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I think I just choked down that last swallow of wine at the mention of blood and cleared my throat in shock, “Blood?” This shouldn’t be happening, do I tell the queen? “huh?” I asked. “What?” A.J looked at me confused. “Didn’t you just… never mind.” I thought I heard his voice. I watched him set the glasses back in the sink rinses the out. She’s a blood angel, why can she like the taste of blood? Did she really enjoy mine that much? Oh no… she tasted my blood and it was fine to her. What does that mean? “What are you rambling on about over there?” I walked over to him at the sink watching him. A.J stopped what he was doing and put both of his hands on my shoulders and looked deep into my eyes and watched them. “Your eyes seem normal, not like a vampire. Just normal human looking eyes, I don’t get it.” He continued to stare at me. Her eyes are silver at the moment, what does it mean? “OH COOL really?” I dashed over to a reflective window in the kitchen to look at my eyes. I heard one of the wine glasses break behind me. A.J stood there not moving or picking up the glass and only stared at me. “What?” I smiled at him feeling pretty with my silver eyes. “You can hear me.” he spoke in a monotone voice. “Well no shit I can hear you, you do speak English” Speaking in a smart-ass tone. A.J walked up to me and stared at me and took his right pointing finger and directed toward his closed lips. You can hear me. “Holy shit, how can I do that? Wait let me read your mind on your thoughts how I can do that.” A.J rolled his eyes at me. You are a blood angel, which means in your ancestry blood all the way to you, you are born with vampire blood in your system. Which is a step process in becoming a vampire is the transference of vampire blood infused into your system till it consumes you whole. Since you were born with it and have a tolerance to it, it just means like we have mentioned before, blood angels have a better chance at surviving the change. Now you know the reason why. Your abilities are heightened at the moment. You get the best of both of the worlds you can say, human life and the abilities of a vampire, well some at least. “So awesome, I listened to what you said don’t worry. This is just so weird. So what happens if I drink another vampires blood?” I put my fingertips to his templates just watching him. He knew I wanted him to think his response. You would start the process of turning into a vampire. Pick up some of the vampires enhanced abilities as well. Only way a vampire can have max enhanced abilities is if they had angel blood in their system. You have to consume an extreme amount of vampire blood for it to happen. So a small bit won’t change you over. I’m not sure if you will have cravings now since you are part human. The kitchen door started to creak open while A.J and I dodged fast to hide under the table unseen. We could hear footsteps walking around the table, at the same time we would move ourselves quickly opposite so they couldn’t catch us. “I can smell you all the way down the hallway.” A.J looked relieved grabbing my hand nodding to me we were safe. We rose our heads above the silver metal tables and sawn Will on the opposing side.

“Secrets safe with me” Will said making a gesture with his hand locking his lips and throwing away the key. “But sharing blood? Do pray tell more dear sister and brother.” He said resting his elbows on the table and his chin fitting in his palms like a teenage girl ready for gossip. “First off, don’t say brother and sister. That just gives horrible mental notes about this being incredibly incested.” A.j shook his head out of disgust at the thought. As Will eyed us down he took notice of A.J’s bandages. I just noticed I couldn’t hear a thing Will was thinking. Maybe I can only hear what A.J is thinking since it was his blood. “What’s with the neck wound A.J?” Will grinned. “Getting kinky huh?” A.J rolled his eyes. “Novelli… had a sudden urge to bite me ok?” Will walked around to the other side of the table to get a better look. “Intriguing.” Un-bandaging the wound that is half a tooth length deep into his skin, I could smell the blood drip across his throat. I defiantly wanted more and clenched my fists to resist. I guess A.J was wrong. I do have the craving for blood. His. Will noticed my frustration as I took a couple steps back. “She still wants more to drink dear A.J. You shouldn’t leave her parched.” He teased A.J “Or leave her up in your room alone at night when you are just getting a bottle of wine.” Ana was now standing at the entrance to the kitchen tapping her foot with an attitude. Will snapped out of what sounded like him antagonizing me to take more from A.J. Ana looked now curious. “What happened here?” A.J closed his eyes letting out a sigh. I wish they would just go away. This was a bad idea Novelli. I told you we should have stayed up in your room but no. You had to be thirsty. He was really using his thoughts to scold me right now while Will yapped on to Ana on what he just walked into. “You and I, are having a total girl talk later.” I caught Ana saying near the end of the rambling between her and will. “I am standing right here you know.” A.J reminded. “Let’s double date sometime.” Will popped out a statement where Ana’s eyes glowed at his idea was perfect. “Were not dating, Its nothing.” I said speaking quickly. A.J didn’t seem too thrilled. Kind of thought we had something here. I tossed a ‘we’ll talk later about this’ glance at him hoping he would pick up what I was signaling towards him. I don’t think Ana believed it for a minute and she will still be looking for the girl talk later. After the awkward moment Will broke the silence and grabbed the wine bottle he originally came down for and brought Ana back up to his room while A.J and I walked out together. He followed me to my room just to make sure I got inside without something new coming up. I did say I was hungry earlier but got more I bargained for, for a midnight snack. He kissed my cheek goodnight closing the door. I couldn’t convince him to stay the night. Throwing on a long nightgown and crawled into my bed I instantly fell asleep as my head hit the table from a full stomach. The thought of having a full stomach of blood was quite disgusting. The next morning I woke up with Ana once again in my room ripping open the shades so the light shown in. The light instantly hurt my eyes. I guess the vampire abilities were in me still but Ana doesn’t know that yet. She started to ramble on between decorations as well as last night. In the middle of her sentence my stomach started to rumble and feel sick. I held my hand to

