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April 2014 18

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Bridal Styling: Lerkia Lee-Tidball and Tonae Lee, Modage · Where Modern Meets Vintage Hair: Adunni Easton, Adunni Braids & Locs Photography: Michael Clark, Michael Clark Photographers Florals & Decor: Samara Mendoza, By Design Events Rentals: Juli Wolf, Vintage Affairs, LLC Makeup: Danielle Lewis, Danielle Lewis Beauty Gowns: Carine’s Bridal Atelier Accessories: Randie Schoenberg-McConnell, Faye Daniels Designs Venue: The Josephine Butler Parks Center, Washington, DC

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t’s all about the Brides in this months issue of Fashion Paper! Marriage is such a wonderful and beautiful experience. I know just about every woman can remember as a little girl playing with her Ken and Barbie doll, dreaming of her wedding day. Of course, as children we never really consider that marriage is more than a fairy tale wedding. It takes love, respect, honesty, purpose, and dedication to make any marriage blossom. In this months issue we are not only featuring articles that help a bride and groom prepare for their special day, we also feature articles that prepare their hearts as well. :) Make-up artist Sharli Birdow is our new make-up and beauty contributing editor. We are so happy to have her on the Fashion Paper team! In her article this month she gives great tips on how a bride can prepare her skin for her big day! Again and again, I can’t say it enough; I’m so thankful that I get the chance to share my passion with all of you! Until next time, see you in August!!!!!! :)

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6. Editors Note 10. The Alica and Gregory Story 12. Make-Up Artist Sharli Birdow shares Bridal Tips 14 .Cravetopia Bakery Gives Tips on choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake


The Alica and Gregory Story

16. The Happy Truth about Marriage By: Wednesday Punch 18. 10 Essential Steps to Creating the Gentleman’s Look 20. Landa Morgan

Shares his Love For his Fiance

22. Style meets vintage Photo- Shoot By: Bridal Stylist Lerkia Lee

Make- Up Artist Sharli Birdow gives Bridal tips


26. Say I Do to Color

10 Essential Steps to Creating the Gentleman’s wedding Look 8. FASHIONPAPERONLINE.COM

Credits: Hair Nikki Williams Bridal Dress: Oleg Casinni Make-Up: Jamie Dionne

The Alicia & George Lewis Story

Alicia met George in 2008. She expressed that she believes that God knew and worked out their marriage before they even knew each other. He was a prosecutor and she was a clerk when they first met working in the same building. However; It was not love at first sight when they met. When George asked Alicia out for the first time she didn’t say yes, she actually made him wait a while before she said yes. When she actually decided to go out on a date, they clicked! Their first date they talked and talked as if they had already knew each other and their bond became inseparable. A year later Alicia was diagnosed with breast cancer. In her 4 year battle with breast cancer George never left her side. A week after her birthday George proposed. And now its all history. This story just goes to show us that Love is a force that can never be defeated.

Make-up Artist Sharli Birdow Shares Skin Care Tips for Brides Honeymoon reservations: DONE! Marriage license: CHECK! Florist booked: YES! Photographer: GOT HIM! Hair stylist and Makeup artist: BOOKED! You think you’re all set at this point, right? Negative! Let’s add something to your list, lovely… YOUR SKIN CARE PLAN!!! Remember! All eyes are going to be on you… and photos are forever. Yes, your makeup artist is going to add the glam, but you have to do your part to ensure your skin glows on your wedding day.



irst off… DROP THE SODA! Pick up some water! Drinking water is the key to great, clear skin, and now is the time to really get it in. Here’s a little factoid for you, lovely. Your skin is an organ. If your skin isn’t getting enough water--- it’s not being hydrated. This can make your skin super dry and flaky. That’s what you want to avoid. So drink up! Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Next up! Now is the time to find and start a skin care regimen. You never want to introduce something new to your body and skin a week away from your wedding. This is a mistake a lot of brides make because they forget how important skin care is when they begin planning their big day. We’ve all seen it- either in person or on TV. The bride waits until the last minute to try something extreme on their skin and it turns into a nightmare. So 6 months out is a perfect time to visit your local spa, esthetician, or dermatologist to get your skin set on the right skin care path! Lastly, remember you are what you eat! We all know that this time can be stressful, and stressful times usually lead us right to junk food! DON’T DO IT!!!!! You’ve got to be careful, honey! Not only will your skin show the effects of an improper diet--but your body will too. So let’s “Woosah”--- try yoga or begin getting

massages to release the stress of wedding day planning---and pick up a salad instead of that burger! Your body and your skin will thank you for it!!!! Alright, honey! Those are some of my pre-wedding skincare tips!! Stay tuned for more awesome beauty tips in the upcoming issues. Congratulations, and remember…Stay glam!!!!


