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Impacting Fashion MISSION

The Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF) was founded in 1937 and is the fashion industry’s leading education and workforce preparedness non-profit. With the help of corporate, foundation, and individual donors, we support the careers of the country’s most talented fashion students and alumni with a special focus on those from underrepresented backgrounds. We work with the industry’s foremost brands, businesses, and visionaries to create initiatives that advance equity and inclusion. Each year, FSF awards more than $1 million in scholarships for disciplines ranging from design, merchandising, marketing, analytics, supply chain management, and more. In addition to our financial support, FSF also provides our Scholars with internship and career opportunities, mentorship, networking, professional development, and unprecedented access to the industry’s most influential creative talents and business leaders. For 85 years, FSF has been committed to affecting fashion and cultivating the next generation of fashion leaders.


I cannot put into words how amazing it feels to know that, because of FSF’s financial support, I have a lifeboat for next year. This entire scholarship has truly changed my life and I couldn’t be more honored! —KATHERINE PSALTOS Junior from Parsons School of Design


TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 9 2021 Impact 10 Remembering Virgil 12 Equity 15 Scholarships 16 The Virgil Abloh™ “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund 18 Member Schools 20 Internships / Career Placements 22 FSF Mentoring Programs for Scholars and Alumni 24 Summer Scholar Series


Alumni Association 30

Accelerator Grant 33 Gala 34 Partners and Affiliations 36 Named Scholarships 38 Awareness Campaigns and Events 40 Board of Governors 43 Financial Overview 44



FRIENDS: Disruption can set the stage for dramatic and positive change. We will remember 2021 as a difficult year for our Scholars and new Alumni as they sought to complete college and gain a foothold in the fashion industry — an industry that faced its own challenges in 2021. At the same time, however, the FSF gained new purpose and heightened relevance, and we established a full slate of virtual programming that engaged an unprecedented number of FSF Scholars and Alumni, creating a robust community of support. This year also brought new successes and possibilities. In January we presented FSF Scholarship awards to 120 promising undergraduates, including the inaugural class of 20 Virgil Abloh™ “Post-Modern” Scholars. Throughout the year, we deepened our work to build equity and inclusion within the fashion industry while recognizing and supporting this country’s top talent. Increasingly, we made change within the industry itself by creating new brand and corporate partnership initiatives. But 2021 also brought fresh pain for many. In late November, we lost our FSF Board colleague and friend, a visionary and force for change who impacted many—Virgil Abloh. The Virgil Abloh™ “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund, which Virgil created with the FSF in 2020 and through which he personally gave so much of himself to mentoring new Scholars and encouraging hundreds of young adults drawn by this signature effort, becomes a legacy we and the FSF are honored to sustain. The Fashion Scholarship Fund is poised and committed to fostering greatness: the talent of our Scholars and Alumni, and the vision of an industry that will engage and inspire them.

Jennifer Vecchio Board President


Peter Arnold Executive Director


Since 2000, FSF has awarded $14+ million in scholarships to 2,400+ undergraduates 8

2021 IMPACT FSF’s active Alumni community comprises

1,800+ FORMER SCHOLARS 500+ INDUSTRY LEADERS serve as mentors and judges


member schools completed a rigorous Case Study exercise

100+ COMPANIES partnered with FSF to develop career opportunities for Scholars

$1,000,000+ in scholarship funds were awarded


were paired with an industry mentor

120 STUDENTS received scholarships ranging from $7,500 TO $17,500





Virgil Abloh started working with the Fashion Scholarship Fund two years ago. We had the privilege of being his partner in establishing the Virgil Abloh™ “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund, which fosters equity and inclusion within the fashion industry by providing scholarships to students of academic promise of Black, African-American, or African descent. Virgil gave tirelessly of himself despite the impressive scope of his many endeavors. He encouraged his partners to be fully engaged mentors to his Scholars, and to create internships and commit to building new opportunities. He made himself available not only to the inaugural group of 20 “Post-Modern” Scholars but also to hundreds of undergraduates who joined the virtual Campus Town Halls he asked us to host. During the Town Halls and Virgil’s virtual mentoring sessions, he would keep the discussion open, sometimes for hours, as students sought his individual attention. He urged students to share one more thought, one more creation, one more personal influence. Virgil’s capacity to connect and inspire was truly boundless.

At a time when many have sought to advance equity and inclusion in the fashion industry, Virgil made an immeasurable impact. It was Virgil’s dream to identify and support the 17-year-old version of himself. He was committed to providing the “way in” to every young fashion student who was in search of it. The Virgil Abloh™ “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund—and all future generations of Fashion Scholarship Fund recipients—are FSF’s opportunity to carry out the passion, commitment, and personal legacy of Virgil Abloh.

“I think the most memorable of Virgil’s work was the work he did for others. It was this consistent effort to connect, inspire, and guide in any way possible. I feel so blessed to have been even a small part of him achieving that mission.” —ELIZABETH AYORINDE Washington University in St. Louis and Class of 2021 “Post-Modern” Scholar


Virgil Abloh was a gift to our creative community. He was a bright light that drew us in and lit the way for many to come behind him. The power of Black vision he gave us transcended industries and will live on eternally in the legions of Black youth he inspired. —AURORA JAMES Founder of The 15% Pledge


I look at this scholarship just the same as a collection. I’m excited to use it to lead by example and show the wider industry how you can begin to solve and think about how we can play an active role in the future of our industry. —VIRGIL ABLOH

Equity Initiative

Building upon the Board's commitment to weave equity into all aspects of its operations, FSF prioritized creating more inclusive pathways for talented Scholars with diverse backgrounds and experiences in 2021. In addition to the first applicant round of the Virgil Abloh™ “Post Modern” Scholarship, FSF expanded its higher education network to include six additional Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). FSF is also building meaningful relationships with education and industry leaders committed to improving the experiences of Scholars and early career professionals of color.

