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What' 's new at Nasty Gal! Peplum dress or Peplum pants?

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New Collections

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Ann Robie Trends: What to wear with a yellow coat ?? I have ideas for you! I absolutely fell in love with yellow. Especially yellow in such daring things like coats, pants or hats. It's the absolute color of optimism and joy:) But if you buy a bright yellow coat, then how will you wear this crazy thing? What colors could you combine with yellow, or what could you wear with a bright yellow coat and not feel like "a bucket of paint", but a really stylish celebrity? I have a few suggestions:) I took as a basis this absolutely stunning coat by Paule Ka.

Yellow Coat, Paule Ka

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Idea #1. Yellow & Shades of fuchsia.

Idea #2. Yellow & leopard print.

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Idea #3. Yellow & turquoise.

Here is another idea embodied in the everyday outfit. Don't you have a yellow bike? You can replace it with blue, green or fuchsia;)))

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Social Wardrobe Trends: Nasty Gal New Lookbook Romp through a field of dreams with charming skirts, tops, dresses and more that deliver flowers right to your closet. Gather a bunch and let your style bloom! Shop the Lookbook!

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Ann Robie People: Gala Gonzalez

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This post continues my series of sets about the best outfits of the best-known bloggers like Chiara, Julie, Andy, Gala and Aimee. I've already presented the outfits of Julie, Aimee and Andy. Now it's Gala's turn. She is the girl who has been entrusted with a lot of "fashionable responsibility" because she has a large number of titles (well deserved, by the way) :). Back in 2009 she entered the "hundred most influential people" in the fashion world of Spain, in 2012 she became "Blogger of the Year" according to Cosmopolitan magazine, and in 2103 she is included in the international list of the most influential women in the fashion industry at the moment according to Spanish Vogue! In addition, she creates a collection for Mango. Well, in my opinion, she really has a fashion sense, since she has no equal in the combination of shapes, colors and the invention of new images. For me she is a real source of inspiration ... Are you intrigued? See and decide for yourself.

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Look for people for inspiration, make yourself someone's inspiration! :)

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A Dose A Dotty Fashion Book: Vogue On British Vogue editor, Alexandra Shulman, along with 4 other notable authors who are a part of the Vogue team, made a presentation to celebrate the release of the 'Vogue on' books, at the V & A. They spoke about the legendary designers Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen, through the inspirational



archive of


photographs of the designers work.

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Bronwyn Cosgrave: ‘I thought I actually knew a lot about Chanel, I was a huge fan

when I worked at Vogue – I acquired a lot of Chanel! I realised how little I knew about her when I started doing my research at the Vogue library, what really astounded me is that Chanel started her career in 1913, 100 years ago and she didn’t stop working until she died in 1971. Starting chapter number two with Chanel no.5 was difficult as there are 61 books written on Chanel and I have read all of them! Chanel designed her perfumes like a couture piece which you think they go into a lab but it wasnt like that for her she wanted a scent which was very sensual and something that she would want to wear – it’s a love story. At the time Chanel was seeing the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich and they set off to the South of France and Pavlovich introduced Chanel to her nose, helping her design this scent based on one he had given her. The funny thing is Chanel always downplayed everything, she launched the perfume very stealthily – she used to get the shop girls to douse the fitting roms in her Rue De Cambon boutique and when customers asked about it, she would send them a bottle and they would ultimately get hooked on the scent.’

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Judith Watt: ‘Elsa Schiaparelli was extraordinary and I was very delighted to learn

Diego Della Valle has bought the brand and is the process of re-launching it! It was a real challenge for me to write- where do you start with Schiaparelli when there are so many things to say about her? With Schiaparelli’s label running from 1926 until declaring herself bankrupt in 1954, her career was very short and very very intense. But she was described by the New York Times as a comet, as someone who arrived on the Paris fashion scene seemingly from nowhere, taken under the wing of French Couturier Paul Poiret and promoted by him and living off the charity of friends. Vogue launched her career in 1927 where she produced her first collection and what’s fascinating about her is the way she moved from modernism to cubism and how that transformed, becoming very engulfed with surrealist artists like Man Ray and Salvador Dali – though this woman was extraordinarily shy and hated having her picture taken.’ Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


Charlotte Sinclair: ‘I wanted to start with an image of Dior on the morning of his

debut show on February 12th 1947, looking miserable and terrified. He had come out of nowhere as far as the general public was concerned, but he had always been a very skilled illustrator and had ambition to start his own couture line, while working with Pierre Balmain. By the time he opened his first show which was the iconic new look, he had a buzz about him and the New Look was interesting because it was very controversial modernising the female form with corseted tops, padded hips and the hugely decadent use of materials in the post-war age. He was incredibly inspired by architecture and almost wanted the clothes to wear the woman, as one model had said – ‘they’re very beautiful but you couldn’t sit down in them.’ So, because of this much needed glamour through the intense austerity that was felt – this shocking New Look became the Paris landmark and people used to visit the house as much as the Eiffel Tower.’ Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


