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Del Mar Races

floral dresses and big hats!

James Nort on's

studio showcase

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1019 Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach |

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dating editor’ s note

august | editor’s note: volume 2 * issue 6 * august 2011

PUBLISHER morgan myrmo EDITOR-IN-CHIEF megan nuñez, ESQ. art director kim lalla Photo editor david J. olender Assistant Editor Samantha Wadley asst. Fashion editor ashley mehrdad beauty editor Meagan Brown SOCIAL MEDIA editor Madeline Johnson Video Editor Jared smith staff writers Jillian Marie Dyer, TORI HAYNES, alex mcnair, Nohely Mendoza, cathryn moe, micah skye contributing writer Morgan Ferrari

After graduating high school here in San Diego, I chose to go to the University of California Los Angeles for college and then attended law school at Loyola Marymount University. In my experience at both schools, the first couple weeks of class were sometimes stressful as I would have to learn my professor’s different styles. The most important lesson I learned was to show up early to each of my classes and get a seat near the front. Having the right supplies with me on the first day of class also made me feel better, especially good quality ball point pens. Even if you take notes on your computer, have your paper and writing utensils just in case. A highlighter is also handy for reviewing the syllabus. Although it may be tempting, don’t copy what the professor is saying verbatim because you may not receive the lesson well. Also, make a couple of connections the first day of class. Find someone you can relate to or want to get to know and introduce yourself. So get prepared, show up early and make some new contacts this semester. As they say, the early bird catches the worm. Also, the students who shine in school also tend to shine in life, so get out there and make it happen!

photographers Gail Bowman, Steven david brandon, Stephen Finlayson, Jonah Gilmore, Garrett Priddy, On Wai Lau, Jamie Le Dent, Jeff Lewis, James Norton, Audrey Rynberg, Amanda Sewell, Brad Smith, Emily Soto illustrator

Robert Piper

interns Renato Linares, Natalie Slemp events coordinator julie bell We strive to make a positive environmental impact. we use environmentally-friendly inks and fsc certified paper. you can make a difference with us. please save and recycle this magazine. For contributing writers, please email sample(s) to For contributing photographers, please send a portfolio link to Fashion 5.0 is not responsible for unsolicited contributions unless agreed with the publisher. Copyright 2011 by Fashion World Media, LLC. All rights reserved.

—Megan Nuñez, ESQ. MADE IN USA


AUGUST 2011 //

august | contributors:

staff spotlight:

Dean Hall Stylist

Kiersten Brada Model

Ashley Mehrdad Assistant Fashion Editor

Originally from the east coast, Dean Hall decided to make San Diego his home. He started his own styling company, Top Style 4 U, in 2010. His clients range from NBA wives and NFL wives to socialites, recording artists and television personalities. According to Hall, “Fashion 5.0 demonstrates that San Diego can be just as chic and fashion forward as other cities. This magazine is one of the few that has captivated both the fashionista as well as the ‘Plain Jane’ girl.”

Since she began modeling at 15, Kiersten Brada has worked for companies such as PacSun, BCBG, Charlotte Russe, Agaci, 80s Purple and ZINK magazine. She has modeled internationally and recently traveled to Greece for an underwater shoot that will appear in Greek Vogue next year. In regards to working with Fashion 5.0, Brada said “They were so creative and talented. I loved their passion and commitment to creating something beautiful.”

After attending Teen Vogue’s Fashion University in New York City in 2009, Ashley Mehrdad knew that her life belonged in the world of fashion. She joined the Fashion 5.0 team as an intern this January and in less than seven months, she has become the assistant fashion editor. According to Mehrdad, “Working with Fashion 5.0 has been a great joy. I love styling the shoots and working with everyone as a team, it really brings us closer together.”

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9 Ways to Exercise your Brain

New Astrology with Cathy Moe


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Katy Perry... Tranforming Before Our Eyes

Easy Back to School Hairstyles






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gluten free by Tenley molzahn


Del Mar Races

floral dresses and big hats!

COVER: Photo by Gail Bowman. ‘New Romantics Lolita’ Knit Dress by Free People, available at Bloomingdale’s, $148. ‘Petriccione’ Earrings available at ALDO, $8.

Brain Exercises Fashion News August Hot Spots

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AUGUST 2011 //



AUGUST 2011 //

guest column

Guest Columnist

Tenley Molzahn My Story

After being gluten free for three years my life has completely changed for the better. I grew up dealing with extreme stomach pain and visited doctors often. I was subjected to several medical tests and frequently adjusted my diet. All the doctors could tell me was that I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I lived my life running to the restroom and was constantly hostage to extreme, bloated pain. For days on end I was unable to “fix” my discomfort. Three years ago my mother gave me “The G-Free Diet,” a book authored by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I looked at my mom telling her there is no way I could actually eat gluten free. My favorite foods were bagels, sandwiches, pizzas and pastries! I couldn’t imagine a life without them. After I began reading the book however, I soon came to find that many of Elisabeth’s symptoms were symptoms I had battled my whole life. Immediately I tested this “G-Free Diet” out and started feeling free of pain. I suddenly didn’t think about what I was giving up, but what I was gaining in being pain free. That’s when I committed to being gluten free.

Being G-Free Tenley Molzahn

opens up about gluten free lifestyle

These days it is becoming more common to see the words “Gluten Free” in your grocery store or even on your restaurant menus. Is this a trend? It could be for some but it is important to note that gluten is actually a poison to many, including myself.

•E  ating gluten-free is a good way to begin a healthy lifestyle. But don’t be fooled, just like any “normal” diet you must be careful with portions and eat certain foods in moderation.

What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. This protein is a glue-like substance found in many of the things we eat, from breads and pastas to dressings and sauces. Gluten can even be found in the beauty products we use!

Why is “Gluten Free” trending now?