WITH STUDENTS OF COLOR REPRESENTING OVER 45% OF OUR APPLICANT POOL AND 49% OF OUR SCHOLAR POOL, THIS YEAR MARKS THE MOST DIVERSE TALENT CYCLE IN OUR 84-YEAR HISTORY— AND WE CAN DO EVEN BETTER. In response to a 2021 FSF Alumni of color survey, FSF is creating safe spaces for our Alumni of color, engaging industry partners in strategies aimed to reduce barriers, and deepening our pipeline in community colleges. We remain focused on identifying transformative leaders poised to catapult both our organization and the entire fashion community to the next level. To explore partnering with the FSF to advance DEI or corporate social responsibility goals, contact


FSF Scholarships FSF CASE STUDY SCHOLARSHIP COMPETITION For students, the first step to joining the FSF Community is to compete in the annual FSF Case Study Competition. This merit-based scholarship competition is divided into four main disciplines – design and product development, merchandising, marketing analytics, and supply chain – and it challenges students to solve real-life problems facing the fashion industry. Depending on their chosen discipline, our 2021 Case Study Scholarship Competition asked students to: • Design and Product Development: develop a fashion line for the Gen Z consumer • Merchandising: craft a socially impactful online and in-store merchandise campaign • Marketing Analytics: improve promotional effectiveness for a fashion brand • Supply Chain: produce the supply-chain plan for a new DTC e-commerce business Applicants were required to have a G.P.A. greater than 3.20 and to submit their case studies anonymously in order to maintain a non-biased selection process. A total of 1,045 qualified applicants from 66 of our member schools competed for the 2021 scholarship. Our reviewing body of 500 judges (including FSF mentors, Alumni, and industry partners) selected 120 submissions to receive awards based on their Case Study scores. In total, 116 scholars were awarded $7,500 and four topscoring FSF finalists were awarded scholarships between $10,000 and $17,500.

OF OUR 2021 FSF SCHOLARS: 49% were Black, Indigenous, and people of color


36% were Pell Grant-eligible

18% were first-

generation in their families to earn a college degree

53% were

graduates of 26 public universities

TOP FOUR FINALISTS Of the 120 FSF Scholars, the four recipients with the highest scores virtually presented their Case Studies to a panel of fashion-industry leaders. The judges selected one winner for the $17,500 FSF Scholarship.



Levi's spearheads the movement to close the gender wage gap with the #DeeperPockets campaign by creating a line of jeans with deeper pockets for women.

TARGET CUSTOMERS Total buying power of Gen Z and Millennials is currently $343 billion and is predicted to grow drastically.

Represents $143 billion of buying power in the U.S. and accounts for 40% of consumer spending8 90% of Gen Z believe companies have a responsibility to address social issues 9 61% are willing to pay for products with an ethical cause 77% of Gen Z feel more positive about a brand when it promotes gender-equality on social platforms 10 Expect brands to be transparent, trustworthy, authentic and relevant 11 88% prefer omni-channel branded experience Enjoy shopping experiences with brand engagement and interactive experiences12 Values functionality and convenience over fashion13 42% of Gen Z from 17 to 23 are employed 14

Millennial women represent $170 billion of buying power and makes up 85% of Millennial consumer spending 15 57% of millennial women say their purchase decisions are driven by brand’s values 16 51% of millennials expect brands to give back to society Millennial moms value convenience and function as they have to balance work and life 17

59% say they tend to buy from brands they can relate to 6 times more likely to click through on email marketing campaigns than social media 18 13% more likely to share their purchases on social media 19 Represent 35% of the global workforce 20

$17,500 RECIPIENT Merchandising - Evelyn Siao, a senior from Lehigh University, “#DEEPERPOCKETS: EQUAL POCKETS FOR EQUAL PAY: Levi's spearheads the movement to close the gender wage gap with the #DeeperPockets campaign by creating a line of jeans with deeper pockets for women.”

$12,500 FINALISTS Hannah Harris—Merchandising, a junior from Savannah College of Art and Design, “AVEDA: Silver Lining: Creating Space for Age Inclusion through Defying Grey Hair Beauty Standards in the Haircare Market.” Benjamin Plotkin—Supply Chain, a senior from Yeshiva University, “Champion: Adapting wholesale distribution centers to scale DTC fulfillment by optimizing data-driven decisions to minimize costs and maximize fulfillment speed.” Katherine Psaltos—Design and Product Development, a junior from Parsons School of Design, “Madness: A bodyinclusive, sustainably sourced clothing brand of youthful and classic silhouettes that allows for changing bodies and maturing style over time.”


The Virgil Abloh “Post Modern Scholarship” Fund ™

Post-Modern” is about much more than the monetary element (though it is extremely helpful). I think I speak for many young creatives, who, when the opportunity presented itself, applied solely wanting to be a small part of Mr. Abloh’s orbit. He truly believed in the next generation. —HANNAH HARRIS Class of 2021 “Post-Modern” Scholar from Savannah College of Art and Design


IN JULY OF 2020, DESIGNER VIRGIL ABLOH ANNOUNCED THE CREATION OF THE VIRGIL ABLOH™ “POST-MODERN” SCHOLARSHIP FUND IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FASHION SCHOLARSHIP FUND. The fund was created with a gift of more than $1 million made by Virgil Abloh together with partners evian, Farfetch, Louis Vuitton, New Guards Group, and Nike. The fund’s mission is to foster equity and inclusion within the fashion industry by providing scholarships to academically promising students of Black, African-American, or African descent. Mr. Abloh named the fund “Post-Modern” to signify that recipients will not only receive funds, but also ongoing career-support services and mentoring through the Fashion Scholarship Fund.

WE ARE SO PLEASED TO INTRODUCE THE INAUGURAL CLASS OF “POST-MODERN” SCHOLARS: Allegra Abrams Junior, University of Wisconsin-Madison Elizabeth Ayorinde Senior, Washington University in St. Louis Jasmine Bacchus Senior, Brown University Jordan Bigelow Senior, Kent State University Neena Bui Senior, Drexel University Rubye Flowers Junior, Thomas Jefferson University

D’Vyne Gattis Junior, Thomas Jefferson University Hannah Harris Junior, Savannah College of Art and Design

Maryam Muhammad Senior, Savannah College of Art and Design Dacia Redmond Junior, Clark Atlanta University

Deja Herelle Junior, North Carolina State University

Erin Sallee Senior, LIM College

Mecca Hodge Senior, Auburn University

Desiree Smith Junior, Thomas Jefferson University

Ahmrii Johnson Junior, Parsons School of Design

Kaylani Temple Junior, University of North Texas

Kadeem Lamorell Junior, Parsons School of Design

Adelle Wade Senior, Syracuse University

Tiana McCarthy Junior, Thomas Jefferson University

Arion Wheeler Senior, Columbia College Chicago

To mentor this inaugural Class, FSF hosted “Changing the Game: A Conversation Between Virgil Abloh and Angelo Baque On Non-Fashion Collaborations,” moderated by Nikki Ogunnaike, Digital Director of Harper’s Bazaar. During this session, Virgil and Angelo (Creative Director of Baque Creative and former Brand Director of Supreme), shared innovative ways that companies are coming together to attract new audiences and excite their consumer bases. Further into the year, Virgil led the “Post-Modern” Scholars in a discussion with Samuel Ross, Founder of A-COLD-WALL, titled “Building Your Brand DNA.” Both Samuel and Virgil shared their personal ideologies and gave Scholars advice on how to brand themselves and their ideas. Later that Spring, Virgil Abloh and the FSF invited the “Post-Modern” Scholars to tune in for a mentoring session with British Vogue’s Fashion News Director, Olivia Singer. Olivia shared strategies on how to capture editorial attention as an emerging designer or fashion professional in the ever-changing media world. Virgil Abloh also hosted a Virtual Campus Visit for students at the FSF’s eight HBCU member schools and other FSF member schools that have a significant population of students of color. Over 500 students joined the session to learn more about the Fashion Scholarship Fund, the FSF Case Study Competition, and the Virgil Abloh™ “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund. The visit was hosted by Virgil and two FSF “Post-Modern” Scholars, Hannah Harris from Savannah College of Art and Design and Mecca Hodge from Auburn University.




