and being the World’s Greatest Princess.

anne ianiero beauty assistant Originally from the Fiji Islands, make-up artist Anne Ianiero moved to Canada at the tender age of one. She always held a passion and creative touch for make-up and after abiding to her parent’s wishes of being an accountant, her talent for beauty couldn’t be ignored. Graduating from the Marvel School of Beauty with a diploma for make-up artistry and aesthetics in 2004, Anne was finally able to pursue her passion. Since then, she has worked at cosmetic counters and as a freelance makeup artist & beauty advisor where her impeccable eye and unfailing devotion to the perfect balance of intrinsic beauty and the power of makeup has garnered the attention of prom & dance students, brides, photographers and magazines alike. Anne is an extremely talented makeup artist and beauty advisor- her versatility and diversity is endless. Her other endeavours include first and foremost her 5 month old daughter Gianna, spending quality time with her husband and family,

carolyn v. smith writer Carolyn Smith sleeps in cotton, but dreams in satin. She is a young trendsetter, with a keen eye for detail and embellishments. She’s currently enrolled in the Fashion Design program at George Brown College, where she’s making great creative strides. Her style is chic and classy, with focus on unique cuts and interesting details that set her apart form the crowd. Her bedroom is littered with illustrations and magazine clippings from her many subscriptions; colour and inspiration plaster the walls. She’s always adding to this creative jumble of a room, if she’s not too busy dancing around in it. She spends the rest of her time outdoors, reading, running, and constructing garments that bring her blueprints to life. Her dream is to work anywhere in the fashion industry that will allow her to sink her teeth even further into fashion’s core. The first thing she will do when this dream becomes her reality is reward herself with a classic Chanel bag, and parade it around the city streets.

|the team Nadia sahara khan assistant Nadia Khan is young, social, and spontaneous. The youngest of three kids, her fashion sense was always influenced by her elder sister’s high-end dressy style. However now as a young adult, she has managed to create her own style with the help of her must-have item: the blazer. Not only does she know how to rock blazers in a casual style with some ripped jeans, but she can also make it a hot item with some heels for a night out with the girls. Growing up, fashion wasn’t the only interest Nadia had; make-up and hair had always fascinated her. Paying significant attention to her hair and make-up, she has not only mastered the task of applying liquid eyeliner perfectly, but creating beautiful curls for any hair type. Now regarded as the go-to person for fashion, hair, and make-up, Nadia has become the ultimate style guru.

fatima idris assistant Fatima Idris is five feet of pure fashion. As the eldest, her personal style has been the basis of her six younger sisters’ wardrobes thanks to the precious gift of hand-me-downs. Her own wardrobe began as a child as her mother’s own personal dress-up doll. With the latest 90’s fashions at her disposal, her taste began to develop. And by the time she was five, her “personal stylist” was officially fired. As she grew older, but not taller, her obsession with sky-high pumps, sexy stiletto’s, and casual wedges began. With an unending love for shopping, her outfits are always perfectly accessorized for a night of dancing or even a casual sister hang-out.

Sherie Fontenelle writer Growing up in the torrid temperatures of St. Lucia, Sherie was the epitome of a bohemian babe. Like many little girls before her, she had an obsession with the colour pink that carried over in her style choices. Bikinis, shorts, dresses, and maxi skirts littered her wardrobe as they were the de rigueur fashion statement on the island. Looking back, her fashion sense living in St. Lucia was merely “fashion”. While her love of pink has waned, the sentiment behind the girly and feminine colour remains. Armed with a closet filled with feminine pieces, exotic prints, and splashes of colour, she always managed to demonstrate her personality: a true girly-girl with a bit of an edge. Although she’s an avid follower of all things trendy, specific vintage pieces never fail to capture her heart. Her motto is “give a girl a right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world, as per Marilyn Monroe.

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Lisa alcantAra

la faces

An artist since childhood, lisa has a deep appreciation for diverse art forms and cultures. The owner of la faces enjoys working with makeup as a form of self-expression and celebration of our unique beauty. she has worked in all areas of the beauty industry from bridal makeup, photo shoots and fashion shows to cultural festivals. it isn’t just lisa’s knowledge and experience; but her passion for what she does that is really inspiring. Fashion Series had the privilege, over the last couple of months, of working with her and learning about what she does; and we hope we are able to bring some of that to this interview.


“when i’m doing makeup, i feel like i’m doing what i’m supposed to be doing.” Lisa Alcantara, the owner of LA Faces, remembers her childhood as one filled with artistic expression in the form of makeup. As a young girl she recalls seeing her mother and grandmother experiment with different beauty techniques and desired to emulate their style. “My grandmother was a huge influence in my life,” Alcantara said. “She was a woman of impeccable style and elegance. She wouldn’t leave the house without a full face on. My mother inherited this mentality, as did I.” While Alcantara admits that she loves the glitz and glam make-up offers, she confesses that a clean flawless base is her main beauty go-to. “My skin must look flawless before I begin to adorn it.” This elegant yet fabulous style is something that drove Alcantara to start her own makeup artistry business in which she could offer women an affordable way to look like the celebrities they see on TV and in magazines. Alcantara admits that Janet Jackson’s make-up in her video “That’s the Way Love Goes” gave her the extra push she needed to pursue her hobby and turn it into a career. “She looked absolutely stunning. I wanted to emulate her look. Actually, it was a need! I needed to emulate her look, so I became voracious for information.” It is this desire for information and the passion to learn that has expanded her portfolio to include bridal make-up, photo shoots and fashion shows among other venues.

But despite her international success, Alcantara remains true to her Trinidadian roots and finds inspiration and pleasure out of working with the Caribbean festivals in Toronto. While Caribana is now known for its glitzy make-up, Alcantara was one of the first makeup artists to bring the theatrical look to the parade and looks forward to the festival every summer. “It’s a lot of hard work but it’s fun and rewarding. I have an amazing team that is as dedicated as I am to quality work and success”. Part of the hard work comes from the fact that being a makeup artist means dealing with different skin types, face shapes and skin tones, but Alcantara has a trick that makes every woman set her best foot forward after leaving her studio. “I always look at facial structure to access if there are features that I need to highlight or contour.” Working in a career that is different every day may be challenging at times but it is a career that Alcantara has lived and breathed since childhood and is genuinely passionate about. “My favourite part [of my job] is when my client sees the finished product and I see them smile. That gives me an indescribable feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.”

chantelle henriques

background Where did you learn how to do makeup? Did you go to school or were you self-taught? I am a visual person. I learn through sight and practice. I used to shadow other established artists in order to perfect my craft. Once I’ve seen something done, I can replicate quite easily. My certificate at Humber College for Makeup Application certified me, but my life experiences prepared me for the continued success I’ve achieved.

How long have you been working as a makeup artist? Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over 10 years that I’ve been in the industry! I’ve loved every minute of it!

Where have you worked as a makeup artist? I have my own business called LA Faces and I also work part-time for MAC Cosmetics

What services do you offer? At LA Faces I provide on site service for my clients in the Toronto and GTA area. I offer services for weddings and other special occasions, I teach lessons and facilitate workshops and I also do theatrical makeup for carnival.

inspiration Where did your passion for makeup come from? When I’m doing makeup I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I feel inspired and blessed and it never feels like work. I feel empowered and I know that my clients feel empowered too. Looking and feeling beautiful is important to one’s self esteem. I’m privileged to be able to contribute to this aspect of a woman’s life.

Who is your ideal beauty? That’s a toughie! I’m blessed to meet beautiful people everyday! People’s features are so different and unique I don’t think I can pick just one ideal beauty. I might like someone’s lips, another’s eyes, and so and so’s nose...

Which celebrity looks inspire you? I love Rihanna, Adele, Jennifer Lopez, and Jill Scott; Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Gwen Stefani; they keep their looks fresh, innovative and flawless.

Which celebrities would you love to style/do makeup for and why? I would love to do makeup for Beyonce. She has an interesting face with great lid space. I’d love to play up her eyes. She’s gorgeous!

who else do you admire in the make-up industry? My favourite make-up artist is Sam Fine. His work is phenomenal - he transforms each and every client. It’s inspirational! I’m also a big fan of Scott Barnes. He has a new book out which is amazing! I also follow Carmindy, Bobbi Brown and Mario Dedivanovic.

personal style Do you have any favourite mediums or brands?I

I like working with eyeshadows - the range of colours is vast. I also love MAC’s Studio Fix+, you can put it on before your make-up application and after as well. It gives you that dewy, fresh look we all want to achieve.