"after being completely gluten free for three years my life has completely

What are the Symptoms? • Stomach issues: Diarrhea, stomach pain, cramping, bloating, abdominal distension, constipation, etc. • Skin rashes • Headaches and migraines

My Favorite “G-Free,” San Diego restaurants:

• Claire’s on Cedros in Solana Beach, CA • Lotus Café in Encinitas, CA • There are more people than you could the better" •S  prinkles Cupcakes in La Jolla, CA imagine that are ailed by gluten. Ap(gluten free red velvet only) proximately 1 in 133 people in the Unites States suffer from Celiac Disease and approximately 1 in 7 people suffer from a Also, many local chain restaurants now have gluten free menus, such as P.F. Changs, BJ’s Pizza and Calimoderate to severe gluten intolerance. •T  hese numbers are rising rapidly as the awareness fornia Pizza Kitchen. continues to grow and people are talking about their symptoms. Others are recognizing their symp- If any of the symptoms of gluten intolerance or celiac disease jump out you, run to your doctor, talk about toms and finding answers. •R  esearch has found that being on a gluten-free diet tests or get a book like the one I read. Educate yourhelps balance those who suffer form Autism, be- self and if it is in your best interest, get rid of that havioral disorders, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. poison immediately! changed for

did you know?: Symptoms of gluten intolerance might not affect your stomach but may include clues such as joint pain. AUGUST 2011 //



hot spots


back to school favorite places to eat, chill and play By Alex McNair

Airr Supper Club

hang like a rock star

Airr Supper Club is an innovative space for dining and lounging in the Gaslamp District. The venue, designed by Amy Noel, is a refreshing change of pace from many other downtown clubs and restaurants and provides a look and feel that transcends guests to the trendy lounges of Soho or Chelsea in New York. The hostess greets you at the door to Airr, which may be inconspicuous if you don’t know to look for it, and you ascend the steep flight of black and red stairs into an imaginative rock and roll venue. Rounding the corner of a graffiti wall you and your guests enter the dining room, which is designed completely in white. The high ceilings expose white lighting fixtures and the back wall is warmly illuminated with candles creating an elegant and edgy vibe. As afternoon turns into evening and cocktails turn into a flow of

supper courses, you and your friends will feel like Carrie and the girls from Sex and the City. Chef Brian Redzikowski serves up flavorful, rich dishes that are best ordered family style for you and your friends. The farm fresh, local ingredients of the menu are showcased in the aromas, colors and textures of each course and the clean white background allows the delicate flavors to come into full focus. Each menu item packs rich flavor and is cooked perfectly, from pea froth and a bang of bacon atop the shrimp cavetelli pasta to the delicate, melt-in-your mouth richness of Washimi (non-Japanese Kobe) beef rib-eye. Chef Brian is also the mind behind a list of tasty, smooth cocktails featuring VeeV, an açaí spirit that donates portions of all sales back into the Brazilian rainforest.

526 Market Street in San Diego | 619.546.8306 |

Styles for Less break hearts, not the bank

Offering fashion options that are “so stylish, so you,” Styles for Less is a clothing store that has been growing in popularity due to their up-to-date selection, with the latest trends at reasonable prices. The store offers staple items like sweaters, shorts and dresses and even recurring deals, like buy-one, get-one half-off tanks and camis. Frequent shipments of new merchandise are always rolling in with trends rocked by celebrities and showcased in Fashion 5.0. Weekly visits to Styles for Less will ensure the freshest, most chic items are part of your wardrobe. The pieces can mix and match and fashionable pairing recommendations are on display around the store for shoppers to enjoy some inspiration. The back wall displays accessories (such as bangle bracelets) and fedora hats. Shoes of all kinds, from wedges to boots to sandals, are also a standard here. Styles for Less is the kind of store you can visit to thoughtfully build your back-to-school wardrobe or to throw an outfit together for a last summer fling. Ask about the discount card; for 5 bucks you get 10% off on all purchases for a year and a special discount in your birthday month!

4585 College Avenue in San Diego 619.265.4579 For other locations, go to:

fun fact: SeaWorld originated with four UCLA fraternity brothers who wanted to open a restaurant with a marine show. 12

AUGUST 2011 //

The Living Room hot coffee with a cool


While the beginning of classes is a harbinger of countless nights of studying, taking notes and reviewing materials, prepping for exams does not mean you have to miss out on a social life! The Living Room Café offers a unique study space with free Wi-Fi and a buzzing atmosphere. The ambiance feels like five different living rooms put together with various couches, easy chairs and dining tables interspersed throughout the café. Outdoor seating is available for warmer nights and early fall as well. The set-up is conducive to a variety of options: a cup of coffee with a friend after church, private time to knock out an eight-page paper or collaborating with classmates and powering through a practice tests. The vibe changes throughout the day from a quiet, task-oriented groups studying in the afternoons to buzzing groups participating in open debates throughout the evenings. Soups, sandwiches and a variety of breakfast foods are served by a friendly, welcoming staff. But the real showcase at The Living Room is the unique coffee drinks and varieties of teas. Try a fancy blend like the Milky Way or a Mint Mocha to get some kick in your caffeine. And remember to save room for dessert! The Living Room has a variety of delicious pastries and fresh baked desserts on display that taste even better than they look!

910 Grand Ave. • Pacific Beach 858.483.7772 •


Cut/Partial Hightlight


1-Hour Massage

First time clients only. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 9/31/11.

First time clients only. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 9/31/11.


Women’s/ Men’s Haircut

First time clients only. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 9/31/11.

1010 Prospect Street in La Jolla | 858.459.1187 5900 El Cajon Boulevard at SDSU | 619.286.8434 2541 San Diego Avenue in Old Town | 619.325.4445 For other locations, go to:


Brazilian Sugar and Wax Combo


Visit or call 619.922.5414 for appointments. First time clients only. Not valid with any other offer. AUGUST 2011 //



how to be a

manmagnet 7 Secrets of Attraction By Jillian marie Dyer

photo by jonah gilmore



Did you know there are certain colors that attract men? Studies have shown that women who wear the color pink tend to be more approached by men. So congratulations ladies, here is your excuse to go crazy with it! Pink represents the universal color of love, it’s non-threatening and it makes men automatically comfortable. Increase your success rate in the dating world by wearing pink more often!