FSF Member Schools

Through partnerships with our 66 FSF member schools across the country, the FSF has cultivated meaningful relationships with faculty members who help identify the most promising undergraduates pursuing careers in fashion design and product development, merchandising, marketing analytics, and supply chain. For the 2021 FSF Case Study Competition, submissions came from 66 FSF member schools of which 32 are public universities, 28 are private colleges/universities, and 8 are Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s). The academic curriculum among our 66 member schools includes 42 design programs, 42 merchandising and retailing programs, and 49 business programs.

WE ARE PLEASED TO SHARE THAT 56 OF OUR FSF MEMBER SCHOOLS WERE RANKED AMONG THE TOP SCHOOLS IN THE U.S. by discipline according to,, Business of Fashion (BOF), and U.S. News and World Report’s Best Colleges and Universities.


member design schools ranked in the top 25 (23/25)

92% of FSF member

merchandising/ retailing schools ranked in the top 25 (23/25)

FSF VIRTUAL CAMPUS VISITS In 2021, FSF Ambassadors (including Board members, mentors, and Alumni) hosted Virtual Campus Visits on April 30th and May 28th. These two virtual sessions welcomed prospective 2022 FSF Scholarship Competition applicants from our 66 partner schools across the country. Over 500 students attended – the virtual format allowed us to reach more students than many of the on-campus FSF Ambassador presentations that were made in the past. Members of the FSF Team, Board member Yehuda Shmidman, and two FSF Alumni (Marley Isaacson and Maryam Shehata) joined the April session. FSF Board member Virgil Abloh and two of his “Post-Modern” Scholars (Hannah Harris from Savannah College of Art and Design and Mecca Hodge from Auburn University) led May’s session, engaging potential Scholars from HBCU’s and other FSF member schools with a significant population of students of color. During both virtual events, speakers shared information on the application process and the benefits of competing in the FSF Scholarship Competition. The recorded versions of the presentations are also currently available on the FSF site as a helpful resource for 2022 FSF Case Study Applicants.


Internships/ Career Placement VIRTUAL TALENT ACQUISITION EVENT In February and October of 2021, the FSF hosted two virtual Talent Acquisition Events in partnership with the CFDA and underwritten by Ross Stores, Inc. Hundreds of Scholars and Scholar applicants were connected with over 100 recruitment representatives from leading fashion companies for full-time job opportunities and summer internships in design and product development, merchandising, marketing analytics, supply chain, and related fields. FSF SUPPORTED OUR 120 FSF SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS AND SCHOLAR APPLICANTS IN THEIR SEARCHES FOR INTERNSHIPS AND ENTRY-LEVEL POSITIONS AT PRESTIGIOUS COMPANIES SUCH AS: adidas | American Eagle Outfitters | AREA | Athleta | Baccarat | Bloomingdale’s | Burlington Stores | Cult Gaia | Capri Holdings | Dick’s Sporting Goods | Fashion Snoops | Fossil | Free People | GAP Inc. | G-III Apparel Group | J. Crew | Kenneth Cole Productions | Kohl’s | Lafayette 148 | Lands’ End | Levi Strauss & Company | Louis Vuitton | L’Oréal | Macy’s, Inc | MeUndies | Michael Kors | Milk Makeup | Nautica | Neiman Marcus | NET-A-PORTER | New Guards Group | Nike | Nordstrom | Pacsun | Peerless Clothing | Perry Ellis International | PVH | QVC | Ralph Lauren | Randa Apparel and Accessories | Reebok | Rent the Runway | Rimowa | Ross Stores, Inc | SAP | Sperry | Steve Madden | Tapestry | Tharanco Lifestyles | TJX | Urban Outfitters | VF Jeanswear | Vince | WHP Global

To learn how your company can participate in the next FSF Talent Acquisition Event, please contact


This summer I had the opportunity to intern with Urban Outfitters as a Summer Class ’21 & Men’s Buying Intern for the branded division. This internship opportunity was so amazing and I am forever grateful to the FSF team for believing in me and bringing this opportunity to life! ­—DACIA REDMOND Clark Atlanta University and Class of 2021 “Post-Modern” Scholar


Throughout my career and education, I’ve been fortunate to have had mentors that have helped me throughout my journey. Those relationships are why I am so honored to be on the FSF Board, because it allows me the opportunity to offer the same guidance to FSF Scholars and Alumni. —NATA DVIR Chief Merchandising Officer at Macy’s


Mentoring Programs for Scholars & Alumni FOR SCHOLARS The FSF is committed to fostering the next generation of fashion talent through its signature Mentoring Program. Of the 120 Class of 2021 Scholars, 105 were assigned a mentor according to discipline, job function, geographic location, company, and alma mater. The benefits of the mentoring pairings were invaluable for both Scholars and mentors, particularly during a year of unprecedented career uncertainty. On February 16th, 2021, and with the support of the VF Foundation, FSF Scholars and Alumni tuned in for a group mentoring session to learn how to bring a design concept to life. Experts Kenneth Nolan (FSF Board member and Senior Vice President of Creative at G-III Apparel Group) and Jonathan Elias (Group President at Calvin Klein Licensed Division at G-III Apparel Group) introduced attendees to the production calendar in order to provide an in-depth look at the cross-functional teamwork that goes into designing, developing, producing, and launching a successful retail design. In spring, and again through The VF Foundation’s partnership, the Class of 2021 Scholars were invited to join FSF for an exciting opportunity to connect directly with the FSF mentor community, including FSF Board members and industry executives from such notable companies as: Milk Makeup, Ralph Lauren, PVH, G-III, Macy’s, PRODJECT, Randa Apparel and Accessories, and others. Utilizing a cutting-edge platform that enabled one-on-one interaction between mentors and mentees, this event facilitated a dialogue that helped cultivate professional connections.

FOR ALUMNI Thanks to a generous grant from The VF Foundation, the Mentoring Initiative for Alumni was launched in September 2020 and continues to be a vital support network for promising students from underrepresented backgrounds across the fashion, active-outdoor recreation, and trade industries. In 2021, the initiative matched undergraduates and recent graduates from diverse backgrounds with fashionindustry mentors and it assisted in developing relationships that make real-life impact. In order to keep the support going, mentoring relationships are renewable from year to year, rather than expiring at the end of the first year. Moving forward, the Fashion Scholarship Fund will continually assess the program to determine how to further support young professionals through long-term mentorship. Additional funding for the FSF Mentoring Initiative for Alumni was provided by a generous multi-year grant from The Hearst Foundation, Inc.