What are your favourite products to use for a professional, flawless finish? I call them ‘the power couple’ concealer and foundation: MAC’s Matchmaster Foundation and Studio Finish Concealer. It gives you that perfect flawless finish used in conjunction with MAC’s #187 brush. It’s the best!

what are your vital tools for a photo shoot?

what items do you believe should be in every women’s daily makeup bag?

Having the right tools is key for a photoshoot. I love full coverage foundations and good quality brushes.

Every women’s makeup bag should definitely have a neutral lip gloss like MAC’s Cultured Lipglass; a bronzer to highlight your T-Zone area - I’m a big fan of NARS bronzing powders; mascara; and of course lip balm to help keep those lips smooth and healthy especially in winter - Burt’s Bees works wonders and is very cost effective!

photo shoots how do you come up with the ideas for original make-up looks for the photos? Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of wonderful styilsts and designers and we always come up with fresh and exciting ideas for our photo shoots

Do you have any ‘go-to’ looks that work every How many hours do you need to prepare for a makeup shoot? time? I call it the ‘J-Lo Glow.’ It’s that bronze, dewy, goddess look that just looks great on everyone. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like a goddess, right?

What are the drawbacks as a makeup artist? Drawbacks are simply ways to make you better at your craft. If you have areas of opportunity that are brought to your attention, it’s imperative that you do everything in your power to improve on that. It’s all about pushing yourself and team to be better. The minute you stop aiming to improve is the minute you become irrelevant.

I’m always ready to go for a makeup shoot! “Stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready!” However, if it’s a specialty shoot, I would probably need a day or so to gather the necessary tools/elements.

photo shoots can be long and tiring, how do you bring enthusiasm to a photo shoot? I love what I do so it never feels like work to me. To keep the momento going, we bring music, food and a great attitude! It’s always a good time on site with LA faces!

FASHION INDUSTRY Your overall impression of the fashion industry? The fashion industry is ever-changing and evolving. This keeps things interesting for me. I’m always learning something new.

what is the biggest misconception you think people have about the fashion industry and about makeup artists? One of the biggest misconception is that there’s no need for a makeup artist everyday and so, our skills are not valued enough; when in fact, our jobs are in demand. Like shoes, makeup can make or break a look! It takes skill to execute these looks effectively.

advice Can you give us any tips on how to achieve some simple, stylish make-up looks? I teach women how to get a great face in five and/or ten minutes. A lot of women don’t want to look like they are wearing makeup, so I show them how to cover up imperfections and highlight their features. It’s important to start off with a foundation or tinted moisturizer that perfectly matches your skin. If it’s too light or too dark, the results wil be disastrous! Also, invest in some quality brushes to achieve the right look.

we are always on the look out for new fab products, have you spotted any lately? I’m always on the look out too. I’ve just recently added to my kit NYX lip liners. I got them all in every colour. They are great - you can use them by themselves or with a clear lipgloss or pair it with a fabulous lipstick. I also got several new blushes from NARS but my favourite one is the blush/ bronzer duo - a perfect addition, just in time for Spring/ Summer.

Do you have any beauty tips/secrets that can help to instantly lift a look? Applying mascara, blush and lipgloss can boost any woman’s look in minutes!

FUTURE ENDEAVOURS Besides being a fabulous make-up artist, what else are you passionate about? I am also an Interior Designer. I love being creative and playing with colours and concepts! I’ve designed countless offices and homes over the years.

where can we see you next? I host a makeup party once a month for about two hours called “Whats In Your Make-Up Bag?” in which I do my five minute face demo and women get to ask me questions about the make-up in their bags and what they should be using to get a great make-up bag started. It’s a lot of fun!!!

How can people get in contact with you? I can be reached at or 416.786.6568.

NICOLE BOx High school is the time when one starts to realize their true potential and what they really want in life. Dreams and aspirations are made, and with enough hard work, they can be realized. This is true with Fouche Couture designer, Nicole Box. After learning to sew from her mother when she was just 14, she spent her high school years sketching and painting fashion designs. Four short years later, she said good-bye to her old life and hello to the fashion mecca that is Los Angeles. After years of studying and perfecting her art from many top fashion colleges, she began designing dresses and accessories for children, inspired by her daughter. Combining modern designs with vintage twists, Nicole’s clothing is more than wearable; it’s art. meagan Enciso

fouchĂŠ couture nicole intro

photographer | Jessica clark designs

background What is your education and work experience in fashion? I have an associates degree from SCC. I also went to school for 2 years at FIDM and AIU for both Apparel Manufacturing and Fashion Design & Merchandising and I will be finishing my bachelors in Fashion Sesign and Styling at SIUC. I have worked as a model for several years as well as stylist, merchandiser, management and entertainer. I will be doing my first fashion show as a designer for my clothing line Fouche’ Couture for Pronto Fashion Show in St. Louis, MO. The info for that show can be found at

What was the first article of clothing you ever designed? The first thing I ever designed was a dress for my daughter. It took me a whole week from start to finish in order to make it perfect. Actually, she was my inspiration to start designing and try to make my fashions into a business. She’s also my muse. Every design I create has her in mind because I see a little girl with a special story in every woman. And it’s that story that needs to be told through her fashion sense and style.


What influenced you as a child and drew you to work What does fashion mean to you? in Fashion? Did your parents encourage you to pursue Fashion is and always will be a part of who I am. There fashion design? have been times in my life where I’ve struggled and had I feel that fashion chose me, in a way. My mother didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so her mother and sisters had to make their own clothes. My mother always wanted to look her best, especially for high school and work. She would tell me stories about making clothes from scratch and when I was fourteen, she showed me the basics. It was then that I wanted to make everything from pillows to taking a pair of pants from Goodwill and making them into capris and shorts. My mother encouraged me to be unique and to set my own trends, just like she did when she was a young girl.

doubts of making it, but fashion has always been there for me. It’s saved me, times and times again, and made me who I am today. I can’t see myself doing anything else in my life. It’s what keeps me positive, inspired, creative, and it drives me to inspire others to do the same thing.

What are some of your favourite fashion websites, magazines or books? Like every other fashionista, I am a huge fan of Vogue and always have been. I love Seventeen magazine as well, it keeps me up to date with young women’s styles. I also love Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, W and my local magazine, Flourish. They always have great articles.

Who are some of your favourite designers? My all time favorite designers are: Betsey Johnson, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang. I feel like all four of these designers put together, is my style 100%. They inspire me and I hope to one day meet all of them. Even though I would probably just pass out.

photographer | netmonk Photography makeup/hair i Nicole box & Serena Boedwig Model | Nicole box

personal style How would you define your personal style? My personal style is very colorful, fun, flowing with a bit of edge to it.

Is there a message you give through your designs? Through every design, I feel I give a message of inspiration and positivity. I love color and fun fabrics that can tell a story.

How would you define the style your line exemplifies? My line exemplifies an innovative style that is youthful, colorful and inspiring with almost a feel of the past from vintage inspired cuts and details.

What makes you unique from other designer?

Design Process How long does it usually take you to construct a piece? There have been times when it’s taken me a few weeks to construct a piece and other times, it’s taken me literally 3-4 hours. It just depends on something that I call TUFF. It basically stands for the Time I have, the Understanding of the concept, the Fabric, and the Feeling I have when I first start. It’s important to know the time frame allotted to the creation of a garment and to have an understanding between the client and I of what’s needed or expected. Then I have to factor in the fabric and the feeling of inspiration when I begin.

Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of clothing. It all starts with inspiration which can come from an idea or a client needing something specific. Fabric selection and measurements are next in order to create something truly pleasing. Then I begin to sketch, keeping in mind my inspiration and fabric choices. After getting the materials needed, I drape and sew adjusting things when needed.

What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design? My favourite part is taking my inspiration and sketch of my concept and seeing it take fold in front of my eyes through the draping on a dress form. I love knowing that I can express who I am, my views on fashion, and bring out the world around me with what I create.

I feel what makes me unique is my creativity. I take my designs beyond the level of just being wearable. They’re able to tell a story with vintage details, my use of fabrics and design aesthetic.

What are your favourite colours to work with and why? I love to use purples, pinks, blues and reds. I love bright colors especially for this spring and summer collection 2012. You will not only seeing innovative designs that tell a story, but expect to see sherbet pastels to cool you down for spring and blazing hot brights to get you ready for summer.

