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Edgy Classic Looks with Equipment Clothing Nothing beats the classic look but in this modern age where there’s a thousand of look for women and it increases on a daily basis, one should be able to pull off the classic look with some edge in order to look fashionable and still appealing to the public. The problem is that when people try to put on a classic look, there’s a risk of the look to become boring and dull. What we will teach you today in this article is to look classic but has that edgy bite of appeal and it’s very easy when you add Equipment clothing to the equation. The shirts found in Equipment clothing are one of the best classic pieces that already has its own personality, that is why it is very convenient to use and it should be something that women should really invest on. Relaxed Summer Look Take any oversized shirt from Equipment clothing, we want it oversized just a bit in order to get that comfortable look and feel. Roll up the sleeves to your forearms and pair the shirt with shorts. The length of the shorts depends upon you but it should be comfortably short for your taste. Don’t go for shorts that reach the knees. A pair of flat shoes would do great for this look because it will really come off as relaxed, shoes with heels aren’t relaxed, it is tensed so get away from those. Accessories do matter, we want it to be classic, elegant, and edgy so we will use the proper accessories as well. Earrings shouldn’t be too much but you can consider studs or dangling ones. Don’t go for chandelier types of earrings, it’s too overwhelming. You should also wear a belt if you choose to tuck the bottom of the shirt but for the ultra relaxed look, just let the bottom free covering some of the top part of the shorts. Floral prints are great for this look so you can either have a floral printed shirt or floral printed shoes. Prints and patterns from Equipment clothing are great, they have mini-floral prints and stunning huge floral prints as well. Their patterns are also interesting and really give the classic shirt some edge. Don’t forget that you can also pair the shirts with a pair of loose fit trousers if you don’t shorts or if you are going to wear this look in the evening. It can get too cold with shorts so replacing it with pants should do better.

Edgy Classic Looks with Equipment Clothing