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I could hear my name being called again. I’ve come to realize my dreams are becoming so vivid that it’s almost realistic. I’m standing in a room staring around. This wasn’t my room I could tell right away by the sheets on the bed weren’t the crimson red I fall into every night now, there was clothes laying around on chairs, a set of male shoes by the door. A strong scent of cologne wafted my way. The un-familiar scent was strong, almost seemed muggy in the room, a hot heat. I tried walking forward but I couldn’t, struggling to move my feet I fell over trying to catch myself on the chair but instead made the chair fall backwards making a loud sound that reverberated all around the semi- empty large room. In an instant I heard someone walk from the door across the room that wasn’t one that led to the hallway. The Blood Angel that happen to show up at the coven’s house just a couple days before was standing in the doorway to the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him. He took one stare down at the chair that I knocked over, but as soon as he looked straight through me my whole body became abruptly awake. Cold sweats that ran down my forehead, seemed interesting given I’m naked under the covers yet my body crawled with heat. The sunlight shown through my window as I await Ana’s entrance to force me out of bed but she never came. I could see across the room on the chairs by the fireplace was the shopping bags from the trip yesterday. I dug through the clothes to toss something on and go downstairs for a normal breakfast since I was feeling completely ok and not having the urge to rip out the jugular of a friend, defiantly a good sign. I made my way to the main hall where it still streamed with decorations for tonight is the October Ball. I was starved so I made my way through the two double doors into the cafeteria. I found Ana, Tori and the boys sitting at the usual spot but no sign of A.J. I went to the kitchen to grab something that was pre-made up for breakfast and found a seat next to Ana and an open seat. “Where’s A.J?” I asked right away. Ana gave out a grin that I made it way too obvious. “He is getting the new Blood Angel settled in and bringing him to breakfast.” “He’s the official Blood Angel welcoming committee it seems, don’t get jealous you won’t have his full attention anymore Novelli.” Tori teased. I stuck my tongue out at her like an elementary school child. “Here they come now” Ana pointed over to the doors. I glanced up and locked instantly to A.J’s eyes and it’s like all the air inside of me was flushed out or my lungs forgot to breathe. I hope your night was as amazing as mine was… I could hear his thoughts. I grinned and slightly nodded so he would know I agreed. I narrowed my eyes directing him to sit next to me while he stood across the room. He walked over with the new Blood Angel and started introductions introducing everyone then paused at me. “This is Novelli, you might remember her being the one helping us see if you were a Blood Angel like you said you were. This is Collin everyone.” Collin nodded recognizing me and grabbed the seat next to me before A.J could. I could see a tad disappointment in him but he grabbed a different seat kiddy corner from me. “So what brings you to the Adeternum House Collin.” Tori jabbed Ana for being so straight forward but Collin Smiled. “I’m not sure I don’t remember too much, Just a lot of blood and being left at your door it’s very hard to recall the exact scenario that led me here.” “Well, welcome, this is the welcome committee best you will get. It’s too late for you to help out with the decorations but you do get to enjoy them tonight we have our annual October Ball, were the decorations committee.” The boys rolled their eyes and Will came up behind Ana putting his hands over her eyes then giving her a peck on her cheek grabbing a seat further down next to A.J. Everyone jabbered on about outfits and music for tonight. Will was going to DJ the ball while Ana complained if she going to get to dance and enjoy the night with him as well too.

I didn’t want Collin to feel awkward like I did when I came in so I tried to be a bit more welcoming while everyone else’s minds were elsewhere. “So Collin, How did you know you were a Blood Angel?” I took a drink of my orange juice casually. “I grew up knowing, my parents told me right away.” He didn’t look away from me when he spoke, so I figured he wasn’t a shy one. “You’re lucky, I didn’t even know till I was here.” I didn’t realize I wasn’t even eating and just taking my fork pushing food around on my plate the entire time. “How long have you been here?” He asked. “About 2 weeks, a very long 2 confusing disbelieving weeks.” I pushed my plate forward because I didn’t feel the urge to eat any of it. “Must have been hard not knowing anything and being shoved into a position like this, what do your parents think you being away so long?” I guess I didn’t really think about this in a while. “They died when I got here they went out looking for me and died, both my parents and brother. So I thought why not? I’ll just stay.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Well I think they would be proud. I know my parents would. They told me when I turned 18 I’ll find my path in life, it will land right in front of me and I won’t even know it. It’s been about 5 years since then.” He scratched his sandy blonde hair head. I think apologies were in order when our first meet happened to be me gnawing on him. “I wanted to apologize about the whole me biting and drinking from you, wasn’t really the first great impression.” My cheeks turned pink. He leaned in close so only I could hear. “Should pick up the chair next time if you knock it over.” He leaned back into his normal position grinning at me. Is he referring to the dream I had? He couldn’t be it was just a dream. Or was it? I stared at him with questioning eyes wondering if he did refer to what I believe was just an extremely vivid dream. “Novelli!” I got jabbed in my side by Ana. “I was trying to get your attention here. Do you have your dress yet for tonight? All the girls want to get ready together.” “Her dress is hanging in her room already.” The deep voice came from behind. We turned to be staring at Victor and Trevor. Victor grabbed my hand kissing the top of it. “I did not have the pleasure of showing you the dress so I do hope you like it. It’s an antique.” “Yea just like you” Trevor teased at the same time Victor backhanded the back of Trevor’s head. “I hope to have the pleasure of dancing with you tonight Miss Novelli.” Victor was being a gentleman. Since when did this side of him ever exist in the last couple or so weeks. I grabbed my plate of unwanted food and walked past Trevor and Victor. “It would be my pleasure Trevor to give you the first dance.” I said in a sweet snarky voice to tick off Victor and emptied my food into the garbage. As long as you save me a dance… I could hear A.J’s voice in my head. Tori and Ana followed behind me and out the doors. “You are really walking on thin ice with Victor, you do realize that right?” Tori was concerned.