Who doesn’t like fresh roses and a nice summer breeze? Pick up a new perfume to wear and take a guy friend along to test the scents. Remember, just because it smells delicious to you doesn’t mean guys like it!



The next time you are trying to attract Mr. Right, reel him in with a killer smile. A woman smiling at someone is an invitation to say hello. Sultry stares and frowns will backfire, so don’t be one of those women who attempt to hide their pearly whites with an embarrassing grin. Sounds pretty obvious right? A simple smile, weather directed at someone or not, makes one appear more attractive and fun. Use your smile correctly to become more interesting and inviting to others.


One of the easiest ways to engage a man is to play the damsel in distress role and ask for help with a small task. Then feed him compliments that

will boost his self-esteem. For example, “Can you tell me how to get to the beach” or "What are you drinking? That looks good...Should I order one?" Once in conversation, feel free to tell him you just wanted to talk to him because you think he’s attractive. Then ask him if he is single. Heart racing yet?



Whether or not you make the first move, having self-confidence is one of the biggest tools you can use to attract others. Nothing is more alluring to a man more than a woman who knows who she is and what she wants in life. Don’t be afraid to approach every situation with a selfassured attitude. Hold your head high and shoulders back as if you own the world!


One way to get a man’s attention is to use your body language. Men are very visual. If they like what they see, they will often come back for more. Avoid defensive body signs like crossing your arms or turning your body away from the scene. Be animated with your gestures and facial expressions to be noticed in a great way.


Men love a challenge. Don’t share everything about yourself on the first date. This keeps men eager to learn more about you and forces them to wonder what is coming next. Just when they think they have you figured out, do something different and spontaneous to keep them coming back for more.

Bonus tip: In addition to wearing pink/peach hues, wear textures that look soft to the touch (think velvet, cashmere, angora and corduroy).


AUGUST 2011 //

E S T.


Gabe Vega and





dating music

"Since the age of nine all I’ve wanted to do is share my perspective and hopefully help people through my music..." —Katy Perry

y r r e p y t a k ING M R SFO N A TR


by Nohely Mendoza

photo by lauren dukoff


AUGUST 2011 //



aty Perry has transformed before our very eyes. During her earlier years as a singer, Perry sang gospel music in her first album titled by her birth name Katy Hudson. Now, with a different genre and a different style, Perry is conquering the music world one hit song at a time.

As Perry grew older she began to realize that she wanted to help people through her music. According to Rolling Stone, Perry stated “Since the age of nine all I've wanted to do is share my perspective and hopefully help people through my music, whether it just makes someone smile or a song becomes someone's mantra for life or a motto or whatever. I'm not a dummy. I know California Gurls isn't going to save the world. But I got a lot of heart from my upbringing and I put a lot of heart in my songs.” With her transformation from gospel music to pop rock, Perry eventually learned how to embrace her body.

"I started praying for [breasts] when I was, like, 11," she said in Rolling Stone. "And God answered that prayer above and beyond, by, like, 100 times, until I was like, 'Please, stop, God. I can't see my feet anymore. Please stop!' I was a lot more rectangular then. I didn't understand my body. Someone in sixth grade called me 'Over-the-shoulder boulder holder.' I didn't know I could use them. So, what I did was, I started taping them down. How long did I tape them down for? Probably until I was about 19. And, no, I don't have any psychological pain because of it." Perry’s acceptance of her body turned out to be a success. In FHM Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women poll, Perry came in at No. 23 in 2009 and No. 37 in 2010. In 2011, Perry catapulted to No. 2, second only to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Critics who think Perry is just another pretty face are mistaken. During her career, she has been the first artist to have at least one song ranked in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 for a full year. Her hit song I Kissed a Girl peaked at number one for seven weeks, and also topped charts in 30 countries including Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Recently, Perry has been nominated for nine MTV VMA awards for her song Firework alongside Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Adele and Eminem. The VMA’s will air live on August 28. Also, Perry is being considered to star alongside husband Russell Brand in the movie version of the Broadway hit, Rock of Ages. Perry is likely to play one of the sexy barmaids in the musical that will also star Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin. Perry’s next appearance in San Diego is for her summer tour concert at Valley View Casino on August 9.

Behind the Scenes california dreams tour 2011 video

AUGUST 2011 //





THEY’RE OFF Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack By tori haynes

courtesy of the del mar racetrack

photos by jamie le dent & Pol santos



Laughing it up before the races! Their vivid blue hats will definitely be ones remembered here at Opening Day. We especially love the hat on the right as it covers all the unwanted sun from her face without being too over the top!

Guest columnist and local celebrity, Tenley Molzahn, on the scene in a gorgeous coral colored ensemble. Her bright dress is paired perfect with coral jewels and gold accents. Chatting up Fashion 5.0 staff writer Tori Haynes, the buzz is on waiting for the first race to begin!


lthough people travel from all over to see the famous Del Mar Thoroughbred Horse Races, Opening Day is much more of a fashion statement than watching and betting on fast horses. This year, the racetrack venue was filled with around 40,000 people, most of which were dressed to impress, sporting their oversized hats and bright summery dresses. The biggest fashion trends spotted were casual beach, couture, floral, polka dot and classic white dresses, along with peacock and traditional feather accessories. Comfortable wedges or high fashion flats were the clear footwear winners as much walking around is involved. Although the “beauty is pain� footwear mantra still lives in the nightlife scene, the band-aids and blistered feet look is never in style. (continued on page 21)

AUGUST 2011 //



CONCERTS The Del Mar Scene

AUGUST 5: The Bravery

AUGUST 6: Weezer

AUGUST 12: Jimmy Eat World

AUGUST 19: Devo




Looking very classy in her off-theshoulder dress and mary-jane platforms. We especially love this outfit because it's just the right amount of sexy without showing too much skin.

