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Photographer | Russell Heeter Hair | Tres Jolie, featuring stylist Melissa Cable, Courtney Field, and Elizabeth Monsoor. Assistant stylist Holli Brown & Matthew Haas, recognition for styling team list Make Up |Sandra Avelli


Left To Right Model | Mary Petersen Designer | Richard Beckel Model | Brooke Ott Designer | Forever21 Model | Anna Vraa Designer | Caroline Hayden Model | Jennifer Rose Colon Designer | Caroline Hayden Model | Emily Almhjeld Designer | Forever21



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17. 19.

Learn about the consequences and its history to bring awareness.

Size Sexy At Bombshell

With simple motivation, he's the role model to emulate.


Fashion 4 All Whats Your Style ?

Do you know your style ?

79. Berlin Fashion Week

Europe Bring's Trends and more.

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What's Your Smell ?

Entertainment Scandal The New Hit Show !

Is it another provocative scndal TV show or gold ?

International Rapper Chevi Boy. He's riding straight to the top f success




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Caroline Hayden

Endorphinz by Lauren Payton

Thrifted Gems by Tameika Wilaims

MUA Chrissy Jo MUA/hair Mellissa Taylor

Che Bella

80% Of The Photos Where Photographed And Edited By Russell Heeter

A NEW LOOK can make a world of difference in your outlook. Enjoy a new you with a visit to Très Jolie Salon.







Melissa A Cable

Stylist/Extension Specialist/Bb. Network Educator

I have been a stylist/extension specialist since 2003. I have surrounded myself with the Bumble and bumble culture, and recently became a Bb Network Educator for our salon. I indulge in every opportunity that Bumble can offer, including attending classes at the Bb University in New York and Chicago.

Elizabeth Monsoor Stylist

I’ve been working in the industry for twelve years, first as an esthetician for five years and now as a stylist. I’ve worked on both local fashion shows and at New York Fashion Week. Through taking classes at Bb University in New York, I‘ve been able to enhance my artistic expression.

Matthew Haas

Stylist/Bb. Network Educator

After graduating from the Aveda Institute, I began my career as a stylist in 2002. I continued my advanced education with classes at the Bb University in New York, providing me the exciting opportunity to become a Bb Network Educator. I continue to create and teach at Très Jolie Salon.

Holli Brown Stylist Apprentice

I began my career as a salon receptionist at the age of sixteen. I followed my passion to Aveda Institute where I received my cosmetology license. I am currently apprenticing; learning advanced skills and techniques at Très Jolie Salon.

Courtney Field Stylist

I’ve always had a passion for soft, beautiful hair. After graduating from the Aveda Institute in 2008, I began at Très Jolie Salon in 2010 where I found my love for Kerastase. These products and my advanced education have helped me to create the stylist I am today.

Sandra Avelli

Independent Makeup Artist

I started working with photographers as a model and naturally transitioned into makeup. I have a diverse skill set. I work with professional athletes for advertisements, high-end fashion editorials, as well as time period pieces. I’ve been able to expand my portfolio, collaborating on print projects involving specialized makeup and lighting techniques.

2214 Hennepin Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55405 | | (612) 374-2214


icki Minaj's career has went in spirals, but one thing to remain the same is her ambition to be a mogul with her outrageous outfits and pink cotton candy hair. Nicki Minaj is the last person you'd expect to set her sights on becoming the next music mogul. Big mistake. Minaj tells Allure magazine that she's always wanted her own empire, and she's stopping at nothing to get it from her collaboration with M.A.C. to now her own





Not yet ready for fall this year? Add some green for this fall fashion. And you may ask yourself, why emerald green? Green is provokadive, and makes the the oranges, reds and yellow pop OUT! Green not only goes with fall colors but it can also bring a very fresh look to any outfit from day and night. Add some sexy green strappy shoes to a traditional black and white office look to give your everyday outfit a more modern and yet classic look, for example. Emerald green is an easy fashion statement to pull off, just like the classic red lipstick that can be worn in any occasion. A little touch of green brings your fall fashion together, a great finishing touch. • August 10, edition #01

Size Sexy At Bombshell Bombshell is the exclusive domain of the stylish and confident woman seeking plus size clothing to match her confidence and beauty. They are the only boutique in the Twin Cities catering to this overlooked and under-served market of women who wear sizes 14-24. There claim to fame is there selection of unique plus size designer lines (such as Elena Mirò, Anna Scholz and Lundström) that are not found anywhere else in the area, and often, no where else in the country!

