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Lehenga Choli - How to Buy the Right Style Lehengas are one of the oldest and most loved wedding outfits. Each lehenga is unique in its elaborate and exquisite embroidery. There was a time when the only difference between one wedding lehenga choli and another was in their embroidery and color. There was no difference in the cut and style. However, today there is a change in the cut and style and the way this traditional attire adorns the Indian bride or any other woman at a wedding party. The modern Indian woman today is confident and wants to wear lehengas that will accentuate her figure and not hide it. Hence buying the right style becomes very important. The most common one is the straight cut and as the name suggest it looks almost like wrap around skirt that has a straight shape form the waist to the hip. This style of wedding lehenga choli suits almost all body types and it is advisable to wear soft fabrics. The style and fabric combine to give a slim look. Then a very popular style made famous by some actresses is known as a fish tail or mermaid style. It is aptly named as this type of wedding lehenga choli fits snugly at the knees and then gradually flares out towards the bottom. This is ideal for the curvaceous woman with an hour glass figure. Panel lehenga is a type where you have several panels in the same color or different colors and fabrics sewn together. It gives a slimming effect and suits most body types. One particular style of lehengas that are just perfect for thin brides is the circular style. This lehenga has an extremely large circumference. Its volume gives a classy and chic look. The ideal fabric for this style is any type of soft and flowing material. One of the oldest styles of wedding lehenga choli is the A style that resembles the alphabet A; it has a gradually increasing flare form the waist to the hem. Pear shaped bodies look good in this style. Similar to the lehengas the choli or the blouse that is worn along with the lehenga is also worn in quite bold and stunning styles. It is up to you and how confident you are in carrying a

particular style that will determine your choice. You can choose from a low back to an extremely low back, a strapless one, open back, bra blouse, spaghetti straps and many more. Keep in mind your body type and comfort level before selecting a particular type of wedding lehenga choli and you are sure to make heads turn at any party.

Lehenga Choli- How to Buy the Right Style