OUR MENTORS The FSF mentoring community is a diverse group of creative and business professionals and includes mid-level to C-suite executives from companies such as: adidas, Anthropologie, Baccarat, Bloomingdale’s, Calvin Klein, Coach, David Yurman, GAP Inc., Google, Gucci, Hudson’s Bay Company, Kohl’s, Levi Strauss & Company, Louis Vuitton, Macy’s, Inc, Michael Kors, Milk Makeup, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Perry Ellis International, PVH, Randa Apparel and Accessories, Rimowa, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, and Under Armour. One-third of FSF mentors are also FSF Alumni—previous FSF Scholarship recipients. FSF Alumni enjoy being mentors and find the opportunity to give back to Scholars incredibly meaningful. If you’re interested in mentoring the next generation of fashion, email


2021 Summer Scholar Series The FSF Summer Scholar Series consisted of nine weeks of robust virtual programming, training, and events. The series was composed of twice-weekly sessions: Workforce Preparedness Courses and Master Classes. FSF’s Workforce Preparedness Courses, supported by First Republic Bank, focused on specific topics and skills that Scholars might be learning in school, in order to better prepare them for a career in the fashion industry. In addition, FSF offered Master Class sessions, generously supported by SAP. These informative sessions allowed Scholars, Scholar applicants, and Alumni to hear from industry experts on current challenges within the industry. CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION To supplement the opportunities FSF Scholars, Alumni, and Scholar applicants might have lost due to the pandemic, the Fashion Scholarship Fund offered a Certificate of Completion to those who attended 6+ Workforce Preparedness Courses and 5+ Master Class sessions over the course of the Summer Scholar Series. Over 100 attendees were awarded a Certificate of Completion. INTERVIEWING & ONBOARDING BEST PRACTICES: HOW TO LAND THAT DREAM ROLE & START OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT (TUESDAY, JUNE 1ST) The first Workforce Preparedness Course in the 2021 FSF Summer Scholar Series, attendees heard from recruiters at JBC Holdings, PVH, Ralph Lauren, and Wolverine on how to prepare for and nail their next interview. From pre-interview research tips to post-interview thank-you notes, this session armed Scholars, Scholar applicants, and Alumni with the knowledge they need to land their next dream internship or job. Speakers also covered onboarding suggestions to help the transition into a new role go as smoothly as possible, whether working remotely or in the office. OWN IT: WISDOM, MAGIC, AND THE SECRET TO LIFE WITH DIANE VON FURSTENBERG AND CHIOMA NNADI (THURSDAY, JUNE 3RD) The first Master Class of the Summer Scholar Series, this session featured Diane von Furstenberg in conversation with’s editor, Chioma Nnadi. The secret of life, DVF says, is to own our imperfections. “Own our vulnerability; it becomes our strength. Whatever the challenge is, own it. Owning it is the first step to everything.” View this session to hear DVF’s advice for those seeking to thrive in today’s fashion world. FSF’S HARD LOOK AT: MERCHANDISING (TUESDAY, JUNE 8TH) During the Summer of 2021, FSF conducted four virtual sessions dedicated to each of our Case Study disciplines (design and product development, merchandising, marketing analytics, and supply chain). During the first of four sessions (presented in partnership with SAP), attendees heard from merchants from Neiman Marcus and TJX, as well as past Scholarship winners and the author of this year’s Merchandising Case Study. CHRISTIAN COWAN AND PARKER KIT HILL: FORGING THE WAY IN LGBTQIA+ REPRESENTATION AND CELEBRATION (THURSDAY, JUNE 10TH) During this FSF Summer Scholar Series Master Class, renowned designer and LGBTQIA+ advocate, Christian Cowan, dove into everything from his design process and the mission behind his eponymous label to his unisex collaboration with music superstar, Lil Nas X, which benefitted the young Black queer community in Atlanta through the Loveland Foundation. Christian was joined by multi-hyphenate artist, model, dancer, and social-media


star Parker Kit Hill who has starred in campaigns for Christian Cowan, as well as iconic brands such as Thom Browne, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs. Tap this link to watch the event. CRASH COURSE IN BUSINESS ACCOUNTING (TUESDAY, JUNE 15TH) No matter what your dream career is, a basic understanding of accounting principles and budget are vital to succeed in the fashion industry. During the third Workforce Preparedness Course in FSF’s Summer Scholar Series, attendees heard from the Chief Financial Officer of Milk Makeup, Steve Nguyen, about the essential accounting concepts to embrace before entering the workforce or launching a brand. FSF’S HARD LOOK AT: DESIGN AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (TUESDAY, JUNE 22ND) During this session, attendees heard from Elizabeth Giardina (Vice President of Design, Proenza Schouler White Label) and Tori N. Gibbs (Design Director, Nine West, Exclusive Brands at Kohl’s), as well as past Scholarship winners and the author of the 2022 FSF Design and Product Development Case Study prompt. HELLO FASHION: A LESSON ON STYLING AND THE STYLIST-DESIGNER RELATIONSHIP (THURSDAY, JUNE 24TH) This FSF Summer Scholar Series Master Class featured a conversation between celebrity stylist Kate Young and longtime friend and designer, Victor Glemaud. Kate shared her journey to becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stylists, from her formative years working at Vogue and the people who helped shape her career, to her recent debut YouTube series, “Hello Fashion.” INTRODUCTION TO MACHINE LEARNING: HOW LEVI’S UTILIZES AI AND DATA (TUESDAY, JUNE 29TH) For the fifth Workforce Preparedness Course in the FSF Summer Scholar Series, attendees heard from members of the Levi’s team about their individual career journeys and how they’ve leveraged their diverse skill sets in the fashion industry. Attendees also received an exclusive look into Levi’s Machine Learning Boot Camp and how AI can be implemented across various disciplines.

