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Hot looks for summer Don’t let the sun be the only thing that’s sizzling this season

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Featured blogger: Sarah Stannard Be an expert fashionista on any budget

Feature: Natural Beauty

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Ronne Lewis creates a natural, inviting environment for her clients at Shumai-Chi

Style on the street Style around town Upcoming fashion events Summer makeup tips

Don’t let the hot weather ruin your look!

editor-in-chief/ designer Allison Halco


Summer versatility

contributing writers Megan Blankenship Angelique LaFleur Lauren Kirk Sarah Stannard

photographers Mike Cuscire Stephanie Reed

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Fashionably Cleveland :: Summer 2011

From the editor


he dog days of summer are here, and with

• a recap of recent local fashion events

them comes the challenge of looking good despite the climbing temperature and

• makeup tips for a fresh summer look

unbearable humidity. Year after year in Cleveland,

• and more!

it’s tough to maintain a sense of style, especially during the

We hope you enjoy this

later months of summer. We’re

issue of Fashionably Cleveland

hoping to help you get through

and visit our website,

it in this issue of Fashionably,

Cleveland. Keep reading to

for even more local style


content. As always, we invite you to

• a popular local blogger’s

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us on Facebook and Twitter (@FashionablyCle) to let us

• what other Northeast Ohioans are doing to

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maintain their style despite the climbing temperatures • versatile summer-to-fall looks from Anne van H. Boutique

Stay stylish,

Allison Halco

Founder and Editor-in-Chief


Online now Fashion is a choice. Please dress responsibly.

Celebrating local fathers


Stylishly charitable

NOTO hosts annual summer fashion show

Saks Fifth Avenue honors fathers and the Cleveland medical community in the most stylish way possible

Runway For The Cure raises money for breast cancer awareness

On the evening of Saturday, June 18, Akron’s flirty and chic boutique, NOTO, held its third annual fashion show, titled “Fashion is a Choice. Please dress responsibly.” With a spectacular runway set up in the back of the NOTO alley, this night of fashion was one that every attending fashionista will not soon forget. This fashion event screamed with Soho Nolit-esque appeal, which couldn’t have been offset better with the warm summer breeze.

On Thurs., June 15, Saks Fifth Avenue in Beachwood Place honored local fathers at the Fathers of Cleveland event, an event celebrating Father’s Day and highlighting some of the local medical community’s most noteworthy and caring dads. Each honoree was outfitted in Saks Fifth Avenue clothing, including emcee Michael Cardamone from WKYC’s Good Company.

Fashion is not always about the glitz and the glam. Sometimes it can be a guiding light for something much greater. On Friday, May 27, 2011, The Homewood Residence in Richmond Heights hosted the Runway For The Cure fashion show. The show was created to raise money for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.

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Fashionably Cleveland :: Summer 2011

Featured Fashionista

Amy Cooper Amy’s style can be described as a sophisticated twist on the latest fashions. She tends to take a cutting edge fashion and tones it down to a more classy everyday version of the initial style. Her style also incorporates a lot of femininity and glam, something Amy says her mother instilled in her at a very young age. She loves anything feminine and adores everything inspired by the ‘50s era. Amy’s favorite summer trend (pictured) is cotton and lace high waisted skorts. “I love them!” Amy says. Not only is the skort a cool and youthful look, but Amy is spot-on with this trend. The high-waisted skort is one of the major styles that is trending throughout the fashion world. “They look adorable paired with this season’s cork wedges or even a cute stylish and flirty pair of flats,” Amy says. Team the skorts with a lightweight colorful T-shirt or tank, and you have a very high-fashion - yet wearable - outfit. Amy is also a huge fan of summer dresses. She explains that summer dresses at any time of the day are the best way to stay cool and comfortable while being feminine and very chic at the same time. “Any dress can look amazing if paired with great shoes and the right accessories,” she says. FC