What are your favourite fabrics to work with and why? I love to work with chiffon, tulle and satin, which are not the easiest fabric to work with, but I love a challenge. I feel that if I can master difficult fabrics and techniques, then everything else should come easily.

What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? I believe that fabric and color along with style is key to a quality garment. Choosing the correct fabric for a design as well as style and color for a garment is what makes it a masterpiece.

photographer | jessica clark designs makeup/hair i Nicole box Model | Megan Dillingham

Business aspect How do you classify fashion as an art and fash- Who is one of your favourite local models and phoion as a business? tographers to work with? I have always seen fashion as a form wearable art. Even if you’re not interested in fashion, we all express who we are, what we feel, and our uniqueness in what we wear. As a designer, my clothing has many styles and tells even more stories. I enjoy bringing life, ideas, and feelings through my clothes. As a business, I provide others a wearable piece of art; one to experience life in and to express themselves through photography, everyday, and special occasions.

How do you select your models and/or photographers? I select models based off the look of the garment I’ve created and their portfolio. For fashion, I look for models who not only have drive and ambition for their art, but with a unique style of skills such as expression and posing, the ability to listen to and take direction well. I also choose photographers based off drive for their art as well and who are open minded to all forms of art. I know that my ideas and creations can be very hard to take in without seeing it first hand, which is why I am so lucky to have worked with the some of the photographers that I have. Instead of questioning my design skills, they’ve trusted me to deliver.

future endeavours

I mainly work with local photographers. Jessica Clark from Jessica Clark Designs was the first photographer I worked with. She believed in my designs and gave me a chance when others doubted me. I also enjoy working with Stacey Hill of Hillson Photography as our styles mesh well together. Kenny Yu of Netmonk Photography photographed one of my favourite avant garde designs. His skill helped bring the design to life; he’s very talented at what he does. I would recommend all three photographers as they are willing to embrace your style, ideas, and every aspect you need as a client. I also like to use local models such as Megan Dilingham, Katie Parks, and Ashley Bess.

How do you prepare for a fashion shoot or show? Even before planning a fashion shoot, I start with inspiration. Inspiration, for me, cannot be planned, but it can be found at stores, cities, special locations, fabrics, or props. I recently found my inspiration for an avant garde garment at a small antique store in the form of a short story about a circus. Once I find my inspiration, then comes the creation of the garment and the discussions between various people. Photographers for appropriate shoot locations and hair and makeup to fit the concept. Like any masterpiece, it takes a lot of work and talent to create art.


What can we expect to see from Fouche’ Couture Any advice for other aspiring designers? in the upcoming future? The main advice I would give to other designers is no matter Fouche’ Couture will offer an e- commerce page on the website which allow direct orders for custom designs or designs that have already been made. You can expect more avant garde garments as well as formal and special occasion gowns.

Where can readers find out more about you and your work? Website: Youtube: Facebook:

how hard or how rough the road may get, never doubt your talent, never forget your dream. God puts mountains in your path to climb for a reason, so that when you get to the top you can appreciate the struggle and inspire others through their journey as well.

photographer | jessica clark designs makeup/hair i Nicole box Model | Brookie Lee Benefield

fouchĂŠ couture


queen of heart featuring

Model | megan dillingham designer | Nicole Box photographer | Stacey hill

nicole image 4

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Lisa Peezy at just 26 year old,

already has her own entertainment magazine,a public relations company, a wardrobe and a lifestyle to ignite some serious envy. The toronto-raised, Manhattan based beauty has a closet consumed by the latest designer clothes and can be seen at the hottest spots wearing the hottest dresses. Fashion series sat down with the international boss lady and ciroc girl to get her take on life, fashion and success.

life Family background and influence on career. My family is very much in entertainment. My mom is very much in fashion and my brother is the Produc- if i weren’t talking to you i’d be.. tion Manager at CBC. I was the really shy one, they Sleeping. [laughs] were the ones out there but I guess I always had that natural influence.

three passions in life

i wish people would take more notice of.. My work opposed to all the drama in my life.

how many bottles of ciroc I’m good at i’m bad at.. have you had Anything I put my mind to. I very much

My career, traveling and I think GOSHHH! I honestly don’t even music is a big part of my life too. know. I always get cases but it’s not like I’m home drinking them all by myself. But, a lot - definiteopposite sex For me, personally, the type of ly in the double digits. [laughs] guys I meet are opportunists or bums. or they are industry favourte place on earth guys that you can’t trust. You My mom’s house. want someone regular but they can’t deal with what you quirky habits do. It’s hard to meet a regular [laughs] I’m very spontaneous guy thats secure or a success- and like to do weird stuff. Someful guy who’s faithful. It’s really times I have random cravings for popcorn so I’ll go watch a annoying. movie.

like to be in of things. I’ve been the ideal night out is.. charge doing things on my own for Good food, good people so long that now that I have a and a few drinks. team, it’s hard to let go.

perfect happiness Doing what you love, having people that care about it and enjoy it with you. You can have all the money and travel the world but if you are not with the people you care about, it’s really pointless. I am really blessed, I have friends and family who can indulge in and reap the benefits from what I do. So to me I’m happy. I don’t know about perfect happiness but I am very content at the moment. I am living my dreams and can do what I want to do. I’m quite happy.

experience with paparazzi Had an incident with TMZ a couple months ago. Once you are in the public eye, people are all in your business. The facts aren’t straight and it’s hard to get your story out. It’s hard because people know you because of your love life and not what you actually do.

photographer | mehreen h. makeup artist | leelaas j. Latif STYLIST i STACY ALCANTARA junior stylist: meagan Enciso jewelry i lady baptiste

fashion & personal style how does being a socialite intersect with importance of fashion when branding oneself fashion? It’s what your message would convey. If you want people There are days you really want to be bummy or casual and you can’t at certain places because people are watching. While you can get away with wearing casual clothes in Toronto, Places like LA and NYC are more fashion conscious. People there notice everything, judge and are more pretentious so you have to keep up with the latest fashion.

to see you a certain way, you have an image to upkeep.

fashion is..

how short is too short

What you make Well, if your underwear is showing. Actually I’m lying beof it as it defines cause I like wearing body suits. I think you just have to be classy about it. The only time I wouldn’t mind wearing too who you are. short stuff is during Caribana.

go to summer look..

NEW YORK OR TORONTO Toronto. It’s home. And it’s crazy how much more you rep Toronto when you are not here. I go to New York and I’m like “OVO XO” all day. They love Canadians. And I know, Drake comes back and he says all the time that, “There’s so much emphasis on Toronto.” So yeah, everybody’s watching Toronto and everybody loves it.

I need more colour. I want to do a lot more neon and stuff because I am very much neutral with the blues, blacks, and whites. I need colour in my life.

shopping style

what’s in your makeup bag

I’m random. If I need to go out to an event, I’ll go shopping. I really hate shopping but if I get in to it, then I can spend a whole day - I need everything - the dress, the shoes, the whole outfit.

Eyelashes, mascara, eyeliner, concealer, a hundred different lipsticks! Everything!

one trend you will never try.. That nerdy look with the glasses.

signature fragrance Chance by Chanel and Live by J-Lo.

your fashion style in seven words or less Oh Jesus! I’m going to have to count. Sexy, classy, sophisticated, swaggy (if that’s a word), and unique. It’s so crazy because I’m trying to envision myself and what I wear. I guess it depends on the mood I’m in. I can completely switch it up.

favourite store in toronto I like local boutiques and love BEBE - it’s sexy and classy.

recent fashion splurge I finally went to the Kardashian store, DASH, in LA and I loved it. Now I want to fly out there almost every month or two months to get something. It totally defines my style.

spa treatment you love to indulge in

I love massages all the time. I was in the hospital in december due to cramps and headaches. The doctor told me that it was due to Concealer for under my eyes. Just be- the jacket. But it’s not practical at all pressure from the airplanes. So you really do need to stretch yourself and relax if you are cause I hate when I look tired because but I still have it. constantly traveling. of lack of sleep. I feel like concealer signature/favourite drink under my eyes would make my eyes pop more. I’d look like a raccoon if I Ciroc ofcourse.. I love cocoloso but French Montana actually put me on this drink which is Ciroc Peach mixed with champagne. It’s so good. You don’t even taste any don’t use it. MEHREENnotHUSSAIN alcohol. And I’m not just saying that ‘cause I’mphotographer a Ciroc girl. I’m |actually even a ARTIST i LEELAAS J. LATIF vodka drinker but because Ciroc is made out of makeup grapes, it’s very smooth. I love it.

