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Letter Letter fromfrom the the Editors, Editors, In In Fashion Fashion Quarterly Quarterly Issue Issue 16 16 we we are are attempting attempting to outmaneuver to outmaneuver a world a world progressprogressing ing towards towards decay, decay, a world a world where where corporatism corporatism continues continues to stamp to stamp out out any any traces traces of art. of art. ThisThis is aisproject a project of vision of vision and and hope. hope. Through Through conceptual conceptual design, design, we’re we’re confrontconfronting ing the the empty, empty, saturated saturated trend trend of fashion of fashion magazines magazines in in a meaningful a meaningful way.way. The The aesthetic aesthetic of each of each section section is ambient is ambient and and abstract, abstract, mirroring mirroring the the feeling feeling it evokes. it evokes. Because Because fashion fashion is is bothboth a visual a visual and and a a tactile tactile medium, medium, we want we want you you to feel to feel the the texture texture of the of the work, work, to grapple to grapple withwith it it using using all all of your of your senses. senses. Our Our process process was was the the following: following: re-understand, re-understand, re-contexture-contextualize, alize, re-imagine. re-imagine. We were We were fortunate fortunate enough enough to collaborate to collaborate withwith the the San San Diego Diego photography photography collective collective Picture Picture Party, Party, resulting resulting in the in the fractured fractured collage collage on the on the preceding preceding page: page: a jarring a jarring fragmentation fragmentation of of the the traditional traditional image. image. And And in Megan in Megan Hubbard’s Hubbard’s art art series series “Still “Still Lifes Lifes Beyond Beyond The The Screen” Screen” she she envisions envisions what, what, exactly, exactly, makes makes a legitimate a legitimate subject subject in in painting. painting. The The answer? answer? Anything. Anything. The The significance significance of transparency, of transparency, the the emotional emotional intensities intensities of fragrance, of fragrance, the the transformatransformativetive powers powers of of music: music: these these are are the the subjects subjects thatthat advance advance thisthis issue issue as as an an experiment experiment of reapproaching of reapproaching whatwhat a fashion a fashion magazine magazine can can ultimately ultimately be. be.

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6 6 SEEING SEEING THROUGH THROUGH THETHE VEIL VEIL Words Words by Evan by Evan Stauber Stauber


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On recent On recent runways, runways, our our gazegaze has has become become increasincreasingly ingly arrested arrested to that to that which which is absent. is absent. TransTransparent parent materials materials - PVC, - PVC, Lucite, Lucite, various various plasplastics, tics, etc.etc. - have - have appeared appeared pervasively pervasively in the in the worlds worlds of both of both couture couture and and street street fashion fashion alike. alike. Visually, Visually, it it can can be be compelling. compelling. Transparent Transparent surfaces surfaces are are revealing, revealing, open. open. Unexpected Unexpected spaces, spaces, gaps, gaps, and and interior interior views views can can illicit illicit reactions reactions of surprise of surprise or delight or delight in both in both the the wearer wearer and and the the observer. observer. Through Through transparency, transparency, the the visual visual juxtaposition juxtaposition between between the the interior interior and and the the exterior exterior are are obliterated. obliterated. All All is is revealed. revealed. Clothing Clothing withwith a view a view are are popping popping up up everywhere. everywhere. The The origins origins of of thisthis transparency transparency surge surge datedate backback muchmuch further further - most - most notably notably in in Ripley Ripley Scott’s Scott’s Blade Blade Runner, Runner, one one of the of the mostmost influeninfluentialtial films films for for fashion fashion of of all all time. time. In In one one scene, scene, the the protagonist protagonist Deckard Deckard is chasing is chasing an an android android exotic exotic dancer dancer named named Zhora. Zhora. She She races races through through the the dark, dark, rainy rainy streets streets of aoffuturistic a futuristic Los Los Angeles Angeles cladclad in ainclear a clear PVC PVC raincoat. raincoat. The The plastic plastic reflects reflects the the dystopian dystopian city’s city’s neon, neon, dis-distorting torting her her movement. movement. In this In this moment, moment, we can we can see see through through Zhora’s Zhora’s outer outer layer, layer, we can we can feelfeel her her sense sense of of exposure. exposure. The The viewer viewer becomes becomes a a voyeur, voyeur, and and Zhora Zhora becomes becomes the the object object of of our our gaze: gaze: we feel we feel we’re we’re seeing seeing something something we’re we’re not not meant meant to. to. I’d I’d argue argue thatthat we can we can understand understand the the reasons reasons for for thisthis material’s material’s resurgence resurgence through through the the samesame emotions emotions we feel we feel whenwhen we watch we watch thisthis scene scene fromfrom Blade Blade Runner. Runner. In a In time a time whenwhen social social media media is is all-encompassing, all-encompassing, we share we share moremore of our of our lives lives thanthan ever. ever. In turn, In turn, we also we also see see further further intointo other’s other’s affairs, affairs, or or at at least least the the image image thatthat theythey project project to to their their online online following. following. By By subjecting subjecting oneself oneself to the to the gazegaze of onlookers, of onlookers, we we project project a confidence a confidence that’s that’s moremore thanthan skinskin deep: deep: we invite we invite the the world world to gaze to gaze intointo our our bags, bags, shoes, shoes, all-encompassing, all-encompassing, we share we share moremore of our of our lives lives thanthan ever. ever. In turn, In turn, we also we also see see further further intointo other’s other’s affairs, affairs, or or at at least least the the image image thatthat theythey project project to their to their online online following. following. By By subjecting subjecting oneself oneself to the to the gazegaze of onlookers, of onlookers, we we project project a confidence a confidence that’s that’s moremore thanthan skinskin