Each event was so interesting! One even opened my eyes to a possible career path in the Data Science field, which I didn’t realize was even an option. —ESTHER SERFATY from Yeshiva University


THE ADAPTIVE CATEGORY: ENSURING AN INCLUSIVE FUTURE (TUESDAY, JULY 6TH) During “The Adaptive Category: Ensuring an Inclusive Future in Fashion,” attendees heard from Mindy Scheier, founder and CEO of Runway of Dreams and Gamut Management. Mindy spoke about the challenges she faced while trying to change the fashion industry to include more people with disabilities. From making fashion history with Tommy Hilfiger by creating the first-ever mainstream adaptive clothing line to starting Gamut Management, a talent management company exclusively for people with disabilities, Mindy succeeded in her ambitions. ANTI-BIAS TRAININGS (JUNE 30TH AND JULY 7TH) The FSF is committed to identifying and supporting diverse talent within the fashion industry. In 2020, we created an Equity Committee, which brought together thought leaders, Board members, and FSF Alumni of color to learn more about the experiences of applicants and Scholars of color. In 2021, FSF hosted two virtual events with our equity partners, Pink Cornrows. Attendees heard directly from the Pink Cornrows team and FSF Alumni of color about some of the ways bias still exists in the scholarship experience and the industry at large—and how FSF has worked to eliminate barriers to entry. FSF’S HARD LOOK AT: MARKETING ANALYTICS (TUESDAY, JULY 13TH) During this virtual event in partnership with SAP, attendees heard from Rolanda Evelyn (Manager, Product Marketing and Customer Strategy at Rent the Runway) and Carolina Kennedy (Senior Director and Digital Lifecycle Marketing at Tapestry), as well as past Scholarship winners and the author of this year’s Marketing Analytics Case Study prompt. THE WORLD NEEDS CREATIVITY—VISIONARY THOM BROWNE SHARES HIS JOURNEY WITH THE FASHION SCHOLARSHIP FUND (THURSDAY, JULY 15TH) An American design icon recognized for modernizing today’s uniform, Thom Browne shared valuable insight with FSF Scholars, applicants, and Alumni about how he became one of the most influential designers of our time. Attendees heard both professional and personal life lessons from this industry leader and celebrated artist. FSF’S HARD LOOK AT: SUPPLY CHAIN (TUESDAY, JULY 20TH) During this Summer Scholar Series virtual event, Scholar applicants learned how to build a successful career in the supply chain field. Speakers also dove into this year's Supply Chain Development Case Study prompt to prepare Scholar applicants competing in the discipline for the 2022 FSF Scholarship Competition. FSF’S LUNCH BREAK WITH THE BOSSES (TUESDAY, JULY 27TH) In one of the summer’s most informal yet informative sessions, attendees heard from a power trio of industry bosses: Nata Dvir (Chief Merchandising Officer at Macy's), Stacie Henderson (U.S. Head of Ecommerce, Digital, and Consumer Experience at TOD'S GROUP), and Amanda Smith (President of Fairchild Media). During this discussion, these women candidly covered topics ranging from their first post-grad assignments to how they overcame professional challenges to become some of the most influential fashion leaders. SUSTAINABILITY IN FASHION: RENOWNED ETHICAL DESIGNER MARA HOFFMAN ON FASHION’S SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT (WEDNESDAY, JULY 28TH) Mara Hoffman founded her eponymous label in 2000 after graduating from Parsons School of Design. Fifteen years later, she shifted her entire business model to uphold a commitment to more sustainable practices. Today, Mara is recognized as a leader in ethical design and in this session, she joined Erin Allweiss, Co-Founder of purpose-driven communications firm No. 29, to talk about her efforts and the importance of sustainability. Click here to view the full list of 2021 Summer Scholar Series events and videos.


The secret of life is to own our imperfections. Own our vulnerability; it becomes our strength. Whatever the challenge is, own it. Owning it is the first step to everything. —DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Renowned Designer


FSF Alumni Association

The mission of the Alumni Association is to continue the relationships formed through the FSF Scholarship program, to advance FSF Alumni in their career pursuits, and to create a dynamic Alumni program that builds loyalty to the Fashion Scholarship Fund. The FSF Alumni Association is comprised of 1,800 previous FSF Scholarship recipients and led by a dedicated group: David Canfield, 2014 FSF Scholar from Lehigh University and Chief of Staff to CEO and Divisional Vice President at Saks OFF 5TH; Allison Dameron, 2017 FSF Scholar from University of Missouri and Manager, Merchandise Initiatives and Special Projects at Saks OFF 5TH; Brittany Katz, 2011 FSF Scholar from Washington University in St. Louis and Senior Planning Manager at INTERMIX; Samantha Stern, 2017 FSF Scholar from Cornell University and Product Development Manager at Sies Marjan; and Marrisa Wilson, 2013 FSF Scholar from Marist College and Founder of Marrisa Wilson, NY. The group works closely with the Alumni Committee Chair, Celeste Gudas, Founder and CEO of 24 Seven, Inc. After graduation, the FSF continues to provide our former Scholars with professional development and networking events throughout the year. WHAT MARKETING LOOKS LIKE DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC (TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND) The pandemic has completely altered the way the fashion industry designs, creates, and sells products. From virtual sketch reviews to Zoom Market appointments, we’ve all had to find innovative solutions to replace in-person meetings and real-life product. In this session, FSF opened up the floor to share the pros and cons of remote working and tips for fellow Alumni who will be entering or re-entering the workforce during this “new normal.” Attendees heard from Stacie Henderson (U.S. Head of Ecommerce and Digital at TOD’S Group and Co-Founder of Fashion Tech Connects) and Lana Todorovich (President and Chief Merchandising Officer at Neiman Marcus) on what Market has looked like during the global pandemic. The session was moderated by FSF Alumnus, Marrisa Wilson. RUNWAY RECAP: A CONVERSATION ON FASHION WEEK WITH INTERMIX’S CHIEF MERCHANT, DIVYA MATHUR (TUESDAY, MARCH 16TH) February’s NYFW looked quite different in 2021 with its socially distant runway shows and major names missing from the calendar. So, how did brands get creative and what will fashion month look like in the future? During this session, Alumni tuned in to listen to Divya's NYFW insights and what we can expect to see in upcoming seasons. FIRESIDE CHAT WITH IMRAN AMED, THE BUSINESS OF FASHION: OPPORTUNITY OUT OF CRISIS (THURSDAY, MARCH 18TH) FSF hosted a conversation between Imran Amed, Founder and Editor in Chief of The Business of Fashion, and Lauren Sherman, The Business of Fashion Chief Correspondent, on how the industry is forging ahead in the face of global disruption. In this session, Alumni learned how The Business of Fashion began and how the outlet became an industry leader. BOF X FASHION SCHOLARSHIP FUND PRESENT: HOW TO BUILD YOUR DREAM CAREER WITH MUSA TARIQ (TUESDAY, APRIL 20TH) The FSF Community tuned in for an interactive conversation with Musa Tariq, Chief Marketing Officer of GoFundMe, to glean valuable insights on how to build a personal brand and navigate a successful career path. Musa has held senior positions at leading companies like Airbnb, Ford, Nike, Apple, and Burberry. During this one-hour intensive, Musa touched on three key themes from his acclaimed BoF online education course, “Build Your Dream Career,” including: (1) Create Your Narrative: How to Stand Out in the Employment Marketplace, (2) Bring Your Story to Life: Your First Job, and (3) Career Progression: Finding Your North Star. SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION: FSF X FASHION REVOLUTION USA (THURSDAY, MAY 13TH) After Earth Day, we’re all more aware of how our consumption impacts the planet. But with the rise of greenwashing, how can we ensure that we’re being planet-friendly consumers? The FSF Community tuned in as Shannon Welch, Regional Coordinator of Fashion Revolution USA, helped navigate the confusing jargon of sustainability and slow fashion, and gave insight on how to be better consumers. COMBATING ANTI-ASIAN AMERICAN VIOLENCE IN FASHION, WITH PRABAL GURUNG (THURSDAY, MAY 27TH) From runways to workplace culture, the Stop Asian Hate movement is charging fashion’s leaders to scrutinize the industry’s role in perpetuating racism and discrimination. During this virtual event, the FSF Community joined Michelle Lee (Editor in Chief, Allure) in discussion with renowned designer, Prabal Gurung, on systemic racism in fashion and strategies to promote an inclusive and equitable future.