What product would you freak ‘oh, what have I done” purchase out over if it was missing from It was a few years ago, that whole fur your bag? thing. I just had to get the vest and

Go to designers., for shoes:, purses and dresses: Gucci and Louis. They both go well with my style since they are sophisticated.

one over-rated brand Louis. Everybody has that brown bag.

STYLIST i STACY ALCANTARA & MEAGAN ENCISO what’s in your purse? what bag are you carrying right now Wallet, money, maxed out My Gucci bag that I got a month and a half ago. People in credit cards, my phones, New York are very particular about their handbags. I have had people come up to me saying, “Oh, that’s from the Gucci phone charger. Spring/Summer collection.” But I have no clue what they are talking about. However, I just bought it, so it’s super trendy.

must-have accessory Eyelashes.

career experience working with ciroc and bad boy what kind of a boss are you? Amazing! I think Ciroc has opened a lot of doors for me internationally. The Bad Boy team is great. Sitting down with Diddy and the guys is always very motivating and inspiring. Working with Ciroc and the Bad Boy family is one of my biggest accomplishment.

biggest misconception people have of you

A great one! [laughs] One that I would want to work for.

five years game plan In five years I want to have my PR firm and team in every major city. I do have another project in works, after which I think I can retire. I want to continue working with Ciroc and make it the number one vodka. It’s getting there so I think my five year plan will be complete in two years.

how did you get in to modelling I started out here in Toronto, modelling for Caribana but modelling was never really my thing. I always had a thing for being a journalist.

Being a female in the industry comes with a default hardest thing about running a discrimination. You are going to have people that magazine. support you and then you are going to have some You are always worried and paranoid people that think that you are a groupie. So, you if someone else likes your idea begotta take the good and the bad. You gotta deal cause at the end it all falls on you - the with ignorance. Also, a lot of people think you are results of it that is. You want to make just having fun and everything is great but it’s not sure everyone likes it because you are as glamorous as it seems. It’s really stressful, you doing it for the public. are away a lot because you travel a lot, you are tired, and it requires really long hours. People usu- latest project you are working on ally think it’s one big party, but it’s not. My latest venture is with Maybach but I’m trying to work on my brand this year so whether that be for television or a product, it’s about time I utilize my name.

success success is.. Happiness.

words you live by

Never give up. Follow your dreams. If people are against what you are saying or doing, you just have to believe in biggest accomplishment yourself. If you are not confident and don’t believe in yourI think being a Canadian, mak- self, no one else is going to believe in you. ing it in the US and being affiliated with Bad Boy doesn’t three character traits that have helped you excel seem practical. To say that I’m very ambitious, spontaneous and organized. Need to be. you are Canadian and want to make a mark in the American 3 things that inspire you entertainment industry seems When I produce a magazine or a gig that I’m a part of gets like a very unrealistic accom- published - results of my work really inspire me. It’s when I plishment. At least not one know the long hours and everything I have put in to somethat a lot of people would be thing pays off, that’s really inspiring. People who show me supportive of. I think to make love and tell me that they look up to what I do, that gives me a mark in the American enter- motivation as well. Also people that I look up to and seeing tainment industry is very dif- what they can do. Even though I am happy where I am in life, ficult. there’s so much more to what I can do.

successful branding You have to know what your message is and who you are trying to be. If you don’t have a message or know yourself, Oprah has the best quote to describe such a situation. She says, “If you don’t know who you are, fame is going to define you.” Most successful people are the ones who know who they are and know their demographic - who they are trying to reach out to and network with. It’s very important to have a network and have a role model as a a blue print. Always keep working at it. A lot of doors are going to shut in your face, a lot of people will reject you but there is always a way around it - you just have to stay true to yourself.

did you encounter any family or friends that didn’t support you? I think your family has your best interest at heart all the time. Of course, being in entertainment doesn’t seem realistic so they want you take the practical approach. My brother has been very supportive about it but my mom was more worried about it especially since I dropped out of University of Guelph after three years. Now she’s started being more supportive.

how does a women brand herself in the industry However she wants to. Whatever her message allows her. It depends on who you are. Don’t be anything you’re not. Don’t try to be the perfect housewife. People are going to respect you for being real. If you’re crazy, out there and partying, then hey, you’re crazy, out there and partying. There are girls out there that will relate to that. If you are the housewife type or book smart, then that’s you. Show yourself.

mehreen hussain

makeup | mehreen k. Warsi Hair | rebecca nobrega

Alyssa mcleish model interview & pix

the first thing you notice about this antiguan/ jamaican beauty are her seductive eyes. but she’s much more than just a pretty face - she has the kind of friendly, engaging presence that makes her the kind of girl you want to know more about. we got into the mind of this dynamic young lady and it is easy to see why she’s on the rise to becoming a known face in the fashion industry.

photographer | kate koler makeup ARTIST i lisa alcantara STYLIST i STACY ALCANTARA designer i yvonne lin jewelry i lady baptiste

background Where did you grow up and how had that affected your decision to be a model? I moved around a lot growing up. I was born in Canada, I lived in Antigua for several years prior to moving back to Toronto, and then to Mississauga, where I currently reside. I enjoyed going to different places and meeting new people so naturally this affected my decision in pursuing modeling as a career. I know that models get to travel around a lot and I have always had a love for seeing different countries and experiencing different cultures.

Have you always wanted to be a model? Or did you have other careers in mind when you were younger? I did not always have the desire to become a model, I essentially wanted to practice medicine and become a pediatrician.

How did you become a model? Last year, after a summer of procrastinating on whether or not to enter the fashion industry, I finally decided to meet an agent at Sutherland Models. That is when I signed up for one year of modeling classes provided by the agency’s Model Work division in Toronto.

inspiration What inspires you as a model? My desire to keep going is what inspires me as a model. Feeling the adrenaline rush that surges through your body every time you step onto a catwalk is indescribable. It makes me feel accomplished to know that you are able to showcase a designers clothing with your body being the canvas.

Which models do you look up to and why? I look up too Selita Ebanks for the reason that against all the decisions her family had made for her she chose to pursue her own dreams regardless of the consequences. She is an entrepreneur in addition to being a humanitarian. I also look up to Naomi Campbell since she supports charity’s, organizations as well as give back to her community.

If you could meet any person who would it be? I would love to meet Naomi Campbell, and be able to just sit down with her and have a collective conversation with her about her trials and tribulations of being in the industry.

career Tell us about your first photo shoot? Were you nervous? I attended my first photo shoot with my agency along with the girls that took the class with me; it was a very exhilarating experience. We got our hair and make up done along with big camera lights with a backdrop. I was terrified to say the least. I thought I was going to have my eyes closed the entire shoot or not place my body in the correct way. But my photos ended up turning out well and it was an overall amazing experience.

What was your first big break in the industry? I would say that being able to work as a runway model for designers such as Irene Stickney and Andrea Lee for Fashion Art Toronto |FAT| in April 2012 would by my first big break. It was the first time I was on an actual runway, modeling for known designers.

How many fashion shows have you done? I have done seven fashion shows so far. To name a few: The Morrocan Association Fashion Show, |FAT| 2012, George Brown College Fashion Show for Graduating Class of 2011, Susan Destinations by Susan Longley 2012, Lulu Dash 2011, and Niko Cosmetics 2011.

What career achievement are you most proud of? I am genuinely proud of myself for being capable enough to walk in all of the fashion shows I have completed. It is truly an amazing experience.

How do you make income just starting out in the industry? You need a part-time job. It is very critical that anyone trying to enter this industry maintain a part time job since booking paid shoots or fashion shows is not always a guarantee.

Other than having a great look, what else do you think has been crucial to your success as a model? It would have to be my personality; I am very easy going which allows me to have an open mind about everything. I do not complain when I’m asked to do anything. Plus, when I model for photo shoots or fashion shows, I usually try to put myself in the artist’s shoes so that I may try to at least mimic the ideas/images they were going for.

life as a model is modeling what you thought it would be? Modeling is everything that I could have anticipated. Since I did not enter this industry with high expectations, I was not at all disappointed with the experiences I’ve had.

What do you feel is the most exciting part about being a model and why? The most exciting part about being a model is the fact that you are able to meet amazing people during your shoots and fashion shows - designers, photographers, make-up artists, stylists, additional models and many more individuals who are involved in making these fashion shows and photo shoots a success.