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deep: deep: we invite we invite the the world world to gaze to gaze intointo our our bags, bags, shoes, shoes, and and expose expose to atogreata greater degree er degree our our physical physical form. form. Who Who can can forget forget the the ubiquitous ubiquitous #nofilter #nofilter in in the the early early daysdays of of Instagram. Instagram. It It instantly instantly signified signified a snooty a snooty rejecrejectiontion of the of the ideaidea thatthat we should we should carecarefully fully curate curate our our image image on social on social media. media. It’sIt’s as if as we’ve if we’ve given given up any up any ideaidea of of privacy privacy and and instead instead decided decided to assume to assume we’ve we’ve beenbeen exposed exposed anyways anyways and and openopen up, up, or at or least at least portray portray thatthat we are. we are. We live We live in ainTime a Time of Transparency. of Transparency. Our Our identities identities are are increasingly increasingly digital digital as as we we project project ourselves ourselves outwards outwards on on the the internet, internet, on social on social media. media. Slowly Slowly we have we have become become consumed consumed by abyvisceral a visceral feeling feeling of of endlessness, endlessness, trapped trapped in in the the vastvast and and intricate intricate web web of networks, of networks, apps, apps, sites, sites, etc.etc. In aInway, a way, it seems it seems a natural a natural extension extension of what of what we do we when do when we share we share any any other other partpart of our of our lives lives online. online. LikeLike in Blade in Blade Runner, Runner, the the ideaidea of of surveillance surveillance and and intrusion intrusion intointo our our lives lives has has beenbeen a part a part of sci-fi of sci-fi since since its its inception. inception. As the As the ideaidea of aof a “surveillance “surveillance state” state” seems seems to to be be increasingly increasingly pervasive pervasive in the in the popular popular psyche, psyche, we are we are increasingly increasingly aware aware of of our our visibility visibility to others, to others, bothboth in ways in ways voluntary voluntary and and involuntary. involuntary. Perhaps Perhaps its its association association withwith those those themes themes are are whatwhat gives gives it such it such a futuristic a futuristic sheen, sheen, eveneven as as the the materials materials thatthat makemake it it possible possible are are decades decades if not if not centuries centuries old.old. We can We can be informed be informed too,too, by the by the use use of of transparency transparency in in the the construction construction of of physical physical spaces, spaces, fromfrom homes homes to storeto storefronts. fronts. The The large large rectangle rectangle of doubleof doubleglazing glazing is largely is largely synonymous synonymous in our in our cities cities withwith a window a window display display at aatshop. a shop. Besides Besides their their obvious obvious purpose purpose to let to let the the outside outside light light in, in, theythey alsoalso showshowcasecase to us to their us their interiors, interiors, sacrificsacrificing ing somesome of the of the security security of the of the outer outer perimeter perimeter in order in order to allow to allow our our gazegaze