Chloe Fox: ‘When I was writing the book I found it hard to attain a perspective on a

career that is still very much going with Sarah Burton but with someone so recently and tragically gone. Regardless, I do think Alexander McQueen was the genius of his generation. Hos women were powerful and they rose out of

historical past and

strode into a digital future, the world that mcqueen burst in onto was a hotbed of energised creativity in the early 90′s and a new culture was being born with people like Damian Hirst and McQueen himself – they were angry, they were anglo-centric and they were shocking. McQueen graduated in 1992 from Central Saint Martins and his entire collection was bought by Isabella Blow – she gave him unprecedented access to the world of fashion and thrust him into a limelight which I think he resisted at first. But she was pivotal in his career and what McQueen like to do most was to shock.His legacy lives on with Sarah Burton but McQueen certainly made his mark in the world of fashion.’ Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname

Source: Sufiyeh Hadian- F.TAPE


4 Must Have for Spring Splash Sequin Skirt

Zoe Oxford Hologram By Miista

Soiree Platform - White by Jeffrey Campbell Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname

Peplum Top


Fashion Interview ModaRévisé designer: Stella Chang

Matuschka Pouchette ModaRévisé was founded by NYC based artist and fashion designer Stella Chang. While studying video installation and children’s book illustration at New York University, Stella became entranced with the process of translating art into fashion and at the age of 19 began designing luxury handbags for fashion-greats including Malini Murjani of Isabella Fiori, United Bamboo Men’s Accessories, and Calvin Klein. Eight years later, Stella decided to combine her artistic visions and fashion savvy and is now solely dedicated to her own line, ModaRévisé. FB Magazine: How did you decide to become a handbag designer? Stella: I come from a fine art background so becoming a handbag designer was never a conscious decision. However, just like a piece of paper, a bag to me is like a blank canvas where I can use colors, stitching, materials, hardware, and all the other intricacies such as construction and different printing techniques you see on a bag to

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tell a story. A bag is one of those rare objects that not only accentuates the woman, but also narrates the story of that woman even when not being carried. FB Magazine: How do you get your inspirations? Stella: Art. Music. Story.

I consistently draw inspiration from art, music, and a good story & pretty much from wherever it hits me at any given moment. I grew up wanting to be an artist, while my mother wanted me to be a concert pianist. Let’s just say I ended up illustrating for Children’s books and fell in love with visual artists Bjork, Matthew

Barney and Eiko Ishioka. At the same time I lose my breath for Nujabes’ Remixes and Rachmaninoff’s Concerto No.2 like no body’s business, but I have instead become a fashion designer. Raised by a strong single mom and 2 sets of formidable grandparents, my favorite past time was sitting down and listening to their stories. All in all the stories cover a span of 120 years, some of them are sad while others are simply sublime. But the continuing scene had always been about the perception of women and women’s beauty through changing times. Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


Through their stories, I learned that a woman’s beauty is more than just the perfection of a beautiful body or a pretty face as both will rot with time, but it is the real beauty composed of raw emotions, life experiences, and the character that forms as a result that will stand the test of time. In this sense, I suppose that the shortest answer to the question of inspiration is that I draw it mostly from the great lessons of life.

Pandora Trend Board Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


FB Magazine: How long does it usually take to construct a piece? Stella: Depending on how complicated the design is and how much I fancy to do custom development for hardware, materials, and how much I wish to make the factory’s life hell. All in all, the whole process from conception to final confirmed piece takes about 3 – 6 months, which is also an industry standard.

Black Onyx

FB Magazine: What is the vision for ModaRévisé collections ? Stella: To provide an alternative aesthetic that is artistically inspired for women who see beyond the conventional definition of beauty. Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


FB Magazine: Which of

bags is your favorite and why?

Stella: I have 2 favorites, the first being the Black Iris Without Black collection’s Cross

body Box and the second is Matuschka Pouchette.

Black Iris Without Black collection’s Cross body Box I love Black Iris because it was one of the hardest collections to design and make! I was obsessed with American artist Georgia O’Keffe’s Black Iris flower watercolor series for the longest time, and I was especially intrigued by the fragility and vulnerability of how she painted the flower. At the time, I was exploring this preference for delicate female beauty and thought there was no better art motif to be inspired by than O’Keeffe’s.

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Georgia O’Keffe’s Black Iris “Can I re-create that on a piece of leather?” The whole collection was henceforth born. The patternmakers and the creative team ended up having to experiment with origami technique to literally fold the Black Iris flower from a piece of lambskin leather. I flat out refused to create a flower appliqué or rosette, which in my opinion was totally overdone by 2009. It was hard work but well worth it and we went through several botched attempts before I could even look at the sample without running my head into a wall. My personal gratification was immense just to actually see the final piece come into reality after so much uncertainty. But it was immeasurably even more gratifying when it went on to receive a personal recognition from Anna Wintour herself.

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Matuschka Pouchette As for Matuschka pouchette, I love this bag because it is inspired by Russian glory herself: Catherine The Great of Russia.

A contemporary of Marie Antoinette, I

couldn’t help but to wonder why is it that one became synonymous to power and triumph while the other paid the ultimate price? What was in little Sophie’s (Catherine The Great’s birth name) character that preserved her for the eventual throne of Russia and received the affectionate moniker of Matuschka, or little Mother in Russian? All the while little Antoine became known as Madam Deficit and sent to the guillotine.