Showing her girly side in this pink outfit, this fashionista is looking fabulous in her polished day dress matched with the perfect oversized pink hat!

Airborne Toxic Event

SEPTEMBER 2: Fitz and the Tantrums

SEPTEMBER 4: Ben Harper

CHECK THIS OUT! Every Wednesday is Free & Easy Wednesday, with free stretch run admissions, free programs and free seating along with half price beers (domestic drafts), regular sodas and regular hot dogs at stretch run concession stands. Check it out!


AUGUST 2011 //


Some of our favorite picks from the big day.


These fashionistas sport fantastic hats. Each one is notably unique!

Many women, including Bridget Naso from KUSI, wore beautifully crafted hats by local Del Mar designer Carol Bater. She often designs hats uniquely for each individual client’s taste. Tenley Molzahn was seen walking the grounds with boyfriend Kiptyn Locke by her side, wearing a classic cut coral dress from Urban Outfitters and jewelry by Ella Nora (see page 21). According to Tenley, she “likes this outfit because it’s convenient and affordable, and any girl could get it.” The hat she chose to wear this year was the same black hat she wore the previous year and in her own words, “it has become her lucky hat.”

the guys are looking good too!

We can't forget how sharp all the men looked here at Opening Day! A crisp suit is all it takes for a man to look his best!

Whether you’re there to intently watch the races or to enjoy a summer day with your friends, check out the Del Mar racetrack for a guaranteed good time!

Check out Del Mar's lifestyle site! For tickets, visit or call 858.755.1141

AUGUST 2011 //


s packing up: Black Embroidered Top by Free People, available at Bloomingdale’s, $68. Purple Sweater by Free People, available at Bloomingdale’s, $88. Capri Jeans by True Religion, available at Bloomingdale’s, $198. Natural ‘Classic Crochet’ Slip-On by TOMS, available at Sun Diego, $58.

o t k c ba

l o o h sc gail bowman ashley mehrdad

P h o t o g r a p h y s t y l e d

b y

b y

back to school shopping: ‘Sunkissed Summer’ Dress by Free People, available at Bloomingdale’s, $108. Ivory Stud Earrings by Kate Spade, available at Bloomingdale’s, $45. Gold Sparkle Bangle by Betsey Johnson, available at Bloomingdale’s, $35. ‘Kowis’ Bag available at ALDO, $35. ‘Maxinnee’ Platform by Steve Madden, available at Tutto Cuore, $129.99.

time for books: Sheer Blouse by Jenny Han, available at Bloomingdale’s, $78. Pink Shorts w/ Belt available at Forever 21, $22.80. Ivory Stud Earrings by Kate Spade, available at Bloomingdale’s, $45. Clock Duo Necklace by Betsey Johnson, available at Bloomingdale’s, $42. Brown Bangle by Sequin, available at Bloomingdale’s, $30. Luxe ‘Sohpie’ Oxfords by Vans, available at Sun Diego, $59.99.

walking to class: Polka Dot Dress available at Forever 21, $15.80. Army Jacket by Billabong, available at Sun Diego, $41.88. Dangle Heart Earrings by Betsey Johnson, available at Bloomingdale’s, $35. Orange Bangle by Pop Art, available at Bloomingdale’s, $128. ‘Pretty Nylon’ Tote by MARC by MARC JACOBS, available at Bloomingdale’s, $188.

Behind the Scenes video


520 5th Ave (Gaslamp) facebook: edenboutiquesandiego


The place to go for the latest in designer styles, reasonably-priced with a friendly, knowledgeable staff. 520 5th Ave., Gaslamp | facebook: edenboutiquesandiego AUGUST 2011 //


Romper by Charlie Jade, available at Dolcetti Boutique, $115. Necklace available at Dolcetti Boutique, $140. Orange Stone Ring, available at Eden Boutique, $15. Fringe Bag by Let Them Eat Cake, available at Eden Boutique, $48.

studio showcase

james norton dean hall & james norton

P h o t o g r a p h y s t y l e d

b y

b y

AUGUST 2011 //


Tank by Audrey 3+1, available at Eden Boutique, $32. Stockings available at American Apparel, $16. Bag by Hurley, available at Sun Diego, $38. Heels by Andrea, available at Tutto Cuore, $37.99.


AUGUST 2011 //

Navy Tank by Dex, available at Eden Boutique, $48. Yellow Tank by Billabong, available at Sun Diego, $26. Skirt by Pleasure Doing Business, available at Dolcetti Boutique, $132. Earrings available at Eden Boutique, $15. Watch by Flex Watches, available at Dolcetti Boutique, $25. Booties by 2 Lips Too, available at Tutto Cuore, $49.99.

AUGUST 2011 //


Tank Top available at American Apparel, $22. Sunglasses available at Urban Outfitters, $10. Earrings available at Eden Boutique, $15.

fashion news

this just in * this just in * this just in

FASHION NEWS by ashley mehrdad and Nohely Mendoza

h&m partners with versace H&M announced their recent collaboration with Versace to design their Iconic Collection releasing in H&M stores this Fall. “I am thrilled to be collaborating with H&M and to have the opportunity of reaching their wide audience. The collection will be quintessential Versace, perfect for H&M and Versace fans everywhere,” says Donatella Versace to H&M correspondents. Mark your calendars for November 17th to shop this exclusive collection! What better way to shop than at the brand new H&M store that opened this past June at The Forum in Carlsbad!

iMan 2011 Drew Canole was crowned iTAN’s 2011 iMAN on July 9th, at 207 at The Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. This was iTAN’s 2nd Annual iMAN event where they donated $5 for each entry they received to support Homefront San Diego, a local nonprofit military organization helping military families in need. “I thought [the event] was fantastic,” said Canole. “The guys I was competing against were a great group of men. I always enjoy having Fit Life TV’s charity events at the Hard Rock, iTAN really did a remarkable job.” Canole donated his prize money of $1,000 to support this cause as well.