They have everything you need for day-tonight dressing, brunch with the girls, date night, and holiday parties. They also carry classic trousers and trendy leggings. Top fashion forward denim in several styles that fit nearly everyone. They carry cute tops in the season’s hot colors, and cardigans and jackets in neutral colors to work with everything else you already have in your wardrobe. 94 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul MN 55105 | 651-330-2605


asual Wear

Blue jeans and a T-shirt have been described as the "casual uniform". With the popularity of spectator sports in the late 20th century, a good deal of athletic gear has influenced casual wear. Clothing worn for manual labor also falls into casual wear. In the European tradition, casual is the dress code that emphasizes comfort and personal expression over presentation and uniformity. It is popular amongst casuals and hipsters. It includes a very wide variety of costume, so it is perhaps better defined by what it is not than what it is.

How To Do The Casual

Comfortable sweathers count to make the day run easy.

Loafers are awesome kickbacks to keep the feet cozy.

Casual wear consist of basic tees, sneakers and low or flat footwear.

Photographer | Russell Heeter MUA | Melanie Rivers Hair |Melanie Rivers

Men's Fashion

Get The Casual Look Men's Style Add a pair of mustard jeans to the look for a nice and casual night. The black messenger bag is also your everyday, go Details with everything fashion bag. And no, it is not a purse. The black messenger substitutes for the boring and old salary man suitcase.

Details Graphic T-shirt $20 | DesignsByHumans , Mustard Levis $22 | Tatters , Leather Bikers Jacket $225 | Doc Martens , Shoes $32 | Roberts Shoe Store , Leather Tote $175 | Doc Martens • August 10, edition #01

Photographer | Russell Heeter MUA | Melanie Rivers Hair |Melanie Rivers

Women's Fashion

Get The Casual Look Women's Style A variety of neutrals and a pop of color is the renovated look for everyday and anywhere. This look makes a good first impression but not trying to hard. It's also compatible for going out with friends who aim to always dress best.

Details Black long necklace, $16; bracelet, $14; black bandau, $10; teal shorts $28; cream top, $28; black purse, $48; and white sandals, $20 | all at Primp Yourself stores. Clothing selection by Jamie Overlund, Primp Yourself • August 10, edition #01


Photographer | Russell Heeter MUA | Melanie Rivers Hair |Melanie Rivers

Kid's Fashion

Get The Casual Look Kid's Style Girls love sparkles and who doesn't love sparkles? Make a new popular fashion statement for her first day of school that no one could ever forget too with touch of green sparkles and pink. Disneyworld is every child's dream, so add a cute micky mouse hairband for a different outfit where dreams can come true from her room, school and the playground.

Details Minnie ear mouse ears, $3.00| TJ Maxx stores; blouse, $7.00 sale, shorts, $$7.00 sale, tote bag, $7 sale all | H&M stores and sandals | booth 207 at Hmong Village. • August 10, edition #01

Photographer | Russell Heeter MUA | Melanie Rivers Hair |Melanie Rivers

Kid's Fashion

Get The Casual Look

Kid's Style An everyday, every season cardigan that can be worn in any occasion, is a must. The gray and black makes styling easy to wear with a uniform or with a preppy look. If a child wants to make a statement, pair with star printed jeans. They scream out "LOOK AT ME!" . Printed pants with a cardigan is different and new. Think of them as old jeans because they are!

Details pants, $12.95; cardigan, $14.95; tank top, $5; sneakerss, $12.95 all | H@M Store • August 10, edition #01


rban wear

Urban fashion also known as a distinctive style of dress originating with African American youth on the scene of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, each city contributed various elements to a unique style seen worldwide today. Hip hop fashion complements the expressions and attitudes of hip hop culture in general. Hip hop fashion has changed significantly during its history, and today, it is a prominent part of popular fashion across the world and for all ethnicities. The best way to describe urban fashion is more is always never enough!

How To Do The Urban

Gold details from the chain and waterfall spiked earrings

Wild prints such as a graphic printed crop and zebra prints

Black never fades out of style!

BU Collection from Blair Underwood Exclusively at K&G. Collection includes suits, dress shirts, ties, suit separates, sport coats, denim, hats, linen, shoes, and more!