Give us three items you cannot live without when going to a go-see or to a shoot? The first would have to be my portfolio, followed by a bottle of water and a pair of my most comfortable pumps.

As a model do you keep a tight reign on your diet? What do your daily meals consist of? For health reasons I do have a strict diet. My daily meals consist of a lot of fruits and vegetables along with red meat and poultry. I tend to stay away from junk food and fast food.

What is one misconception people have about you as a model? The one misconception people have about me, as a model is the fact that I do not eat. I would like to clarify this by stating that I enjoy indulging in numerous amounts of food daily. I just have a high metabolism, that’s all.

When you are not busy modeling, what are some of your favourite things to do? I really do enjoy reading different works of literature along with writing poetry and going out and exploring the city.

personal style Do you have a signature pose or walk? Currently I do not have one, I’m a go with the flow kind of girl and different garments receive different poses and expressions from me.

How do you brand yourself as a model? As a model my look is what sells me, so I ensure that I am one hundred percent me, one hundred percent of the time. I am a creative individual who has tattoos, piercing’s and is constantly changing the style of my hair. This is who I am and I enjoy it others should accept my originality.

What would you say is your best feature and why? My best feature would have to be my eyes. They have a sort of distinctiveness to them.

What are three passions you have in life? I am strongly passionate about modeling, fashion design and daily exercising.

If you had to pick the ultimate photo shoot, what and where would it be? The ultimate photo shoot for me would have to be me dressed up as a pin-up girl. I would chose Australia or Hawaii for the shoot because I would like it to have a pinup meets bohemian feel.

What is your dream-modeling job? My dream-modeling job would have to be walking the catwalk in Paris for Fashion Week.

What is your definition of beauty? To me beauty stems from within ones self. If you are not understanding or nurturing on the inside it will restrict people from seeing how beautiful you are on the outside, no matter how pretty you are.

advice Any advice you want to give to people in your position or things you may have learned in the process of becoming a model? The only advice I have is: Go for it! No matter what anyone says, if you want to do it, take a risk and you’ll love the outcome. If you love it continue to pursue your dreams. It is going to cost you some blood, sweat and tears but if you never try, you’ll never know. I have learned to always keep an open mind about everything and to not enter situations with expectations on the account that your expectations may not be met.

Give us one of your fashion and/or beauty tips that our readers can put into use? My fashion tip for readers would be, express yourself no matter what others say. Throw on anything you feel expresses you and your personality regardless of whether or not it matches. I, myself, am a creative individual who cannot conceal herself through society’s idea of “fashion” and would advise others not to either. My beauty tip for readers would be mascara on the top and bottom lashes ensures your eyes stand out along with just your base done and you’ll look simply savvy in anyone’s eyes.

future endeavours What are your dreams? Where do you want to be in 5 years? My dream is to become a fashion designer and Victoria Secret Angel. In five years I plan on opening up my own boutique showcasing my designs and traveling the world.

What else are you working on? I am just focusing on going to school now while I continue to do fashion shows and photo shoots. I am continuously working on branding myself and networking. I have met a lot of individuals through this industry and opportunities keep rising to work on exclusive shows and shoots so I’m currently engaging in those.

how can we keep up with you? I am on Facebook [Lyssa Love] and Twitter [@elizabethlovexo] and usually post my latest news on there.

What mark do you want to leave in this world? I would like to leave my charisma behind. I want society to understand that self-expression is okay. Furthermore being able to do as you please without having any negative feed back from individuals who are not brave enough to take their own risks out of fear of failing.

irem harnak Irem Harnak is a Toronto-based photographer who grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. Although Harnak lived in Montreal for 3 years, Toronto - which for her, holds “a good, motivating energy as a city” - is where she resides and has a studio. Now an internationally published fashion photographer, Harnak says she initially was drawn to other fields. “I first wanted to study Industrial Design yet I ended up studying languages, cultural policy and multimedia. I lived and studied in London, UK for 3 years then moved to Montreal. I started working and experimenting in animation, that’s how I got into photography.” She studied Commercial Photography in Montreal, assisted a few photographers while studying and at the end of 2008 she ventured off on her own. Although primarily known as a fashion and portrait photographer, Harnak does not want to limit herself to only this realm. “I am a curious and versatile artist. I shoot editorial portraiture and documentary [and am] also starting to take advertising assignments.” What draws Harnak to fashion photography is, “the narrative and artistic qualities of editorial,” and her liking towards photographing people. “The artistry, the cool and being comfortable in one’s skin attracts me in fashion,” she says. Inspired more by style than fashion itself, she sees fashion photography as “a way to create artistic imagery with cool concepts and people.”



With films, cinematography and visual arts as her personal inspiration, her photos have a unique style and are self-described as cool and eclectic. “A friend recently described my style as ‘urban melancholic’, I like the sound of it.” Harnak’s original style comes from her carefully planned out thought-process she goes through each time she conceptualizes a shoot. “I come up with concepts, create mood boards, get together with stylists, makeup artists to take it to the next level. Setups change depending on the concept.” With a clear vision, Harnak is able to use technique as a vehicle to capture the the essence of the subject she photographs. Part of her job as a photographer depends on lighting - something Harnak enjoys playing with. She often mixes harsh and soft lighting depending on the subject, mood and feeling she is trying to capture. Despite that fact that she plans out everything, there is always the possibility that a photo will come out better than expected. “There is always something I am looking for before I press the shutter but I am also ready for surprises.”


In June, Harnak will be displaying and exhibition of her editorial pictures to be displayed at the editorial company, Oglivy in Toronto. And in May she will be shooting a feature film as second director of photography. Although Harnak has become so successful, she still admits that [photography] can be a hard field and career. “Photography is a liberating art form and a really hard business. I got artists grants and loans to start my business [...]Basically photography as a business is really risky.” Despite the risky aspect of the business, Harnak could not see herself doing anything else. “As an artist I am always passionate and excited about every aspect of my work, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it,” she says. As for budding photographers, Harnak has simple, yet useful advice that she can share due to the long road it took her to get where she is. “Do not undercut, work hard, be dedicated.” To keep up to date with Irem Harnak and her upcoming projects, follow her on twitter @iremharnak or on tumblr blog: iremharnak.

chantelle henriques




featured photographer image

featured photographer image

featured photographer image

rush studios

“a viewer has to be touched by each and every image you PRODUCE.” is a sophisticated and elegant blog that showcases fashion editorials from a wide range of avant-garde photographers using only photos. This simple, yet tastefully designed blog was founded in 2007 by Ali Martin Carrillo Filsoof, who says his main intention when starting this blog was to create a database for himself of fashion photographers and their work that he admired. Suddenly became a huge success. “I am a creative director in the fashion industry and most of my work is visually driven, so I wanted to create a blog that lets the imagery tell the whole story without words,” Filsoof says. “I think it is a big reason for its popularity.” Filsoof has lived in both Iran and Peru but it is in Los Angeles that he became exposed to the fashion industry at a more intimate level. Inspired by avant-garde fashion, Filsoof set out to collect all of his favourite editorials in one place and he found that as he added more photos, the blog got more hits. “As I added photographers and their fashion stories the blog’s traffic grew and grew then exploded. So I knew I had something special on my hands.” Although the blog is made up of Filsoof’s personal favourites, he admits that the work he chooses to showcase must meet some sort of criteria. “The work must have a point of view and be original. The light, composition and styling must be perfection as well.” What makes such a success is the fact that it showcases only avant-garde fashion, a style that Filsoof refers to as “timeless” without the need to “adapt to current trends.”

