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1. SACK COAT: A loose-fitting coat ending at the finger tips and having high short lapels. It was used in sports and in commerce. 2. GREAT COAT: An overcoat usually made out of wool and not as fitted as a regular coat. 3. PEG TOP TROUSERS: Trousers that were wide and pleated at the top and very narrow at the ankles. The name peg-top originally applied to a boy’s cone-shaped spinning top 4. BOWLER HAT: A stiff felt hat with a low, round crown and narrow brim; the bowler, similar to a derby, has a slightly wider brim and roll at the sides. 5. ASCOT: A scarf tied in a knot with horizontal ends, then crossed diagonally. The whole usually held in place with a jeweled stickpin. 6. FROCK COAT: A double-breasted coat having long skirts of equal length in front and back.

Notable Clothing Elements of Men

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