inside. inside. Similarly Similarly in in modern modern architecarchitecture, ture, whenwhen we we think think of of the the contempocontemporaryrary house house being being built built today, today, we we conjure conjure an image an image of a of glass a glass The The value value we we place place on on letting letting light light in, in, and and by consequence, by consequence, living living in a in fisha fishbowl, bowl, has has never never beenbeen higher. higher. These These parallel parallel the the samesame reasons reasons we feel we feel thatthat transparency transparency has has suchsuch relevance relevance to our to our cultural cultural moment moment as as it it pertains pertains to to clothes: clothes:the theability abilityto tocapture capture other’s other’s gazegaze no no longer longer feels feels likelike a a special special ability, ability, but but rather rather an obligaan obligationtion which which we we are are disadvantaging disadvantaging ourselves ourselves if we if don’t we don’t follow. follow. Being Being exposed, exposed, albeit albeit in aincontrolled a controlled way,way, satisfies satisfies somesome of of our our basest basest desires. desires. We want We want to be to seen, be seen, to feel to feel connected, connected, to be to approved be approved of, of, and and to to be understood. be understood. In the In the small small waysways thatthat our our outward outward appearance appearance can can accomplish accomplish any any of these of these things, things, the the contribution contribution is is welcome. welcome. ThisThis is is ultimately ultimately in in a a conflicted conflicted balance balance withwith the the way way thatthat we we commoditize commoditize our our living living experience experience for for attention, attention, views, views, and and praise praise by by putting putting ourselves ourselves in a in glass a glass box;box; or or rather, rather, dressing dressing ourselves ourselves in it. in it.

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Merchant ID: ID:0000047271 Merchant 0000047271 Terminal ID: ID: 063288 Terminal 063288 773209400 773209400 WhenWhen I first I first drafted drafted thisthis article, article, I looked I looked at music at music through through a cold, a cold, mechanimechanical cal lens. lens. Objectivity Objectivity feltfelt demanding. demanding. I missed I missed how how music music mademade me me think think and and feel. feel. I’m I’m not not a reporter. a reporter. I’m I’m not notevenevenparticularly particularly knowledgeable knowledgeable about about the the arts. arts. Regardless, Regardless, one one thing thing I do I know do know is what is what I like. I like. As As in, in, whatwhat compels compels me. me. And And thatthat music, music, it changes it changes through through the the seasons, seasons, or or moods, moods, or overtures or overtures in my in my life. life. For For the the lastlast month month and and a a half, half, I’veI’ve beenbeen listening listening to lots to lots of UK of dub, UK dub, specifispecifically cally Burial. Burial. I’veI’ve found found myself myself wandering wandering a bit a bit in in my own my own head, head, justjust likelike how how the thebreakbeat breakbeatwanders wanders across acrossburial’s burial’ssoundsoundscape. scape. I’veI’ve beenbeen putting putting on on layers layers and and walking walking around around all all day,day, exploring exploring a new a new neighborhood neighborhood thatthat I I livelive in. in. I’m I’m not not a nomad, a nomad, but,but, justjust for for a month a month or or so, so, I felt I felt likelike As As the the sun sun rises rises to to its its peakpeak across across the the day,day, I I findfind myself myself shading shading my my eyeseyes fromfrom its its rays. rays. Then, Then, as it as sets, it sets, I find I find myself myself missing missing it it as as the the coldcold winds winds batter batter me me fromfrom all all directions. directions. I had I had a friend a friend betray betray me. me. It wasn’t It wasn’t catastrophic, catastrophic, but but it it did did bring a cloud of of bring a cloud