- Megan Blankenship


Featured blogger

Be an expert fashionista

By Sarah Stannard

could have rebelled from fashion at the age of 5 when my mother was squeezing my head through the neck hole of a pink sweater. This was not just any pink sweater, but a pastel pink knit sweater with cotton ball lambs on it that had absolutely no stretch to the fabric whatsoever. This 15-minute process occurred multiple times as a child, stuffing my head through a sweater that had a neck hole that was obviously way too small. I kicked and screamed, but ended up wearing that terrible sweater many times. Somehow, even with this scarring childhood process, I grew to love fashion. My first big breakthrough was a compliment from my art teacher in middle school. One day, she gushed over my drawing and showed my work to the entire class. She doesn’t know this, but that very moment was when I found my confidence. From then on I loved art, but I grew incredibly passionate about fashion. Living literally seconds from Summit Mall in Akron was the first fuel to my fashion fire. I would walk to the mall with my friends on the weekend, with the Backstreet Boys playing on the portable CD 6

player and a $20 bill stuffed in my pink feather trim purse. I always found something at Limited Too until I could fit into Abercrombie, and buying my first Abercrombie shirt was like a holiday. I had my prom dress drawn at the age of 13, complete with rhinestone chains, an exposed belly button and white polyester fabric. In my defense, this was the early 2000s, when Britney was the icon of every teenage girl! I doodled clothing designs during math class until it was time for art class, and I subscribed to as many teen fashion magazines as my allowance would let me. From then on, my goal was fashion school. I toured the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and received scholarships to The Columbus College of Art & Design, but I felt most

Fashionably Cleveland :: Summer 2011

accomplished when Kent State University accepted me into its Fashion Design program. I was one of the 60 students accepted onto the program out of hundreds who applied. I started my fashion studies in design but ended up switching to merchandising. I knew I wanted to be a leader in the industry, and while I had my creative wheels turning on a constant basis, I had to grow my business side. I excelled through college in the Fashion Merchandising and Entrepreneurship programs, and grew more determined to succeed every day. With a lifestyle revolving around fashion, keeping up with current trends and building a reputation can get very expensive. By no means am I a glitterati, but family, friends, and readers of my fashion blog, Sarah’s Laundry, look to me for fashion advice. Setting a fashionable example is part of who I am now, and a leader is what I’ve always wanted to be. My key to wardrobe success on a budget? Be a well-rounded shopper! Working an entrylevel position at a corporate office leaves little for the piggy bank after the big girl bills are paid, but if money is spent in the right ways, a stocked walk-in closet including a Louis Vuitton bag and an endless sea of shoes is very possible.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Stannard


on any budget

Here are my tips: Invest in the basics. There are some items that will be in style forever. Timeless items like jeans, hoop earrings, black pumps and a good handbag are never going to fade out. Save your money and purchase great quality basics that you’ll wear over and over until your fashion days are through! Try on jeans until you find the pair that is perfect for your shape. Scope out some high quality gold and silver hoop or stud earrings, and invest! Comfortable black pumps with a repair guarantee may come with a hefty price tag, but you’ll wear them all the time. A great designer handbag? Go with a classic that you can pass down for

generations. These are purchases that you’ll never regret! Want to splurge? Set a goal. I decided to invest in a Louis Vuitton bag when I graduated from Fashion School. I was still on a college-level income, so this was a true saving task at hand. First, I did a ton of research on what designer I wanted, and then I had to narrow down the style. For birthdays and other holidays, I asked for gift cards to that specific store or credit card gift cards. I told all my loved ones what I was saving for. I skipped on petty purchases and put $20 in my Louis Vuitton savings instead of spending it on a cheap seasonal purse. As childish as it sounds, I really had a piggy bank! Having

that in my vision constantly reminded me to put the extra $5 in my wallet towards the bag instead of a latte from Starbucks. If you really want the item, you’ll find a way to buy it! It took me a year to save for my Louis Vuitton, but by doing that, I realized that I truly wanted it and appreciate it more. Continued on page 21

