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Gad Elmaleh and Cyril Hanouna wholeheartedly with M. Pokora Gad Elmaleh and Cyril Hanouna will host the chief guest, M. Pokora Tomorrow. The former Dancing Stars are still dedicated in the promotion of the musical Robin Hood, which will be presented in September. And after "Do not Touch My Computer" last week, and "You Live" last night M. Pokora will be present tomorrow on the chair Michel Drucker in the framework of its program on France 2, "strongly Sunday." And many people will join, including André Tota, Didier Deschamps, Lara Fabian, Stomps, Bruno Mars, and Patrick Sébastien. Hanouna Cyril and Gad Elmaleh be present. It had blown the idea of going into comedy, as the singer has confirmed himself in an interview with TV-pocket. "Comedy is clearly one of my projects, things that m 'concern for my development, "he said before adding:" I was like a madman when Gad Elmaleh told me he thought I had the pace of comedy, I had the replica comic " he said. During his time at Michel Drucker, M. Pokora return to his career, including his debut Popstars. Segments: Cyril Hanouna was allegedly threatened by Arthur prompted to "Touch not my job," the issue of D8. It is a revelation of Jean-Michel Mayor, an accomplice of the host star of D8 in confidence, he gave a long interview. And on this occasion, the favorite whipping Hanouna Cyril was asked about the the least friendly guest. Cyril Hanouna was attacked by Dieudonné in a video unveiled on the canvas, while the facilitator had never held against her remarks. And some were asked about the reason for this frontal attack. The presenter "Do not touch My Computer", the hit of D8 is particularly qualified carpet dealer. Enora Malagre is often cropped by Cyril Hanouna when it exceeds the red line in "Touch not my job", they go on to success D8. "I think we cover 90% of the returns he may have. I know he told me when it really mouth. Article Provided By persun prom dresses uk§: Founded in May 2010, with headquarter located in Hong Kong, China, PERSUN GARMENT Ltd, is a foreign trade E-commerce company providing products like wedding dresses, special occasion party dresses, fashionable costumes, shoes, hats, jewelry, electronic products, household items, toys, etc.. Our customers are mainly from Europe, North America and Australia. We have

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Gad Elmaleh and Cyril Hanouna wholeheartedly with M. Pokora