Filsoof enjoys travelling and takes his experiences on his travels back home to his blog: “When I travel I am inspired by the things I see. The local fashion gives me new ideas about my own personal style, the art gives me inspiration about color or composition. Typography in fashion editorials inspires new ad layouts and type treatments for the brands I manage.” For the future of, Filsoof sees expansion. “Calikartel will be the focus moving forward, we plan on making it bigger and better,” he says. “Hopefully Calikartel can elevate the craft of fashion photography and make it less pedestrian.” Through Calikartel. com, Filsoof wants to make everyone more aware of not just seasoned fashion photographers but emerging ones as well. Maybe one day Filsoof will feature his own work on his blog. “I have a secret desire to be behind the camera. Being exposed to such great work every day gives me new ideas for shoots and campaigns. I am a perfectionist, so when I have all the right pieces in place I will start shooting.” For now, the main focus for Filsoof is the blog and impacting his audience through the photographs he selects for Although Filsoof simply selects the works and gives credit to the photographers who he says ‘do all the work’ and he simply ‘showcases it’, he does have criteria which gets these photographers a spot on his blog. The images have to push the fashion and creative boundaries just a bit because he believes that “a viewer has to be touched by each and every image you produce.”

chantelle henriques

Paola Kudacki Camilla Akrans

Sandra Weimar Koray Parlak

Rene & Radka Daniele + Iango Sebastian Kim

Koray Birand Marcin Tyszka

Philip Bruederle

Josh Olins

movies “it’s not that women want to stay young. It’s that the whole society makes us want to stay young. nothing to do with us.” When so much of the fashion industry thrives on youth, how do the supermodels of yesterday handle getting older? Photographer and Director, Timothy GreenfieldSanders interviews the fashion industry’s most iconic supermodels, such as Carol Alt, Marisa Berenson, Karen Bjornson, Christie Brinkley, Pat Cleveland, Carmen Dell’Orefice, Jerry Hall, Bethann Hardison, Beverly Johnson, China Machado, Paulina Porizkova, Isabella Rossellini, Lisa Taylor and Cheryl Tiegs, about their life on the cover of magazines and on the runways in his film About Face: The Supermodels, Then and Now. About Face does a decent job of not only providing a historical account of the modelling world, but the film also allows some of the world’s most beautiful women to share their own insecurities with beauty and the topic of aging. Almost ironic, in their youth they were made up to look older and now as they age, the pressure to stay “young and fresh” is almost maddening. The idea of plastic surgery was a main topic of conversation and the women seemed fairly split over the subject – one in particular, equating it to having the ceiling of your house falling down and naturally wanting to lift it up and then there were those who didn’t want to lose their ability to make expressions in favour of smoothing out any wrinkles.

Fashion has long since been perceived as exploitative, but About Face really brings that to the forefront. When talking about modelling in the ‘70s and ‘80s, drugs were a natural topic of discussion. However, it was the fact that many models were introduced to drugs at such a young age that was shocking. Maybe most shocking was the admission of many of the top designers and fashion magazine editors clearly stating that they exploited their models when they should have been protecting them. Several of About Face’s strongest moments occur when models share their emotional experiences dealing with racism. In particular, Pat Clevelent tells the disturbing tale with modeling in the Southern States: a bus filled with African-American models rocked side to side by rioters and their racist attempt to get them to leave. Many African-American models couldn’t grace the covers of magazines and only a select few could walk in fashion shows. There is no question why these women had successful careers in the modeling and fashion industry, but as they grow older, enhanced or not, these women are striking as they continue to define beauty over time.

meagan Enciso

About Face: The Supermodels, Then and Now was featured on April 28th at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto as part of the HotDocs Documentary Film Festival and will debute on television as part of 2012 HBO Documentary Films Summer Series on Monday July 30, at 9pm.

about face: the Supermodels, then and now timothy greenfield Sanders: About Face

from runway to redemption Hailed as a Filipino John Galliano, fashion designer Puey Quinones has more in common with the infamous designer than he had originally planned. On February 14, 2011, the designer had been caught passing a department brand suit as one of his own. Talented beyond belief, but marred with scandal, Puey quickly went into hiding.

at the prison. Based on the popular US show Project Runway, the inmates are split into groups. They are given a month to create three distinct looks - casual, formal, and avant-garde. With the help of Puey, a runway stage, show lighting, professional make-up artists and models, along with a panel of judges, Project Bilibid Runway takes form.

In an effort to make up for his past, The World’s Most Fashionable Prison directed by CK Mak follows Puey on his journey to redemption. By going into a maximum security prison and teaching prisoners convicted of murder, rape, kidnapping, and other violent acts, to sew and make custom women’s clothing, he hopes that the experience will help rehabilitate the prisoners.

The competition is the base of the documentary, tracing the highs and lows of Puey and his students from start to finish. With the competition as the backdrop, audiences hear about the personal lives of the inmates before and after their incarceration. Beyond the brief recess from the grind of prison life, the classes have provided the inmate designers with new insight. In turn, Puey’s fashion students have become his friends and family. Both parties share bonds that surpass their differences in background, societal status and sexual orientation. The prison is now Puey’s sanctuary, where he doesn’t need to live up to expectations of being a star designer or a public personality.

Set in the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City Philippines, the prison is not what Westerners are used to. There are no jail cells, instead they live in small, cramped dormitories. Friends and family members came and went as often as they liked. Animals wandered around the property, living with the 16,000 inmates. Bilibid looked more like the slums in any city than a prison. Each week, Puey teaches fashion to 40 inmates in the form of lectures and practical lessons on his own time and money. He mentors them on the art of fashion design in hopes that they’ll be ready for the annual fashion completion held

The documentary itself is filled with emotional highs and lows as we follow Puey’s journey to rediscovering himself and making up for his scam, while at the same time giving these inmates a chance to make something more of themselves. This is sure to be a way more intense and compelling version of Project Runway.

meagan Enciso

The World’s Most Fashionable Prison was featured in Toronto as part of the HotDocs Documentary Film Festival on May 3, 5 and 6.

BOOKS “Everything has been done before, they say, but there’s still so much about africa to be explored.” I have something I need to confess: My name is Frankie, and I love African fashion. I had always had a strong appreciation for it (who doesn’t love a strong print and lots of colour?!), and ever since attending Africa Fashion Week a little while ago, my love has blossomed into full-blown obsession. I’ve even found myself on numerous occasions staring longingly at the local African clothing shops in Dalston, wondering whether or not I could actually pull off a traditional head wrap (I’ve decided to ease myself into the look with a Charlotte Taylor penguin scarf for now). I am partEgyptian after all! So naturally when I was asked to review “New African Fashion”, a new book by Helen Jennings, I was overly keen to accept. According the book blurb, “From Africa-inspired to African-made, this guide is the first to celebrate a new wave of fashion designers who are appearing on the global stage.” It’s no secret that Africa has been influencing designers for many years, and more recently big names such as Michael Kors, Burberry and Donna Karen have shown clear Africa-inspired collections. The book starts by talking about the origins of African fashion before leading into current African/ Africa-inspired designers, covering both womenswear and menswear. The book features an incredi-

ble number of up and comers who are undoubtedly ones to watch. My favourites include Duro Olowu, Mimi Plange and Black Coffee. I was also very happy to see Bunmi Koko featured, as I’ve been a big fan of her designs for a while now. As well as featuring African design talent, the book also covers some of Africa’s best-known and emerging models, both male and female. It’s a given that the legendary Alex Wek would be included, but it was also nice to see models such as Ataui Deng and Ajak Deng (no relation, but very good friends apparently!) in there too. Overall, I was really impressed with this book. It offers a comprehensive look at the wide ranging talent that Africa has to offer, features interesting interviews and beautiful vibrant photography - what more could you ask for from fashion book?! And, as a blurb from the book says, “Everything has been done before, they say, but there’s still so much about Africal to be explored.” The more we all educate ourselves about Africa and embrace what it has to offer, the more fashion can continue to develop and innovate. Retailing at £19.99, I would highly recommend this book for any real fashion lovers or enthusiasts, especially those who are looking to broaden their own person style. You can order your copy from Amazon and many other book retailers right now.

Frankie WWW.SWELL-VINTAGE.COM review courtesy of Frankie of SWELL-VINTAGE.COM

“.. Preparing to set aside my inner life and face the cameras as ‘The Incredible Hulse,’ the male supermodel whose life might be envied by one and all - except for someone who actually lived it.” In this artistically written autobiography of his multidirectional life, Bruce Hulse shows a glimpse of the modeling world through his philosophic mind’s eye. He offers a look into the thoughts of a male model, who managed to be successful in the industry well into his fourties. He begins by explaining his home-life and how he got his start in the modeling industry, and how he then came to pursue a dream he never knew he had. He goes into the details of his mother’s alcoholism, and the effect it had on his family and childhood. As he rises to fame in the modeling industry, he searches for more meaning in his life. This book dives in to his personal search for enlightenment, and struggle with recurring depression. Hulse is a very spiritual man, with an open mind for any new way of thinking or philosophy. He is sure to make time for personal fitness and put his well being on high priority. He is an exemplary role model of how to keep grounded, while living life as a rolling stone. Bruce talks about the growing AIDS epidemic, and the numerous people he knew who were affected by the disease; the modeling industry was hit particularly hard.