Lisa Roddy Gives Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake Getting inspiration


– Choosing a wedYou have really no task. daunting a be can ding cake what shape, how want, you cake of style idea what a theme or go have should you Whether many tiers. with the task help to Well, design. with a traditional day I special your for cake perfect the of selecting magabridal the through browsing would suggest zines. Also, there are plenty of websites specifically for brides-to-be that offer a wide variety of suggestions for cake designs and flavors.It’s always a good idea to give yourself plenty of time, at least 6 months to make your final decision on the cake.

Cost – I believe that determining your

budget for the cake plays a huge part in the decision making. You should always be realistic with your budget, and then start comparing prices from different bakers in your area. Most times you will schedule what’s called a tasting with a few of the bakers of your choice and you will have the opportunity to sample the cake and also go into great detail with the baker to discuss your cake ideas and to turn it into a reality For More infomation on Cravetopia Bakery contact: Lisa Roddy phone: (469) 300-1193

cake pictures are from

THE HAPPY TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE As brides, it is definitively clear that we know what to do in the good and blissful times. It is in those moments of difficulty and challenge when your love and commitment will have the opportunity to deepen even further.


y heart was overjoyed last weekend as two dear friends got married in the sweetest and most elegant of ceremonies. Thoughtfulness emanated from every facet of their day--including gifts for every guest at the ceremony and more gifts at the reception! WOW! Joy and thanksgiving were in abundance. Their selfless efforts made for endless hugs, tears, and kisses. Cameras were popping like paparazzi. I was hugging and kissing on total strangers and it didn’t matter because it was just a magical time and everyone felt like family. We were blissfully and universally united by Love. Watching the joy, laughter and even the nervousness of the bride and groom reminded me of how beautiful, delicate and delicious love is. I have every confidence that they will live happily ever after and enjoy a great life together. Their story is precious and inspiring. As brides, it is definitively clear that we know 16

what to do in the good and blissful times. It is in those moments of difficulty and challenge when your love and commitment will have the opportunity to deepen even further. Approach those times with softness and meekness. Kind words really cripple wrath. Marriages can be strengthened and reinforced during arduous situations. There will always be irritating habits which will surface or even heavily weighted issues which may appear and feel impossible to resolve. However, take a step back; remove the emotion, stress and anger out of the equation (even when you’re right). Remember what you value in one another and why you got married--revisit the bigger picture. Pull upon the strengths that your beloved has. Be the bigger person and lose the battle to prevent a war, if necessary. Don’t forget that those silent prayers while in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else are viable weapons to disarm escalated situations. In less than 24-48 hours this will all have seemed like a distant memory anyway.

“Marriage mirrors God’s covenant relationship with each and every one of us. So, as wives we are like Gods’ ambassadors--imagine that!!!” When the time comes to revisit that scenario, it will likely be with laughter, tenderness and hugs. All of the sting will be gone. I promise. Let’s face it, we live in a world of beer and bikinis and it’s called a “man’s world.” I think James Brown wrote a song about it once. “Boys will be boys” has been a time respected phrase as if it were biblical. Nevertheless, I have great news to share: MEN BELIEVE IN MARRIAGE TOO! Many men are in tip toe anticipation for the opportunity to be a husband. I don’t think enough credit is given to them. There are plenty of marriage minded men who will do whatever it takes to have a beautiful, loving, romantic, fun filled and peaceful marriage. They dream just as much as we do about finding that one girl who makes their heart melt. Mature men want to come home to a sweet and supportive wife and share a delicious dinner. They enjoy meaningful conversation and snuggle time on the sofa with a Red Box movie. Their needs are pretty simple--just ask them. If you take good care of them it is in their nature to take excellent care of you. Encourage his authentic self--who he was genuinely created to be. Inspire him to explore those things which his inner child always wanted to tap into. The world has tried to tell us who to be in jobs, at church and in the community. However, there are huge dreams bursting on the inside of all of us and they just want a shot at manifesting good success. Nurture those dreams and he will spend the rest of his life in gratitude to you for believing in him! The other day a friend was visiting us. While I was looking for something in a back room I heard her ask my husband why he chose me. He responded: “She was different. Nothing like the women I’d been with before. Honestly, I saw the God in her. She was living her Christianity for real. She spent all of her free time volunteering and helping others. She was the epitome of everything my soul wanted. I wasn’t living a very good life at all and I wanted to be a part of everything she was doing. I watched her from a distance for over 7 years before officially asking her