Matuschka is a character study of Catherine the Great’s formidable personality of forbearance and intelligence, which ultimately brought her to a glorious end. More and more modern women are standing on their own, especially in defining their own destinies. Strong in character and powerful in execution I suppose you can say thatMatuschka Pouchette is created as my way of uniting these women who share Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname













Matuschka Pouchette is an ode to all the glorious women who own up to their own decisions, mistakes, and ultimately their own lives.

Catherine The Great Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


FB Magazine: Who is your dream client? And Why? Stella: “My dream clients are women who know who they are and what they want. These are women who appreciate life and are not afraid to stand firm on the Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


decisions they make for themselves. In other words, these are women who take their own lives into their own hands, and are never afraid to own up to their own mistakes. Especially true of these women, is that they know it’s not the brands they buy that define them. They define themselves.

Little Nicki

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30 - New website will be launched in March. Pinterest: ModaRevise Twitter: @modarevise

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A Dose A Dotty Outfit : Electric Blue

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Hat: Topshop Sunglasses: Rayban Necklace: Dorothy Perkins Cuff: Miso Peace ring: Topshop Aztec ring: Miso Scarf: schoo Top: Uniqlo Blazer: H&M Shorts: H&M Shoes: Internacionale Bag: Vintage Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


Beauty by Krysti Let’s Talk: Fashion Bloggers aren't all the same This is a stigma that has irritated me since becoming a lot more involved in the world of fashion blogs. I spend quiet a bit of time browsing over tons of blogs, and most of them simply bore me to death. Yes, I understand you like clothes, but your countless posts of you in pretty clothes does not inspire me to get more involved in your blog. A blog should consist of substance, I want to read about different brands, tutorials, your input. I want to feel involved in your work, not just see a hundred pictures of you in the same tacky outfit. Bring me, the reader, into your world. I want to understand your style, how you interpret fashion. There are a few main things I look for when getting involved in a fashion blog. I have broken them down into a few sections. Also note, this is note a guide and I am not telling you how to run your blog, but this is MY little corner of the internet so I am going to give my two cents. Content, content is everything to a blog. I love to see people go out of the traditional path of writing and add their own personal spark. Personality will keep readers coming back for more. Don't be a walking billboard for brands. Yes, I love to see your pictures of your creative outfits, I love seeing new fashion statements, but add some substance to your post. Give me some interpretation of how you put the look together, what inspired you.You have to set yourself apart from everyone else or you will just blend into the background. Get involved with your readers. I love seeing bloggers answering questions, giving style tips and engaging with their readers. Your readers are not just another 'follow' button, they are the ones that keep your blog popular, they spread the word about your content, therefore they should be close to the top on your list of priorities. Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


Have a good layout. Simple and chic is the best. No this does not mean that everything has to be white, actually I rather do not like the color, but you do not want alot of obstacles taking the readers focus from your content. Also, brands like to see an organized and simple palate, it is a reflection of yourself and people will notice. Blog about topics people can relate too. Yeah I know that fashion week is great, its also a wonderful way to get readers from all corners of the world focused to your blog. It's an example of something a lot of people can relate to. Give readers a reason to want to read your content and to keep coming back for more. I hope this little bit helps you in your writing. Just keep in mind, ''Would I keep coming back?'' Remember the readers and you should have no problems being successful!

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Beauty by Krysti DIY: Galaxy Skirt Hi Guys! I







cosmic/galactic/universal/nebular print on a







black asymmetric skirt that I have ).

Since it is such a trend right now in the fashion world a piece of it would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. I looked up the prices on these cosmic print clothing but the prices are just too expensive so I did a little research on how to make my own cosmic piece. What you need: 

Bleach in a spray bottle (make sure the bottle is fully cleaned before putting in

the bleach) 

Fabric Spray Paint (any will do, I used Art Minds from Micheal’s for $15)

Skirt preferably (asymmetric ones and made of cotton, If you don’t have

anything at home go to a thrift store and get one for like 2 dollars

Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


Lay out on cardboard or paper as to not make a mess or spread stains. Spray the bleach in corner you want the spiral print to be concentrated, then sprinkle or splash a little bit of bleach all over the skirt to create some stars. Do this again on the back of the skirt. (bleach reaction on cotton skirt should occur in 5-10 seconds.)

Spray the PURPLE paint around the bleached area. Then spray the GREEN paint around the Dark spots of the skirt.

Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


Spray the YELLOW paint in the middle of the bleached circles.

Hang and let dry! I really love the new galaxy trend, but alot of the pieces are of high cost, so just cut corners and get creative!! Resource

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Cheap is Chic Outfit: I'm a lumberjack girl, yeah!