Being a recipient of an FSF scholarship was a significant moment in my college career. Not only were the scholarship dollars a much welcomed support, but the esteem that came from being recognized was super motivating. These boosts are so important to keep students inspired and working toward their goals. I am forever grateful—FSF rocks! —JENNIFER HAMDAN 2004 FSF Scholar from Parsons School of Design and Founder of Jennifer Hamda


The FSF Accelerator Grant allowed me to invest in crucial initiatives which grew our bottom line, but more important, gave me access to pointed tactical feedback and strategies I needed to navigate growth effectively. —JAMEEL MOHAMMED 2021 FSF Accelerator Grant Recipient and Founder of KHIRY


2021 Accelerator Grant

The mission of the annual FSF Accelerator Grant is to invest in past FSF Scholarship recipients who we believe are the future leaders of fashion. The program awards a $50,000 grant and one year of mentorship to an outstanding FSF Alumni-led company startup. A team of fashion-industry leaders also works with our Accelerator Grant winners throughout the year on specific business issues. The 2021 FSF Accelerator Grant Judging Event was held on June 17th and featured four FSF Alumni Finalists presenting their nascent businesses to a panel of esteemed judges who provided insights and feedback. The judges for this event were: Sarah Easley, Founder and CEO of MaisonMarche; Stacie Henderson, Head of Ecommerce, Digital, and Consumer Experience at Tod’s Group and FSF Board Member; Alan Mak, Managing Partner of Public School NYC; Marc Mastronardi, Chief Stores Officer of Macy’s and FSF Board Member; Lana Todorovich, President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Neiman Marcus and FSF Board Member; and Wen Zhou, CEO and Co-Founder of Phillip Lim. 2021 FSF ACCELERATOR GRANT RECIPIENT The winner of the 2021 FSF Accelerator Grant was a 2015 and 2018 FSF Scholar from University of Pennsylvania, Jameel Mohammed. Jameel is the founder of KHIRY, a luxury jewelry brand that channels the beauty, art, heritage, and culture of the African Diaspora. In addition to winning the FSF Scholarship Competition and the 2021 Accelerator Grant, Jameel was also listed in the 2021 Forbes “30 Under 30” and was a 2021 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award Finalist. The FSF Alumni Accelerator Grant Finalists were: Esther Andrews: Esther Andrews, founded in the spring of 2020, offers beautiful handwoven bridal knitwear Elonia McHenry: Mejève, a collection of beautifully crafted shoes for the modern woman on the go John Sohn: Sohn, an evolving project initially focused on handcrafted pillows and informed by the conflux of design and fashion.


2021 Awards Gala

On January 12th, 2021, the fashion industry virtually celebrated the 84th Annual Fashion Scholarship Fund Awards. Over 1,200 retailers, wholesalers, designers, and luminaries tuned in to recognize the 120 FSF Scholarship recipients for 2021 and support the FSF’s invaluable contribution to the industry. The evening was hosted by Tamron Hall, American broadcast journalist, television talk-show host and author, and featured guest appearances by Ryan Seacrest, Virgil Abloh, and others.


THE FOLLOWING FOUNDATIONS ALSO CONTRIBUTED TO THE 2021 FSF GALA American Apparel & Footwear (AAFA) Foundation | Haddad Brands Family Foundation | Macy’s Foundation | Movado Group Foundation | Neiman Marcus Foundation | PVH Foundation | Randa Foundation | The TJX Foundation


FSF Scholars have a ferocious appetite for learning, creating, innovating, and forging through despite life’s obstacles and interruptions, despite the challenges that come with choosing a creative path. They stay dedicated to their visions and dreams. —TAMRON HALL TV News Anchor and 2021 FSF Gala Host


Partners and Affiliations

The FSF’s partners and affiliations offer financial, educational, and business-driven benefits to FSF Scholars and Alumni in order to help them foster their professional growth at all stages of their career. BUSINESS OF FASHION, a longtime partner to FSF, offered Scholars and Alumni the opportunity to receive an annual “Business of Fashion Professional” subscription free of charge, a savings of over $200 a year. In addition, Alumni were also provided access to “Business of Fashion Insight Reports” at 25% off the full price. BoF and FSF also partnered on multiple professional development events to provide the FSF Community with opportunities to learn about relevant topics from the industry’s most sought-after leaders. In August, the FSF was one of a handful of prestigious U.S.-based nonprofit partners named as beneficiaries of the COACH FOUNDATION'S global DREAM IT REAL initiative. This initiative supports students from underrepresented backgrounds through scholarships and mentorship, with the goal of creating 5,000 scholarships by 2025. Coach donated 5% of its North American sales (up to $1 million) from its first Dream Week, August 9th-16th. FSF announced the first recipients of the resulting THE COACH FOUNDATION X FSF DREAM IT REAL SCHOLARSHIPS in December of 2021. This summer, FSF partnered with streetwear phenomenon ERIC EMANUEL to launch a new creative competition, the EE X FSF DESIGN CHALLENGE. The competition invited FSF Scholars from 2020 and 2021 to submit designs for a limited-edition run of Eric Emanuel signature shorts. Three winners— Rasheed Peters, Virgil Abloh™ “Post-Modern” Scholar Jordan Bigelow, and Mia Campolo—each received a $5,000 creative stipend and produced a capsule collection that was sold on Onehundred percent of the net proceeds benefited the FSF and funded scholarships for next year’s class of FSF Scholars with a generous $100,000 donation. As a means of honoring Gloria Vanderbilt’s vision and legacy of entrepreneurship and industry leadership, this year the GLORIA VANDERBILT SCHOLARSHIP was created, SUPPORTED BY ONE JEANSWEAR GROUP. Through their generous contribution, a high-achieving female FSF Scholar, who is an emerging leader and who demonstrates exceptional vision and entrepreneurship, will be selected each year and provided mentoring in addition to scholarship funding. FSF has also partnered up with LUMINOUS DIAMONDS, a new fluorescent diamond jewelry brand committed to supporting emerging talent. For this exciting new partnership, FSF Scholars and Alumni were invited to participate in the DESIGN YOUR INNER LIGHT CHALLENGE. The winner, 2020 FSF Scholar Sarah Solnet, received a $10,000 grant. Her illustration has also been fully realized (with product-development mentoring by renowned fashion designer CHRISTIAN SIRIANO) and worn by supermodel COCO ROCHA.