For special savings, join K&G Mobile Rewards. Text WIN to 79999*

Find the store nearest you or shop 24/7 at

Up to 70% off department store prices on clothing, shoes, and accessories for the whole family–every day.

*This is a FREE service from K&G Fashion Superstore. Message & Data Rates may apply from your carrier.

Photographer | Russell Heeter MUA | Melanie Rivers Hair |Melanie Rivers

Men's Fashion

Get The Urban Look

Men's Style Want a denim look without the jean jacket? The solution is a flanel. It's light and airy and not bulky and heavy as the denim jacket. It can be worn opened or closed up. Either way, add an gold chain and it never leaves fashion loobook no matter what generation it is. It gives a common look a BAM!

Details Denim Button Up $20 |, Versace inspired chain $15.25 |, Levi Straightleg $12 | Tatters , Nike Blazers $80 | Robert shoe store | Floral Snapback $20 | • August 10, edition #01

Photographer | Russell Heeter MUA | Melanie Rivers Hair |Melanie Rivers

Women's Fashion

Get The Urban Look

Women's Style Change up the edgy outfit with strappy nude shoes with a white cover toe. The white adds a pop of brightness to a black dominated outfit. Finish it off with a spiked necklace and navy blue heart satchel as the lighter black for deminsion. The edgy trend always stays in so renovate it as you style forward.

Details Bodycon (into a top), $58 by Enne Le' Uqar. Spiked necklace, $8.99;leather black skirt, $18.99;leather bracelet with studs, $8.99 all by; GUESS sandal straps, $99.90 @ Macy's stores and heart hatchel, $119.95 @ Dr. Marten stores & online • August 10, edition #01

Photographer | Russell Heeter MUA | Melanie Rivers Hair |Melanie Rivers

Children's Fashion

Get The Urban Look

Kid's Style Want an edgy urban look for your everyday child? Just add some high tops and a classic black leather jacket. Every child has personality and this outfit will easily define a child on the wilder side of life such as a yellow for a peeka boo fun.

Details leather jacket, $5 sale; sneakers, $12.00; shortt, $7 all @ H&M stores ; polo, sunglasses and belt, Fashion Odds donation. • August 10, edition #01

Photographer | Russell Heeter MUA | Melanie Rivers Hair |Melanie Rivers

Children's fashion

Get The Urban Look

Kid's Style Not enough denim? Go for the double denim as previously spotted on the street with women's trend. Add a sleeveless jean jacket to a flared denim skirt to show off what your girl can rock! Let her finish rocking off with combat boots. They are IN as the double denim. Some floral will help maintain the girly persaonlity of her while she's rocking the world.

Details purse, $5 booth 207 @ Hmo&ng Village; Delan boots, $ 75.00; tank top, $5 and skirt, $10 @ Sears stores; denim vest, $14.00 • August 10, edition #01



Cocktail Wear Cocktail attire is usually described as less formal than formal attire, but not too casual. It typically means a dark suit or slacks and a sport coat for men, and a glittery or sequined dress or nice blouse paired with pencil skirt for women. What is appropriate to wear when an invitation asks for cocktail attire can vary depending on the location and event; the most important element is that the outfit fits the body well and looks sharp.

How To Do The Cocktail Skip the mono black satin blazer and opt for prints.

Be beautiful in peacock colors.

Did you notice that the combination of black, white, red and grey wasn't selected ? Go beyond with your fahion cocktail by embracing more color ch like purple and blue.

Photographer | Russell Heeter MUA | Melanie Rivers Hair |Melanie Rivers

Men's Fashion

Get The Cocktail Look What's so unique about the classy preppy look? The colored casual shoes it is that defines the look of an every day salaryman. Every man can wear pink, and pull it off. Pink on a man will have all the girl's head turning. Pink is not just for girls, it's a man's fashion statement too.

Details Suit | K@G Fashion Super Store $98.00 , Merona Watch$20.00 | Target , Shoes $40.00 | Roberts Shoe Store , Glasses $8.00 | Tatters • August 10, edition #01


Photographer | Russell Heeter MUA | Melanie Rivers Hair |Melanie Rivers

Women's Fashion

Get The Cocktail Look Silver and purple have never not look great together! A classy silver clutch with some purple strappy shoes can't compliment each other enough. This combination can be worn to girl's summer dinner and formal dance occasion. So if you love purple but don't have anything to wear it with, just add something silver and you are all set!