my mouth and dodged off the bed straight towards the bathroom puking into the toilet bowl. There was blood everywhere. Ana seemed pretty shocked and stood by the door grabbing a towel for me to clean my mouth off. “Are you rejecting the blood?” Ana asked. “I should be fine if I turned it’s just human blood if I were to turn or help you out.” Ana didn’t seem too soothed with my words. More or less by the looks of it, very worried. “You take the day off from decorating its just 6 days till the Ball anyhow, no worries we’ll just be down two members,” Ana said as she grabbed another clean towel for me. “Two?” I dabbed some of the blood off my mouth, which now has a disgusting taste. Maybe it was my human half rejecting the blood, not the vampire. “A.J is taking some time away from the house for a little while, probably to let the wound heal without anyone to notice it with question.” She grabbed some sweats from one of my drawers since I’ll be staying in my room today so I can feel comfortable. “Sounds like a good idea.” I was bummed really I thought me and him needed to talk about last night. “I can bring you some food if you like so you don’t have to leave your room just in case you have another incident. What are you craving? Orange juice and Eggs? Pancakes and coffee? Human or vampire blood?” she grinned. “Ha-Ha, very funny.” I shot her the not so funny joke look at her. I got up and walked close to her staring at her with a grin on my face. “Or yours just might do.” “Orange Juice and Eggs it is. I’ll be back soon.” She scurried out the door laughing. Now all that is left is just me and my thoughts for an entire day. Walking over to the window and reclosed the curtains so just a little sunlight shown through making it hard to see anyhow I plunged myself back into the bed feeling still sick to my stomach and drifted into a deep sleep. The inside of my eyelids started to swirl images of my days here. Ana, the car ride, sunglasses, dresses, Will, Tori, Victor, Trevor and all of the blood. Falling into more of a deeper sleep my mind started to create the kitchen scene all over again but this time in the dream I didn’t stop drinking and watched A.J lay on the floor bleeding what little I didn’t drink flow out onto the floor. His lifeless eyes staring up at me then I look into the mirror and see a monster. Fangs hanging from my mouth blood dripping smeared across my face. The feeling of A.J clutching onto my trying to push away to make me stop felt good. Like a great hunt well done. Then the kitchen door opened and I awoke. My body ached as my eyes tried to peel themselves open. My energy is absolutely gone. I turned to my bedside and seen two drinking glasses. One filled with orange Juice and the other one looked like blood. Why would she think that is funny at all? I leaned over to smell the glasses and out of curiosity I took a small taste of the blood one just enough to touch my tongue. Immediately spit it out at how disgusting it tasted and washed it out with a big swish and gulp of the orange juice. Why does my body hate the blood now? I looked at the clock and seen 4pm. I pushed myself out of bed with what energy I had to put on some jeans but kept the sweat shirt on. Making my way to my door opening it to head out and re-join society. Of course my luck I bump right into the queen. “Pardon me I am so sorry.” I kept my head low. “Well isn’t it our sleeping beauty rough time sleeping?” she smiled sweetly at me. She was wearing normal clothes again but with dirt stains and dirty hands. I rubbed my eyes from the small lights hanging in the hallway. “You could defiantly say that, I must of slept for hours My whole body is weak.” She wore a concerned face. “Darling, you have been asleep for four days. Are you feeling all right?”

