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Where does an ecofashionista stay, shop, eat and pamper herself in LA...?

FASHIONmeGREEN’s Eco-City Guide: Los Angeles By Greta Eagan

During our trip to Los

FMG has put together the

Turn the page and discover

Angeles for the eco-fashion makeover of LA-based

ultimate eco-guide for your next visit to Los Angeles.

the best of a greener LA!

fashion blogger, Lucrecia Chan of Fashion Is Poison,

Using LEEDS certification and the Greenopia five-leaf

we sussed out the best places to stay, shop, eat and

rating system, each venue and service meets the highest

pamper- all within our ecostandards!

of eco-standards while of course adhering to our fashionable guidelines.



Eco-Luxury Hotel: Hotel Palomar Los Angeles 10740 Wilshire Boulevard

First up is the eco-luxury Hotel Palomar, of the Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant company . Hotel Palomar Los Angeles is located in Los Angeles’ upscale Westwood neighborhood, adjacent to Beverly Hills at 10740 Wilshire Blvd. The sophisticated boutique hotel boasts an art theme, environmentally-friendly focus, 268 guest rooms and sweeping city views. 

“The Hotel Palomar carries the Kimpton promise to provide the highest levels of comfort and customer care in a way that also preserves planetary resources. We do this because we believe it’s the right thing to do. Simultaneously, we find that our guests who share this core value, feel really good about doing business with Kimpton. The Hotel Palomar is excited to be a partner for travelers to LA in the plight toward a sustainable world.” Barbara Piagari, Director of Sales and Marketing

Hotel Palomar Los Angeles incorporates more than 40 eco-friendly practices into its daily operations.  Among them are in-room recycling bins; energy-efficient lighting; water-efficient fixtures; toiletries made from natural ingredients by earth-friendly manufacturers; and organic food and beverage options in its mini-bars. Hotel Palomar is an eco-home away from ecohome.

Hotel Palomar Hotel Palomar pays homage to art, architecture, fashion, dance and literature. Seeking to make every guest’s stay a masterpiece, Hotel Palomar is focused on sensual decor, thoughtful amenities and exemplary service.



“The Great thing about the vintage clothing we house is how each piece can be accentuated with modern elements flawlessly, a mix of vintage with current garments for a different ‘on trend’ look that no one else has.” Nikki, Owner of Revival Vintage

Eco-Boutiques: Revival Vintage 7403 Beverly Boulevard

Next on our list is some

"We have created a

much needed eco-conscious

boutique rich with classic,

shopping! Revival Vintage is timeless pieces that are sure the definition of a vintage

to be passed on from one

gem! A tastefully curated

generation to the next." -

and merchandised vintage

Nikki, owner

boutique with a vast selection of designers and decades.



Eco-Boutique: Calleen Cordero 7384 Beverly Boulevard

Pop across the

street to update your vintage finds with modern luxury accessories from the acclaimed ecoconscious line by Calleen Cordero. Hand crafted in North Hollywood for over ten years using vegetable dyed Italian leather, unprocessed metal, and wood sourced from sustainable forests. Blending her down to earth style with a love of high fashion, Calleen Cordero is out to prove that hand crafted luxury can be MADE IN THE USA.

L.A. Confidential Magazine “Pick your favorite scent from an elegantly presented bar of exotic offerings and it will be customblended into the spa’s signature moisturizer, then slathered on your hands and feet during a luscious mini-massage after your nails have been expertly trimmed, filed and buffed.” “An eco-friendly philosophy defines this new L.A. nail place, knitted out with sustainable furnishings, lowemission paint and antimicrobial bamboo/cotton towels.” -Lucky Magazine

Recess Natural Nail Spa 8408-B Beverly Boulevard


Striving to reinvent the nail experience, Recess is more than just a spa. It is a lifestyle of environmental consciousness

that promotes luxury, a healthy atmosphere and social awarenessproviding affordable and superior nail services.

“Many salons are jumping on the ‘green’ bandwagon but Recess was the first completely green nail spa in the country.” -Nail Pro Magazine


Good Eats: Real Food Daily 414 N. La Cienega Boulevard

Taking root in the principles of macrobiotic influence and organic vegan food sourcing, Real Food Daily provides fresh food that is balanced and nourishing. Whole grain meals, including a Mexican entree or two made with vegan sour cream, provide the main course while dairy-free and sugar-free delectable desserts tantalize your taste buds. And all this good food brings good people together. Real Food Daily boasts a hip setting with trendsetters and celebrities getting their daily fill. You just might rub elbows with Cameron Diaz while ordering your soy mate latte with a pump of sugar-free vanilla!

“Real Food Daily has the most incredible food! The triple decker club is my favorite sandwich and the ravioli special is amazing. The desserts are ridiculously good. The cupcake makes even the most jaded Angeleno feel like a kid again.� Rich C.


FASHIONmeGREEN Eco-City Guide: Los Angeles  
FASHIONmeGREEN Eco-City Guide: Los Angeles  

Where does an eco-fashionista pamper herself in Los Angeles?... Discover the eco-boutiques, hotels, restaurants and services enjoyed by the...