melancholy melancholy overover my my lifelife a bit. It felt for for a bit. It felt likelike a a xylophone being played xylophone being played on on a ribcage, a ribcage, likelike the the way way Burial’sEgo Ego the theone oneBurial’s sounds. sounds. I look at that person I look at that person and and I miss person he used I miss the the person he used to be. I long to be. I long for for the the typetype relationship of of relationship we we had,had, and and the the one one thatthat is is no no more. more. The The samesame typetype of of longing longing thatthat you you hearhear in in Burial’s Untrue album. Burial’s Untrue album. I know of you didn’t I know mostmost of you didn’t about comecome to to readread about me me listening Burial listening to to Burial and and being confused a bit. being confused for for a bit. larger It’sIt’s partpart of of the the larger picture, I promise. picture, I promise. Songs events contribSongs and and events contriba theme a runway ute ute to atotheme in ainrunway showshow the the samesame way way theythey would somewould the the moodmood in in someone’s life. concepts one’s life. The The concepts bring forth be as theythey bring forth can can be as simple novelty, simple as as novelty, or or as as complex as power. a lot complex as power. In aInlot ways, designers of of ways, designers are are offering a glimpse offering you you a glimpse at at events in their heads. the the events in their heads. I was originally going I was originally going to to about talktalk about how how lil lil peeppeep influenced Marcelo may may havehave influenced Marcelo Burlon a while Burlon a while ago,ago, or or about Shayne about how how ArcaArca and and Shayne Oliver’spersonal personalrelarelaOliver’s tionship influenced tionship influenced the the direction direction of of HBA HBA in in its its heyday. I feel those heyday. I feel thatthat those topics, as interesting topics, as interesting as as avoid entantheythey are,are, avoid the the entanglement music glement of of music as as the the audible counterpart to the audible counterpart to the visual directions directions of of visual clothing a fashion expoclothing in ainfashion exposition. sition. runway men’s The The runway for for the the men’s Owens SS/19, Babel, RickRick Owens SS/19, Babel, allowed allowed me me to to drawdraw a a

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strong parallel between strong parallel between itself understanditself and and my my understandmusic’s impact ing ing of of music’s impact on on everything everything around around it. it. The The first first thing thing about about the the showshow was was strikingly apparstrikingly apparent ent for for bothboth men’s and and men’s women’s collections was was women’s collections the the immense weight impartimmense weight imparted by setting: Palais ed the by the setting: Palais de de Tokyo, Paris, France. Tokyo, Paris, France. The The stone, the the obelisks, stone, obelisks, and and the the sculptures all all sculptures feltfelt grounded to the point grounded to the point of tearing the the sky sky downdown a a of tearing notch along withwith themnotch along themselves. TheyThey weren’t going selves. weren’t going anywhere, and and neither was was anywhere, neither RickRick Owens, who who had had estabOwens, established cemented himself lished cemented himself among giants fromfrom seemingly among giants seemingly nowhere. nowhere. The The men’s showshow began withwith men’s began thundering bass, resonating thundering bass, resonating through the the stone in each through stone in each of of the the models’ footsteps. models’ footsteps. The The featured songsong was was an an featured arrangement of of Estonian arrangement Estonian Rapper Tommy Ca$h’s Pussy, Rapper Tommy Ca$h’s Pussy, Money, WeedWeed thatthat I never Money, I never imagined would see see the the imagined would light of day whenwhen I first light of day I first listened to it release. listened to upon it upon release. I had underestimated the the I had underestimated weight of of the the track. It It weight track. was was rebellious, disobedirebellious, disobedient,ent, yet yet not not spiteful. It It spiteful. was was fresh in in the the sense fresh sense thatthat it seemed it seemed self-aware self-aware of of its its own own novelty, novelty, yet yet refused refused to compromise to compromise its its lyrics, instrumentation, lyrics, instrumentation, or or visuals. Owens wanted visuals. RickRick Owens wanted aware us us to to be be aware of of the the youth propelled youth thatthat propelled his his brand, while seembrand, while age age had had seemingly holding labels ingly beenbeen holding labels caliber of of the the samesame caliber backback years. for for years. garments featured The The garments featured in in men’s apocalypmen’s ss19ss19 werewere apocalyptic,tic, geometric, and and heavy. geometric, heavy.