out.” I really had to keep my composure because I wanted to fall to my knees in tears. So here is a meat and potato truth: Your challenges, joys, struggles and even celebrations are ultimately to deepen your relationship with God. It’s the two of you spiritually joining forces and teaming up as one unit to edify the Most High God. Moreover, when we forgive and accept our spouse they in turn begin to receive and understand God’s forgiveness and acceptance because of us. We are modeling God to them. We are extending mercy as God would have us to. They honestly began to respect us on a deeper level because they see God in us. Marriage mirrors God’s covenant relationship with each and every one of us. So, as wives we are like Gods’ ambassadors--imagine that!!! The bottom line is to love your spouse as God loves us. Minister to him in thought, word and deed. Support and be a cheerleader for him as your best friend, thick or thin, to the end. Encourage and empower one another from the best places of your hearts. Moreover, decide that you’re going to love one another for the rest of your lives {Mark 10:9}. Choose to commit. Lastly, remember that God, our Higher Power, loves us above all else and loves us with such incredible abundance. Bathe your beloved in prayers and love and cover him from head to toe. That, dear hearts, is the happy truth about marriage!



10 Essential Steps to Creating the Gentleman’s Wedding Look

As we all know, weddings primarily focus on the bride and whatever she desires the look or theme to be. The last time I checked, a marriage was based upon the uniting of 2 people. However, I’ve noticed from experience that the groom is either unconcerned or completely oblivious to any of the plans being made for this special day. So to make this ceremonial event more memorable for the groom, here are a few key suggestions:

Custom tailored suits, shirts, accessories, & hand made footwear. 7000 Independence Ste 156 Plano, TX



How you accessorize your suit is just as important as the suit itself. The accessories should definitely compliment the look and not be overbearing. Bow and standard ties are perfect for classic themed weddings, while wearing no tie is suitable for more relaxed environments, such as beach weddings. Socks, cufflinks, lapel pins, and even the style of watch worn should all be taken into consideration when putting your entire look together.


Now that the suit and accessories are laid out, let’s First and foremost, every groom should begin by discussing look at shirting options. You can rarely go wrong with a every detail of the wedding with his bride as it relates to colors, solid white, but sometimes a colored shirt will enhance themes, venue, etc. These are critical factors in determining the suit and accessories even better. There’s generally no the proper look for both the groom and groomsmen, as well. rule to this aside from FORMAL SHIRTS SHOULD NOT HAVE POCKETS. On this day, you’d certainly want to leave you accountant look in the closet. Because guys typically “buy the mannequin,” I suggest looking through magazines or online to find suit styles that fit By all means, please invest in a decent pair of shoes. their PERSONA. Color, style, finish, and detailing of footwear are critical to the overall picture that you’re attempting to paint when . Once a guy has a look in mind, the tough question is putting these pieces together. Dressing is an art. So conRACK VS CUSTOM TAILORED? sider your shoes to be the base of the easel.





We’ve covered the wedding look, but don’t forget to plan ahead for the reception styling. This is equally as important. Most will wear the same ensemble for both events. If the budget allows, I suggest an entire wardrobe or jacket change. In a way, this separates the two events and allows for more memorable pictures.


Although it’ll serve its purpose, an off the rack suit often lacks personality & distinctive detailing that sets it apart from the norm. More importantly, a rack suit (especially tuxedos) will need alterations to ensure that the proper fit is met.


The best and more desirable option is having a suit custom tailored. With this, fit, style, detailing, and exclusivity are at your total control. At PERSONA CUSTOM CLOTHIERS, we specialize in delivering all of this with everything we create-no matter the occasion.