Details High-low dress, $475 by Lindsey Hopkins Collection | GUESS Impulse heels, $88.80 | Macy's store; clutch, $9.99 | TJ Maxx stores; bracelt & ring , Fashion Odds wardrobe. • August 10, edition #01

Photographer | Russell Heeter MUA | Melanie Rivers Hair |Melanie Rivers

Kid's Fashion

Kids Fashion Cocktail Prepy has never looked this Cute! Give a simple preppy look a colorful bow tie to finish off the classic yet different look. Top notch with nude loafers as it's nuetral color goes with every colors and it that never leaves fashion or become outdated. Take a step further statement with a jean vest than a satin black vest. No more classic black and white vest, change it up with the new and modern yet preppy jean vest.

Details Bow tie, $ 6.99 @ K&G Fashion Superstores, denim vest, $9.00 @ JC Penny stores, dress shoes @ Robert's Shoe Store; pants $15.00 @ Target Stores • August 10, edition #01

Photographer | Russell Heeter MUA | Melanie Rivers Hair |Melanie Rivers

Kid's Fashion

Get The Cocktail look

Who doesn't have a pair of black flats? It's every girl (and women's) must have! If she doesn't have a substitute for heels on a night of fun, run to the nearest Target and get a pair of black flats!

Before she runs off, make sure she makes a statement with printed leggings. It's great for girls who dislike wearing dresses too. Finish this classic look with a floral hairband and she is ready to sprint off.

Details Blazer, $24, leggings, $12, blouse, $14, flats, $12 all at @ H&M stores and headband, $5 @ Target stores. • August 10, edition #01

Exclusive First Look!

Photography | Patience Zangala Wardrobe | Fashion Odds, Malcom W. Eyewear | Ritchie White Sweater | Doc Martens Boots | Doc Martens Jewelry | Coutur'e Parks Models Left To Right Brina V. | Nick L.


chie White Eyewear

Designer Ritchie white also featured on our website , sent us an exclusive pair of glasses never seen before and we just knew we had to have fun with it ! He has come a long way from 2011 when he designed his first pair of glasses. His designs are "incorporated quirkiness, sexiness, elegance and glamorous details simultaneously". His designs can be found at







IF YOU WANT: hot summer musk TRY #1 Polo Blue. IF YOU WANT: masculine floral TRY#2 Bleu De CHANEL ,IF YOU WANT: mystery musk TRY#3 007, IF YOU WANT: feminine spice TRY#4, Eight & Rob. IF YOU WANT: simplicity seduction TRY#5, Cartier IF YOU WANT: workplace neutral TRY#6, CK One.

( Editor's Choice ) #2 Bleu De CHANEL is perfect for every man. Its composed of simple yet elegant mysterious scent. It holds true to the CHANEL #5 original scent.


Top Entertainment Venue

The Woman's Club of MPLS Are you looking for a unique location to host an event? Do you dream of a grand space perfect for themed birthday parties a beautiful wedding and reception or even a fashion show? Well Fashion Odds has found the perfect location for you! Located in the heart of Minneapolis overlooking Loring Park and Downtown Minneapolis this is a beautiful location sure to amaze its visitors. The Woman’s club is one of Minneapolis’s historic, beautiful venues that are perfect for parties, weddings, receptions, networking events, fashion shows and a range of other events and services. The club hosts a variety of weddings, and is proud to celebrate the legalization of same sex marriage in Minnesota!! Won’t you come celebrate at this beautiful venue?! “From the lovely lounge to the grand ballroom to the inviting library, the Clubhouse boasts more than 66,000 square feet of impressive and intimate spaces, suitable for nearly every kind of activity or gathering. A $7.5 million restoration completed in 2003 added comforts and conveniences, including an expanded kitchen, a restored dining room and a new lounge bar. In May 2006, we celebrated the opening of our rooftop patio—one of the most spectacular spots in the Twin Cities, with unparalleled views of downtown Minneapolis and Loring Park.” Not only is this an amazing space for leisure and play the Woman’s Club is also dedicated to charitable purposes, civic engagement, education, and community. The Mission of the Woman’s Club is: organized and operated exclusively for charitable and education purposes, civic and social services, study and friendly association. The Woman’s Club is not only for members, you can learn more about reserving this space or

On male couple: K&G Fashion Super Store. Other couple: Bride, Che Bella | Groom, Lemar Cortez Cothing

38. • August 10, edition #01

Kanye revealed the photo of baby North West on Kris Jenner's talk show moments ago, a last ditch effort to boost ratings before Fox decides whether to pick the show up for a full series. Something Kim's mother is desperately hoping for. Later then sources say Kris Humphries Minnesota native demands a paternity test .