Sarah Stannard is the founder of Sarah’s Laundry (, a blog with the goal of creating the solid ground of current trends for those who love fashion but do not live in large metropolitan areas – specifically for those living on a young professional’s budget. Sarah is an Ohio native with a Bachelor’s of Science from the highly recognized Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design and Merchandising at Kent State University. She majored in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Entrepreneurship and graduated in May of 2009.



was referred to Shumai-Chi by a great friend of mine who has been a client for over three years. She was adamant that I head over and check out “The Skin Studio� and its services, and I will never regret that I did. I was unsure what to expect the first time I walked into the building, but Shumai-Chi is intimate, warm and feels more like visiting a friend rather than paying for a service. Owner Ronne Lewis is intelligent, quick-witted, and her energy and smile are infectious. Continuing business in the spa/salon industry is often based on referrals, and I will never hesitate to pass along Shumai-Chi’s information to anyone who is asking. I recently spoke with Shumai-Chi owner Ronne Lewis about her studio, the industry, and much more. Read on to see what she had to say.

Naturalbeauty Ronne Lewis creates a natural, inviting environment for her clients at Shumai-Chi

By Lauren Kirk 8

Fashionably Cleveland :: Summer 2011

What’s the meaning or significance behind your studio’s name, Shumai-Chi? Shumai is Hebrew and means “May God help you hear with understanding/intelligence.” Chi is Asian and means “Life force.” The name signifies the importance of understanding the connection of plant-based synergy in harmony with our organic bodies. Chi signifies the life force that plant bases speak intelligently to the bodies cells. Science can’t explain it, nor dismiss it. How did you get your start in the industry and how long have you been in it? I started beauty school while still in high school and went on to educate myself in every aspect of the business, from head to toe. I have been in the industry for 35 years. What was your biggest challenge in leaving the salon setting and venturing out on your own? What was your greatest reward in the process?

Can you provide a list of the services you offer? What is the most popular? Shumai-Chi offers Yon-ka facials (French) and Vagheggi facials (Italian), plant-based products with compensatory benefits. We specialize in the Brazilian and offer a full waxing menu from head to toe for men and women. We also offer foot relaxation massages, body wraps, handcrafted Shumai-Chi soaps and lotions (paraben-free), and essential oils/ parfum blends. Brazilian waxing is the most popular service with facials coming in second.

Your salon has an exclusive, yet welcoming, feel. How do you balance the two for your clients? It truly is all about the client, the most important person in my business. The balance comes from remaining humble and thankful to God for all. Don’t over think it, it relieves you of anxiety. Most of all, enjoy it. What do you consider to be your specialty? Brazilian wax and facials ... are the most sought-after appointments. The plant theory has been a passion of mine for that last 25 years. Starting out in an industry that was simply toxic in the salon groomed me for what now is considered knowledgeable, not peculiar.

Do you offer any deals for new customers or for referrals? Shumai-Chi offers a $10 certificate for first-time clients. What are your top five beauty products you can’t live without? 1. Shumai-Chi lavender soap 2. Yon-ka cleanser 3. Yon-ka Phyto 52 firming cream 4. Shumai-Chi feline-fluff essential oil/parfum blend 5. Shumai-Chi lavender shea butter/ aloe lotion FC for more info

The biggest challenge in opening the studio was getting over myself, recognizing the annoyances as just that. Embracing the change and allowing the business to reflect what I worked hard to build over 30 years of service. The biggest reward is independence.

Photos by Mike Cuscire

Shumai-Chi “The Skin Studio” 27212 Royalton Rd. Columbia Station, OH 44028 440-236-3033

Lauren Kirk is a freelance writer and editor. In addition to working on her own personal writing and writing for multiple sites, Lauren is also currently pursuing her MFA in English. More of her work can be found at


What is your favorite summer go-to style in your own closet?