“Four days?! How could I sleep that long? Why didn’t Ana wake me?” I said frantically. “She tried but you were so deep in your sleep there was no waking you, she even thought doing what she calls the mirror trick would at least suffice in letting us know you were alive by slipping it under your nose to see if you were breathing. I think it’s about time we had that cup of tea. Don’t you think so Novelli?” She put her hand on my back and led the way outside in the backyard. All of the decorations were up I missed out on putting up. Not really regretting it at all. She took me into the entrance of what looked like a mini labyrinth. She had already put on her sunglasses when we hit the doorway to the outside. “I do some of my gardening here, it’s peaceful.” She seen one of the donors pulling up weeds by the labyrinth bushes and asked him if he would be so kind and fetch us some tea. Then she led the way into the labyrinth till we were in the center. There was a bunch of flower pots in every corner. Grape vines hanging from above shielding the sun if spots with a beautiful mosaic glass table in the center of what looked like the Adeternum crescent or emblem. Not long after we took our seats the donor came with tea and bowed to the queen. She thanked him and he departed out of the maze. I took a couple sips of my tea and enjoyed the taste of normalcy. “You seem frazzled Novelli, is there anything you wish to tell me. I am a great listener.” She gave her sweet smile that glowed towards me again. So I just opened my mouth and the words without even a thought dropped out. “I bit A.J.” I paused watching her reaction then added, “And I liked the taste of it, but not the after morning taste. I must have had my first hang over, but it was off of blood. I felt my body rejecting it this morning” I just remembered I fell asleep for four days. “I mean a couple of days ago.” I took another drink of my tea to shut myself up and wait for her to respond. I could see her lift the cover of one of the porcelain creamers but instead of pouring out a white creamer substance I could see it was blood into her tea and took a sip. “You bit A.J… you put yourself in quite a problematic situation don’t you think? Of course you rejected his blood, your body will do that till you’re a full vampire. You will need to consume enough vampire blood to take over your system or we can just transfuse it in if you don’t want to taste it. Did you share blood with him as well?” She took another sip of her tea waiting for my answer. “I had a sliver we got out and he kissed the wound, and that was all.” I grabbed one of the biscuits she lifted from one of the plates she offered to me. “It was still enough. You have taking a liking to my A.J? He was such a precious boy growing up, so sweet to everyone.” She went inside her pocket and out of a girlish styled and normal wallet flipping it open to a bunch of pictures that popped down. I noticed in one of the photos a picture of the king, queen, 3 little boys and a few of the Adeternum members who I have seen here while at my stay here in the house. It was almost a replica of the one in the hallway except for one of the boys I did not recognize from the other photo. I went to grab the picture out of her hand and the guy who fetched us some tea came rushing into the area where we were seated out of breath on the ground trying to speak. “House… another… Angel… here… blood… all over.” The queen stood up quickly and dashed out of the labyrinth. I tried to stay close behind her so I didn’t lose my way out again. We rushed up the brick stairs from the back of the house. Rather it’s really a mansion. She pushed open the doors flinging them wide open making a loud banging sound. I stumbled in after her but tried to keep my distance so I don’t get sent away due to danger again. As soon as the queen reached the main doors she halted to stare down a man lying in the middle of the floor blood everywhere across it. The queen started to shout orders at everyone. “Donors please in a time of need take care of those vampires who got near the smell who is trying to resist.” She turned to stare at me for a moment like she was contemplating. “Novelli grab towels from the kitchen and follow me downstairs.” She grabbed the unknown guy trying to carry him while I dashed off to the kitchen to find some towels. Rummaging through drawers until I found the right one, grabbing the towels to turn fast right back out the door my whole body slammed right into A.J. “I’ll take those you stay here and safe.” He reached for the towels out of my hands.