Fashion Od


Kris Humphries: "Kim and I both stored our eggs and sperm for the

future because we weren't ready to make children and didnt want to gamble on it. I signed rights over to Kim to access my sperm." And years down the line when she is no longer an "it person in Hollywood , I dont want her to come after me stating that North is in fact my child to make another scandal to rebuild her brand and name ".

Exc lu




Rita Ora

Nicole Ritchie

Bella Thorne

Jada Pinkett Smith

Chick Stole My Look!


Carmen Electra

Bridget Kelley

You Be The Judge. Who Wore It Better?


Entertainment: Show


OCT 3 10|9c

The Scandal Isn't Over

“Scandal, a controversial series that starts back up on Oct .3 on ABC, is also steeped in Washington politics, but it’s not nearly as contrarian. The Obama honeymoon didn’t last long; this show by Shonda Rhimes (“Grey’s Anatomy”) is in sync with public disenchantment." Actress Kerry Washington plays as Oliva Pope, a high end communication consultant that happens to have a realationship with the president of the United States. Soon things steam up as the season came to the end her secret affair is no longer a secret.

How likely are you to watch season 3? • August 10, edition #01

Summer In The The HAMPTONS

Photography | Russell Heeter Make-Up| Chrissy Jo Hair| Melissa Taylor Left to right Model | Brooke Ott Designer | Lauren Payton Shoes | Doc Martens Model | Andrew Rahme Designer | Cardigan:Cavi ( Tatters) , Shirt: Calvin Klien ( K&G), Shorts:DKNY ( K&G) , Watch:Merona , Shoes | Doc Martens , Watch:Merona Model | Dekisa Okoi Designer | Bustiere:Caroline Hayden , Skirt: Lindsey Hopkins Shoes | Robert Shoes










740 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407 | 612-823-7229





Want a similar look? This look can be found at your malls and outlet stores for under $100. Find similar looks at Forever21 for the indie sweater for about $35, Urban Outfitters for the classic khakis for a price under $40, and the classic navy blue tee and eskimo loafers at your nearby Taget store for all under $20. Add on some winter socks for a more preppy look to the outfit, and a cute bracelet just for a conservative look.


The colored chain trend has been seen all over the runway from Betsey Johnson to Jefferey cambell. We show you how to get the look for less! Not only that you don't have to stop at your necklace, you can use the plasti-dip on your bracelets, shoes and any surface that contains metal.

Supplies *Plasti-dip *Color tint *Chain necklace

Now, you're ready to start your colored chain trend DIY project. Fashion reminder: there is just not one way to make this DIY possible. Add the obmbre on your sneakers, necklace and bracelet. No matter how you do it, it elevates your wardrobe.

How To:

Mix your first color by pouring 1/4 of the Plasiti-dip into the peanut container Then add some coloring and mix with the spoon till you reach your desired color Next dip your chain in, then let excess drip off for at least a minute Continue to hold and let harden for 5 minutes Before wearing, let sit overnight to completely dry. Mix additional colors in a new container.


Special Feature

Photo courtey of Russell Heeter

Photo courtesy of Fellina Fucci

Photo courtey of Russell Heeter

Russell Heeter

"... I have learned to never take life too seriously."


Bio (Fashion Odds) We blasted loud music for the fun of it during the Ralph Lauren urban inspired photoshoot ! What are some ways you keep yourself inspired for an upcoming photoshoot and/or the day of? (Russell Heeter) I stay inspired by making sure I stay stress free. I get the most creative when I am true to myself. I love to listen to music and deep think when I have some free time. I also get inspired by learning about others, their hobbies, their passions then I try to mix them in with my photography and come up with positive and striking atmospheric photographs. (Fashion Odds)Have you had an "Uh-Oh" moment AKA embarrassing moment as a photographer before? (Russell Heeter) Haha. Oh man! One time I showed up to a shoot with all of my lenses, cameras, memory cards but I forgot my camera batteries back at my office which was about 45 minutes away. I couldn't shoot if the camera doesn't turn on! I had a miniheart attack but then decided to stop by the nearest Best-Buy and grab some new camera batteries. (Fashinon Odds) For every editorial you photographed for this first issue, we noticed that you wore pastel shorts. Therefore, how do you generally dress when photographing? Does your style reflect your photography style too, you think? (Russell Heeter) haha! I just went shopping before these shoots and I decided to rock my new shorts... I try to keep my dress somewhere between "professionally casual" if that makes any sense. With the wide variety of commercial, fashion, and wedding projects I do, I am not too sure if my style reflects, but I do know that I have learned to never take life too seriously. Check outmore breathtaking photos by Russell Heeter. Website: russellheeter.comFB: • August 10, edition #01

