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Fashion Design Career Advice

A Career in Fashion Design is very exciting: getting to design fashion and clothing and accessories as a daily task that you get paid for is a huge perk. Many Fashion Designers get paid very well, anywhere between $40-$120k per year. This is because they are responsible for designing clothes that will be put into mass production and sold through retail stores and worn by millions. Good Fashion Designers are in high demand. But getting into the career of fashion designing can be a challenge. Many fashion designers start their career studying fashion at a Fashion School, or undergoing some sort of fashion design course. A Fashion course will help them to develop their skills as a Fashion Designer, and give them an insight into the Fashion Industry. Designing Fashion isn’t just about having creative ideas, its about knowing what people want to wear, how clothes are made, understanding the supply chain, and how the retail industry works. Learning to draw your creative fashion ideas in a way that people understand is crucial. Many fashion courses teach these skills. Drawing clothes on a stick figure won’t cut it in the industry. You need to be able to communicate the fit, the fabric, the silhouette and the feel of the garment. How is it worn on the body? How does it look on the body? A Fashion Design Course or even a book in fashion will teach you how to draw your designs professionally using a fashion crouqui, or fashion figure, as well as how to communicate your designs on a fashion specification sheet. A Fashion specification sheet communicates all the details of your design, so that a clothing manufacturer can make the garment. This is crucial for a Fashion Designer

to understand how clothes are made, and how to communicate their fresh design ideas to a manufacturer. Many fashion designers start out as junior fashion assistants or fashion design assistants, and their jobs may include drawing up specification sheets for the senior designer. Once a designer has experience doing this, he/she can climb the corporate ladder and slowly take on small categories to design. Sometimes a designer will be given only one category to design for: this could be denim, or knitwear for example. The more success a designer has in a category, the more responsibility he/she is given in the company. Ultimately the success of a fashion designer is based on how well the designs sell in a retail arena. The ultimate career advice for budding fashion designers is to understand what people want to wear. Undertaking a fashion course, reading fashion books and magazines and undergoing work experience in the industry can all help to develop your skill as a Fashion Designer, and build a successful career.

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