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Chic N Roll Outfit: Harley Girl

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Wearing: Sweatshirt - Vintage, Jeans - Vintage, Sunnies - Urban Outfitters, Heels -

Zara So this was my dad's Harley Davidson sweatshirt that I stole (whoops), it's okay though because he has so many. I took it and made it my own by cutting it off the shoulder... it's amazing what a pair of scissors can do. It's so cozy, I never want to take it off (like ever). He actually has a Harley Davidson motorcycle himself... I grew up riding it all the time (with him driving it that is). I would sit behind him, holding on for dear life. I guess that would make me a true harley girl right? There's no better feeling than riding on the back of a motorcycle, what a thrill. Onto my lovely feet... I am absolutely loving these Zara heels that I recently got my hands on... they're so comfortable & oh so chic (simply can't get enough of them). They add a touch of elegance to every outfit, especially this one as they completely dress up a pair of boyfriend jeans & a sweatshirt. Perfection in my eyes. Can you believe it's almost the end of January already? Slow down 2013, will ya? Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


Confessions of Two Chic-Aholics

Outfit: Camo Tee Camouflage is one of the season's hot trends. In fact, we have always loved it. In this post I am wearing my bf's original camo tee and my skinny black pants with gold toned accessories. The background was ideal for this particular photo shooting. Don't you think?

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Original Camo Tee, Leather Jacket MASSIMO DUTTI, Pants BSB, Booties ZARA, Necklace ACCESSORIZE, Ring ACCESSORIZE, Sunglasses UTERQUE, Handbag LOUIS VUITTON damier ebene speedy 35

k.k. Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


Fashion Scoop .

Trends From Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week

Even if you don’t follow Fashion Week, but you care about style, you know how important this time is for determining what you’ll eventually be wearing or at least seeing everywhere. The runway looks carry a big impact in determining what’s available, even affecting those who couldn’t care less. (Remember when Miranda Priestly, the demanding magazine Editor in Chief in The Devil Wears Prada, explained the trickle down effect?) So while studying the designer looks, I compiled a list of common trends spotted during Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week. I will continue to add to the list until the week concludes on February 14th. I would love your input too! Any trends I missed? Which looks did you love the most? Leave me a comment, and I’ll be sure to write back! <3 Black leather jackets- One theme this year is “punk,” and there is no better way to incorporate that than with a black leather biker jacket. Pants and dresses, or even both (see left image) were displayed with the versatile jacket. If you’re looking to get on board with the trendiest styles, find ones with a collar and a diagonal zipper. The bottom of the jacket should hit the top of your hip for a youthful, flattering fit. There were other variations of the jacket as well, including ones that only have leather on the sleeves and button up like a letter jacket. (Tanya Taylor, Kimberly Ovitz, Jason Wu)

Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname

45 60′s style plaid- Mad about plaid? This year plaid was thrown into the mix on all basic garments. Holmes & Yang even made a blue formal dress with the busy print; but it’s not small cowgirl checks that we saw. Most of the plaid looks had a vintage (and British) vibe. The prints in Creatures of the Wind creations had me pining to locate the old photo album of my grandfather in his early parenting years. To pull off plaid, incorporate it from other trends from the season that didn’t exist in the 60′s, such as liquid leggings. If you’re still unsure if your look is cool, then try it out with simpler pieces, such as a shirt or layered vest rather than a long coat or dress. (Veronica Beard, Creatures of the Wind, Tanya Taylor)

Baggy silk trousers with a graphic print- Okay, I’m not talking about baggy as in the imprecise fit of men’s dungarees in 1993. I merely mean these pants give your legs room to move. They are not parachute pants or even wide legged, in fact they usually taper at the very bottom. Many people will see this as a welcome change to the skintight skinny jean which we keep in our closets only as a weight loss goal. Because everything about these bottoms screams sophisticated, don’t take the easy route and dress them down with a plain white t-shirt. They might feel as lounge-like as pajamas, but reward the glamour with a similar print in opposite colors. (If the flowers were purple and the background was pink try a top that’s violet with pink flowers.) I love the white and black look on the right by DVF. If the brand sells opposite sets then you’re in luck! Everyone will think you’re a true style star when all you did was buy two pieces on adjacent hangers. (ICB, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Diane von Furstenberg)

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Long black gloves- My favorite trend rocked the runaways! The world returns to the accessory popularized centuries ago but with a twist. The elbow length gloves of 2013 come only in black and (usually) leather, instead of the pure as snow silk gloves the Daughter’s of the Revolution ancestors . Best of all, this seasonal femme fatale piece might be acceptable even without other outerwear… but that will determined in the fall. (Vera Wang, Donna Karan, Wes Gordon)

*Pictures from

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Cooked Culture Trends: Leopard Print Swag Leopard print is definitely a print that can be worn by anyone all year round. I for one love to add a bit of leopard just to give an outfit that extra fab character. T.G.I.F CC

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Dirty Little Secret Outfit: Snow Queen

❄ Here it finally is - the full post about my winter shoot! ❄ The main reason i shot these pics was that i received this wonderful dress from MsDRESSY! That's why i decided to go for a more special shoot!

Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


Honestly this was probably the shoot i was most excited about! This is not one of my regular fashion posts, like i said, i put more work in the pics because i wanted to put this beautiful dress in the right light! Plus the shoot was a little challenge (i love challenges!) - we had to deal with snow & the cold! I was hoping for a warmer weather but instead it turned colder & it started to snow! For a second, i was wondering if it was the right choice to choose a white dress! But it was! Love that the colors are reduced to a minimum.. and that the dress almost disappears in the snow! We had to shoot the pics really fast because we knew that we only had one take & limited time before my hands & nose started to turn red :) I checked the location a few times before..made a lot of drawings & light settings.. it had to be perfect! I think the pressure to shoot good pics in a limited time and the adrenaline rush right Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


before taking my coat off made us work more concentrated! At this point i'd like to thank my sister for doing such a great job! (c) Ola Ciucka - do not use these pics without my permission -

Also i'd like to thank MsDRESSY for sponsoring this gorgous dress! I love that the dress has this amazing lace part on the back together with the tutu! What i also really like about this store is that the dresses have customized sizes.. that means, every dress is unique..just like every girl is unique!