My favorite summer go to style would have to be light summer dresses. - Kathryn Loveland,

Style on the street

We tracked down

some of the Kent’s

fashionable residents and asked them for their advice on summer style. By Megan Blankenship


Fashionably Cleveland :: Summer 2011

Student and AR2 Sales Associate

What is your favorite summer trend?

My favorite summer trend is lightweight summer scarves. - Charlie Dale,

Fashion Designer and Blogger

What is your one summer must-have?

My summer must-have is a long antique necklace. - Jennifer Fagert,

Kent State Fashion Design Student



Around Town

Innovations ‘11 Date: May 1, 2011 Location: Ursuline College

Hot in Beachcliff Date: May 19, 2011 Location: Beachcliff Market Square


Fashionably Cleveland :: Summer 2011

Photos by Megan Blankenship and Allison Halco

Figwood Launch Date: May 26, 2011 Location: Banyan Tree

local style




Fashionably Cleveland :: Summer 2011



Fashionably Cleveland :: Summer 2011



Fashionably Cleveland :: Summer 2011




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fashion events

Want more local fashion? Check out these events: wednesday, july 13 FGI Trend Report & Networking Party The Brother’s Lounge 11607 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44102 6:30 - 9 p.m. More information: email

wednesday, july 20 Sanity’s 1st Happy Hour Wednesday Sanity 8 E. Washington Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 4 - 7 p.m.

saturday, July 30 STYLE CIRCUS: Beach Soiree + Summer Style Showcase The Velvet Dog 1280 West 6th Street Cleveland, OH 44113 8 - 11 p.m. Tickets: $10 More information:

friday, Aug. 5 Wearable Art Fashion Show Days Inn & Suites 4742 Brecksville Road Richfield, OH 44286

More information:

6 - 9:30 p.m. Tickets: $45 Dinner & Show; $20 Show only

saturday, july 23 2011 APL Metromix Fashion Show

More information:

The Arcade 420 East Superior Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114 8 p.m. (Doors open at 6:30 p.m.) Tickets: $12 general admission (in advance); $18 general admission (at the door); $30 VIP More information:

Check out our full event calendar online at


Continued from page 7

Do your research. If you want to be on top of the latest trends, flip though fashion magazines and figure out what would work best with your wardrobe. Magazine tears are also great inspiration for an outfit that you want to put together. See a great weekend outfit you like in Elle? Tear it out, pick out similar pieces that you already have in your wardrobe, and focus on shopping for the specific items you don’t have to complete the look! You’ll have an outfit replica in no time. Stick to your style. If there’s a trend out there that just isn’t “you,” don’t give in to it! As much as I love boyfriend jeans, they just aren’t good for my frame. Gisele Bündchen looks fabulous and sexy in them, but I literally look like a little boy. I can still admire them on others, recommend them to those who would look great in them, and try them on to “just check,” but I’m not going to spend money on something that isn’t flattering. Rompers are all the rage right now, but if they don’t look good on you, why buy them? Sign up for the junk mail! Create a free e-mail account on Gmail or Yahoo, and designate that to receive emails from your favorite stores. These emails may be annoying, but the best deals are in them, and you’ll know about them first. They also include great coupons and extra online savings. Continued on page 22


Fashionista Continued from page 21

Take advantage of online shopping. Retailers put new items online before they get to any store, and they always have great return policies. If the item doesn’t fit when it comes in, who cares? Send it back and try on the next one, no sweat. My favorite online shopping sites are,,, and Another great tool? One of my best girlfriends told me about the ShopStyle iPhone app, based on Talk about the best shopping tool ever! Instead of looking through a ton of different websites for a red dress, search for it on ShopStyle and it’ll look through all of the sites for you. You can even narrow down by price and size!