He also talks briefly of drug issues a lot of models had, and how it was hard to resist going down that path. He sees a lot of men and women fall victim to them; this is still a very relevant issue in the industry today. In this respect, it is a cautionary tale. This book offers advice by example to prospect models. His story points out the beneficial things a model can do in the industry like make good connections, and be personable and professional. Personality and attitude have just as much influence on a model’s career as their face does, and it can never hurt to know how to spot a good opportunity. It also shines light on the fact that modeling is a career with an expiry date, and no guarantees for future work. “My best advice to aspiring male models is to balance your career with something else, so you can make a smooth transition out of the business when the time comes,” Hulse recommends. It’s a good read for models alike, or anyone who wants an unfeigned look into the real workings of the fashion industry. Even someone without a particular interest in modeling could find motivation from this book. Hulse illustrates a very common struggle to find one’s place in the world, and find the key that will finally unlock true happiness.

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sex, love and fashion: A Memoir of a Male Model

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E-boutiques: Toronto’s online fashion fix Find yourself flocking to the internet to satisfy your retail therapy? Shopping for the hottest trends, stylish classics, designer fashions or something in between? Want to shop in UK, Australia, or Korea? We’ve found you Toronto’s can’tmiss hot e-boutiques which will satisfy any tech-savvy shopper’s hunger for fashion. pema tsering

born out of sheer love for fashion and shopping, white crow eboutique is the definition of cute with an array polka dots , peter pan collars, pastel colours, airy chiffon and audrey hephburnesquedresses - everything you need for a fashionable summer. The store diminishes the doppelganger risk by carrying very limited quantities of items sourced by korean Designers, so you never have to worry! 639 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON 647-828-7302

Orange back zip top $52 baja blue cigarette jeans $52

mink back zip top $52 orchid blue shorts $44

retro polka dress $64

cinch-it cardi $69 images from

carrying local and international designer pieces, woven with whimsical threads, the bicyclette boutique is nothing short of a juxtaposition between a sweet fairytale and toronto urban edge. owner, paige Boersma, hand picks each piece sold online and instore for the unique story it beholds. If you are looking to get your hands on some unique contemporary clothing and ultra feminine accessories, shop bicyclette. 880 queen st, w. Toronto, ON 416-532-8048

photographer | sian melton Models | emily & Ana bicyclette boutique lookbook may 2012

Hidden away in toronto’s lavish yorkville neighbourhood, RAC BOUTIQUE can now be found online for the designer-enthusiast. The lush e-boutique not only houses international designer brands such as sass & Bide from australia, rodebjer from sweden and vivienne westood anglomania from UK, but is also home to uniquely Canadian design favourites such as Greta Constantine, Ashley Rowe and Jenny Bird. If you are in the search for a super feminine vivienne westwood anglomania wednesday dress, you have come to the right place! Want more than dresses? chic accessories, books, magazines and specialty gifts - you name it, they’ve got it! 124 cumberland st. Toronto, ON 647-352-4433

Preen Line - Nick Blouse $220

Stine goya flair jacket $235

Sass & Bide - Free Of The Past $245 Sass & Bide - it keeps giong $255

Sass & Bide -Turn the Page Print Dress $375

Stine goya - anthias t $105

Something Else - Splice Pant $195 Something Else - tab short $170

Markus Lupfer - Bodice Flock Print Vivienne Westwood Anglomania - Swagga & Soul - Helen Zip off Rodebjer - Iris Stripe Dress $250 fond dress $415 Leather Jacket $825 Tee - $125 images from

Based in Toronto, The online fashion store ukamaku is chaning it up when it comes to the colourful world of online shopping. Founder, George NG believes that online stores are the best platforms for fashion designers to get their work out to customers - in toronto, in canada and worldwide. NG’s wise word’s led him to creating an e-store whereby local fashion designers themselves get to choose the pieces from their collection they would like to sell on via ukamaku. AMongst the womenswear, menswear and jewellry that ukamaku sells, you will find the heavenly pieces from our favourite canadian designer: Rachel sin. 224C-219 Dufferin St. Toronto, ON 416-583-5777

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caitlin power black mini dress $635

rachel sin caroline drses $310

inna 60’s inspired dress with plastic horizontal stripes $215

dia collections sleeveless rob/dress $340

tetiana k clothing illusion shorts $160

caitlin power blue detailed blouse $325

tetiana k clothing dolly skirt/long dolly skirt $125 abyss top, $95

rachel sin cage back dress $325

Instagram by Nick Knight, part of ‘Pussycat, Pussycat’, 2012: delfina delettrez with kittens. Courtesy of

INSTAGRAM - POLAROID OF OUR ERA “instagram takes me back to the style of my earliest photography; no retouching and no long processes of post-production.” - nick knight Nick Knight has stripped down the hard edge from his usual work into muted, glittering subtlety and has produced a series of images that are highly accessible, dare it be said even trendy. Pussycat, Pussycat is the ultimate candid shoot - images were tweeted almost instantaneously. In this new age of photo apps, tools like Instagram, Hipstamatic and Imgur sharing images and life as it happens has become the new norm. Point and shoot has now become point and share. The played-down, nearly casual soft feel starkly contrasts Knight’s body of work which involves elaborate post-processing in an innovatory, painterly, avant-garde style. Cara’s eyes, lips and nails become the point of focus and the intensity in the photos comes from her cat-like expressions and over-opulence while the softness of chicks, kitten and bunnies highlights the sharply constructed gem-bedazzled jewelry. Neutral hair elegantly undone expressly plays up these ritzy gems. Now instead of using a Polaroid camera and passing a photo to your friend you use your iPhone or smartphone and post your image to Twitter, Facebook, Imgur, Google+ or send it in a text message to your besties. Of course they want to see just how hilarious that mustache looked on your cat. In fact, Instagram and Hipstamatic now include features allowing their combined 31 million users increased interchangeability. Since images from Pussycat, Pussycat were tweeted live as they were photographed, you might say shooting live to the internet is the ultimate modern expression. It says much, much more than you could ever possibly tweet since Twitter only allows use of 140 characters per tweet. After all, a photo is worth a thousand words. And Nick, we love what you have to say!


Instagram by Nick Knight, part of ‘Pussycat, Pussycat’, 2012: Solange Azagury-Partridge with puppy. Courtesy of

Instagram by Nick Knight, part of ‘Pussycat, Pussycat’, 2012: Faberge with kittens. Courtesy of

Instagram by Nick Knight, part of ‘Pussycat, Pussycat: Cartier with bunny ’, 2012. Courtesy of

Instagram by Nick Knight, part of ‘Pussycat, Pussycat: Van Cleef and Arpels with ducklings’, 2012. Courtesy of

fashionable treats pema tsering The world of fashion and the world of sweet confectionary desserts seem like a world of difference at first glance. However, Toronto based photographer and former model Jessica Milan has created a delicious blog blending the two together with her love of photography. Along with her trusty sidekick, a Canon 5D Mark II, Milan manages the uber trendy and inspiring Lookbook Cookbook at The website is exactly what the URL says: it’s a combination of edgy photos of ultra chic models along side delicious recipes that are vegan, dairy free and gluten free. If the idea of guilt-free food does not spike your interest, the photos themselves are reason enough to visit this website. Simple and well lit, the pictures exhibit the hottest trends from ruby red lips to the classic graphic tee. Milan has a talent for naming her tasty creations, which include B-Raw-Nie Brownies, Ooey Gooey Bars and Peanut Butter Yummies.

images & recipe 2012. from jessica milan’s

My first encounter with Milan’s website had me spending hours awake at night, scrolling through each of the recipes, not for the food but for the pictures. The clothes are cute and the girls are gorgeous. With a dewy glow to their faces, they look pumped to be taking pictures with scrumptious treats as their accompaniment. For someone not used to cooking let alone healthy cooking, the experience was a beneficial one. As I do not cook often (think Carrie Bradshaw and how she uses her oven for storage) I decided to start with something easy: the Apple Pie smoothie! After one quick trip to the grocery store, I had this recipe in the bag. It was smooth, tasty and it really did taste like liquid apple pie! They don’t take much time and with some of your favourite girls over, it can be really fun to make. If I can do it, pretty much anyone can. Here’s my favourite recipe for you to indulge in:

APPLE PIE SMOOTHIE This delicious smoothie is everything you could hope for in an apple pie, all packed into one glass! Serves 1 1/2 cup purified water 1/4 cup canned coconut milk 1 banana 1 red apple 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon natural vanilla extract Add all ingredients to the blender, mix well, and voila! Add more maple syrup or spices if desired. Can be served warm or cold. images & recipe 2012. from jessica milan’s

illustrations by LIsa nishimura’s of burberry’s Spring 2012 collection from

lisa nishimura Fashion illustration was made widely popular by Vogue magazine, on which every issue there was an illustration of fashion, whether it be a model showcasing the latest fashions or simply a woman’s face beautifully shown with classically done makeup or hairstyles. But since Vogue stopped using illustrations and became to replace their celebrated drawings with photos in the late 1930’s, some critics say there has been a decline in the use of fashion illustration. Despite this notion, fashion illustrators like Lisa Nishimura, are doing a great job at making this aspect of fashion widely appreciated and respected as it was in the early 20th century. Nishimura is a graphic designer and illustrator who studied in Montreal and moved to Toronto to pursue a career in graphic design. She recently discovered her passion for fashion and has since started a blog called Sketch and Pixel, on which she showcases her own illustrations and takes on clothing lines that she spots from the runway. The beauty about fashion illustration is that it becomes the artists own interpretation, as opposed to a photograph that shows exactly how something looks - this is both the downfall and benefit of fashion illustration. Nishimura uses watercolours, pencil and gouache (type of a binding paint) to strike a balance between art and fashion photography by illustrating looks from designers such as Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Tommy Hilfiger. Her illustration for Burberry are classic and accurate displays of this fashion power house, capturing the essence of each collection while adding her own creative spin and interpretation of the looks. While fashion illustration is still not yet at the pinnacle of popularity as it once was, it is clear that illustrators and artists like Nishimura, are trying to bring this art form back and are showing that there is always a new take on fashion waiting to be discovered.

chantelle henriques

Anne Ianiero make up artist & esthetician



rush studio is a service based photography studio, run by photographer Martika gregory and stylist Chanel SOS, designed to provide a comfortable environment in which clients can express their true selves through creative portraiture. The studio strives to expand the portfolios of those who are entering an industry as well as those who are established, by branding them through image consultations and photo shoots.

30 days of JUNE in toronto I think it’s important to travel on your own. And when I say travel on your own I am not suggesting that you buy a train ticket to another part of the world and get yourself stolen. Explore your city, hell even if you do not live remotely close, explore it while you’re there. I visited Yorkville the other day to interview White Toronto, a bridal boutique, and saw a whole different side to Toronto, a quaint side. Maybe I live under a rock, maybe I am too sheltered but because I am under 5 feet, underage, and not very light, I would make for an easy target. I digress, as I wandered around the narrow streets of Yorkville I came across some peculiar murals on the side of an art gallery and let’s just say I was enlightened by Einstein and a monkey in the same degree. I later came across the Pink Tartan studio. (Pink Tartan a Canadian designer featured in many Toronto Fashion Weeks and a fashion show I did want to attend) I had myself a wonderful fan girl moment. And when I thought that my adventure would be enough I came across a protest for the Tibet burnings. Safe to say that I was surprised by the whole day. So while you take residence in your city, where ever that may be, take a day to roam around, aimlessly, you just might stumble upon something you never thought existed.

kathlyn rose

all drawings by Trisha da silva, unless otherwise stated


Drink in public. Boo the opponents. Disturb the peace. Do everything but play by the books while watching the beastly Toronto Blue Jays take on the Boston Red Sox at the Rogers Centre.

Experience the attitude, style and the clothes of the 1920s for only a toonie! Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky will be playing at the Bata Museum as part of their Roaring 1920s Movie for a Toonie Series.



Be mesmerized by the greatest love story of all time! Catch the musical broadway before it takes its last breath at the Toronto Centre for Arts.


Set up your art shop in a parking lot and part-take in the lucrative world of First Class art fairs: Butcher Gallery’s Parking Lot Art Fair. Buy a parking permit, take a spot and set up your art gallery. Your ‘booth’ stands as long as your permit is valid (strictly enforced). Entrance is free and the art is Hot. 1439 Danforth Ave: Green P lot between 10 am – 4 pm www.

six five

Flirt with the analogue lifestyle. Lomography Gallery Store Toronto’s Diana Mini will help you capture your world without thinking and when you are done, share them with analogue lovers worldwide at


Take a magical journey into the imagination, voyage through space and time, and explore nature’s greatest wonders – deserts, waterfalls, canyons, glaciers and more at Cavalia’s Odyssey.

Explore the interplay between clothing, identity and culture in the work of 23 active Canadian artists at McMichael Canadian Art Collections Exhibition: Fashionality.



Let music reveal itself to you through the music, lyrics and poetry of K’Naan who will be igniting Luminato Festival of Art and Creativity 2012’s opening night with a free concert at David Pecaut Square.


Indulge in magical culinary flavours by the city’s best chefs and restaurants as they cook up an open-air smörgåsbord at The Distillery Districl as part of the Luminato Festival of Art and Creativity 2012’s. Bon appetite hungry hordes!

Row, row, row your boat! Take a break from action and enjoy a quiet and relaxing canoe ride at the picturesque Natrel® Pond.



Take in a variety of music and films during the eighteenth annual North by North East festival when it rocks Toronto to the core with its stellar line up of the world’s most exciting and innovative artists and movies.

www.harbourfrontcentre. com/summer/worldcafe


Flock to the docks to taste the world over at Harbourfront’s World Café at Lakeside Terrace Tent.

Join Victoria Dinnick as she explores and discusses the women of the 20s and their delicious freedom of driving automobile, of bobbing their hair, wearing make-up and smoking in public. Then walk through the Roaring 20s exhibition. www.batashoemuseum (416)979.7799


Educate yourself on the ways of chocolate by embarking on a sweet walk to the tasty neighbourhoods of Kensington Market and Trinity Bellwood with Tasty Tours.





Find out what goes on inside the minds and erupts from the pens of rap legends - Nas, Mos Def, Eminem, Chuck D, KRS-One, Run-DMC, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dogg - in Ice-T’s directorial debut documentary: Something From Get into your fashNothing: Art of Rap. ionably provocative dresses and head over Treat your dad to the Father’s Day Brunch to McMichael’s fundBuffet in the elegant library and then to a raising event Fashion self-guided tour of Toronto’s most spectacas Art: Exposed! for ular and famous castle: Casa Loma. some voking art, the latest (416)533-1573 in haute couture and Jeanne Beker! Dedicate a day to celebrating and appreciating women all over the world. Metro Cycle with Tour de Dufflet to Town Convention Cen- get some delicious pastries tre hosts the First To- & refreshments and to celeToronto Bike Month. ronto Women’s Week. breate

Get a personal glimpse into the life of one of the 20th century’s most influential artists, Pablo Piccaso. Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris exhibits at Art Gallery of Ontario.

twenty two March with Pride as the festivities for Toronto’s fabulous LGBT community kicks off today!

twenty one



Have a Maritime partying with the East Coasters! Toronto’s Waterfront will come alive when Saltscapes of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick offer the ultimate in east coast cuisine, artists, entertainment & more at Redpath’s Waterfront Festival.

twenty four

twenty three Pop-UP at Nyood Bar, during brunch

hours, for a monthly series of fashion sale event featuring local Toronto designers curated by local bloggers.

Take a boat to Toronto Centre Island to Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival to immerse in the Chinese tradition of dragon boat races, multicultural entertainment, food and live music.

twenty five

Take a scientific look at the big top with Circus! The Exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre. There’s answers to how human contortionists can fit into tiny spaces, how science and math can help you learn how to juggle and learn the psychics of a human cannonball.

twenty six

twenty seven Meditate and quietly ponder through Toronto Music Gardens by letting the spirit of nature, music and art guide your senses.

twenty eight

Cumbia and salsa under the beautiful sky to the contagious rhythms of the night at Dancing on the Pier event hosted at the Harbourfront Centre’s boardwalk.


Get ready for war as the craziest of poppers, lockers and hip hop battle to see who walks away with the bragging rights at Harbourfront Centre’s The CALL OUT. summer/canadaday

Art by (B-boy) Bryce Davidson

twenty nine

Sail on the high seas with your fellow pirate and wench shipmates to celebrate Canada Day and the start of summer on board Canada’s tall ship, Empire Sandy, at Toronto Pirate Party Cruise.

Groove to the wild and free sounds of Ziggy Marley as he performs at the Phoenix Concert Theatre as part of the TD Toronto Jazz Festival.

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