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Fabulicious Outfit: A Pop of Blue Oh boy, I can’t tell you how I just looove these coated/waxed jeans from H&M! They look a bit like leather pants and fits like a glove. Funny fact 1: my whole outfit is from H&M, except the scarf. (Pieces) Funny fact 2: The blouse with stars I’m wearing, is in fact from the children department at H&M!

(Couldn’t resist it)

About the blue hat: I wanted something like that for quite some time and found it at the sale for an amazing price! I’m glad I bought it, because it really completes my look. (otherwise it would be a bit boring) Can’t wait to style it with different outfits!

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Fashion Tales DIY: Accessories I wanted to share some inspiration and progress from projects that I had been working on in earlier weeks.

Waist Treatments: You're aware of my adoration for accessories, thus an entire crafting session one day was solely dedicated to "the belt." I recently designed two belts before the holidays: one of Baroque inspiration, and the other merely being somewhat of an ornate ode to onyx artful styled piece. Here are the results!

Baroque: I used custom running yardage trim, cut, and sewed the piece on my cut industrial elastic, then used a large brass hook & eye for closure.

Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


Ode to Onyx: I used a buckle that I acquired long ago, cut my industrial elastic and folded one side of it around the metal bar of the buckle, sewing it closed. Then, sewed the opposite side of the elastic and attached a metal hook along the edge of the elastic.

Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


Subtle Edge: I take note when a garment has a special trim or added feature that surprises you, so a spike or three was exactly what I wanted in this blouse. I added spikes to the collar ends, as well as the shoulder seam for a custom dash ofmy style! As difficult as it is to say, yes, sometimes less is more! And, in this case the style direction that I wanted to go!

Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


Sustaining and Resourceful: My African wax fabric has surely served its (multi)purposes with me designing a clutch bag, and a bow tie for a friend. But, most importantly after careful cutting I was able to create a midriff bodice piece as well. I believe it's safe to say that I have used all of this fabric's contents for the greater good! Perhaps I may be able to create a miracle out of the lasting remnant of 10cm, but don't hold your breath.

I will be properly wearing all of these soon, but for now there's the viewing!Next up? A few more finishing touches on several other items. Here's to looking ahead. Of course, you should have practical goals ... there's also nothing wrong with thinking bigger, and challenging yourself always! Seek after what you want, write it down if you need to, and then just DO IT!

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Inside Fashion World Outfit: A tiger on my sweatshirt I know that my outfits on the blog are very rare, but lately the inspiration is on my side to help me create more and more new and special. Remember one of the must-have among the most sought-after blogger? The sweater with the tiger from Kenzo? Well, I know that many others do not like and can no longer see after they showed off a lot of people, but I could not help but buy it after having courted and "stalkerata" (can you tell?) On the site of Choies to 21 euro! A bargain is not it? I decided to take a black version easier to match!

Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


What do you think of this result? Suitable for those days where time lurches between hot and cold, also my dog Tequila is always to make sure that my shots are fine, in fact she even gets in the way :) Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


La Pulcinella London Fashion Week F/W 13/14: A little round-up

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Where British major arts and cultural centre met creative heads and crazy styles - it must have been fashion week in UK's vibrant capital. Season in, season out London is floated by a fashion wave, wich couldn't be composed of more diversity. From the shrill birds to the sophisticated editors and buyers to the street style photographers and recoignsable bloggers who already reached a celerbity like state; everyone made their way to Somerset House - the heart of London Fashion Week. Especially designed by Manolo Blahnik, the tent found itself adorned by pretty sketches of the shoe master's imaginations; something I recognised straight from the beginning.

Starting on the 15th of February, the week kicked off with Zoe Jordan and Bora Aksu as two of the first designers to present. From that on, it seemed like the South-Eastern district of the city was dressed in an unusual crowd of people.

Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


It's a mix of the craziest people you probably don't see all year long and some people you never expected to see face-to-face on any day of the year. While it might be inspiring to photograph all those much self-confident people and even talk to some, it's above all an indecisive feeling that arises and which switches from hour to hour. From excitement to be there and spotting some interesting people to doing your "job" over there and moving on to the next appointment, it feels above all a little alienating at first. It may be a question of expertise and routine but it may also be that sneaky thought coming into my head after sticking around Fashion Week for a few hours. Provocative at first but broken by some outstanding PRETTY looks, London's fashion week is above all one thing: Unpredictable.

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You never know what happens next. One second you take some quick shots of Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook, the other moment you ask yourself who's that petite beauty in her Maison Martin Margiela boots and huge shades surrounded by a big bulb of photographers.