Have no shame. Weed through the racks of big sales, get creative at the thrift store, and head over to Gabriel Brothers! I have purchased my absolute favorite items from discount stores. Anything you get at the thrift store is going to add some serious spice and originality to your outfit, and let’s be honest, is there a feeling better than nabbing a vintage piece at 90 percent off? Even if you’re a bargain shopping virgin, relax and give it a try. It’s no extreme couponing, but it’s addicting! If you’re afraid of feeling overwhelmed by people and clutter, visit the store right when it opens in the morning. Don’t spend under pressure. Just because all of your friends bought a new designer bag doesn’t mean that you have to. If they all jumped off a bridge... ok, I’ll stop there.

Fashionably Cleveland :: Summer 2011

Be aware of return policies. Keep your tags on and receipts in order until you wear what you bought! Many times you’ll like something at the store and hate it three days after you bring it home. If the return policy is strict and you’re not sure if you like the item, don’t buy it. If you are still pining over it three days later, go back and get it! If it’s gone, it wasn’t meant to be. You’re not going to die because of it, I promise. Now that you have read about the art of shopping, I challenge you! Can you pass on the latest terrible trend? Can you save responsibly for those Gucci sunglasses you fell in love with last month? Visit to tell me about your shopping tips and see some of my own outfits! FC

Summer makeup tips Don’t let the hot weather ruin your look! By Angelique LaFleur

1. Use a primer under your eyeshadow to make it last through the summer heat. This will make your eyeshadow apply more smoothly and will prevent it from creasing throughout the day. 2. There are sure to be pictures taken at all of the parties and cookouts you are attending this summer, but don’t let a little shine ruin a good picture. To quickly take care of a shiny face, keep blotting sheets with you. They are discreet enough to put in your back pocket and don’t cost more than a few dollars! 3. The summer is full of bright colors, so it’s the perfect time to wear your most colorful makeup! Try a fun, tropical eye with yellow, green, and blue eyeshadow. Not into bold eyes, but want to make a statement? A hot pink lip is a simple way to rock the bold color trend. 4. Before applying your face makeup, apply a moisturizer with a high SPF. Your face has the most delicate skin and overexposure to sun can lead to premature aging and wrinkles. If you still want a bronze goddess glow without the damage, use a powder bronzer to highlight your face, neck and chest area. 5. Excessive face powders and foundations can make your face dry out and become oily. To avoid this, use a tinted moisturizer in place of foundation. Using a tinted moisturizer will even out your skin tone, but will still keep your face hydrated with a fresh, dewy look. 6. Wearing makeup to the beach is totally trendy with all of the new, brightly colored waterproof products on the market. Apply colored waterproof eyeliner to your upper lash line and a swipe of waterproof mascara for a fun beach look that will last all day (even through swimming)! 7. Not only can your face or body get sunburned, but your lips can too. Keep your lips moisturized and kissable by applying a lip balm with SPF frequently throughout the day. 8. Give your skin some rest, applying only moisturizer and just a teeny bit of mascara. Applying makeup to your face every day can wear out your skin and cause you to have more breakouts. Give your skin a rest a couple days out of the week to keep your skin clear and smooth. 9. We’ve all been there . . . you spent all day hanging out with your friends that you are just too tired to go through your nightly skincare routine. It’s okay to skip it if you’re too tired, but don’t skip removing your makeup entirely! Keep a package of makeup removing wipes next to your bed or in your bathroom and take off as much makeup as you can before hitting the hay so your skin can breathe and restore while you dream. 10. Most importantly, have fun with your makeup and feel confident in it! You don’t have to wear a ton of makeup to be beautiful. A sweep of mascara and a smile is all you need to radiate in a room full of people. FC Angelique LaFleur is a beauty addict who loves to share her passion with other people and help them discover their own makeup styles. She is going to school for Fashion Merchandising and hopes to find a career in the makeup field. She loves anything Hello Kitty, purple or from M.A.C cosmetics. Follow her blog at for beauty tips, makeup looks and anything beauty-related.


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Fashionably Cleveland :: Summer 2011

Fashionably Cleveland Summer 2011  

Fashionably Cleveland's Summer 2011 issue - available now!

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