Lifestyle Feature

Ms. MN Latina of 2013, Vanessa Berrueta

An inspiring ambassador of her Latin culture with a flamaboyant personality, Vanessa Berrueta inspires dream chasers to makde dreams into a reality. (Fashion Odds) What inspired you to compete as Miss Minnesota Latina? (Vanesa Berrueta)My greatest inspiration to be a contestant in MML was the possibility to be an ambassador of my Latin culture in the U.S. as well as the honor to represent my new home, Minnesota, at the National competition. ( Fashion Odds) Fashion & beauty play a key role for beauty pageants. How has your appearance as Miss Minnesota Latina (of 2013) been important for yourself and the community? (Vanesa Berrueta)My coronation was a great achievement in my life and an example that by working hard you can get what you want! ... I want to inspire the Latin and non Latin people to never give up their dreams because they do not know how close they are to them! (Fashion Odds) How did you come into conclusion when picking your gown for the final round? (Vanesa Berrueta)I tried over fifteen dresses but when I tried the gold dress that I used the final night, I felt like a queen! (Lol) It was then that I realized it would be the dress I would wear on the final round.

To get closer in touch with Ms. MN Latina, follower her social outlets! Instagram: @vaneberru Twitter: @vaneberrueta and @MNLatina Facebook: Miss Minnesota Latina

Photographer: Jose Martinez and Digital Box Productions

(Fashion Odds) What is your perspective on the representation of Latin American Models in the fashion and entertainment media in America? (Vanesa Berrueta)The Latin American models are characterized as being energetic, funny, active and very sexyglamorous! From what I have seen in my experience, this is very true. (Fashion Odds) Would you eat spaghetti for breakfast? Our Director of Communications, Joua would! (Vanesa Berrueta)Hahaha! I would, but a more common breakfast is a rainbow of fruits accompanied by a 1/2 plantain and scrambled eggs! It has been a long time since I eaten spaghetti! I miss it‌ • August 10, edition #01

In Review

We Loved


Macy's Passport Presents

Fashion in a New light

Held at the State Theater of Minneapolis, MN on August 2, 2013, this heartfelt + fashion +entertainment event went to benefit the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. It featured performance by Sheryl Crow, Cirque du Soleil and The Summer Set in variety of sophisticated lighting technology. We set opened for fashion & entertainment that brought the best light. Tommy Hilfiger’s 2013 fall collection, the first fashion segment to call attention to, showcased classy and preppy wear. Classic fall menswear such as structured men’s blazers and above the ankle pants were a hit on the stage. It also showed the perfect back-to-school-outfits for the ladies with some girly flare. For example, paired with the mini skirt were knee high socks and finished off black patent heels.

Tommy Hilfiger

Fall into Chic: knee high socks + shorts +coat + turtle neck

In far contrast, the Maison Jules collection was compatible for everyday wear. Maison Jules is Macy’s new Parisian street-style fashion line that utilizes classic pieces with modern twist designed to cultivate an inherently personal approach to style. This collection appeared whimsical and breezy likewise to the fall wind that breezes carelessly through chiffon blouses. It's a softer alternative to Tommy's Hilfiger's collection that used more rigid peices.

More Fashion Eye Candy

Effortless fallswear were not the only feature but range of men's formal wear by Impusle (fst), clashing patterns b Jean Paul Gaultier (scd.) and elegant black prints by Max Mara (lst.)