Luckily, my way I made on my much beloved Guess heels that day were crossing highly appreciated Suzy Menkes' for a few seconds. It's one of those bright lights you begin to distinguish in a cage of crazy birds seeking to get their picture taken by someone. The huge tolerance of a city, which doesn't even give a strange look if you arrive in your pyjamas on the tube, wasn't excluded from Somerset House. As alienating as it feels at some points when spotting a cross-dresser who taped both of his eyes and walked around with a blind stick (provocation and stupidity at its most ridiculous point), the broad diversity of looks and the selfconfidence of others (excluding the aforementioned stranger) irradiate can also start comforting you. Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


It's that "just go for it" attitude, which still fascinates me during LFW.

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Dressing myself in a very dark-in-dark look and pulling my "most comfortable" heels (only us women and the handful of cross dressers around the tent will know what this means) has made me feel much confident that first day. My coat is from Dolce & Gabbana, the wool dress from Topshop, the blouse from Ralph Lauren, shades are bought from a vintage shop in New York and my old shoes from Guess For day 2, I chose my Zara coat and jeans with some sharp heels by Casadei, hat by Uniqlo & bag by Balenciaga. Spare ballerinas were in the bag ... I'm not insane ;)

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Karen P Outfit: Shark t-shirt

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Who says we can't wear men t-shirts? No one! In fact, as you can see I matched a beautiful shirt by Givenchy with a big shark ... Black and electric blue ... what a combination! Obviously an item like this creates a look a little unusual but I like it a lot. So here it is. I match all with leather leggings and a hat. And the bracelet? Have you ever heard of Double-ei? This brand was born from the project started from Paola Argine and Cristina Alzati: two top class working together, a double vision of things to create something unique for product, fashion and exhibit design. From October 2011 Double-ei is a registered trademark. At the end of 2010 the two women are alone, with a laser in their hands. From those far days till now, they created 5 collections, many pieces presented, and a catalog of best sellers. I wear one of the bracelets of the Burlesque Collection. This collection is strong and aggressive where the studs are the protagonists, and the leather and satin bows soften and make it all sexy and appealing. In the picture you can see the Gypsy bracelet named after the collection. The leather bracelet is always a good accessory for more looks and it pull out that rock sensation which is always appreciable. MY LOOK: T-shirt: GIVENCHY Leggings: Asos Shoes: UNDERGROUND Bracelet: DOUBLE-EI (bought on Yoox) Hat: VANS (bought on Asos ) FOTO BY CLAUDIA BELLOTTI

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Interview: Jamie Craig Inspires Us All With Her Creative Direction Jamie Craig: A inspirational style rookie, music fiend, and up-&-coming artist, whose illustrative and stylistic talents never cease to amaze, gave us our first Style Interview. Though she could appear unassumingly modest with her long blonde locks and fair skin, this girl has an edginess to her that just canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go unnoticed. Read more to uncover just how she achieves such effortless, kick ass street style.

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M: How would you define your personal style? J: My everyday style is sophisticated hippie meets punk rocker. I like to mix casual pieces with unique ones that I have found through traveling or at vintage stores. M: What do you think every woman should own? J: Black jeans. They’re an upgrade from the basic blue jean. They are more formal, skinnier…and definitely more sexy. M: What are your 3 Rules to dress by? J: Color, fit and comfort: Know your body; choose colors that will compliment your skin and hair tones. Don’t be afraid of buying a larger size, every single article of clothing is designed differently so try on different sizes until you find one that sits well on your body. Finally you must be comfortable in your clothes, physically and mentally. You gotta rock it! M: What is the general process you go through to conceptualize, and execute a successful outfit? J: First I go for the basics and build up from there. I look at different color compositions and try to create juxtapositions with various fabrics and textures to create a cool look. Once I am satisfied I move onto accessorizing my outfit with belts, hats, rings and of course, boots. I’m making it seem a lot simpler that it sounds. It usually involves 10 outfit changes and my whole closet in a pile on the floor. I’m super indecisive. M: What does fashion mean to you? J: Fashion is a reflection of who you are, who you want to be, who you wish you could have been and where you want to place yourself in society. Clothes fool perception. M: What are some of your fashion goals? J: I’m always pushing myself to try new things and be more adventurous with my style (I don’t’ necessarily mean buying a whole knew wardrobe, but instead wearing things you already have in a different way, you know?). people’s style through my own. M: From where do you draw your inspiration?

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I want to inspire other


J: It totally depends. Sometimes it can be as simple as my mood or the weather. If it’s miserable out I’ll throw on an over-sized sweater, calf hugging black jeans, a loose knit circle scarf and some sassy ankle boots to polish the look off and avoid looking like a grandpa. But more generally speaking, I draw a lot of my outfit inspiration from music, blogs and even friends. M: Who are your favorite designers? J: This is a toughy! I love Alexander Wang for his simplicity but also Givenchy and Ellie Saab for their TO-DIE-FOR GOWNS. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re missing out. Another favorite of mine is Wildfox. It’s an up-and-coming, causal