“Meh, I really don’t care.” The three of us walked up to my room and laid out on my now made up bed was a gorgeous lace ivory gown that poof and flared out at the bottom with almost fairytale like lace long sleeves that dragged down. I give credit to Victor on this, but he won’t ever know that. “Try it on!” Ana and Tori grabbed it holding it up to my body. “I’ll do it in a few hours.” They looked pretty bummed. “So who is your date?” Ana asked knowing exactly what is on her mind. “Well, Victor and or Trevor I guess, but secretly it’s defiantly A.J, but I can’t say much more after that because I’m not exactly sure what is going on with that anyhow. I’m just going to play it by ear when we get there.” I laid the dress back out on the bed and turned to them. “Well it’s almost noon now and in about 4 hours is your initiation announcement, A.J told us you were staying. Then the Ball is right after, so hopefully you will have it all figured out by then.” Novelli… “Did you guy’s hear that?” I asked. “Hear what?” they said. Novelli… I knew that sound, and now that familiar voice. “I think I just need to lie down. And yes Ana you have permission to wake me up if I sleep too long.” They both left the room so I could lie down. The voice is hard to pin point but stopped at least. I moved the dress on the chair and laid out on the bed on top of the sheets. Everything in seconds just faded away. I found myself standing in that same bedroom as earlier where Collin walked out of the bathroom. I stared over at the bathroom door waiting for the déjà vu dream to begin but it didn’t. “I wondered if you could hear me. So it does work.” Collin said. I turned to find him sitting on the bed staring right at me no denying it. “How is this possible?” I asked. “You are projecting yourself. It’s something only the dead can do on a certain extent of higher intellect out of body and mind experience if you have that ability, and you seem to currently be able to do it. Crazy things Blood Angels can do huh? But you can also hear me, which is twice as many abilities. Aren’t you special.” He walked up straight towards me putting his hand through my transparent gut. I didn’t feel his touch at all. “Why can you see me?” I asked. “Not exactly sure, that’s the wonders of being a Blood Angel, were practically extinct so we don’t know much, we write our own book from here out.” “So why are you here at Adeternum, you couldn’t have just stumbled apon it by accident.” I walked over to a chair and then remembered how I exist in that room so I didn’t attempt to sit down. “I didn’t. I have said this already. I was left on your door step bleeding out. I don’t know how I got there. Is there anymore Blood Angels in the house or people with powers?” He seemed so eager with questions. This is what it must be like for me when I keep asking questions.