It s (ALMOST) DREAM WEEK! Shop to support The Fashion Scholarship Fund!

JOIN US FOR DREAM WEEK From August 9 through August 16, five percent of all sales up to $1 million will be donated to the Dream It Real Fund to help young people reach their dreams through higher education. Visit us at Coach and shop to support Dream It Real—plus, customize your bag with Dream Week motifs created by our artists.

As a Dream It Real Fund recipient, a portion of donation raised during Dream Week will be donated to The Fashion Scholarship Fund. Come shop with us & spread the word! To find your local Coach store visit:

#DREAMITREAL Learn more about our commitment and the Dream It Real Fund at


A new scholarship fund was created in 2021 in memory of MARTY STAFF, an industry visionary and mentor to many. MARTY’S LIGHT: THE MARTY STAFF SCHOLARSHIP FUND was made possible by Marty’s friends and family, as well as the many industry colleagues who were inspired by him. Each year, a Scholarship recipient will be chosen by a Selection Committee comprised of Marty’s closest associates and family friends, including John Varvatos. Marty’s wife, ROBIN STAFF, the driving force behind Marty’s Light and the fund, serves as the Selection Committee’s Honorary Chair. FSF partnered with MEUNDIES for the first time in 2021 through MEUNDIES GIVES, their corporate commitment to fight conformity and promote acceptance and change. MeUndies provided a $75,000 donation and is working with FSF to help lift systemic barriers through open conversations and creativity. In the spring of 2021, FSF partner company MILK MAKEUP committed to donating 1% of their annual e-commerce sales to create competitive scholarships for BIPOC FSF Scholars interested in entering the beauty industry. They also established a MILK MAKEUP VISIONARY FUND to offer two awards of $10,000 to BIPOC FSF Scholars who present winning Case Studies on digital branding and product development. In addition to the financial support, selected Scholars will be assigned Milk Makeup employees as their professional mentors. For the first-ever PACSUN X FSF GENDER NEUTRAL DESIGNER COLLABORATION, PacSun and FSF announced two winners, selected from over 100 FSF Scholars and Alumni who submitted designs. The winners were Allegra Abrams (a student at University of Wisconsin – Madison and 2021 FSF Virgil Abloh™ “Post-Modern” Scholar) and Oli Perez (a graduate of Otis College of Art & Design and 2018 FSF Scholar). Each received a $10,000 design award and are having their collections developed, manufactured, marketed, and sold by PacSun for Spring 2022. ROSS STORES, INC. has been a generous supporter of the Fashion Scholarship Fund for many years. In 2021, Ross Stores, Inc. representatives participated in several virtual events and underwrote the Virtual Talent Acquisition Events in February and October. SAP continued to be a supporting partner of the Fashion Scholarship Fund during 2021, including underwriting the four Summer Scholar Series virtual events dedicated to each of our Case Study disciplines (design and product development, merchandising, marketing analytics, and supply chain). In late July, THE VF FOUNDATION announced a $120,000 grant to the Fashion Scholarship Fund, renewing its support of—and naming—THE VF FOUNDATION X FSF ALUMNI MENTORING INITIATIVE. It also launched an innovative pilot program, The VF FOUNDATION X FSF COMMUNITY COLLEGE PIPELINE INITIATIVE, which aims to expand and diversify the fashion industry’s talent pool by recruiting promising students enrolled at two-year community colleges. The FSF also worked with our current FSF MEMBER SCHOOLS to expand outreach at affiliated community colleges and develop alternative pathways that build on the FSF’s current programs. The HEARST FOUNDATION INC. provided FSF with a three-year grant and focused their support on FSF’s Mentoring Program. The Hearst Foundation identifies and funds outstanding nonprofits to ensure that people of all backgrounds in the United States have the opportunity to build healthy, productive, and inspiring lives. In the winter of 2021, HEARST MAGAZINES participated in “A Season without Swag,” a campaign that redirected participating companies' client holiday-gift spending to a non-profit of their choice. The FSF was honored to be selected as one of the organizations that benefitted by Hearst Magazines’ participation in this initiative.


Named Scholarships

Named Scholarships support our talented young visionaries while contributing to the vitality of the greater fashion and related industries. Scholarships can be created in honor or in memory of an individual or through a corporate partnership.

SPECIAL AND NAMED SCHOLARSHIPS CREATED OR AWARDED IN 2021 Virgil Abloh™ “Post-Modern” Scholarships Created by Virgil Abloh and his partners and supporters, awarded to undergraduates of academic promise of Black, African American, or African descent. AAFA Education Foundation Scholarship Awarded each year to an undergraduate at an AAFA-affiliated college/university pursuing a business-related discipline or course of study. Burlington Stores Scholarship To be awarded in early 2022 to a student who demonstrates interest in a discipline or course of study relevant to Burlington Stores. The Scholar will have special access to corporate employee mentors and internship opportunities. The Coach Foundation x FSF “Dream It Real” Scholarships To be awarded in early 2022 to five students; the Scholarships, created by Coach Dream Week, are intended to help students pursue their dreams. evian Positive Change Award To be awarded in early 2022 to one of the Top Four FSF Competition Finalists. The Scholar will have special access to corporate employee mentors and internship opportunities. Fashion Scholarship Fund Chairman's Award Funded each year by the entire FSF Board of Governors and awarded to the overall FSF Scholarship Competition Winner at the FSF Annual Gala. The Scholar will have special access to corporate employee mentors and internship opportunities. Levi Strauss & Co. Scholarship To be awarded in early 2022 to a student who demonstrates interest in a discipline or course of study relevant to Levi Strauss & Co. The Scholar will have special access to corporate employee mentors and internship opportunities. LVMH Difference Makers Scholarship To be awarded in early 2022 to a student who demonstrates interest in a discipline or course of study relevant to LVMH. The Scholar will have special access to corporate employee mentors and internship opportunities. Macy's Scholarship To be awarded in early 2022 to a student who demonstrates interest in a discipline or course of study relevant to Macy's. The Scholar will have special access to corporate employee mentors and internship opportunities. Marty's Light: the Marty Staff Scholarship Created in 2021 by Marty's friends and family, and the Marty's Light Founding Members, this award recognizes one exceptional young adult each year who has an interest in menswear or another fashion industry sector influenced by Marty Staff, and who embodies Marty's legacy, demonstrating fearlessness, inspiration, innovation—and fun, joy, and energy.