M: Who influences you when you are developing your personal style? J: I try to avoid following celebrity style trends and things like that. I source most of my style influence from friends. We feed off of one another. But you need to know where to draw the line and make things your own so you don’t end up looking like a 90s girl band. M: Who are your style icons? J: Hmmm, my style icons are always changing. For a while I was religiously following Abbey Lee Kershaw, and was just in awe with every outfit she effortlessly put together. Kate Moss and Janis Joplin are a given. But for now… it has to be Cara Delevigne who is this insanely corky model! Right now she’s rockin’ graphic crew necks (that have boobs on them and others that say “Ain’t No Wifey”) with toques and skinny jeans. Too good! M: What is your favorite piece of clothing? J: My black jeans. They never fail me. M: Favorite accessory you can’t live without? J: Rings. I love rings; my fingers feel naked without them. M: Do you have any favorite color palates? Patters? Prints? J: It’s funny I color coordinate my closet… but there isn’t a large range of colors. I tend to gravitate towards neutrals, especially beige and black. If I’m feeling adventurous I’ll choose a mauve/light pink. Kidding, but I seriously need to invest in Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


some rich colors for fall! As for patterns and prints, I don’t wear a lot, with the exception of the odd animal print, here and there. Meowwww. M: What are your favorite places to shop? J: Pickings are slim in Van. but I have managed to find a few gems here and there. One of my favorite stores is in Yaletown, called Jennyfluer Loves. It carries a lot of brands you can only find online (like Wildfox) and is run by a lovely motherdaughter duo! Sikta is also another one of my favorites, seeing as I spend more money on their clothing than I do on groceries. Oops?! M: What are the websites, blogs artists you follow? J: I love the Wildfox inspiration blog! Kimberly, one of the owner’s and designer’s does a really good job of keeping my up to date with the latest fashions and never fails to inspire me with her own drawings and photographs. Check it out. Super, super rad! M: How do you prepare for a shoot? J: I like to drink green tea and listen to music that makes me want to move. Scrolling my tumblr dashboard also helps for last minute posing inspiration! M: How do you feel about Vancouver street style? J: Generally speaking, I’m disappointed in it. It makes me less inclined to put together a rad outfit before I go out the door. I tried to blame it on the weather, but going to London this summer has confirmed it is due to pure laziness, or maybe lack of inspiration. The city is young and has the potential to have a really happening style scene. People just need to start showing more interest. M: What are some of your style predictions for this year? J: This past year we saw a re-emergence of 90s style. Crop tops, platform shoes and metallics. We just started to get a taste in the spring. I think that those trends will be amplified and carried on to next seasons spring/summer (at least I’m praying they will!). M: Where can people find your work? J: Find me and follow me at

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Leelooâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Store Outfit: 366 days, 12 favorites

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It was a year of simple, often minimalistic outfits. Year of neutral colours and shorts. Year of necklaces and rings. Goodbye 2012, welcome 2013!

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Loganâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Runaway Report: #LFW in Pictures Hi Guys, This post is just a picture round up of my time at London Fashion Week. To be honest, it could have been about 5 or 6 separate posts, but I figured we will be all #LFW out very soon, so condensed it all into one picture post.

LFW Sign, Outfit day 1, Waiting for Zoe Jordan, Somerset House Courtyard, Topshop NEWGEN, Sister by Sibling

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Zhang, Outfit Day 2, Tickets for Bora Aksu, JW Anderson NEWGEN Bagde, Maarten Van De Horst

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Goody Bag from Zoe Jordan, Huishan Finale to Bora Aksu, Topshop NEWGEN bages, More NEWGEN designs, Cocktail break, Zoe Jordan Finale. It really was an amazing few days, and it is not till you are back and you look through all the pics that you realise how much you have seen. I was really lucky to have been asked to the Zoe Jordan and Bora Aksu shows, they were both soo gorgeous, but really different. Zoe Jordan was full of whites, black leathers and pops of colour in very classic and simple cuts. While Bora Aksu was alot more about the detail with stunning dresses and skirts that had the most beautiful lines, celebrating the female body. I am sure it is not the done thing when you are at fashion week but I let out a few "wow's" as the models walked past, because they all looked so amazing! If you want to see the full shows click here One of my favourite parts of being at Somerset House is being able to go to the Topshop NEWGEN exhibition. Each year Topshop always celebrate the best of new talent in the fashion industry that later go on to be major league players, like Holly Foulton and JW Anderson. This year was no different, and I think my personal fav was Sister by Sibling, with it's crazy neons leopard prints. And I got to choose a badge from one the NEWGEN designers, which was really hard. Ok, slight overstatement, but still hard. I went for JW Anderson's anchor one in the end. Overall, the experience was fab and it was made even better by meeting some lovely fellow bloggers that I love too.

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Love Fashion Couture Outfit: Learn about the LA ‘swag’

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Hi guys! I would like to tell you something about the LA swag. Most "edgy" people in Hollywood specially dancers like myself love wearing outfits like this. We must wrap around our waist a flannel shirt anytime we are rehearsing or taking dance class or even just to go out to a bar,not sure why but we do! lol Here I am wearing a vintage with some Michael Jackson patches flannel,a simple grey shirt by FOREVER21,Boots by FOREVER21,purse by CHANEL "knockoff" lol , Leatherman jacket by URBAN OUTFITTERS,glasses by SUPER RETRO FUTURE and to give it a more fashionable look I wore some oldies but goodies STEVE MADDEN Boots. Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


Love Fashion Couture Beauty DIY: The Cat Eye

Welcome Jessica Vargas to L.F.C .. Vargas is a Hair & Makeup stylist from Los Angeles whom loves helping aspiring models, actresses and fashionistas with the beauty needs. We all know that hiring makeup artist could be a little pricy here Jessica will teach you a few tips to get a perfect look for any photo shoots or auditions.