The The silhouettes seemed silhouettes seemed weighted to to the the ground weighted ground likelikeeverything everythingelseelse featured in the show. The The featured in the show. models werewere at times swalmodels at times swallowed by by whatwhat theythey werewere lowed wearing wearingbut butcontinued continued downdown the the runway regardrunway regardless. It was as if less. It was as these if these people who who had had survived people survived something something catastrophic catastrophic werewere emerging through the the emerging through smoke to to proclaim thatthat smoke proclaim theythey persisted. I’m I’m not not persisted. suresure if Owens had had experiif Owens experienced personal struggle enced personal struggle or or had had to to overcome an an overcome obstacle which had had chalobstacle which challenged his his creative preslenged creative presence, but but thisthis runway showshow ence, runway conveyed bothboth concepts conveyed concepts and and more. more. Through the the process of of Through process writing thisthis version of of writing version the the article, I’veI’ve feltfelt a a article, little littlelesslesslostlostand and confused. I’veI’ve eveneven let let confused. the the album SafeSafe in in the the album Hands of of LoveLove by by YvesYves Hands Tumor playplay after the the lastlast Tumor after Burial track in in my my playBurial track playlist. And And thatthat too too willwill list. change changeto tobecome becomethe the music thatthat surrounds me. me. music surrounds


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The The smell smell of rain, of rain, the the radiation radiation of oil, of oil, the the suggestion suggestion of perfume. of perfume. There There are are certain certain smells smells thatthat pierce pierce you,you, certain certain smells smells you you never never forget. forget. For For so long so long sight sight has has beenbeen the the dominant dominant sense, sense, the the mostmost direct direct pathway pathway by by which which we experience we experience and and understand understand the the world. world. Our Our lives lives are are composed composed of of images, images, an infinite an infinite string string of pictures of pictures connected connected and and continuously continuously unveiled. unveiled. JustJust openopen youryour eyes. eyes. OpenOpen youryour eyeseyes and and looklook around. around. We We always always hearhear these these words words urging urging us along us along by urging by urging us to us to observe, observe, but but in in the the process process we we havehave become become detached detached fromfrom our our own own environment. environment. The The subject subject of fragrance of fragrance seems seems so trivial so trivial (and(and it is), it is), which which is precisely is precisely why why I I was was interested interested in writing in writing about about it. it. Unlike Unlike vision, vision, smell smell is dependent is dependent on on distance. distance. WithWith the the internet, internet, we we can can now now see see an image an image of anything of anything on aon glowing a glowing screen, screen, but but we cannot we cannot smell smell thatthat which which we are we are not not in close in close proximity proximity to. to. OdorOdor is is fleeting, fleeting, ambient. ambient. It It looms. looms. LikeLike a metaphor, a metaphor, it leads it leads us to us think to think or feel or feel whatwhat otherwise otherwise might might be imposbe impossible sible to express. to express. Smell Smell can can be the be the mostmost powerful powerful force force of nostalgia, of nostalgia, allowing allowing us to us return to return to atoscene a scene of our of our childhood childhood withwith a single a single whiff. whiff. The The perfume perfume industry industry has has capitalized capitalized on on this. this. Maison Maison Margiela’s Margiela’s ‘Replica’ ‘Replica’ Perfume Perfume series series is designed is designed to capture to capture “moments, “moments, periods, periods, and and locations locations essential essential to memory.” to memory.” The The fragrances fragrances range range fromfrom Wicked Wicked LoveLove (hypnotic (hypnotic notes notes of water of water hyacinth hyacinth and and a sensual a sensual blend blend of of jasmine, jasmine, roserose absolute absolute and and white white musk), musk), to Flying to Flying (enveloping (enveloping notes notes of vivacious of vivacious neroli neroli withwith crisp crisp bergamot bergamot to to evoke evoke the the blissful blissful reverie reverie of taking of taking flight), flight), to By to The By The Fireplace Fireplace (enveloping (enveloping notes notes