Milk Makeup Visionary Fund Scholarships Created through a partnership with Milk Makeup, four Scholars will be selected based on these criteria: • Pursuing disciplines or courses of study relevant to Milk Makeup • Innovative case study presentation in the areas of Product Development and Digital Branding + Marketing • Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Two of these Scholars will be designated the Milk Makeup Visionary Fund winners and will receive an additional $10,000, a paid internship at Milk Makeup, and a dedicated year-long mentorship with a seasoned leader in a department of interest to the Scholar. PVH Scholarship To be awarded in early 2022 to a student who demonstrates interest in a discipline or course of study relevant to PVH. The Scholar will have special access to corporate employee mentors and internship opportunities. Ross Stores, Inc. Scholarships Awarded to five students each year who: • Demonstrate excellence in retail leadership • Present a merchandising case study • Are preferably based in the Eastern U.S. Runway of Dreams™ x FSF Scholarship Created by the Runway of Dreams Foundation, awarded to a student with an interest in, or case study with a direct application to, adaptive fashion Gloria Vanderbilt Scholarship—supported by One Jeanswear Group Created to honor the legacy of fashion industry icon Gloria Vanderbilt, awarded to an exemplary student each year: • High-achieving FSF Scholar who is an emerging leader and who demonstrates exceptional vision and entrepreneurship • Self-identifies as female Allan J. Zwerner Scholarship Created by the Zwerner Family (Renee Zwerner, Brian Zwerner, Michelle Mund) in memory of FSF Board member Allan J. Zwerner, awarded each year to an undergraduate from the University of Florida or FSF Member School in Florida

For information about creating a Scholarship or Scholarship Fund, please contact


Awareness Events and Campaigns

The FSF continued its “Facing Fashion” campaign throughout 2021, which is a series of personal testimonials examining the hurdles fashion professionals face when attempting to break into the industry. This awareness and fundraising campaign highlighted Virgil Abloh, Emma Grede, Brandon Maxwell, Julia Haart, and three FSF Alumni: David Canfield (2014 FSF Scholar from Lehigh University), Brittany Katz (2011 FSF Scholar from Washington University in St. Louis), and Marrisa Wilson (2013 FSF Scholar from Marist College). The campaign has reached over 6.5 million people across all social channels. On October 21st, 2021, Fivestory owner and FSF Board member, Karen Murray, hosted a cocktail event at Fivestory. In addition to members of the FSF Alumni community, FSF Board members and friends of FSF, guests included: designers Bibhu Mohapatra and Michelle Ochs, and others. This event raised funds for our organization while increasing awareness of our mission. WWD published a full-page ad on January 6th, 2022 to announce the Class of 2022 FSF Scholarship winners and to acknowledge our generous supporters. The ad was linked to an FSF microsite introducing our newest class of Scholars to the industry and featuring each scholarship recipient's case study, CV, and profile information. Click here to view the Class of 2022 FSF Scholars, including the inaugural Class of “Post-Modern” Scholars.



Being a part of this mission and having the opportunity to work directly with the most promising individuals in our industry brings me so much joy. —­STACIE HENDERSON FSF Board Member and U.S Head of Ecommerce, Digital and Consumer Experience at TOD’S Group


Board of Governors

The FSF Board of Governors is a network of influential fashion-industry leaders representing a broad range of expertise in retail, wholesale, e-commerce, and other sectors. Board of Governor members are deeply engaged with the FSF’s mentorship, internship, and professional development programs. Board members also provide invaluable career advice, guidance, and hands-on professional development experience for Scholars. VIRGIL ABLOH+ Off-White Founder and Chief Creative Director PAUL ANNUNZIATA Industry Consultant MIKE ALIC Management One President SAM ARCHIBALD* Macy’s Inc. General Business Manager, Apparel

KIERA GANANN iFit SVP Global Merchandising HEATH GOLDEN* Randa Apparel & Accessories Chief Financial & Strategy Officer GEORGIE GREVILLE Milk Makeup Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

PETER ARNOLD* FSF Executive Director

ALEX GRINBERG Movado Senior Vice President Customer and Consumer Programs


CELESTE GUDAS* 24 Seven CEO and Founder

GLEN ELLEN BROWN* Ember Advisory, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

STACIE HENDERSON* TOD’S Group U.S Head of Ecommerce, Digital and Consumer Experience

CAROLYN D’ANGELO Gordon Brothers President of Laura Ashley and Managing Director, Brands JUNE DEFABIO Industry Consultant ABBEY DONEGER DONEGER | TOBE President and CEO NATA DVIR* Macy’s Chief Merchandising Officer HOWARD FELLER* H Feller Enterprises Founder MIKE FRALIX [TC]2 President and CEO

DAVID KATZ* Randa Apparel & Accessories EVP, Chief Marketing Officer MITCHELL KONSKER Jones Lang LaSalle Vice Chairman

KAREN MURRAY Fivestory CEO and Owner KENNETH NOLAN G-III Apparel Group, Ltd Senior Vice President of Creative PAUL ROSENGARD* True Religion Jeans EVP, Executive Vice President, FSF Board Treasurer HEATHER ROUSSEL Levi Strauss & Co. VP US & Canada Merchandising & Licensing PETER SACHSE* Chief Executive Officer Tailored Brands Group MICHAEL SETOLA* Tharanco Lifestyles CEO and President

JOHN TIGHE* Tailored Brands Chief Customer Officer FSF Board Vice President LANA TODOROVICH* Neiman Marcus President and Chief Merchandising Officer ELECTA VARNISH Industry Consultant JENNIFER VECCHIO* Burlington Stores President, Chief Merchandising Officer FSF Board President KENNETH WYSE Wyse Consulting President


MATT LAUKAITIS SAP EVP and Global GM, Consumer Industries

DAVID SIRKIN Industry Consultant

DEBRA MALBIN Debra Malbin Associates Founder

MAUREEN STORCH AAFA Senior Vice President Membership

MARC MASTRONARDI* Macy’s, Inc. Chief Stores Officer FSF Board Chairman

CHIP THOMPSON* Ralph Lauren Senior Vice President Of Sales Men’s Luxury and Department Stores

WILLIAM SUSMAN* Threadstone Capital LLC Managing Director

Board list as of December 31st, 2021 +In Memory *Executive Committee member


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Scholarships & Programs 78%

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FSF Office Peter Arnold, Executive Director

Marie Colletta, Director of Education Programs Anya Kaplan, Head of Operations and Events Katherine Simone, Education Programs Assistant

1501 Broadway Suite 2001 New York, NY 10036 212.278.0008 Instagram: @fashionscholarshipfund

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