And lastly, grooming adds the final touch to the gentleman’s look. A hair cut and manicure 2-3 days prior to the ceremony is recommended. I would also encourage guys to have a facial done. Any guy should be able to use these tips as style guide on the road to matrimony. Keep in mind when planning your styling: you can choose to be noticed or do something to be remembered. Please contact us for any consultations, free of charge. 19

Landa Gherrá Morgan Shares his Love for his Beautiful Bride to be


ix months into 2014, and I’ve already experienced so many emotions, challenges, and life-changing opportunities. The initial plan (that I’ve had since I was 16 years old) was to make a ton of money, buy a huge mansion, stock it with “his” and “hers” Mercedes Benzes, and ride off into the sunset with the beautiful future Mrs. Morgan. Let’s just say that clearly our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, and our ways are not God’s ways. But still, one can hope and dream. Throughout the years, I’ve grown up as a man now fully understanding that I want to grow and progress towards reaching those big goals and dreams WITH my wife. As a young buck, the goal was to have all of those things accrued so that [in my own thinking] marriage would be easier and smoother. Gosh, I wasted so much time thinking this and waiting for these things to materialize. However, God’s timing is perfect timing. With my faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord put in my life a woman who loves the finer things in life, but to her, the finer things are not material possessions that can be purchased. Her name is Rotunda McDowell, a country girl from a small town in East Texas where they raised cattle, shot guns on their open acres of land, all while 20

skinning coons and possums for late evening dining. Ok, so I’m joking about the skinning of coons and possums, but my beautiful bride-to-be is a country girl down to her core. However, she’s smart, sassy, incredibly stunning, and intelligent enough to run with the best of them in a New York minute.Several years ago when I was in my early 20’s, I wrote a 4-page letter to God writing down all of the characteristics and qualities that I desired in a wife. At the time, I was making the transition out of a brief long distance relationship with an amazing young lady that I met years prior while on vacation in Honolulu. The breakup of this relationship was devastating, to say the least. I thought she was the “one,” and I thought God had answered my teenage prayers on finding a beautiful, exotic woman that could please my senses. Apparently, God had other plans of sending me a woman that would not only please my senses, but please my spirit and soul as well. In that 4-page letter to the Lord, I found myself being both frank and explicit with God, making my requests known and poignant. I figured that if I couldn’t be real with God, then who could I be totally real and transparent with? “

Each page of the letter was a different list, itemized, and detailed specifically of what I wanted in a wife in the categories of Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, and Sexually. Yes, SEXUALLY! I went to God with the full desires of my heart, and I wasn’t holding anything back or leaving anything out—no matter how kinky or freaky! I was so detailed that if my mother ever read the list, I’m sure she would cringe in embarrassment! Sorry mom. Your son has needs! A few years later—without searching—a radiant woman with a smile as bright as the Texas sun came across my path. At the time, I thought I was a little mack—not really promiscuous, but not exactly an innocent saint either. I still had morals, but I was doing my “thing” too. I met Rotunda at a church where I was serving as a musician and she sang in the choir. One day after church service, all of the musicians on staff were introduced to all of the singers in the choir. Upon meeting her, shaking her hand and ask Her voice was light, cutesy, girly, and airy. (I LOVE women with “girly” voices!) That was on my Physical portion of my letter too! Our relationship hasn’t been squeaky clean by no stretch of the imagination. We’ve endured hardships, ugly words towards one another, heated verbal arguments, deaths of loved ones, physical ailments, financial issues, and much more—all before we even thought about saying “I do”. But through it all, we understand that whatever God brings together, we should allow nothing on this earth to tear it apart, nor stop us from giving God the glory in the things He has done in our lives. My fiancee’s daughter [from her previous marriage] will soon become my daughter. In my family, we don’t do “step” daughter, for she too has been in my heart since the moment I committed to her mother. It wasn’t easy at first in our relationship as we were both young and learning one another. But with consistent communication, prayer, and the willingness to move forward through the early adversity, I’m proud that I’ll start out my new journey in marriage with a young lady that has blossomed into a mature woman throughout the years. Essence is the kind of child that any father would be proud to call his daughter; and of all people, God chose me. I couldn’t be more proud to have this honor. With Rotunda and I, what you see in us is what you get. Nothing manufactured and nothing falsified. Nothing came easy. Nothing came without commit