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of clove of clove and and vanilla vanilla evokes evokes a soft a soft and and warmwarm sensation). sensation). EachEach fragrance fragrance is is uniquely uniquely intimate intimate yet yet general, general, dislodislocated, cated, and and sensually sensually abstract. abstract. Fragrance Fragrance occupies occupies the the border border of the of the material material and and the the immaterial, immaterial, the the physical physical and and the the metaphysical. metaphysical. Fragrance Fragrance is is liminal liminal and and qualitative, qualitative, impossible impossible to to pin pin down. down. Often Often we perceive we perceive smell smell as as purely purely abstract, abstract, a spell a spell thatthat is is simply simply there there - but - but odorodor itself itself is the is the property property of “stuffs.” of “stuffs.” Physical Physical matter. matter. And And although although we can we can endlessly endlessly analyze analyze the the chemical chemical components components of smell of smell molemolecules, cules, ultimately ultimately the the power power of smell of smell lieslies in the in the near-infinitesimal near-infinitesimal gradient gradient thatthat it it occupies. occupies. The The difference difference between between Wicked Wicked LoveLove and and Flying. Flying. Imagine Imagine losing losing youryour sense sense of of smell, smell, and and the the world world transforms transforms intointo a world a world where where there there is no is difference no difference between between walking walking intointo a bakery a bakery and and entering entering a a gas-station gas-station bathroom. bathroom. Where Where there there is is no no difference difference between between being being in in a a flower flower shopshop or or a high a high school school locker locker room. room. It has It has beenbeen described described to be to like be like living living behind behind a “film a “film of Saran of Saran Wrap.” Wrap.” OnceOnce applied, applied, perfume/cologne perfume/cologne spreads spreads throughout throughout the the nearby nearby skin, skin, in in the the process process becoming becoming integrated integrated withwith youryour body. body. It seeps It seeps in like in like a dream. a dream. FromFrom there, there, the the fragrance fragrance looms looms likelike poison, poison, continually continually flowing flowing outward outward as as youryour blood blood pulses, pulses, outward. outward. One One definition definition of style of style is ais modification a modification of of being being thatthat produces produces captivation. captivation. And And that’s that’s whatwhat fashion fashion is all is all about: about: captivation. captivation. Of Of course, course, there there are are a a number number of ways of ways to manufacture to manufacture it, it, and and powerful powerful smells smells are are one one of them. of them. EverEver beenbeen in in a room a room thatthat someone someone wearing wearing perfume/cologne perfume/cologne enters? enters? The The atmosphere atmosphere instantaneously instantaneously changes, changes, combusts. combusts. We We pause, pause, collectively collectively catch catch our our breaths breaths

(whether a good sense). (whether in in a good or or bad bad sense). Either that’s captivation. Either way,way, that’s captivation. Companies fragrance Companies thatthat sellsell fragrance are are in in business of seduction, marketing the the business of seduction, the the marketing distilled desire. you’ve of of distilled desire. If If you’ve everever a single commercial perfume seenseen a single commercial for for perfume or cologne, you’ve or cologne, thenthen you’ve seenseen themthem all.all. There several adjectives There are are several adjectives one one can can describethem: them:luxurious, luxurious, use useto todescribe seductive, extravagant, alluring, seductive, extravagant, alluring, etc.etc. Usually involve Usually theythey involve somesome sortsort of of celebrity gazing sensually celebrity gazing sensually intointo the the camera lens, wearing expensive clothing, camera lens, wearing expensive clothing, a remote and/or sophisticated locain ainremote and/or sophisticated location. It doesn’t matter. They’re selling tion. It doesn’t matter. They’re selling an image, a scent. an image, not not a scent. There truth, though, There is is somesome truth, though, in in the the presentation fragrance magic. presentation of of fragrance as as magic. perfume/cologne, WhenWhen you you use use perfume/cologne, you you are are transfiguring fluid to vapor. Certain transfiguring fluid to vapor. Certain ancient mystics practiced alchemy ancient mystics who who practiced alchemy believed evaporation believed thatthat the the evaporation of of liquid signified something spiritual. liquid signified something spiritual. meant elevation It It meant the the elevation of of bodybody to to spirit. So when spray perfume spirit. So when you you spray perfume or or cologne on your wrists or neck, cologne on your wrists or neck, are are you,you, a way, performing alchemy in in a way, performing alchemy in in the the century? I say 21st21st century? I say yes.yes.

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EachEach piece, piece, gleaned gleaned fromfrom an existing an existing photograph photograph on on Instagram, Instagram, is a is phantasmaa phantasmagoric goric rendering rendering of of our our digital digital age.age. Composed Composed withwith blotted blotted brushstrokes brushstrokes and and hallucinatory hallucinatory colors, colors, these these portraits portraits evoke evoke a dreamlike, a dreamlike, sometimes sometimes haunting, haunting, atmoatmosphere. sphere.

These Thesepaintings paintingsare area a critique of our nostalgia critique of our nostalgia for for the the vivid and and photovivid photographic graphic image, image, and and a reprea representation sentation of how of how painting painting as as a form a form continues continues to to reinvent itself reinvent itself in in the the contemporary internet contemporary internet age.age.

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