Trend alert

eden opens in the Gaslamp Eden Boutique recently made its debut in the Gaslamp Quarter just in time for the summer. Eden’s flagship shop is located in Orange County and just recently expanded into San Diego. Eden is a women’s boutique consisting of a mix of trendy and classic clothing and accessories assorted throughout a garden of Eden inspired environment. 520 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

blood red With the kickoff of HBO’s highlyanticipated season premiere of True Blood, you can now vamp up your look with Tarte’s limited edition line of True Blood makeup products exclusively at Sephora. Get your blood pumping with these goodies at Sephora Fashion Valley and University Town Center today!

What’s hot and sizzling this summer? A new trend called Americana! This latest style includes many nautical bolds and sailor inspired looks. The chic summer trend has a sailor boat feel to it where striped sweaters, high wasted short shorts and the palette of red, white and blue mixed together adds to the hot new look.

FUN FACT: HBO's True Blood series is based on the wildly popular book series, The Southern Vampire Mysteries, by Charlaine Harris. AUGUST 2011 //


fashion style

Looking to spice up your wardrobe this semester? San Diego is loaded with great boutiques that will offer plenty of choices for your nightlife statements. P h o t o g r a p h y

emily soto s t y l e d

by soto

b y

b y

dean hall

93% of SDSU college females purchase new clothing within the first six weeks of each semester.


AUGUST 2011 //

On Left: Dress by Yumi, available at Dolcetti Boutique, $110. Platforms by Andrea, available at Tutto Cuore, $37.99. On Right: Dress by Naven, available at Dolcetti Boutique, $330. Necklace by A.V. Max, available at Dolcetti Boutique, $36. 'Maxinnee’ Platform by Steve Madden, available at Tutto Cuore, $129.99.

FALL colors

mix colors from one end of the spectrum to the other! by ashley mehrdad








5 9








1 Red Stone Bracelet available at H&M, $9.95. 2 ‘Javi’ Sandal in Camel by Sam Edelman, available at Nordstrom, $149.95. 3 Peek-A-Boo Shoulder Top available at Forever 21, $12.80. 4 Staring at Stars Sheer Cinched-Waist Jacket available at Urban Outfitters, $79.00. 5 Chimborazo Necklace available at Anthropologie, $68.00. 6 Mid Century Mustard Betty Purse available at Forever 21, $22.80. 7 ‘Classic’ Linen Slip-On in Bottle Green by TOMS, available at Nordstrom, $47.95. 8 Knit Tunic in Ocean by Free People, available at Nordstrom, $88.00. 9 Crochet Overlay Tank in Clayred by Eye Shadow, available at Nordstrom, $26.00. 0 Silicone Watch Strap in Barely Pink, Bright Blue, and Red by MICHELE, available at Nordstrom, $70.00 ea. q Corduroy Shorts in Brown by Life in Progress, available at Forever 21, $19.80. w Island Faux Stone Bracelets available at Forever 21, $6.80. e Pointelle Knit Poncho available at Forever 21, $22.80.

Bonus tip: Don't be afraid to pile on all these colors at once! The neutrals tone down the darker autumn colors.

AUGUST 2011 //




ways to Exercise

your brain by Micah Skye, L.N.M.T., N.C.

Our brain is like our muscles — the more you use and exercise it, the stronger and more powerful it becomes. If you want to get the most out of your thinking machine what you need to do is practice! When you specifically practice exercising the mind, it stretches the boundaries of your capabilities. Follow these tips and take your mind to the next level!


Games that Stimulate your Brain

Sudoku, Scrabble and crossword puzzles are great for improving cognitive function. Download “Words with Friends” for your smartphone and next time you see the boys playing guitar hero, jump in and get your game on!


Mind Exercises


Learning to play a musical instrument is a great way to supercharge your brain. It requires different parts of your brain to work together to make the melodies that you desire. If you are already a musician then learn a new piece or instrument and push yourself to learn new techniques.


Practice memory, visualization and reasoning exercises. Remember those word problems from elementary school? Processing numbers and variables stimulates the brain.

Make Some Music

Remember Numbers

Practice remembering phone numbers, passwords and your credit card numbers. You have to deal with them constantly throughout your day, so you might as well workout out your

brain. Do you know your driver’s license number?


Get Plenty of Sleep

When the brain lacks sleep, it can interfere with your ability to assimilate new information. This means those all-nighters you plan on pulling are much less effective than you thought. Your brain needs rest to operate at its peak performance, so get your sleep on!


Learn Another Language

If you want to lay some new neural pathways in the brain, take on another language. If you’ve ever tried to learn even a few new words, then you know this can be difficult. Of course, the harder something is for the brain, the better!


Exercise your Body

You didn’t think you were going

to get away without a little time on the treadmill did you? Cardiovascular exercise improves blood flow to the brain, which improves brain functioning.


Read Challenging Material

Books, academic journals and articles are just a few examples of challenging literature that will get your brain going. Even reading this article helps!


Remember Everyone’s Name

Have you ever met someone then forgot their name off the bat? Use tricks to remember names to both increase your networking skills and exercise the brain! When you meet someone new, repeat their name in conversation, ask the person how to spell it (if it’s a name with options such as “Kelly”) and visualizing their name in color.

Meet micah: Micah Skye is a nutritional consultant, gourmet chef and yogi. He hosts an international radio talk show called Esoteric Action Radio. Tune in every Sunday from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. on to hear Micah’s exploration of health and wellness. Feel free to call in about any health concerns you may have!

did you know: There are no pain receptors in the brain, so the brain can feel no pain.


AUGUST 2011 //


Fashion 5.0 Magazine 2011

Beach & Bay Press

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Downtown News 2010

Burger Wars Winner Channel 6 News, 2010

“A whole new burger ballgame” —SD Reader

Gaslamp 624 E Street • San Diego 92101 • 619.237.9990 Pacific Beach 4640 Mission Blvd • San Diego 92109 • 858.274.7117




back to school hair

Don’t you just love summer? It feels like you have all the time in the world. Well, that was great, but now you’re hitting the snooze button three times before literally rolling yourself out of bed in order to scramble to get a good seat in the back of class. It’s going to take time to adjust back to school mode, so until that happens use these minimal effort hairstyles to maximize your snooze minutes.

