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Speeding up in front of the school I press hard on the break trying to pull a Fast and The Furious Drift move and failed. Getting out of the car and standing by the driver’s side door I see Ethan trying to avoid to hit any of the students who just got off the bus. I had just missed them before the bus doors opened. He slowly drives up to the parking spot next to mine and slams the door. “I call for a rematch that was un-fair” he snapped at me. I grinned tracing one of my fingers on the hood of the car to the other side walking flashing a evil smile his way, “I won fair and square, Don’t get mad because my skills are better.” He gave a huff and walked off towards the school. A cool breeze brought an amazing Scent of lavender from the Small garden that was in front of the school my way. I closed my eyes to enjoy it. Breathing in this day was going to be everything I wanted it to be, Clubbing tonight for the first time with other employees from my job. I didn’t like hanging out with girls from my school, they worry about their make-up, guys, and School social politics, what girl is with which guy this week then the next. My friends were 23 year old women, no kids, not attached, knew how to have fun in life. I defiantly needed a lot more fun in my life after all the grade school spelling bees, history contests, and much more academic anything my parents could find to put me in to show off their intelligent daughter. I’m not intelligent, in fact I think I’m pretty naïve and dumb. I reached into the passenger seat for my book bag and heard squealing tires not too far off and loud music. I look up and see Amanda, Taylor, and Venna. The girls I work with. Pulling behind my car they jump out started checking out my new car. Venna yanks at my hand, “let’s go Super Nova, shopping time for tonight.” She liked calling me Super Nova for fun when my name is actually Novelli. “I have school today,” As I yanked my hand back. “Not today, we’re shopping for a Super Nova Cute dress for you, “spoke Taylor as she toyed with the inside stuff in my car. They also liked using my nickname as a describing way, their fascinated about my appearance. Dark Brown long curls that always had to be tied up in a bun or I’m just a hot mess, Along with my blue eyes that you could see miles away. Ok, maybe not miles but they defiantly stood out. I never do anything wild, I never have any fun, I never do anything that isn’t normal me I kept contemplating. There was a war inside of my head within just 60 seconds pulling me back and forth. I finally pulled myself together, clenched my fist in agreement. I went to open my mouth to agree and I got cut off quickly. Amanda grabbed my hand and pulled me into my jeep while Taylor started it up and started pulling out, I turn to look and see a teacher headed our way. “We’re making the decision quickly for you, now buckle up.” Amanda said quickly. Venna was already in the other car and sped off in front of us. My phone vibrates in my pocket I pulled it out fumbling my fingers on the buttons to try to flip it open. “Meet me at the Pretzel Hut inside the mall” the text read. “We’re supposed to meet Venna at the Pretzel Hut at the mall she says.” I said adjusting myself in my seat since I got yanked into the car a little too quickly. Taylor took a quick turn down a road. I guess this is me skipping school for the first time, doesn’t seem so bad, kind of easy actually. I hope my parents don’t find out. If my brother found out he would have easy blackmail on me. I’ll have to search his room later for some leverage. We pulled up to the mall and got out of the car. “I don’t have any of my money on me at the moment to buy anything.” Closing the door behind me. “We got you covered, consider it a birthday gift.” Said Taylor as she skipped ahead to the doors. I started to get the feeling someone was watching me, I bet it’s just my conscious for skipping school. Walking inside the mall they had the place decorated with autumn colors everywhere. My towns mall is big about decorating for holidays. Usually the largest blow up plastic decorations you can find exist. Around Christmas time they have a life size