“No, it’s just me. Ana and her bonded partner Will can manipulate people with their eyes and mind. Make them forget things I’ve seen it. Well Ana can, Will can’t yet unless he has the ability activated by drinking my blood, and I’m not quite sure but I think Victor one of the Prince brothers he went insane drinking my blood and became very violent and much stronger, So I think he gains more strength, not that the big doesn’t need it anyhow to add to his I’ll squish you with my fists appearance.” I kept staring at him awaiting more questions. “NOVELLI!!!” I was awoken abruptly by Ana of course I about flung a fist at her. “Let’s go time for the girls to get ready grab the dress and come to our room with the rest of us.” Ana shooed me off the bed. I will punch her one of these days but I did give her permission this time. Getting up I rounded up all of the things I would need. Dress, shoes and myself. Check. I don’t own much so this was quick. Following Ana out into the hallways joined by Tori we walked into a room a few doors down where a bunch of girls were gathered getting their gowns on. Laying my dress over an empty chair as Ana dragged me over to a large lit up mirror. “How did you get a mirror like this?” I asked her as I sat down on a small stool in the center of all the girls working on each other’s hair. “I’ve been here a while you tend to collect neat things.” Ana picked up a brush looking at my hair then set it back down knowing that brush won’t easily go through my frizz curls and started wetting down all of my hair. She worked on my hair as we spoke. “Where is Will at?” pulling at a few strands of my hair that ended up in my face. “He is getting the DJ equipment set up with the boys, you know men and their toys.” Ana rolled her eyes. “Speaking of men” she nudged me so I would catch her drift without anyone else knowing. “Everything is the same as normal, I do actually have a question for you. Is it possible for Blood Angels to have abilities outside of being turned?” she looked like she actually pondered it for a while. Tori walked into the conversation to save Ana and answered the question. “No, they have to drink from another Blood Angel for that to be possible. Since the Blood Angel is part already vampire to bring out those abilities just like a vampire would need Blood angel blood.” Maybe that’s why I keep ending up in Collins room. I still have his blood in my system. Ana was finishing up with my hair it crisscrossed with braids till it was left in a curly pony tail that hung over the left side of my shoulder. “It’s almost time” Ana bounced out into the other room to go get her dress on as I followed after. Sliding the stunning dress on my head started to get some pressure in the side of it that brought me to my knees. Tori and Ana rushed to my side while all the other girls were already gone. The pain severed through my scalp that put my now directly into the fetal position I could feel Ana and Tori’s hands trying to hold me or possibly do anything at all. I was watching shadow figures forming on the inside of my eyelids moving towards me fast as soon as they reached and walked right through me the pain halted. Everything went back to normal, no pain everything was bright again. I could start to hear my surroundings again. “Novelli are you ok?” they were in a panic. I sat up shaking from the shock they grabbed me and held me close comforting me to stop the shaking. “Something is wrong” I managed to just mumble out. “Well no shit something is wrong” snapped Ana. “Hush Ana can’t you have a bit of sympathy?” Tori scolded Ana. “What happened Novelli?” Tori placed her hands on my shoulders and I felt instant comfort and the shaking stopped as well as my breathing started to regulate once again. “I just seen shadows coming at me.” I wiped the tear from my eye.

“I’ll get A.J.” Ana got up from my side to dash out the door but I grabbed her by the shirt and yanked her back. “No, I don’t need anyone to know at least until after.” They both grimaced at me but nodded in agreement. I stood up grasping my hand onto the closest object so I could regain balance. Tori and Ana kept their eyes peeled not removing them from me for a second. Brushing off my underskirt ignoring the gawking eyes following me I slipped into my dress then adjusted my hair looking at them as if nothing happened. "Ready?" I smirked and headed towards the door but it opened before I could even touch the door handle. The boys were standing in the doorway. Will, Collin, and A.J with their arms all out ready for the woman to wrap theirs around too, both except A.J. "We have to go down early since I must D.J and for Novelli's welcoming to the family." Will wrapped Ana in his arms giving her a sweet kiss on her cheek, she turned red in front of everyone. Collin seemed a bit shy it looks like he asked Tori to the October Ball. She was upfront and linked her arm to his he was the one blushing this time. The boys were dressed up in suits to match the girls. I glanced over to A.J and he didn’t budge his arm to hold mine to escort me to the ballroom. Can't Victor is your escort. Damn him, I can still hear him. I guess I will have to endure it during the duration of the ball till the 24 hours is up. We walked down the hallway to the staircase holding on tightly just in case we trip over our dresses. Will and Collin helped their dates I was left on my own. I’m defiantly not thoroughly enjoying this at the moment. A.J opened the doors to the ballroom and many stared our way I guess we are the last to arrive. This is your grand entrance. Great lets shove a spotlight on me, as everyone cleared the way to make room for us to walk down. Victor appeared out of nowhere holding out his arm to escort me. I tried to hold in my enthusiasm. We walked slowly up to the large chairs that sat at the front on a stand the streamers that hung down hugging pillers with lights everywhere lighting up the room magically. We approached the King and Queen, Victor let go of my arm and knelt before them as well as everyone else behind us. So as they were all doing i did the same. The King stood holding his hand out to the Queen to hold onto and arise. "Novelli please stand" she gestured for me to stand up. She smiled at me tilting her head to take more of a look, "Let’s keep this short and sweet. Do you accept you’re becoming into our family and take a oath to swear by protecting it any possible way you can?" I managed to find the words to squeak out since there was absolutely no pressure surrounding me with a few dozen eyes. "I promise." "By everything we stand for, who stands by the decision of Novelli?" spoke the King. "We do." Voices came from behind a curtain and out stepped my mother and father. I think my heart just stopped.

Eternal darkness chapter 16  

Novelli faces new abilities as just a human as the October Ball approaches in just a few hours.

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