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After getting such permission from city authority, you can start with your chosen Building demolition contractor Delhi. However you are required to take few things in mind and should take care of.

Firstly inform in your surroundings and neighborhood about such demolition date and time so that they may take care of their kids and children at that time. Secondly cut the electricity power supply in wires inside would be demolished building so that sparks can be avoided.

Next to that talk to your building demolition service provider about taking the usable material or scrap things in hand after demolition so that you can sell it to scrap dealer and can cash it. However, all building demolition contractors will not be ready for such. If they are not agreeing, even then you are at profitable stage because of safe demolition of building. More information


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One thing more, you must ask your building demolition contractor about disposition of waste materials of that building as being a human bein...

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