“Just because your back doesn’t mean you get to start giving me orders, besides the Queen requested for my assistance, and I most certainly will oblige. Now step aside.” I said extremely snarky at him hoping he would get the picture I didn’t like finding out how he left and me left with morning blood sickness. He most likely doesn’t even know what happened to me yet. He unwillingly stepped aside as I used one hand to push him aside and out the doors I went. Knowingly he followed behind. As I made my way downstairs to the room with all the blood fridges and tables the Queen had already placed him on top of the table and directed me to elevated his head with some of the towels as she was wiping the blood off spots to find the wounds. “A.J you shouldn’t be here. I only want Novelli here. She is a Blood Angel herself.” She barked the orders at him. “I’m staying with or without your opinion of wanting me here.” He snapped back. “I will defiantly be discussing this later. If you are staying please contain your mouth as well as your words towards me. If you are staying then be helpful and help clean off the blood with the towels.” She then turned towards me. “Novelli, I need something very important from you. I need you to taste his blood for me. You know what blood tastes like and have the ability to describe it in case it’s Blood Angel or not it will not affect you as it could me or A.J. You have had three types of blood already this should be easy.” She looked hopeful at me, no one knows I couldn’t hold down A.J’s blood but this could be a Blood Angels and be completely different that the possible hidden vampire in me could want it and hold it down. I didn’t want to disappoint them it’s a puking risk I have to take. I reached down placing my hands on him to find an open wound and licked. The blood instantly crawled up my tongue in a sweet sensation and my mouth started watering. I wanted more and clamped my mouth around the open wound on his shoulder. My whole body wanted to keep going I could feel it trail its way down my throat. “Pull her off, he’s an angel.” I could hear the queen say while I was still finding myself in sweet bliss and felt A.J yanking at me. I automatically shoved his hand away giving a quick hiss at him. “Novelli!” he shouted at me as I came back to realization I just hissed at A.J and flung myself back far away into the wall till I was down on the ground trying to shield myself away. Blood… Fangs… Angel… The girl… must find… need help… I could hear the unknown Angels thoughts just by drinking his blood. My ears automatically tuned in but didn’t hear much after. “I think he passed out.” The queen said. I looked over to A.J, “Yea he did I can’t hear him in pain anymore from over here.” Hoping A.J would pick up on the hint that it wasn’t just having the need to drink his blood in order to hear his thoughts. “A.J please take Novelli upstairs and clean her up.” She said as she dabbed remaining blood off his shoulder and bandaged it up. I followed A.J up to the top of the stairs, he kept me close to him as my urge to bite him as well built refraining myself. “I very much want to sink my dull teeth into you right now.” I said in honesty. “I had a feeling you would.” He kept walking ahead and I grabbed him by the wrist to stop him from walking but he yanked it away as if I was going to bite him. “My body rejected your blood a couple days ago the morning after. It was all over the bathroom it got bad almost like pregnant woman morning sickness queasy.” “You may not be able to change into a vampire if you reject just my blood and not a Blood Angels. You won’t survive it.” He stared at me waiting if I had an answer for him. I won’t survive? Who said I wanted to turn? “Then I won’t ever turn.” I said in a soft voice under my breath.

“I highly doubt that. You have the thirst but you have a very sensitive taste.” He put his hands on my shoulders to comfort me and keep my attention. “I will stand by you in no matter what decision you choose. Also remember, only in eternal hands can bind.” He slid his hands to mine squeezing them. I assume he wants to bond with me if I turn. “What about Victor? He is on a rampage after me.” Forgetting we’re in the middle of what used to be the blood soaked wooden floor someone cleaned up fast. He cupped both sides of my face with his hands where his eyes met mine locking. “There is a new Angel in the house now, who knows which way this will go. If worse comes to worse, he’ll just kill me fast and not a slow painful death.” He grinned at me. He gently placed a quick kiss on my lips. We then heard someone clear their throat from behind us. We closed our eyes not wanting to look to see who it was. When we finally turned to see, it was the queen standing there cross armed staring at us. “You are the ones to tell Victor, and lucky there is another blood angel in the house for now. Secret is safe with me you have until the October Ball this weekend to tell him.” Oh great a deadline I thought.

Eternal Darkness Chapter 13  

Novelli has a hard time with the fact she has the thirst for blood while there is a new guest who arrives at the Adeternum House. In this 13...

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