Maison Jules The Daily Girl: Light cardigan+ printed top with a polka dot skirt

Event photography: : Adam Bettcher

In addition to the fashion, The Summer Set illuminated a blast of energy -a form of new light- to the crowd. Their performance to "Boomerang" sure enticed few people to jump out of their seat and dance. We got a closer talk to them and here's whaty they shared: (Fashion Odds) How does everyone motivate each other right before going on stage? (SS) We all love Drake. We listen to him before going on stage. We’re actually more comfortable on stage than being off staged. (Fahion Odds) How do you feel about tonight’s performance? (SS) We’re happy to do it for a great opportunity. (Fashion Odds) How do you want the audience to feel tonight? (SS) We want everybody to get excited. It’s fabulous! There was more room to light the night and we could all probably agree that the nine-time Grammy Award winning artist, Sheryl Crow, was the performer we were waiting for. She sang to “If it Makes You Happy” first as it was an appropriate to begin to connect to the general audience. To end her performance, she elevated the room’s energy by exhaling full breath on the harmonica and gave her last big breath that high rocketed to the ceiling. Sheryl Crow, you were an excellent choice to end the fashion show. The event ended with an extravagant after-party at Macy’s Downtown Minneapolis. The party was not only set indoor but outdoor with large food booth stand dedicated to variety of Asian cuisine such as vegetarian dumplings. People mingled as they nibbled, danced on the floor, strike poses at the photobooth and had the option to have a fashion fortune teller to predict the persona of a fashionista.

In Review

Sugar Art Does MPLS Fahion + Music + Art + Flamboyant attitude

Let’s turn up a fashion show with an edge and flamboyant! Sugar Does Minneapolis on July 20 at Barfly that featured Orange Fox Creations Amyanne Fashions, In Squid We Trust, and Baubles and Moonbeams. Overall, the collection that sparked the highest interest was by In Squid We Trust. It showcased a few styles in a shabby and army theme that speaks to the variety earthy and flamboyant ladies. A camouflage top, full forest green dress with implemented 3-D flowers pinched and printed blue swirl floral dress were some examples. The night went on as DJ Chic played such songs by Peaches, “Downtown” and “I Feel Cream”—the titles are self-explanatory!

We Loved

Camoflouge peplum by In Squid We Trust

We also grew surprise that Minneapolis was added on the tour list, so we set up an interview with Timmery Turner, the Event Director of Sugar Arts Fashion Show to comfort our curiosity. (Fashion Odds)Minneapolis is the newest show location on your list. Why was Minneapolis included all of a sudden? What did you want to bring to the Minneapolis fashion, entertainment and art community? (Timmery Tuner) We were originally going to stop in Detroit, but I got a tip that Minneapolis had a great art scene and I was dying to check it out for myself and adding a little Sugar and L.A. culture to it.

Half shot of pistachio green dress by In Squid We Trust

(Fashion Odds) Let’s get to know you a bit more too. Describe your style to our audience! Is it also edgy and sweet? (Timmery Turner) I definitely wouldn't call us sweet. I would say were are edgy, innovative, and a little flamboyant! We like to appeal to our crowd and talent in a unique and memorable way. Fashion and art shows can be mundane and boring at times, so we like to step up the entertainment notch a bit and have fun with our audience! (Fashion Odds) Any last words for the audience? (Timmery Turner) Minneapolis talent lived up to my high expectations. I'm looking forward to returning and letting the showcase grow and evolve in the Minneapolis scene. It's a beautiful city and I had a great time working with all our talent.s Can't wait to do it again! ;)

More Fashion Eye Candy 1) Models dancing in celebration. 2) Models holding individual of music, fashion & art and 3) team In Squid We Trush with Timmer Turner in the center

Black sheer tank top by In Squid We Trust Photos by Cfora Day.

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Fashion Week: Berlin


Brought to the Mercedez Benz fashion week of July 2, 2013, the second edition of Africa Fashion Day Berlin took place at the Brandenburger Tor, where the Designers Romero Bryan , Nadir Tati and Arrey Kono showcased their SS’14 Collection. The collection by the British Designer Romero Bryan came out luxurious and fierce. It was made up of luxurious materials such as ribbed silk, viscose and silk chiffon—these were all combined with classic cuts. Thereby, the femininity became underline .Inspired by the aspect of Rebirth, the collection exemplified colours of white, red and black. Nadir Tatir’s collection reflected the style and glamour of African women. The models wore elegant and glamorous dresses made of viscos luxury textiles that were mixed with juxtaposing fabrics. Strong colours of red, green and blue made the collection stood out and nobody could have missed seeing these colors. The show ended by the designer Arrey Kono with extravagant and extraordinary dresses. They looked harmonic and classic. The collection impressed with details like waves and plissé (pleats).