ment and dedication to one another. She’s the beautiful, vivacious workaholic, fitness freak, and career woman from East Texas. I’m the artistic, controversial, and highly analytical entrepreneur and musician from Oak Cliff. She’s more than 10 years older than me, and I adore my little chocolate “cougar”. (She’s gonna kill me for writing that!) We balance out one another. That’s why we fit. That’s why it works. That’s why it’s from God. This woman nurtures my spirit and her fervent prayers cover my mind. She is the epitome of a virtuous woman, and on Saturday, June 28th, in a breathtaking beach lagoon in Kapolei, Hawaii, I will have the ultimate honor of joining my lifelong best friend in holy matrimony before the sight of God and His witnesses. There is no greater woman that I could ever imagine journeying through life by my side. My eyes fill with tears (yes, real men cry sometimes!) when I fathom being able to wake up every morning next to her. Yes, there will be great days and amazing moments. Sure, there will be not-so-good days and ugly moments. But our ability to bounce back from the ugly moments that we’ve already endured together is what qualifies us to be victorious in any situation we may face in the future. I hope that our story encourages you in your relationship and marriage. Contrary to popular beliefs and today’s trends, marriage—under GOD and according to His will and His way — is still a very beautiful and rewarding thing. We believe in marriage. We believe in true, everlasting love for one another. To purify our marriage, we even committed to one another back in December 2013 that we would abstain from any sexual impurity of any kind. Lord KNOWS it’s been tough, but I believe God will honor our commitment and our repentance as a sign that we want His blessings on our marriage. So, on our wedding night, and in our marriage bed—IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!! As we embark on this path together, I invite you to visit our wedding website and wedding gift registry at www. Your prayers, words of encouragement, and gifts of love and contributions are truly a blessing and greatly appreciated. Mahalo! (Thank you in Hawaiian) Landa Gherrá Morgan 21

Where Style Meets Vintage

with Bridal Stylist Lekia Lee Bridal Styling: Lerkia Lee-Tidball and Tonae Lee, Modage · Where Modern Meets Vintage Hair: Adunni Easton, Adunni Braids & Locs Photography: Michael Clark, Michael Clark Photographers Florals & Decor: Samara Mendoza, By Design Events Rentals: Juli Wolf, Vintage Affairs, LLC Makeup: Danielle Lewis, Danielle Lewis Beauty Gowns: Carine’s Bridal Atelier Accessories: Randie Schoenberg-McConnell, Faye Daniels Designs Venue: The Josephine Butler Parks Center, Washington, DC

Say ‘I do’ to COLOR Not sure where to start? Your color choices are a reflection of your personality and style, and can set the tone for your big day. Here are a few ideas for picking your perfect palette:


ay ‘I do’ to color: How to choose your wedding day hues When it comes to planning your special day, choosing your color scheme is one of the first things to check off your wedding to-do list. Not sure where to start? Your color choices are a reflection of your personality and style, and can set the tone for your big day. Here are a few ideas for picking your perfect palette: Explore your surroundings. Head outdoors and stroll through a park or botanical garden for inspiration, taking in the varying shades of flowers and trees. The color combinations found in nature are endless. Other ideas: Visit an art museum or gallery. Flip through family photo albums. Walk through a department store. Check out the produce department at your local grocery store or a farmers market. Go to a flower shop. Browse an antique store. Eat out at a restaurant. Note uses of color and write down color combinations you like. Look at your personal style. What colors do you gravitate toward? What colors do you choose to decorate your home? Look


By: Anne Arntson

at the colors in your paintings or photos, pillows, furniture and other décor. Take a look in your closet, and note the colors and patterns of the shirts, shoes, scarves, jewelry you’ve chosen. You’ve already decided that these are all styles and colors you love, so why not use them in your wedding? Let the season be your guide.Think about what’s available naturally at that time of year. You may want to avoid selecting colors that are more recognizable with other times of the year, such as red and green. When it comes to purchasing flowers for your big day, the price tag may be smaller if the flowers are more readily available. Set the mood. What kind of mood do you want your wedding to convey? Do you want it to be playful or serious? If you’re looking for a playful vibe, choosing all dark colors may not be the best for you; instead consider brighter colors such as a pink, yellow or orange. If you’re looking to set a more dramatic tone, you may want to stay away from softer, pastel colors. Consider your location. Make sure your wedding colors aren’t going to clash with your venue. Ensure your colors complement what’s already there. Please view Original Article at entertainment-life/weddings-celebrations/articles/



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