By Morgan Ferrari

photos by jonah gilmore


Right now all braid styles are having their moment. To switch it up, try out the newly popular fish-braid.

1 Start by dividing your hair into two equal sections, hanging one over your left shoulder and one over your right shoulder. 2 Take a small, half-inch piece from the outside of your left section and overlap the rest and add it to the inside of the right section. 3 Continue this process until the ends and secure with an elastic band.

faux BOB

This style is slightly below the chin length with curled under ends. That’s easy if you’ve got the guts to cut your hair. Long haired vixens don’t fret! The faux bob is almost just as easy.

1 Start by using the hair at the nape of your neck to create a small, tight, flat bun that can act as a fastener for all other pieces. 2 Create three ponytails, securing them with a small, clear elastic at a decent distance from the nape of your neck. For each ponytail, roll your hair up and inward and secure with bobby pins to the central bun. 3 Gently tug and loosen areas that look pulled back that threaten the illusion of a loose, natural bob.

Front Twist Bun

1 Start with a center part. 2 Take all but the front

two inches from each side and pull back into a low ponytail and twist into a loose bun. 3 Then twist inward the front pieces from the root to the end. 4 Next tuck them into the bun and secure with bobby pins and you have something simple yet fresh!

michelle aquino meagan brown candice lyn wandtke

wardrobe by make up by hair by

trend alert: Another trend to note... the Pixie Haircut is making another comeback with quite a few celebrities going for the cut.


AUGUST 2011 //



essentials End-of-the-summer beauty must-haves to keep you lookin' hot by Meagan Brown

Hourglass FILM NOIR LASH LACQUER Amazing for getting shine back to those lashes! Available at Sephora, $28.00

hourglass extreme sheen high shine lip gloss Shine all day. Available at Sephora, $28.00

Nars Cream Blush Try this perfect summer cream blush in Cactus Flower (shimmering poppy) Available at Bloomingdale's, $27.00.

Nars Laguna Body Illuminator Add a Golden Glow to your body using Laguna body Illuminator. Available at Sephora, $45.00.

Nars Lipstick Use this highly pigmented lipstick for any long hour day. This hue is Heat Wave. Available at Sephora, $24.00. Living Proof Straight Spray $29.00 For long lasting, perfectly straight hair. Available at Sephora, $29.00

Yves Saint Laurent Glossy lip balm in VoluptĂŠ Sheer Candy. Available at Sephora, $30.00.

jack Black's amazing lip balm SPF 25 Dry Lips? Problem solved. Available at Sephora and Nordstrom, $7.50

24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil In a hurry? Slide on Urban Decay's easy to use Shadow Pencil for a night on the town. Available at Sephora, $20.00.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 For a natural a light weight, natural looking foundation. Available at Nordstrom, $42.00.

Illamasque Nail Varnish For perfect, flawless looking nails. Available at Sephora, $14.00.

trend alert: Thin is no longer in... The bold brow is back! Adding a few strokes to fill in your eyebrows can frame your face beautifully.

AUGUST 2011 //




SUMMER FASHION SHOW AT DOLCETTI BOUTIQUE Dolcetti Boutique, located at 635 5th Avenue downtown, teamed up A Style Concierge to showcase their summer fashion show on July 7th. Check out Dolcetti for all the latest trends. PHOTOS BY tom yip

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OPENING DAY AT DEL MAR RACES AFTER-PARTY After the races on Opening Day at Del Mar, the fashion heated up at Bar West in Pacific Beach. Check out Bar Weezy for College Night every Thursday offering $5 drinks and no cover before 11 p.m. with college I.D. photos by pol santos


AUGUST 2011 //

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GALLAGHER'S TRAFFIC LIGHT RE-RUN PARTY GETS FRISKY The rules were simple enough. Wear green if you are single or red if you are taken. With a hot, young crowd and live music and DJ’s Wednesday through Saturday nights, Gallagher’s always spells a great time! photos by steven david brandon

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Se Hotel

GOOD VS. EVIL COMIC-CON AFTER-PARTY On July 23, Fashion 5.0 teamed up with A Style Concierge to host a party at Se San Diego. With body-painted models and a “Good vs. Evil” theatrical runway show, we celebrated Comic-Con in style! photos by jamie le dent

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Bare Back FASHION 5.0 JULY ISSUE RELEASE PARTY The July issue release party started off with live music from Ablaze, then followed up with a live fashion photo shoot (see page 34) and a fashion show. Special thanks to Dean Hall and the A Style Concierge salon team. PHOTOS BY EMILY SOTO

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guesthouse FASHION 5.0 JULY ISSUE RELEASE AFTER-PARTY With Guesthouse at Stingaree launching SKAM Artist DJS Wednesdays, Fashion 5.0 showed up in style to dance the night away and celebrate the birthday of fashion photographer Gail Bowman. photos by james norton


AUGUST 2011 //

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August | in this issue: COVER ‘New Romantics Lolita’ Knit Dress by Free People, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $148. ‘Petriccione’ Earrings available at ALDO Fashion Valley Mall (619) 291-8591, $8. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 8: Center: See Page 25. On Right: Top by The Battalions, available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559, $158. Turquoise Bandeau Scarf available at American Apparel Fashion Valley Mall (619) 293-7180, $14. Leggings available at American Apparel Fashion Valley Mall (619) 293-7180, $34. Clutch by Moda Viajando, available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559, $48. BACK TO SCHOOL Page 22-23: Purple Sweater by Free People, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 6106400, $88. Black Embroidered Top by Free People, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $68. Capri Jeans by True Religion, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $198. Natural ‘Classic Crochet’ Slip-On by TOMS, available at Sun Diego Fashion Valley Mall (619) 268-2295, $58. Page 24: ‘Sunkissed Summer’ Dress by Free People, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $108. Ivory Stud Earrings by Kate Spade, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $45. Gold Sparkle Bangle by Betsey Johnson, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 6106400, $35. ‘Kowis’ bag available at ALDO Fashion Valley Mall (619) 291-8591, $35. ‘Maxinnee’ Platform by Steve Madden, available at Tutto Cuore (858) 490-4685, $129.99. Page 25: Sheer Blouse by Jenny Han, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 6106400, $78. Pink Shorts w/ Belt available at Forever 21 Fashion Valley Mall (619) 278-0066, $22.80. Ivory Stud Earrings by Kate Spade, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall

(619) 610-6400, $45. Clock Duo Necklace by Betsey Johnson, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $42. Brown Bangle by Sequin, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $30. Luxe ‘Sohpie’ Oxfords by Vans, available at Sun Diego Fashion Valley Mall (619) 268-2295, $59.99. Page 26: Polka Dot Dress available at Forever 21 Fashion Valley Mall (619) 278-0066, $15.80. Army Jacket by Billabong, available at Sun Diego Fashion Valley Mall (619) 268-2295, $41.88. Dangle Heart Earrings by Betsey Johnson, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 6106400, $35. Orange Bangle by Pop Art, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $128. ‘Pretty Nylon’ Tote by MARC by MARC JACOBS, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $188. Beauty Pages 22-26: Face and Body Liquid Makeup by Make Up For Ever, available at Sephora, $38. Laguna Bronzing Powder by NARS, available at Sephora, $33. Automatic Volume Mascara by Sephora Collection, available at Sephora, $15. Pure Pigment Shadows by Illamasqua, available at Sephora, $24. (page 26) Wonder Lip Gloss by NARS, available at Sephora, $24. STUDIO SHOWCASE Page 28-29: Romper by Charlie Jade, available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559, $115. Necklace available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559, $140. Orange Stone Ring, available at Eden Boutique (619) 696-3336, $15. Fringe Bag by Let Them Eat Cake, available at Eden Boutique (619) 696-3336, $48. Page 30: Tank by Audrey 3+1, available at Eden Boutique (619) 696-3336, $32. Stockings available at American Apparel Fashion Valley Mall (619) 293-7180, $16. Bag by Hurley, available at Sun Diego Fashion Valley Mall (619) 268-2295, $38. Heels by Andrea, available at Tutto Cuore (858) 490-4685, $37.99. Page 31: Navy Tank by Dex, available at Eden Boutique

(619) 696-3336, $48. Yellow Tank by Billabong, available at Sun Diego Fashion Valley Mall (619) 268-2295, $26. Skirt by Pleasure Doing Business, available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559, $132. Earrings available at Eden Boutique (619) 696-3336, $15. Watch by Flex Watches, available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559, $25. Booties by 2 Lips Too, available at Tutto Cuore (858) 490-4685, $49.99. Page 32: Tank Top available at American Apparel Fashion Valley Mall (619) 293-7180, $22. Sunglasses available at Urban Outfitters Pacific Beach (858) 273-3942, $10. Earrings available at Eden Boutique (619) 696-3336, $15. FASHION STYLE Page 34: On Left: Dress by Yumi, available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559, $110. Platforms by Andrea, available at Tutto Cuore (858) 4904685, $37.99. On Right: Dress by Naven, available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559, $330. Necklace by A.V. Max, available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559, $36. 'Maxinnee’ Platform by Steve Madden, available at Tutto Cuore (858) 490-4685, $129.99. FASHION DEPARTMENT PHOTO CREDITS Cover/Back To School: Photography, Gail Bowman. Photo Assistant, Ella Collado. Wardrobe, Ashley Mehrdad. Wardrobe Assistant, Tori Haynes. Hair, Candice Lyn Wandtke. Make Up, Meagan Brown. Talent, Kiersten Brada of No Ties Management. Studio Showcase: Photography, James Norton. Photo Assistant, Devin Kiyoshi White. Wardrobe, Dean Hall and James Norton. Hair, Randal Byers. Make Up, Morgan Gates. Talent, Shannon Baucom of No Ties Management. Fashion Style: Photography, Emily Soto. Photo Assistant, Victor Soto. Wardrobe, Dean Hall. Wardrobe Assistant, Brandie Johnson. Hair, Andrea Duggan and Jeremy Harris of A Style Concierge. Make Up, Jessica Lopez and Marisa Villa of A Style Concierge. Talent, Alexis Coons and Alexandria Rideout of No Ties Management.

AUGUST 2011 //



film fest

La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 2011 The 2011 international fashion film festival showcased director’s works from around the world, including George Manzanilla (Best Picture – “Move”) and Marcus K. Jones (Best Director). The afterparty at Barfly La Jolla featured Karen Bystedt’s never before seen photos of Andy Warhol and proved to be a night to remember. PHOTOS BY jamie le dent

talent search Spotlight Saturdays at Se San Diego Hotel To kick off the new “Spotlight Saturday” events each Saturday night at Se Hotel, Fashion 5.0 hosted a September model search alongside A Style Concierge and SD Young Pros. To get on the no-cover VIP list, email names to today. photos by jonah gilmore