glass globe with actors inside. Carolers would sing through the mall starting flash mobs. We love our entertainment in my town. My friends were already in the Adult dress shop. The Dresses they usually sold are for older women to show their legs, more for the 20’s and early 30’s women. Low cut fronts. I walked in and their arms were filled with dresses galore, pushing dresses in front of me to visualize which would look good. After about 26 dresses I noticed a pretty black dressed with a soft crimson see through cloth that reach from one end of the shoulder to a off shoulder look that wrapped around longer then the black part but to the knee, it sparkled and defiantly stood out to me. I picked it up and noticed it was defiantly a low cut, a really low cut front that would go right down to my belly button. My friends were still swimming through piles of dresses, trying on this dress it was a perfect fit. I stepped out of the dressing room and cleared my throat a couple of times to get their attention. Turning around their jaws dropped. For the first time they were speechless. I think that was a good sign. I went to find the tag on the dress of how much it was and couldn’t seem to find it. Taylor grabbed one of the sales clerks and asked how much it was. She took one look at the dress and said that wasn’t a dress the store offered, or any store in the mall. “How do we pay for it then?” I said. She gave this irritated look, “That dress isn’t registered in our system, we can’t sell it. Meaning it’s your lucky day. Just take it.” We all looked at each other in amazement. Venna made a cheesy grin “… Happy…. Birthday!!, best gift we could give you is priceless!!” I put my hand to my forehead shaking my head at how cheesy that was. I got a bag for the dress and we went to go eat at the pretzel hut. We sat by the water fountain eating our pretzels sipping on lemonade. “I can’t believe you got that dress for nothing at all.” Said Venna while she stuffed her mouth “Wish I could get that lucky, Weird how no store sells that dress, I wonder where it came from.” Added Amanda “Probably someone who changed their outfit into one of their dresses and left it there and stole the other one.” I said logically. “I wouldn’t leave a dress like that in there, it’s too beautiful.” Taylor commented as she toyed with her left over changed. She looked down and noticed something weird and put a coin on the table. “hey look at this” We all peered over at the coin she just pushed on the table. It looked old and rustic with weird symbols. “I bet it’s goodluck, here you take it and make a wish in the fountain.” She said as she passed me the coin. “I can’t take this, why don’t you go to a coin shop, it’s probably one of those coins that are worth hundreds who knows.” “just take it and make a wish, We couldn’t buy you a dress so here.” Pushing the coin in my hand. I let out a sigh and got up from my seat walking closer to this gigantic water fountain that had many coins at the bottom sparkling, many wishes hoping to come true. Closing my eyes I squeezed the coin, as soon as

I was done making my wish I tossed it into the fountain. Instantly I heard a voice behind me, I turned and I ended up staring a mall security rent a cop right in the face. “Shouldn’t you be at school?” “It’s… erm… My birthday I’m 18 today so were celebrating.” “Birthday or not you haven’t finished school, you know our town’s rules.” When I was speechless I heard Venna say run while Taylor Grabbed my hand and we took off out the doors back to the cars. “Am I going to have to run my entire birthday? “No, were going to go back to my place, School is almost done for you anyhow its 1pm, we can hide out there until it’s done, Just get ready for hours before we go to the club.” We got into the cars and drove around until we got to her apartment. I grabbed all of my sleepover amenities from the backseat of my car to bring up to her apartment, and that precious cargo of a dress. We played with makeup for hours to get the right look to see if they can make me look old enough to drink without an ID. Darker outlines eye shadow, Crimson lipstick. I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I went into the bathroom to wipe off some of the lipstick but it seemed to stain my lips a bit. I scooted my way into the dress, nice nylons for underneath, A pair of Taylors heels from her closet. I loved this set of heels of hers and it went amazing with the dress. Sparkled black with the heel sort of see through with a rose and thorn inside, looked flawless. The straps wrapped up just a bit up to my calves. Pulling my hair down so my curls would fall to the sides I pulled on side back with a cute clip. Put some hair chemicals in my hair so the curls wouldn’t frizz out. I think I was finally ready. Took a few hours but entering a club for the first time I should defiantly make a first impression. Just in case I make a fool of myself and or never show my face again at the club, I can do it looking hot. Getting used to the heels I opened the bathroom door and my friends did that gawking stare again like that did at the mall. Hot girls need a good positive attitude. So I put my chin up and spoke. “The night is young, Let’s go party!” We got into Taylors car and drove about 45min to get to the club. This is going to defiantly be a night to remember.

Eternal Darkness Chapter 2  

Novelli Has a turn of events on her 18th birthday

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