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Love me in White Trend: Midsummer Mandarin Outfit

Midsummer Mandarin Outfit Whats cuter than a gold sequin short? Whats more fun than a denim shirt? Whats more chic than a white blazer? Here Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve put all three statement items together and added an orange handbag, nude, gold, and navy accessories, and adorable anchor earrings. This is one of my favorite summertime looks. This is a look to be seen in.

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Marzipan Outfit: H&M lace dress

This dress is one of my favourite piece of my wardrobe. I've used it for all occasions: in the morning at the university, in the afternoon for my long walks and in the evening with a couple of heels. It 's so versatile that I wear it from fall to summer. I like combining itwith sandals in warm days and in the cold seasons wear it with coats, sweaters and hats.

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Me Flipa la Moda Outfit: Looks

Un popurri de looks de este verano. Neones, pasteles, flores y muchos accesorios llamativos. Actualizate constantemente en la pagina de facebook.

ÂżQue look te flipo mas? Xoxo Bambina Monella

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Miss Lemonet Els Encants - Barcelona Market

Ultimamente va de mercadillos, hoy os presento Els Encants, que para todos los que esteis en Barcelona ya conoceréis y debéis visitar alguna vez, aun que va cambiando año tras año, siempre tiene ese encanto de mercadillo de trastos en la que a veces, rebuscando mucho, encuentras cosas interesantes, y si no, te quedas con el encanto de un mercado trasteril, Els Encants, y un paseo. Os dejo con algunas fotos del fin de semana pasado, llovió, fue un poco fastidio, ya que se embarro un poquito, ademas que las cosas se mojaban y los paraguas son un un engorro con la gente y los objetos, asi que os recomiendo que si llueve, volver a casa y disfrutad de una peli y mantita, porque no vale la pena dar vueltas, sin ver nada y mojandote. Por lo demas, yo soy una fan de las cosas antiguas, con historia, rotas, reutilizables o pensar que podria hacer con eso. Ejemplo, en navidades Carlos me regalo un tocador que hizo el mismo, tiene maña para la carpinteria, y le estoy añadiendo piezas que me encontre por alli, rotas de otro mueble, asi como unos pomos para los cajones. Como una restauración. Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


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Miss Tangerine Outfit: Purple Rain

Dress: Style in a Box || Earings: Local store || Heels: Zara

Editorialish. Today's outfit post is a bit out of the blog's normal outfit posts.... It's much more editorial and much lesslook at me just walking down the street. I really like to model, so this posts are fun for me to do ... and you seem to enjoy them as well (this outfit post is one of the most viewed ever, for example!) so why not?! I'll leave you with these fifteen best shots, thoroughly chosen from a total of over six hundred photographs... Tell me which one is your favourite and enjoy! Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


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My Vintage Curves Outfit: A bird flies on my skirt How I wear my Vintage 80′s black & blue skirt with bird pattern

I found this amazing skirt in a box in the basement and I decided to design around it a perfect IT Girl’s style outfit. Or rather, a curvy version of it. Look at this bird pattern, isn’t it cute? There are my favourite colors: taupe and black + blue. And for the first time in my blogging life (and in my real life too) I wear socks with skirt and, in spite of my previous opinions, they doesn’t look so bad together. I also added a touch worthy of the best street style icons: a wide brimmed hat that creates a masculine feminine contrast I love so much. In some pictures I wear the hat backwards. Let it fly! I’m not a genuine IT Girl An finally I’m trying to be one of the next IT BLOGGERS. Would you vote for me? You can vote once a day, it’s easy and no submission is required. I really need your support! Vote here Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


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Oh To Be a Muse Lookbook: Wrapping Up the Lace If you're looking for a post about the Golden Globes, then you've come to the wrong place. I do have a photo of myfavorite dress of the night, and I did witness that confusing yet interesting coming out speech by Jodie Foster, but this post is all about my weekend. look.

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Lipstick: The Empire Lilacs | Gifted Sheinside wrap cardigan | Sole Mio Tobi top | Go Jane lace pants | Christian Siriano pumps | Jason Wu satchel | Fashion Bloggers Magazine N째2 Nonickname


I just realized that my 2012 Year in Review post was actually my 500th blog post on the Muse. Sorry I didn't really pay that much attention to that--it's been a super busy week to start the new year. But with that said, happy 500th blog post to me! And I've been blogging for about 4 years now so I'll throw that in there too

Confession: I started blogging back in 2008, then stopped, then returned to it some time in 2009 before making it routine in 2010. So long story short, I don't know when I "officially" started Oh to Be a Muse, but I do know that this was one of my first posts back in February 2009 (most of my other initial posts have since been deleted for being terrible). What do you think of this look? â&#x2122;Ľ Fashion Bloggers Magazine N°2 Nonickname


Social Wardrobe Trends: Pop Rocks Shop the Pop Rock Lookbook at Nasty Gal! Go where rainbows reign, linings come in silver and platforms can’t get high enough! We’re in electric ladyland with colors that blaze beyond the spectrum and patterns that are poppin’ off.

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