For the German review, please visit Review By: Chantel Sackey .

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Mad Style Rapper Chevyboy


Chevyboy is a Sin City red bucket full of unmixed paint aggressively and carelessly thrown onto the yellow brick surface that Dorothy was told was safe to follow. It may be unsafe to walk through the paint depending on your idea of whats “unsafe”. As far as style, I always aim away from where it’s said best to aim. I dig mostly into my heart if I’m writing about love, and in my stress and need for extreme excitement for style in rap music. My background is no guidance. No role model. My family is Cape Verde. I’m the fifth generation in American, born in Boston, raised in North Minneapolis MN 30TH and 4TH to be exact. I was constantly told as a kid literally to,”get you some bidness”(yes spelled and said like that) or go outside and use your imagination. I still obey those rules.

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Fashion Odds Top Model Interview We caught up with native Minnesota model , she tells us her how she became to be the one and only Ms. Briggs. ( Fashion Odds ) Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? I.e. background

Phoenix Briggs

(Phoenix Briggs) I am from Saint Paul MN that's where I was born . I am actually a mix of races. I am African American, Italian, Irish, English, American Indian and German. I like to embrace all my races and I don't ever say I am just one thing. At age 12 I moved to Las Vegas when I graduated 8 grade. More or less it was an awkward place to grow up as a teenager ....that will change you as a person for sure, I have some fun stories though. ( Fashion Odds ) What made you first become a model? (Phoenix Briggs) I decided to be a model at age 16. But my mom would not let me model until I was 18 and on my own. I actually really wanted to be an actress more. I always loved old school movies like Little Women and Interview with a Vampire. I always wanted to be like Kirsten Dunst and Winona Ryder. I loved those type of 16th /17th Century movies as a little girl. Although I think I am finally growing into an actress. Modeling has sort of brought that out of me. Growing up people told me to act and model.... I guess I am kind of late in the game at almost 30. But I figure I have the talent and it is my form of art and how I express myself that's what makes me unique. I can transform myself into different people and realities . ( Fashion Odds ) How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot? (Phoenix Briggs) My first ever real shoot was a catalog Fan page: shoot for Cowgirl/Cowboy up. It was really crazy to get a big job right off the bat. I was kind of nervous but it went great! My first fashion show was with Redken and Goldwell they cut a mullet on me...not the most flattering hairstyle for me I must say. • August 10, edition #01

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More Odd Romain Dupas

Tell us a little about Romain Dupas such as your educational background and hobiies with dance/choreograph/artistic direction/fashion Stylist? My name is Romain Antonini and I am from Paris, France. I started dance when I was 11 in the suburb of Paris as a teenager activity outside school. After a year I was more addicted to dance but I couldn't commit further because my parents wanted me to not flake on school for dancing. After high school graduation, I immediately knew that I wanted to be my own boss and that dance was my determined career. A year later my biggest project dance project was to have my own dance studio with different teachers and different dance styles, so I created Cocktail Ethnic Dance Studio at 19. I knew it was very risky for my age to do it but I felt like I could bring something different we didn't have in the French dance industry. But then I realized I wanted to do more than teaching. I really wanted to perform everyday on stage and choreograph for artists and show my vision to a big amount of people through TV and big stage performances. That vision led me to travel from the USA, UK, Spain, Belgium to teach dance there and also to be inspired from other country dance industries.

"My credits include : Kelly Rowland, David Guetta, Uffie, M Pokora, Shy'm, Christophe Willem, X Factor, Amel Bent, The Voice, NRJ Music Awards, Fun Radio Starfloor, Eurovision, Leave it on the floor (movie), Stars des années 80 (movie)" OVfKNTk ymnZoHc

Finally, I moved to Los Angeles for 3 years to be in the American dance industry which is the one that made me want to have this career. I've always loved to watch performances of Janet Jackson, Usher, Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, Britney Spears, Ciara these artists made me realized that I wasn’t not only inspired by dancing and choreographing but also in helping other performer artists to develop themselves in every visual aspects (dan ce/choreography/staging/props/lights/screen/photoshoot /videoshoot). As a result, I got more into showing my skills as an artistic director. I moved back to Paris when I was 24 and spent the past 2 years working fulltime with my different passions at the same level which is incredible. I've been dancing on tour for a top French male artist and styled artists for different projects (e.g. TV shows, album covers and concert). • August 10, edition #01 q5G_nm8

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