AUGUST 2011 //

behind the scenes

august 2011 by Cathy Moe

ARIES The Ram { April 19 – May 13 } You're flying high. Silks, satins and soft cottons show off your unstoppable personality. Watch for a special connection as you turn heads all month. You're in charge and people know it! TAURUS The Bull { May 14 – June 19 } Your glossy locks and striking complexion make your lips and eyes shine naturally. Light reflects inner sparks as romance brings more than one flirtatious moment. Take business seriously. You are about to enjoy a breakthrough. GEMINI The Twins { June 20 – July 20 } Fun in the sun and glamour to go with it is yours in August. Lively conversations and new wardrobe additions prepare you for travel and a glittery nightlife. Your style brings romance just when you least expect it! Get ready. CANCER The Crab { July 21 – August 9 } Finances strengthen as you find your niche. Friends heighten your fun factor. Your style matches the depth of your feelings in warm sultry colors and fabrics. Romance is a snap with more than one choice to consider! LEO The Lion { August 10 – September 15 } A light-powered smile brings Leo a luscious month. As the lioness of the zodiac, you are regal in clear bright colors. Royal blues and lavenders encourage your followers. More than one admirer is vying for your attention! Your leadership qualities enchant others. VIRGO The Maiden { September 16 – October 30 } A spiritual journey brings you clarity this month. You know what looks best as you combine jewelry with fabulous outfits. Enhancing your wardrobe brings light to social connections. You'll find out who has a secret crush on you, too! LIBRA God of Justice { October 31 – November 22 } Complementary colors balance your aura as you fill the spectrum of social invitations this month. A smooth transition keeps you in everyone's calendar. Be yourself as August highlights having fun. Nights are filled with friends, freedom and laughter. SCORPIO The Scorpion { November 23 – November 29 } Scorpios are known for their smoldering heat with hot August nights as your venue. Your allure connects bright colors to black hues so that a mysterious image prevails. Look for someone who seems like a friend but secretly wants more. OPHIUCHUS The Serpent Holder { November 30 – December 17 } Ophiuchus is all about finesse. This August you climb to higher views, seeing what the world has for you. You're defining who you are, what you like and who deserves your time. Choose wisely as you'll soon be on center stage. SAGITTARIUS The Archer { December 18 – January 18 } You're everyone's darling as you fall in love with August. Let your light shine, you'll find plenty who bathe in your glow. Accessorize and upgrade outfits to match your adventurous spirit. Happy at home and out on the town, romance is everywhere. CAPRICORN The Goat { January 19 – February 15 } Bright colors match your mood as August provides memories to share. Nail polish, eye shadow, scarves and high heels pronounce your natural flair. Move your serious wardrobe aside and treat yourself to romance. Satins, silks and fitted suits make a statement no one can change. AQUARIUS The Water Bearer { February 16 – March 11 } Trust your move in the direction that pulls you. You'll find joy and time for yourself. Sculptured necklaces and rings reflect your whimsical side and romance abounds. Someone is curious about you - could you be curious about them too? Clear up the question for a magical month. PISCES The Fish { March 12 – April 18 } The sun is bright and so are you as you dazzle in shimmery colors. Sequins and sparkles add to your allure. August is your month to behold, finding romance without being bold. Caring and compassion are your strengths. Luckily a special someone wants to take care of you too! AUGUST 2011 //


dating calendar


what’s happening



August 1: vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, 7:05 p.m. August 2: vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, 7:05 p.m. August 3: vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, 3:35 p.m. August 15: vs. New York Mets, 7:05 p.m. August 16: vs. New York Mets, 7:05 p.m. August 17: vs. New York Mets, 3:35 p.m. August 18: vs. Florida Marlins, 7:05 p.m. August 19: vs. Florida Marlins, 7:05 p.m. August 20: vs. Florida Marlins, 5:35 p.m. August 21: vs. Florida Marlins, 1:05 p.m.


August 4: Moenia House of Blues, 6:30 p.m. August 9 & 10: Colbie Caillat Humphrey’s Concerts By The Bay, 7:30 p.m. August 3: “Hippiefest” For all you hippies out there, this event is a perfect place to jam in harmony. With artists including Dave Mason, Mark Farner, Rick Derringer, Gary Wright and Felix Cavaliere’s Rascals, you are sure to have a great time. Humphrey’s, Point Loma, 6:30 p.m.

August 13: Mike Pinto Belly Up, 9 p.m., 21+ August 14: Steel Pulse w/ Tribal Theory House of Blues, 7:30 p.m. August 19: Unity Tour: 311 & Sublime with Rome Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, 7 p.m. August 23: The Goo Goo Dolls Humphrey’s Concerts By The Bay, 6:30 p.m. August 23: Sade w/ guest John Legend Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, 7:30 p.m.


San Diego Padres home games Petco Park, East Village

san diego county

August 2: Kid Rock w/ Sheryl Crow Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, 7 p.m.

August 8: KATY PERRY Valley View Casino Center, 7:30 p.m.


SAN DIEGO CHARGERS HOME GAMES Qualcomm Stadium, Mission Valley August 11: Chargers vs. Seattle Seahawks Pre-Season Game 1, 5:00 p.m.

MISC: the expendables

August 15: Phil’s BBQ Tailgate Party Phil’s is working with Big Brothers Big Sisters to help raise $50,000 for their “Operation Bigs Program,” which provides mentors to children of military families. Tickets are $25 and includes a ticket into the Padres vs. Mets baseball game along with a great dinner hosted by Phil's BBQ. Petco Park, Gaslamp, 5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.

August 20: Daniel Tosh Looking for a good laugh? Comedian Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0 on Comedy Central visits Copley Symphony Hall with his Tosh Tour On Ice. Copley Symphony Hall, San Diego, show times 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

AUGUST 2011 //

daniel tosh

August 9: vans warped tour Join The Expendables, The Aggrolites, Paramore, Gym Class Heroes, A Day to Remember, Family Force 5 and more for a full day of great music and action sports! Cricket Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

It’s proven that your more productive after a break...



SAT 8 9:30 pm) ( * $2.25 Wells

— FRIDAY MONDAY 8 pm) (Open Pint * 5 Shot & int & Well Shot) P (Domestic * $3 Wells chers it P 12 $ & 10 * $8, $ rafts D f f O 1 $ * Month e h t f o r * $3 Bee


SATURDAY & SUNDAY (11am-3pm) * $3 Screwdr ivers, Mimosas , Greyhounds & Bloodies * $3 Beer of the Month

5046 Newport Avenue / Ocean Beach 619.222.5300 /

Often Imitated, Never Matched


AUGUST 2011 //

Fashion 5.0 August 2011  

Fashion 5.0 Magazine August 2011 Back to School Issue featuring: "Back to School" fashion editorial with model Kiersten Brada - Del Mar Race...

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